Bill Clinton, Roy Moore and the Politics of Hypocrisy

Here is a reblog of a post on one of my favorite blogs.
“See, there’s this thing called biology…~”, another of my favorite blogs, provides a slightly different take on this post (

The post begins well. The subject is the belated Liberal Democrat reversal on Bill Clinton. B. Clinton second term ended January 20, 2001, and now some Liberal Democrats have decide giving him a pass on his sexual indiscretions was not a good idea. Tricia, the author, provides some insightful commentary.

Then, the post shifts to today and Judge Roy Moore. Tricia is unhappy with Moore and some of things his supporters have said.

Well, I don’t know exactly what Roy Moore’s supporters have said that is so awful, but I suppose I could find something. However, what matters as far as the election is concerned is what Moore and his surrogates have said, not someone else.

Consider the situation. Moore’s accusers, egged on by a Liberal Democrat newspaper, have accused Moore of a crime. Moore says his accusers are lying. Well, if those women are not telling the truth, what is Moore supposed to do, say something that speaks well their character? What are guys supposed to do, give up running for office? If all gals have to do to force guys to drop out of a race is accuse their male opponents of a sex crime, and men cannot defend themselves…..

Politics is a blood sport. Instead of butchering, shooting, and blowing each other up, we try to settle our differences with ballots. That does not work too well, but it is the best idea we have had yet. Unfortunately, we still elect some devious people. Elections, even without the bloodletting are dirty and messy. Human beings, both men and women, cannot be trusted to behave themselves.

Political campaigns often involve muckraking and mudslinging. As voters we need to insist that people put up or shut up. Mere accusations should not count. If someone wants to accuse a candidate of a crime a month before an election, they should put up or shut up. No legal charges? Just last minute accusations? Then why should we take them seriously? Because a biased news media does? Really? Does anyone have to explain why that is absurd?

At this point the people of Alabama have a choice between Judge Roy Moore and a Liberal Democrat. Moore isn’t perfect, but alternative is worse. Unfortunately, instead of talking about the issues, the Liberal Democrat news media has us talking about the Republican candidate’s supposed sexual indiscretions. We have not seen this before? Then why would we fall for it again?

If the Liberal Democrat new media had not created this diversion and the campaigns had focused on the issues, Moore would have easily won. Now his victory is uncertain, and that is what lot of people in The Establishment wanted. Isn’t is time we stop letting these people play us like fiddles?

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So the Left is having a cathartic come to Jesus moment over having stood by Bill Clinton all these years with eyes wide open to his sexual predator nature and the abhorrent treatment his accusers faced at the hands of Team Clinton.

Remember those fun  times?  A quote from  loyalist James Carville inferring Paula Jones was making up being sexual harassed by Bill in return for cash, pretty much sums up the disgustingness of it all.

“Drag a $100 bill through a trailer camp and there’s no telling what you will find”.

Just lovely, and from the so called “pro women” party no less.  Liberals finally seem to be coming to terms with their own hypocrisy and the shameful behavior of that era, as two recent and decidedly harsh articles from some surprising sources display.  Vox’s  “Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned” and the New York Time’s, “

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31 thoughts on “Bill Clinton, Roy Moore and the Politics of Hypocrisy

  1. I was about the same age as Tricia, by the sound of things, during the Clinton impeachment trial.
    I thought exactly the same thing. This is a disgusting human being…also, I was a big supporter of Bush senior. Here was a person who was a war hero, and brilliant at foreign policy. Beaten out by this horrible person with low character. Worse, Clinton was the master of bad foreign policy decisions.**

    On the “this poor intern” aspect, I agree and disagree.
    It’s true there is a conflict of interest in that equation and a sexual relationship is inherently exploitive, much like the relationship between any boss and those under his/her employment.
    To quote Michael Crichton’s Disclosure, “Harassment is about power—the undue exercise of power by a superior over a subordinate.”
    So on that Clinton fails on numerous counts (however many times he conducted affairs/sexual attempts with subordinates in relationships that were inherently exploitive).

    But there’s more to the problem with the Lewinsky case.
    For example: Adultery in the US military is still against the law.
    People often don’t understand the purpose of that law. It isn’t, as some believe, to prevent exploitation….there are laws against fraternization for that. Part of it is basic morale…people who need to depend on each other to watch their back have to be able to…depend on each other. That requires a huge level of very very personal trust which adulterous affairs tend to violate.
    But the other reason (most pertinent here):
    It’s to prevent the potential for blackmail.
    So ask yourself now why a woman would keep a stain of that sort on a dress.

