The Descent of the Modernists (from here)

This time of year we see lots of polls and articles telling us what we think about Christmas. Here is one of them from the PEW Research Center.

Americans Say Religious Aspects of Christmas Are Declining in Public Life

As long-simmering debates continue over how American society should commemorate the Christmas holiday, a new Pew Research Center survey finds that most U.S. adults believe the religious aspects of Christmas are emphasized less now than in the past – even as relatively few Americans are bothered by this trend. In addition, a declining majority says religious displays such as nativity scenes should be allowed on government property. And compared with five years ago, a growing share of Americans say it does not matter to them how they are greeted in stores and businesses during the holiday season – whether with “merry Christmas” or a less-religious greeting like “happy holidays.” (continued here)

What disturbs me about the trend? The folks who are discarding Christianity are doing so primarily out of ignorance. Many fashion themselves as “free thinkers” or “free spirits”, but the only thing most of them are free of is knowledge.

I left the following comment for an Atheist over at The Lions Den. Here I think the words have a broader application. Are you one who doubts the truth of the Bible? Do you think of yourself as a freethinker? Then that “you” in my comment is for you.

With what ideology would you replace Christianity? We know you have little use for Christianity, but what do you have that is better? You are freethinking?

What is freethinking?

A smart free thinker looks at life this way. If it feels good, do it.

A wise free thinker considers the game of life four or five moves ahead. That is, although it may feel good now if “I” do that, “I” will eventually hurt far too much. A wise free thinker weighs the benefits of his pleasures and pains more carefully. For example, smoking may be pleasant, but the bill for smoke eventually comes due. In most analyzes, the costs outweighs the benefits.

A Godly free thinker looks still further ahead. The Godly consider the life to come. The Godly man (or woman) looks about. He see what must be the Creation of God. He considers his heart. Here he mysteriously finds knowledge of good and evil. Here he finds a longing for someone greater than himself to love and to worship. Therefore, he eagerly seeks knowledge of his Maker.

What have the Godly found? Many Godly men and women believe the Bible is God’s revealed Truth. An antiquated ideology? No. Just one that has withstood the test of time.

(from here)

Have some people studied the Bible and still rejected Jesus? That does happen, unfortunately. Not everyone is willing to be convinced.

Most, unbelievers, however, have never bothered to study the Bible, and that is inexcusable. Without a doubt, the teachings in the Bible provide the core of the philosophy that form Western Civilization. Yet our secularized public schools do an awful job of teaching young people what the Bible says and how it affected the formation of our culture. If we have never made a serious effort to read and understand the Bible, what entitles us to have an opinion about it? Nothing, but the Bible is the one work that most people have not read that everyone feels entitled to have an opinion about.

In fact, our schools do an awful job of teaching even about secular things. Consider The United States Constitution. Supposedly, we have a “living Constitution”. Nevertheless, any serious study of The Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution itself renders the notion of a “living Constitution” absurd. Most Americans, unfortunately, have never read The Federalist Papers, and many only have a vague idea of what is in the Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution. How can we be good citizens if we are that ignorant of primary historical documents, especially the ones that formed our nation?

Do you want to be a Godly free thinker? Do you want to be a good citizen? Then make the effort. Struggle if you must. Get whatever help you need. But read and study documents that matter.  Don’t let “experts” with their own agenda tell you what to think.


  1. King Solomon used the word fool in ancient times to define a person who did not believe in God.

    Perhaps Solomon would advise you to revise your terminology of ‘Free Thinker’ to Folly Thinker,’in the context of your post, in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. I got the following comment from someone’s whose comments go into moderation and never get posted. So I won’t give his name, but the question is pertinent.

    Without a doubt, the teachings in the Bible provide the core of the philosophy that form Western Civilization.

    Hmm … I suspect that a great many philosophers would vehemently disagree with this statement, although I am very interested to read which teachings in particular you are referring to. Or are you citing the bible, period, Tom?

    Consider how the Bible starts.

    Genesis 1:1 New King James Version (NKJV)

    1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

    There are according to a preacher I like to listen to four big questions in life.

    — Why am I here?
    — What is right and wrong?
    — What brings me meaning
    — What happens to a human being when I die?

