Another perspective on Roy Moore — Commentary From The Washington Times

Thought this pretty good. It is short, but it still makes the case the supposedly credible case that Judge Roy Moore is a pedophile is not actually credible. It just being peddled by the Liberal News media as if it were entirely credible.

Another perspective on Roy Moore

Roy Moore’s name is indelibly linked to sexual predation; but do you know the specific accusations and accusers? Quite a number of women say that Mr. Moore asked them out when they were aged 16 to 18, and that he got their parents’ permission to do so. All this, 26 to 40 years ago. It’s worth looking carefully at the claims and the evidence.

The first accuser is Beverly Nelson. She recounts how as a young lawyer Roy Moore frequently patronized the Alabama restaurant where she worked, and offered to give her a ride home one night. She said that Mr. Moore parked the car behind the restaurant and began to grope her. She fought back, and Mr. Moore eventually gave up.

All this was said to have happened a few feet from the restaurant. But other people say that they never saw “frequent patron” Roy Moore at the restaurant in the years they worked there, that the dark nook she claims he parked in didn’t exist, and that closing time was well after Ms. Nelson’s recollection of 10 p.m. They told reporters this, and were even taped, but the stories never appeared.

Ms. Nelson also briefly displayed a high school yearbook with an inscription ending, “Love, Roy Moore, D.A.” A photo CNN tweeted shows the inscription in black ink up through “Roy” and blue ink starting with “Moore.” Is the blue a later addition? The Class of ‘77 at Nelson’s school included Ray Jon and the Class of 1979, Ray Brooks. CNN tweeted another photo from the same press conference which has all black ink. suggests chromatic aberration might make newer black ink look blue, but Ms. Nelson won’t let third parties examine the yearbook. (continued here)

Supposedly, the “fact” that Moore dated young women who were still in their teen age years is some sort pedophilia, but the age of the consent depends upon state law. Assuming he did date ladies still in their teens, it also looks like Moore did not do more than kiss the young women he dated.  Yet the news media pundits and politicians screaming the loudest about Moore’s supposedly awful behavior do not seem to have any issues with a whole host of sexual perversions, including transgendering children. So one has to wonder about the sincerity of their charges against Moore.

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  1. Traditionally, in the past, if someone wanted to get rid of someone, they’d come up with a pedophile charge. I can recall two as a matter of fact: General Erwin Walker and Dr. Billy James Harris. There are others, but my point is that this is great fodder to ruin someone and is used as such.

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  2. A few months back my husband was TDY and he had a small health scare. He was sitting at a meeting and started sweating profusely and his heart was racing. He’s a very calm person, not the sort to have a panic attack so the incident kind of screamed ‘potential heart attack’. He called me and I told him to get to the hospital asap. A few hours later he called back and said they’d run all the tests and everything was good. The next next morning he had a stress test and it was good too. His heart is probably in better shape than mine…they have no explanation for what happened an called it a fluke.

    The above is the real story. The point of relaying the above is what occurred elsewhere.

    His deputy was called that night and told my husband had a massive heart attack and was ostensibly getting open heart surgery as they spoke. These are the people officially charged with conveying information to him…not some rumor pipeline. The next morning, I’d already spoken with my husband twice and everyone at his office was still under the impression he had a heart attack and was in open heart surgery. By afternoon the deputy’s wife called me and I told her the real story (she was afraid to bring it up…and we chit chatted for a while and I could tell something was going on so I brought it up…”hey did you hear about my husband’s incident?” she was relieved I brought it up, and astounded at the misinformation handed out). I was dispelling rumors for weeks until his return.

    I’ve seen the above happen time and again. I seldom believe the news when it comes out and always wait for the real story. With Moore there’s essentially only a decades old rumor mill. That’s where I would place the rumor about the mall…I can see where something like that might get started.

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