D-Day1: The barrage balloons depicted in this D-Day invasion photo were a vital part of protecting Allied forces from strafing German aircraft. The balloons were manned by Soldiers of the all-black 320th Very Low Altitude (VLA) barrage balloon battalion. Steel…
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Look at the news these days. What is much of it about? Angry women have accused bunches of important men in politics, journalism, and entertainment of sexual abuse and harassment. Has anyone noticed besides me that many of those men supported integrating women and the LGBTQ crowd into our military. They promised us there would be no problems, but that was nonsense. If respected politicians, journalists, and movie stars cannot keep their pants on in a peacetime environment, why should we expect young soldiers to behave better (Yeah, I know we are mostly talking about respected Democrat politicians, journalists, and movie stars.)?

Consider what we expect our soldiers to do.

  • The Army and the Marines operate in the field without any luxuries. Combat vehicles, tents, foxholes, and the like force soldiers to work closely together in confined spaces. The requirements of rank forces soldiers to take orders from someone just because that person is in charge.
  • The Navy and the Marines operate on ships designed with an emphasis on survival. These are expensive machines where space is at a premium, and crews stay at sea for months at a time. The requirements of rank forces soldiers to take orders from someone just because that person is in charge.
  • The Air Force operates with the Army in the field and at remote locations. Like the Army, Air Force personnel spend months at a time away from family and friends in often lonely locations. That includes flying from place to place as the mission requires. The requirements of rank forces soldiers to take orders from someone just because that person is in charge.

When we ask military personnel to work closely with people of the opposite sex, we create temptations that can threaten good order and discipline, thereby undermining unit effectiveness. If our politicians, journalists, and movie stars cannot prevent sexual harassment in their work environments, what is the point of forcing the same temptations upon our military personnel?

Consider that picture above. What kind of help would women have provided on D-Day that would have been any more useful than what they were already doing? We put millions of troops in the field because so many women did the jobs their men had left behind.


  1. Greetings Tom,

    This is a hard issue as a retired 1SG, US Army I served with some outstanding females in my time, a few I am convinced would have kicked butt if they had been allowed in combat roles at the time.

    That being said the times have changed greatly. We, western society as a whole, have created, encouraged and indoctrinated our youth into a highly sexually charged environment in everything we do. It is all forms of media (not speaking of scandals) and the lingo has become the norm of everyday life. Given that how can we expect our military personnel to all of a sudden change years of poor indoctrination with 12-16 weeks of training?

    Just something to ponder? Merry Christmas.

    1. “This is a hard issue as a retired 1SG, US Army I served with some outstanding females in my time, a few I am convinced would have kicked butt if they had been allowed in combat roles at the time.”

      Interesting take, directorfsm.
      I know a couple of female fighter pilots who were good at their jobs.
      Once the initial push from leaders to try to try to be the first commander to graduate a female fighter pilot was over (there were some bad results there), a handful were pretty good.
      But that’s not the only consideration. As mentioned, a big fly in the ointment is the nature of problems that come with sexuality. They say morale is to the physical as three is to one. The dynamic between brothers naturally changed when you throw in one female into the mix. I’ve seen squadrons destroyed from it, as the girl went from one relationship to another within the squadron. Regs against fraternization aren’t much of a curb for the biological imperative. I’ve only known one situation with a female fighter pilot who was both good and didn’t cause a problem, and that person both looked and acted exactly like a man.

      Then there’s the other side of biology…strength. Women are far far more prone to injury. It’s just the way they’re made. Male bodies aren’t really designed to fall quickly with a small parachute from a plane and land heavy like a sack of (expletive) wearing a 70+ pounds of kit either. But women much less so. Male anatomy isn’t designed to withstand 7+ Gs of force on a regular basis, while wearing a heavy helmet and twisting the neck around to see in back of them, but female anatomy much less so. Females fighter pilots start to incur damage very quickly on. I know a girl in her early thirties who has already had her neck fused in two surgeries, yet still she is in continuous pain and this is probably her last tour in the jet. A man could withstand more for longer….keep in mind by the time a pilot puts in twenty or so years in a high tech jet, that’s about 100 million of taxpayer dollars spent on their job. Training is enormously expensive. So if a person is taken out ten years earlier do to disability that’s 50 million lost in taxpayer money (and there are cascading consequences to losing seasoned pilots…as the ‘old timers” are also needed to train the new ones).

