Awans suspicious used car dealership – simply a money laundering business?

Some of the stuff going on in Washington D.C. is inexplicable. When we examine what is going on with any care, we have to admit don’t know enough, but what we do know reeks of the worst kind of mischief. So some investigations are required. Unfortunately, the Department of Justice is not investigating. Nope. If the reek is coming from Democrats, there doesn’t seem to be much interest. This reblog provides an example.

Note that there is a video at the end of this reblog we each need to consider. Why hasn’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions initiated some investigations? Nobody really knows, but former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz says it is time for Sessions to resign.

Who is Chaffetz? Chaffetz was the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee. That is a big job, but Chaffetz decided he had spent enough time in D.C. So as the Framers of the Constitution intended, he served his country, but he did not forget his obligations to his family.
So here is a guy whose opinion deserves respect. He did not become obsessed with power.

What should Congress do? The Republicans in the House of Representatives need to give President Donald Trump some support. It has become blatantly obvious that former President Barack Obama, one-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and their respective cronies abused their power. So it is Obama, Clinton, and their cronies who need to be investigated, not Trump. Therefore, we have a Special Prosecutor investigating the wrong guy. Since that is unacceptable, Congress should request that Justice Department present whatever evidence Robert Mueller’s team has found. If Mueller’s team doesn’t have anything, Congress should request that Mueller’s investigation be terminated. That will give Trump the cover he needs to replace Sessions and hire someone who is willing to look into matters where we really do have evidence of crimes.

Is the fact these crimes appear to have been committed by Democrats a good excuse for not investigating them? Of course not! Then what are the Republicans in Congress waiting for?

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Paging Debbie Wasserman-Schwartz. We haven’t heard a peep in months. Interesting that the Awan story seemed to have faded away into the dust bin of history never to rise again. But then I see this little number. Well worth going over to the Daily Caller for the full read and where the money was probably going. There is a handy dandy chart that gives specific details of what they raked in. For those of us of a certain mind-set, no big surprise but I have to think that Deb must be thinking about “the woods and Chardonnay” too like her criminal pal Hillary. I could ask about Sessions, but as I posted back in October,

AG Sessions says he will not prosecute Clinton or any deep state criminals

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15 thoughts on “Awans suspicious used car dealership – simply a money laundering business?

  1. Tom, well done and thought out. I think some of this is clearly above my pay grade. I must admit I find it difficult to keep up with President Trump’s position. Clearly during the campaign it was “lock her up”. Right after he was elected he said “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t. She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.”

    Isn’t there some DOJ practice “not to comment on investigations” or even if they are being conducted? I thought that was intended to make sure the bad guys didn’t know they were a target. I guess that doesn’t matter. There certainly is a lot to investigate. Hopefully they are on some of it.

    I do like Mr. Sessions and he is certainly loyal to President Trump.

    Anyway, thanks for the enlightenment as always.

    Merry Christmas.

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    1. Like Sessions too. However, when he recused himself and let his subordinate appoint a special prosecutor, I don’t think he was doing his job properly.

      Politics is messy. It is a great thing to have grand ethical standards, but we have to remember the object. Government exists to protect people’s rights. When Sessions recused himself, he knew full well the Democrats would abuse the process. Therefore, when he let his subordinate choose a special prosecutor, he allowed the Democrats conduct a witch hunt against Trump.

      Fortunately, Muellar’s team and key DOJ personnel have evidence so much bias that the investigation is blowing up in their faces. That, however, is something we have to thank God for, not Sessions.

      What is also amazing is the reliability of some of the people Trump has appointed in the DOJ? What kind of advice is Sessions giving Trump? Those appointees should be uncovering what the previous administration did, not hiding it.

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      1. Of course the recusal is a matter of controversy. Many, however, agree it was appropriate. Two legal minds I respect a lot are Rudy Giuliani and Jonathan Turley. They both agreed he should have. Of course, another legal mind I appreciate, Judge Napolitano, thinks it was a mistake. Go figure. Seems to be sound thinking on both sides here.