    — Ravi Zacharias (an expert in Christian apologetics => http://rzim.org/) says there are Four Questions To Answer In Life (=>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfb5-7mtC-8).

    The Bible answers those questions, and most of the people who make up Western Civilization once accepted those answers. Now we are the midst in one of those periods where a renewal is needed. Will we experience one? I don’t know. I can only say I have experienced one.


    1. It’s true some would argue that Christianity isn’t the core philosophy that formed Western Civilization (though no historian worth his salt would).
      Best to keep in mind those are the same folks who would argue there is no right or wrong.

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    2. I think you also have to admit that Early Christians like Justin Martyr, John Chrysostom, and Augustine, who were acquainted with Classical Philosophy bridged the gap of the explanation of the Word in their attempt to convert followers. Justin Martyr’s First Apology is a beautiful example of this and a shorter read than Augustine’s works that lean heavily on Plato and his theory of forms. Furthermore, with Thomas Aquinas, we have the introduction of Aristotelian thought into Christianity with the discovery of his lost works during the Crusades.

      This might be where the commenter may be getting at; however, that doesn’t preclude that God is not the source of ideas have been used in Christianity prior to its formation, as St. Paul explains the truth is written in our hearts.


      1. That’s a fair observation. When I said Bible provided the core of the philosophy that formed Western Civilization, I used the term “core” for a reason. The church Fathers and others such as Martin Luther and John Calvin have written a considerable amount of commentary on the Bible. Applying logic, others such as Thomas Aquinas and Erasmus have looked at evidence and issues not directly addressed by the Bible. Yet the Bible provided their starting place.

        Was that where that commenter was coming from? I wish it was.


  3. Love the pic and the downward spiral of truth CT.

    I’m glad you posted the triplets; that is soooo good because it is true. And of course, tkx for the heads up.

    You fill a deep chasm of goodness in blogsville that so few can enable, with your links and cohesion from so many places.

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  4. Great post Tom, one anyone could easily understand! Too many though cannot break out of their self confirmed opinions
    about the Bible and its influence on western civilization. Actually studying said documents would be too much of a paradigm shift so many continue on in ignorance.


  5. So true. I’ve also frequently found that those who doubt the faith haven’t often spent time in it’s founding document – Scripture. When I read someone like Dawkins, I find his caricatures of faith would be easy for me myself to rebut. But he never deals with the substance of faith. Thanks for digging in, brother.

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    1. Dawkins doesn’t read anything. In his ‘god delusion’ he attempts to pick apart Aquinas’ Five Ways cosmological argument by spending only three pages and all of his criticisms are answered by Aquinas–some of which if you merely flip to the next page of the Summa Theologica.

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  6. “Without a doubt, the teachings in the Bible provide the core of the philosophy that form Western Civilization.”

    Well said,Tom. I like Western civilization, it was born of Christian values, one of those values being the freedom to think freely. People trying to remove those same values from our culture are cooking their own goose.

    It’s kind of like how John 4:16 says, “And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.”

    So God is love. Being an atheist is like refusing to believe in love. Worse, always trying to make love into something bad. So if you hate freedom and you hate love? Something’s all wrong there.

    We’re having a revival, a renewal of sorts, or perhaps faith just burns a bit brighter in the midst of so much secularism, but we got crosses up everywhere and people genuinely seeking the true meaning of Christmas, so polls never quite tell the whole story,like how Trump was guaranteed to lose the election.

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    1. @insanitybytes22

      Thank you.

      So God is love. Being an atheist is like refusing to believe in love. Worse, always trying to make love into something bad. So if you hate freedom and you hate love? Something’s all wrong there.

      I suppose that’s true of the more militant Atheists. I suspect lots of people are just confused about what to believe. The people running the schools promote Secularism. Weirdly, they have made an ideology out of ignoring God. Thanks to the public school system, our people grow up thinking Christianity starts wars instead of being told the opposite happens to be closer to the truth.

      Are we having a revival? I don’t know. The people doing the polls don’t seem to be honest. I also think lots of people on the Conservative side don’t bother responding anymore. I just pray you are right.

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