      Now advocates for females in combat rolls will say we lose men too. They also might become disabled. But women under the same physical strain will become disabled far faster. There are a lot studies indicating this. That doesn’t even touch the most obvious pink elephant in the room….pregnancy. And the USAF has just enacted a very sexist policy allowing females who have children to choose to leave at any time they want, abandoning their commitments (not so for fathers).

      1. @anon

        Like your response better than mine.

        In fairness to the USAF, God is sexist. He made us the way we are.

        Good soldiers do their best to protect the women and children. Been that way for eons. When the Huns, the Vikings, Muslim raiders, and their like came to rape and to pillage, the heroes were the men who stood between savages and their women and children. Those brave men and the women who loved them made civilized society possible.

        It is the man who gives of himself — not the the savage who seizes what he wants — who merits respect. When we give of ourselves we build each other up. When we seize what we want, even if it is our due, we use others up.

    2. @directorfsm

      Thanks for the comment.

      I agree this is not an easy problem. Keeping women and the sexually confused out of the military does seem sort of unfair, but biology does not cater to our notions about fairness.

      When I was in the military, the Air Force, I also worked with some great ladies. I had no complaints about their work. Since I worked on space systems in an office environment, women fit in relatively easily. Whenever I have had a female boss, I obeyed her orders without doubting her authority. Nevertheless, I was just happy I did not get into any trouble when I was at a remote site (the interior of Alaska) and separated from my family for a year. Some of the ladies were quite attractive.

      The suggestion we should for the most part keep women and sexually confused people out of the military is not anti-woman or an attack on anyone. I just think putting women and sexually confused people in the military does not help the military enough to outweigh the potential harm.

      On one occasion I attended the wedding of a couple of juniors officers who worked in my squadron. Did these two do anything wrong by getting married? No. Those two made a fine couple. Fortunately, both were single, and neither supervised the other. So everyone rejoiced in their union. Yet one or both could have been married, or one could have been in charge of the other. Then what should be a happy occasion leaves us wondering what needs to be done. Sometimes management prefers to look the other way.

      Wearing a uniform does not stop people from doing what comes natural. If congressmen, journalists, and Hollywood stars cannot stay of trouble in environments that are much more favorable to good behavior than where our troops must serve, why would we want to put the sexual temptations in front of our soldiers, particularly when we know there is almost nothing to gain from it.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

  2. I am with you on this Tom. Having led other humans in the execution of a conflict I can say sexual tension as well as special needs do impact things negatively often. Whether it’s right or not, personal rights and opportunities don’t matter as much as the mission. Just my two cents.

    1. @Wally Fry

      Thank you.

      I have heard that managers generally find that ten percent of their people cause 90 percent of their problems. When I had the opportunity to be a manager, I certainly found that to be the case.

      The last thing we want our managers consumed with is people problems. We don’t put brilliant people in charge just to babysit. We want our generals, admirals, colonels, and captains thinking about what has to be done to defend our nation. If we truly want our military leaders to do what needs to be done, then it makes no sense to complicate their mission with idiotic social engineering programs, programs that could only work in fiction.

      1. You might find informative yet another post I made a while back on my old blog site concerning the application of management appointments… and what’s expected of managers. In this post l suggest that whenever possible managers should be a profession and not a position. Rather like the military does in any number of the administrative and less technical positions. They insert junior officers into platoons, squadrons, etc. to command staffs with jobs that they are not trained themselves to perform.

        1. @Doug

          What the military does much of the civil service also does. The difference is this. The military uses an up or out system. If you don’t have the gift of managing people (don’t claim to be good at it), then you will fail to get promoted, and you will have to separate from the service. Thus the military gets rid of officers who have reached their level of incompetence.

