The Honorable Jeanine Lawson, Brentsville District Supervisor (from here)

Jeanine Lawson is the lady who represents my district on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, and I am proud to have her there. She is a lady. She is smart. She is competent, and she is down to earth. She takes what she believes seriously. She takes her work seriously, but she does not take herself too seriously. She obviously cares about her family, friends and neighbors.

So when I heard the following on WMAL, I just rolled my eyes heavenward.

WASHINGTON (WMAL) – Two Democratic mothers blasted a Republican member of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors at a meeting Tuesday.

Evelyn and Heidi BruMar, of Gainesville, said their 15-year-old daughter was handing out sample ballots at Gainesville Middle School on election day when supervisor Jeanine Lawson (R-Brentsville) introduced herself to the teen. Their daughter told Lawson she had lesbian mothers and one of her moms didn’t like her. According to the moms, Lawson responded that every child deserves a mom and dad in a Biblical sense.

“When did it become acceptable for a woman who holds elected office to bully a child?” Heidi told the board during public comment at Tuesday’s meeting.

Evelyn said Lawson took advantage of her daughter and called Lawson’s behavior “inappropriate, unacceptable and unwelcome.” (continued here)

Merely expressing a differing opinion to a 15-year-old who brings up the subject is now bullying? If a 15-year-old child is not ready to hear someone express a differing opinion, why do her “parents” have her handing out campaign literature outside the polls? Obviously the lesbian couple is trying to use the rules of the Politically Correct to shame and silence Lawson. That is bullying.

During the last election, Lawson campaigned for the reelection of Del. Bob Marshall. This story, Republican Lawmaker Tells Daughter Of Lesbian Couple She “Deserves” A Father (visit at your own risk) posted on a self-described queer news and culture website, indicates why that would make Lawson unpopular with some people.

What is the real issue? Our country is highly divided. There is a movement afoot to replace traditional American values with values that more appropriately belong in the gutter. Unfortunately, we have almost already lost this culture war. So for all practical purposes we are experiencing a return to paganism among much of our population. Yet most of these pagans either do not know or will not admit that that is where their supposedly “new age” values come from.

Whereas Christians will tolerate disagreement, in their outrageous pride, pagans will not. They will use any pathetic excuse to silence disagreement, and here we have an obvious example. Ask yourself this question. Do lesbians form “couples” for the sake of children, or do they just use “their child” as an excuse to bully and silence people who disapprove of same-sex “marriage”?

Note that Supervisor criticized for comments to daughter of lesbian couple ( provides another report on the story.


  1. The “New Age” values come from the pits of Hell and are evidence of the decline and fall of The American Empire but do not try to sell that concept to the masses who are being fed a diet of circus, cake and koolaide by the elitists who are profiting from the fall. Jesus foretold the coming of these days and they are here.

    1. Well, I don’t know these days fit into what Jesus predicted, but we are definitely in a state of decline. It would not hurt to replace the elitists with genuine public servants.

  2. Oh, my goodness… we are truly “next door” neighbors! I live in Stafford County and for years, I lived in Fairfax County. This is delightful news! No wonder I have found your posts so relevant. Happy Thanksgiving, Tom!

  3. Frankly, I thought of an old saying when I read your post, and conversely applied a new thought that caused me to smile.

    “Hell hath no fury as a women scorned.”


    Hell hath no fury as a lesbian scorned by a straight woman.

    Madness and folly………………….?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  4. It’s asinine that this is being made a story, I feel bad for your Congressman because I’m sure she will be taken to task over this. I wonder if that’s really she said to the teenager though, as I find it a bit hard to believe she would have stated things that way. Plausible it was a very innocuous statement that got twisted by the girls mom.

    1. Jeanine Lawson is on the Board of Supervisors. Wish she was my congresswoman, but no such luck yet.

      If Lawson was my congresswoman, I expect The Washington Post would be publishing story after story. That is the way that paper works. It is the seriousness of the charge, not the truth, that matters.

  5. Tom, the leftist agenda hates conservative Christian woman more than conservative men.
    The only group they hate more than conservative Christian women (as they are the most deleterious to their parasitic agenda) are conservative Christian minorities.

    1. That is something that amazes me. I suppose it should not, but it is so weird. The way the Liberal Democrats went after Sarah Palin was obviously hypocritical, but they did it and even women did not seem to care. I don’t understand it. I just don’t.

      The Democrats have been losing elections. Maybe the tide is finally turning. I don’t know. I just think what we are seeing indicates Christians need to do more to spread the Gospel, especially to our own children.

  6. I’m thankful to live in America even though I’m totally astonished by what’s happening to her. The PC has made it almost impossible to be a Christian, it I’m also thAnkful that or God remains consistent even though world is upside down. I’m also grateful for people like you who continue to defend the Constitution and Christian values. Happy Thanksgiving Tom🍗🏈

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