        He did it. We have a special counsel. I don’t like that but we ought to press the DOJ to investigate everything they can.


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  2. I’ve never heard of this scandal (there are so many, aren’t there? It’s making me dizzy)
    I have to wonder why politics is so corrupt.
    Are money and power really that important? All flesh is grass, as they say.

    Kind of tangentially related (but also off topic) to make the point.
    When my husband took over here, during the first few months he was new to the job the Protocol people told him we’d get a visit from overseas dignitaries. Some of them were PRC folks. He was told he was expected to shake their hand and giver them each a base coin. He said he wasn’t going to give any PRC people a base coin nor shake their hand. Now, the protocol person probably thought “Oh dear Lord, this will be the longest couple of years of my life with this guy as my boss”. But anyway….the tour ended and he waved them good bye.
    He just isn’t a politician.

    We wouldn’t have been surprised if he were fired right after but, he’s the kind of guy that dies with his boots on. And nothing came of it, and he has helped a whole, whole, whole lot of people, saved the government hundreds of millions (if not more), and saved people tens of thousands of man hours (he cut out all superfluous meetings….they were doing several a day and he cut it down to one meeting per week or something).
    Maintenance was a mess (ranked worst at the time…worst for many years running), and now it is ranked best, the gold standard. When he took over they were working 12 hour days 5 days per week. They were beyond burnt out, and leadership was telling him the only way to improve things was to make it 12 hours per day, 7 days per week.
    He talked to the people doing the work and empowered them….because they were good people who knew their jobs. Now they work 9 hours per day, four days per week (with the best results seen anywhere). They’re so motivated to be on a winning team, if they are falling behind in any area folks voluntarily come in on their days off to help out.
    When he took over, the heat in the hangars was ridiculous in summer. They had to keep the doors closed to work on the planes and it was around 120 degrees in there. So my husband suggested they buy cooling suits. Some leadership told him they needed to select the right kind…yadda yada and they didn’t do anything for a couple of months. So my spouse started doing roll call in those hangars. All leadership had to meet in the closed hangar sweating it out through roll call to get a taste of what maintenance had to deal with every day for 12 hours. They got their cooling suits.

    This morning they released some information from MI5 indicating 10,000 or more civilians were killed in the Tiananmen square massacre. I’m glad he wouldn’t shake their damn hand.

    The whole point of the above is…we actually do have some very very good leaders in government. General Holmes is one, Mattis is another, Hawk Carlisle (retired) was another.
    I’d like to think some of those types of people make it to Congress.

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    1. When I was in the military, I ran into some very good people. Made the job worth having.

      Are money and power really that important? There are people who worship both, but that is because they lack something more important, the wisdom to worship our Creator.


  3. I’ve like Jeff Sessions and find him very likable and have had high hope for him—but it was much how I felt about Joseph Ratzinger becoming Pope Benedict—here was a man known as the Rottweiler of the Vatican–as he was head of the doctrinal congregation—he put the kibosh on many an upstart and kept the screws on those trying to break ranks over to a more liberal side—yet as pope he was ineffective—that tenacity gone… perhaps with age….

    I had had the same high hopes for Jeff Sessions—a man who wouldn’t put up with the typical liberal shenanigans and bullying—yet he seems stymied —caught in the quagmire…

    I like the more hawkish Donal Rumsfeld—as I think things are so out of hand in Washington and in our Government, we need leaders who are not afraid of being touch and making very difficult decisions…..

    But I don’t know now…..

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    1. And pardon the myriad of typos— tough for touch and throw a few ‘ed’s or a s or two on the end of some of those words to make them past tense or plural— did I mention I have a bit of a cold and not processing clearly 😏


    2. Sessions’ reluctance to go after the Democrats has surprised me. Don’t know what to make of it. Nevertheless, we have to go on offense.

      That server H. Clinton had in her basement was clearly a violation of the law. If the Obama administration was not going after political opponents using the IRS and security agencies, then what were they doing? It is time to stop ignoring this sort of stuff and to give it a public airing. Because of the divisions in this country, we may not be able to get any convictions, but we can certainly change a few minds.

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