          What seems to happen to civil service types is that the one who don’t want to manage can generally find a position requiring a skill they can apply. That becomes more difficult the more the government hires outside contractors to do the actual work. Therefore, some civil service organization may find it difficult to move an incompetent manager laterally into a position where he/she does not do any harm. Nevertheless, because it is so difficult to fire a civil servant, I have seen them go to great lengths to do so.

          Private industry, on the other hand, cannot long afford to keep an incompetent manager in place. So

          1. Ah yes.. I recall you saying you were a USAF officer so you would have intimate knowledge. I recall when I was on active duty our Security Police squadron on base got a new officer basically out of OCS.. a 2nd Lt… who had no SP training yet he was in charge of us. He liked to walk around with a badge and a gun. But that was back in the 1970’s.. I am sure priorities have changed by now.

          2. In a case that 2nd Lt, his superiors should be providing him some guidance and getting him some training. Does not do them any good when a junior officer makes a fool of himself.

  3. Good writeup Tom.
    Did you hear about her Majesty’s Royal navy? It’s not the US, but it could be.

    “It can also be revealed that the submarine’s second-in-command, Lieutenant Commander Michael Seal, 36, has been removed amid claims of an extra-marital affair with a female engineering officer – Lieutenant Hannah Litchfield, 27. She too has been taken off the vessel.
    The submarine was already embroiled in controversy over an alleged affair between its captain, Commander Stuart Armstrong, 41, and Sub-Lieutenant Rebecca Edwards, 25. Again, both have been removed from duty on board.
    The submarine’s captain and his second-in-command are the only officers on board with access to a grey safe which contains a ‘letter of last resort’ from the Prime Minister. It details guidance and orders to be followed should the UK be attacked with nuclear weapons.”

    And in other news, just a few days ago a fishing boat washed up in Japan with the starved corpuses of a few DPRK fishermen. And the elite soldier who just defected had hepatitis B, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites and raw undigested corn in his stomach but hey! Kim’s ICBM program is in high gear with a demo (guess there wasn’t money left over for food, even for the elite troops).
    -Sleep well, the Navy’s got this.

    1. @anon

      I had not heard about that story. Thanks for the link. Putting women on submarines is one of the most lunatic notions…..

      When lots of people think of naval combat operations, they are silly enough to think we ought to “man” our ships the way the Federation does on “Star Trek”, as if the people writing science fiction TV series/movie actually know what they are talking about.

      What is frightening about that story? Nuclear bombs are the targets of thugs, terrorists, and foreign intelligence services. Any number of bad guys would find a fully armed nuclear powered, ICBM carrying submarine to be huge prize. What stops the bad guys from getting one of our nukes? It is the honor of the people we have put in charge of them. When we are unable to trust those people, our nation will be truly lost.

  4. Hold On Tom, you said

    “The Korean War, the Vietnam War, and all the rest since WWII were nasty, brutal police actions.”

    Vietnam, Iraq, etc are nasty wars in my opinion,

    Police action is when police are sent out of our country to fight and die.

    Those men were enlisted military men sent to Vietnam using a political ruse name of police action,

    Same as a phony author uses a ruse story genre to mask fact from fiction.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @scatterwisdom

      We have sent policemen out of the country to fight and die?

      I think we are getting sidetracked into a discussion of word choices. When a bunch of policemen get into a shootout with a bunch of bad guys, from their perspective that is a war. From the perspective of the rest of the country? No.

      During WW II our entire nation made huge sacrifices to put as many soldiers and as much equipment into the war effort as possible. No war since then has required such sacrifices from our people, not even close. Nevertheless, some of our military personnel have paid a heavy price. Just as some policemen die in shoot outs with bad guys, soldiers die in our foreign wars, some that are little known to the public. Soldiers who spend months at a time in remote lands far from family and friends pay a heavy price. Yet our nation, because so little is required of it, often overlooks what our soldiers do for it. During WWII, that was not possible.

      1. II concur. Just get frustrated when politicians come up with word phrases to cover up the truth. .

        I personal knew many of the men and families who sons were not policeman that did not come back alive from the “police action” in Vietnam.

        I also personally know some of the ones that came back and were treated badly by public opinion.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

  5. Exactly Tom….this is all such a mess that there is neither space nor time for us to truly extol or to lament what we are actually watching unfold before our eyes….

