Harpies in the infernal wood, from Inferno XIII, by Gustave Doré, 1861 (from here)

On December 1, 2017 reporter Brian Ross fabricated a story, and ABC finally issued a correction (at the end of the article) and suspended the guy, Flynn prepared to testify that Trump directed him to contact Russians about ISIS, confidant says. Looks to me like Ross had lots of help. Wonder why they only suspended him?

What is a harpy?

They were generally depicted as birds with the heads of maidens, faces pale with hunger and long claws on their hands. Roman and Byzantine writers detailed their ugliness. Pottery art depicting the harpies featured beautiful women with wings. Ovid described them as human-vultures. (from here)

Some men and some women behave well, and some don’t. Since Harpies were originally portrayed as vicious, cruel and violent, when we have a very low opinion of a woman, we have a regrettable tendency to refer to her as a “Harpy”.

Hence it is unfortunate that the ladies of “The View” so easily believed Brian Ross’ report and some behaved so joyfully. I suspect their behavior we will cause many to wonder just how vicious, cruel and violent some of them can be.

Is President Donald Trump guilty of conspiring with the Russians to steal the elect the election? If there any evidence of that, no one has found it. However, these “ladies” were quite ready to believe the worst about Trump, and some of them were quite vindictive about it.

Consider Judge Roy Moore. He is even more Conservative and therefore more abhorrent to Liberal Democrats than Trump. How willing are these people to believe the worst about him? How far are some of these people willing to go to destroy him?

What about men? Is there an equivalent word to “Harpy” for men? When a man is vicious, cruel and violent, what vicious, cruel and violent creature do we imagine him to be? Could be wrong, but, curiously, it seems that just being a man is bad enough. Do we expect better of women? Perhaps. Strange sort of prejudice, but almost all us remember mothers who loved us.

6 thoughts on “WOMEN DON’T LIE? WHAT IS A HARPY?

  1. That video was priceless.
    It gives me a thought.
    Now, I know it’s REALLY out there and crazy but…
    do you think there might’ve been some sort of collaboration by corporate media to try to keep Trump from getting elected?!?

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  2. when I first read your title…my mind actually went straight to the clip from the View where some dude races in on stage with a piece of paper that Joy Behar is shown to read…some sort of “breaking news” that one would think North Korea was attacking…but she read it with the most sick form of glee I’ve ever seen from a TV personality over a sitting president. Interrupting the show with a lie. A lie then shared to hapless individuals who watch said show.
    I for one do not watch, nor have I ever watched the View…or daytime television period, but I saw that clip last night on a different news station and it made both me and my husband sick. That there is such a vile hatred for a sitting president and the notion that respect for the office no longer exists made me think of WWII and the thousands of American lives lost defending our freedoms of Democracy all of which allow her to sit on a television set, making gobs of money, only to be disrespectful and not funny….
    So when I saw the word Harpy in your title—my thoughts went directly to that clip and to her childish display…so great minds think a like Tom…..

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    1. Their spinning is not worth taking seriously.

      What should we look for? First try to figure out which stories are significant. Then focus on known facts.

      Note that personnel is policy. If we want the right policies, we have to elect the right people. What people do indicates whether they are for the right policies. Their words and the news media’s spinning don’t matter so much.

      So long as he is doing the right things, what what does it matter if The Donald tweets a few silly things? If The Washington Post (a spinner is there ever was one) tells something bad about a Conservative they cannot actually prove, should that outweigh what we have known about the guy for decades? If ABC reports stuff that is not true, at this point why should we be surprised?


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