    That time—70 some odd years ago….were we better or different then we are now??
    In many regards I would say yes.

    We were still fallible humans, still capable of sinfulness, ego and pride. Big Hollywood producers and stars were still behaving badly…but we just weren’t seeing or hearing about it 24 / 7 as we are now because we didn’t have the 24/7 access like we do now—which I for one miss—I miss the more peace and quiet then the startling constant streaming headlines….I miss the time when not knowing absolutely everything about everyone was the norm—facts about ones I really don’t care about as their lives do not have bearing on my own… so why are we so fixated on them??

    And the other thing, we had a National collective goal—defeat the bad guys. Egos were put aside—men went to fight and woman “ran” the home front—from caring for the family, the home and the factories—everyone was wanting to help, do their part, it was an “all in” mentality—today…there is no collective National goal as we are now pitted against one another…the bad guy is now to be our fellow countrymen…
    Energies once spent working together toward a common good are now divided and turned inward.

    We all have roles in life.
    God laid all of that out…and it was perfect because He decreed it as such….

    The problem being the ego of man did not like those roles.
    The roles are now skewed…
    we are skewed.
    Our views of family, sex, self are all now skewed….
    Men are women, women are men as roles change and what some would say, simply evolve.
    But I don’t buy this “evolution” of the sexes.

    We all have a capacity to “serve”…it’s just that capacity is different for different individuals…
    I do not believe that women should be on the front lines, just as I do not think transgendered individuals should be nor the openly gay individual….
    There are physiological difference….and agendas that “can get in the way” of a mission or quest.

    And we are seeing here at home that…..
    Angry woman do not make for a better world.
    Egotistically sexually driven men do not make for a better world.
    Men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men do not make for a better world
    Men marrying men or women marrying women do not make for a better world.
    Police actions and wars do not make for a better world.
    Progressivism, liberalism, extremists, and all the “isms” added in do not make for a better world.

    We have a mess simply put and I often wonder if there comes a time that we as a Nation must rally against a common enemy again…will we be able to do so….

    1. @Julie (aka Cookie)

      We write a lot, but we don’t do so because we have the answers. We just go to Him. What we can do is try to bring others to Jesus Christ the way Philip brought Nathanael to our Lord (John 1:43-51). That will make this world a better place. More important is that some of those who turn to Jesus will chose to let Him to save their souls.

    2. But isn’t being human our one common denominator? Just because other humans may select a path of life we don’t morally approve does that mean we are required to pass judgment? Here’s a measure of an example… you, IB, Tricia, CitizenTom, et al, express your feelings as they may relate to your preference for a heavy spiritual component in how you live. I do not require that in my own life in order to accept my life… yet I do have a spiritual influence. We are all different in our approach to fit our personal comfort levels based on our past experiences. But for me it’s a far greater value, spiritually and morally to accept people as they are (to the point of isolating outright psychopaths and anti-social misfits who break the law.. but even at that, mental health research is a compassion to try and “fix” that). I am not openly “religious” because I am inwardly accepting of the human dynamic. It doesn’t make me better than anyone by a long shot. But it doesn’t keep me from rolling my eyes at our own diversity. 🙂

      1. Doug, I appreciate your observation and whereas I cannot speak for IB, Tricia, Tom or anyone else, I can speak for myself….and my “heavy spiritual component” that is often expressed in my posts and or comments is the filter I have chosen as the other worldly filters have all fallen woefully short… for theirs is but fleeting satisfaction—as the only true and lasting peace is to be found in the saving Grace of Jesus Christ and Him alone.

        That is a statement of knowledge and not merely an opinion…

        I can say by way of experience and knowledge that that is the one truth in this life that has been found to remain constant when all else is no longer desirable or is simply gone. And I say that from experience.

        And whereas it is indeed not for me to be “Judge,” as that is reserved for God and God alone, I can point to the errors and “sins” of a fallen world….mine included.

        And that in a nutshell is disobedience.
        Our disobedience to our Father in Heaven.

        Disobedience to the Word of God. In fact I actually wrote a post about that very thing today.

        I have seen and experienced, first hand, what it is to live outside of the Word of God…and that is to live in and with the choosing of self and self alone.

        Time and time again that choosing of self will fall short and ring of, when all is said and done, of grievous emptiness.

        God is not a little god nor is He just one in a handful of gods. He will not conform to the desires, whims and lifestyle choices we the created each demand as our own.
        For He has stated what our lives are to be.
        He is the Creator and we but the created.

        It is not for us to then change or alter His word. And so as we decide to either rewrite what He has said to fit our wants— or— simply to ignore Him and His word by writing Him off as non-existent, we do so in order to fulfill our own wants and desires…

        For if we truly wanted to submit to His desires for us—you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        I can and do “accept” anyone as they are but that does not say that I agree with “what” that choice may be. I have compassion as much as anyone—I taught high school for Heavens’ sake, for 31 years, if anyone knows about having empathy, compassion yet the call for self discipline and a few choice words over poor and misguided choices, it’s been me.

        Whereas I loved “my kids” I did not always love or approve of their choices and over the years I had some directing words for those choices.
        As I had found that following God, His word, His truths, His commands, the only satisfying way in which to conduct ones life.
        For only in Jesus Christ is to be found true happiness and peace.
        That doesn’t mean life is easy or carefree…for we live in a fallen world—but navigating the waters, I want no other navigator, especially not myself—as to rely solely on self is a recipe for disaster.

        Its a choice of which altar in which to worship—the altar of God and submit to His commands
        or the altar of the world and its many confusing pig-trails leading one to self destruction.

        1. You seem to have a solid foundation, Julie. I respect that. I also respect your past occupation. No one gets rich being an educator. That takes compassion. Along with our first responders, educators deserve no less of respect for their dedication.

          1. Thanks Doug—teachers are their own first responders in many ways as they deal with many a troubled and broken child —despite being the mother to an only child- the students I taught over the years were always referred to as “my kids”

  6. I really doubt that many military leaders experienced in actual warfare,were involved to make the decision to mingle men and women together in military duties.

    Most madness and folly decisions are made by politicians, in my opinion.

    The evidence of the madness and folly of politicians personal decisions are emerging in today’s news.

    I wonder how many female soldiers have become pregnant while on duty. I wonder how many women are sexually harassed by the same standards by male serviceman while on duty.

    Making taxpayers pay for sex changes is total senseless madness and folly in my opinion. Sad too, when a military leader, if any, makes a statement to concur with politician on this issue.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @scatterwisdom

      We have not been in a real war since WWII. The Korean War, the Vietnam War, and all the rest since WWII were nasty, brutal police actions. No doubt the guys who fought in them now believe they have been at war, but for our country as a whole it was business as usual.

      Generals are political appointees, particularly those with four stars. If they are unwilling to give the president what he wants, they don’t get that third and fourth star. What Obama and the Democrats want is wrong, but there are men who badly want that third and fourth star, and they will sell their honor to get those stars.

  7. Now that was a good post, Tom. I am of mixed opinion about women serving in combat situations.
    Consider the last woman to accuse Franken of grabbing her breast in a photo op just made public. She admitted that she had been sexually molested in some fashion while on active duty in her military career before the Franken issue.

    I did a post on this very subject on my old blog…

    (Unrelated note.. I’ll respond to your reply over on IB’s blog likely tomorrow.)

  8. I totally agree with you here,Tom. All in good fun here but it’s just common sense, “But See,There’s This Thing Called Biology…”

    I love to work with men,we can work together in a variety of situations,but the dynamic always changes. And we want it to change,too! It’s a good thing when men soften their tone,when boundaries go up,when mutual respect comes out. Except in the military, except in combat. You need a brotherhood going on,you need cohesion.

    We have a lot of women here who are 911 operators. There’s a policy, if your spouse is a firefighter or a cop, it’s a conflict of interest, you can’t work on the same shift. Men will simply protect women first, women will avoid sending their loved ones into dangerous situations. If you dispatch your wife and she gets killed, you’ll forever blame yourself. The list of potential issues,conflicts, just goes on and on.Our biology and relationships influence us and our decisions often reflect that.

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