    The released tape hurt Trump.
    But I’m also convinced he was ready to give the election to Hillary until she released it.
    Any doubters in the audience should watch that first debate again (which Hillary won, in my opinion, big time). He was amiable and ended the debate with, “If she wins, I’ll work with her” and a smile. In that moment I felt the same thing I felt back when Perot ran that third party ticket (and the rest was history).
    I thought, “this is another Perot”. But then that tape came out and it got personal, and he decided to win.

    **examples available on request

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    1. Interesting take on Trump giving the election to H. Clinton. I was disappointed in the first debate, but it had not occurred to me that Trump was ready to give the election to Clinton. Yet I think your intuition makes sense. In the debate that followed the release of that tape, Trump epitomized rage under control. I still don’t think Clinton understands that that tape backfired on her.


  2. It’s always an honor to have a post show up on your site Tom, thank you again. We obviously disagree on this and I’ll try and add further context to my views here.

    My big beef about the whole Roy Moore mess is people automatically lining up to defend him without thought. I’m not saying this is you because i’ve seen you struggle with it in previous posts, but I’ve seen many others immediately go straight to the left wing or GOPe conspiracy without thinking at all about the matter. They’ve not read the original WaPo story and seem to know very few details about what his accusers are even saying. Even worse they seem to think it quite normal that a woman would make up accusations and cannot comprehend why anyone would not press charges at the time.

    Obviously over the last decade or two there’s been a growing movement against men that’s created a system that’s tilted against them when it comes to accusations of sexual assault, child custody battles, sexism, etc…which has created an understandable backlash from decent men who are being unfairly targeted.

    This anti male movement has been horrible, not only because of the nightmare scenarios that result from false accusations, but it’s also caused good men to turn indifferent to the very real plight of women and sexual assault. It’s not as catastrophic as feminists would like us to believe, but it is a very real issue, especially when it comes to older, more powerful men taking advantage of young girls from dysfunctional homes.

    I’m not asking fo Roy Moore to be prosecuted, nor forced to step down. I just wish more people would think critically about this issue instead of going in to “protect the tribe” mode.

    Here’s a link to the WaPo article for your readers that may not have read it.

    Sorry if this is a bit harsh. I respect your views and intelligence immensely and appreciate the back and forth we can have on this.

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    1. @Tricia

      Not harsh at all.

      There are conspiracies out there, but they involve small groups, not entire political parties. There are no left wing conspiracies yet. Nevertheless, H. Clinton obviously conspired with various people to gain control over the Democratic Party before she had the nomination in hand. So there are smaller conspiracies.

      Here is my concern.

      I know the media operates as an arm of the Democratic party and I am as sick to death as anyone over their lies, smear tactics and unfair treatment. I understand too that we are in a battle for the future direction of the country and electing politicians who share our values on individual liberty and religious freedom is essential like never before.

      There could not be a better time for a large injection of integrity and decency in to the body politic and that my friends starts with ourselves.

      This part of your post will be taken by some as a call to abandon Roy Moore. Matthew 10:16 requires us to be wise as serpents. Both candidates are only men. If neither is good, then they must, for each others sake, select the lesser evil.

      To select good and honorable people, we all need to get involved in the nomination process. The general election is too late.

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      1. If I lived in Alabama I would not vote for Moore. As I said, I personally find the accusers credible which would leave me no choice. I think others would do this too but they are not allowing themselves to even conceive the notion that these women could be telling the truth or think objectively about the matter in general.

        Wisdom gives us the knowledge to know how to act but to receive it in the first place one has to remove the pride of needing to be right so God can fill the space with his insight.

        I know you do this already but too many others do not. I certainly struggle with it.

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        1. Tricia

          The vast of the majority of the news media cannot stand Judge Roy Moore. To justify themselves and to sell news, they look for extreme behavior in Moore’s supporters, and that’s what we hear about. It is just not relevant.

          You find the accusers credible, but the circumstances under which they are making their accusations don’t pass the smell test. Truth may sometimes be stranger than fiction, but most of the time we just behave like the fallen souls we are.

          What the news media wants its audience to do, especially women, is to identify with Moore’s accusers. So they present the story as if what happened to these women could have happened to any young woman. Meanwhile, they demonize Moore.

          What is the reality? We don’t know enough to have a well informed opinion. What we do know is about is Moore’s public life, and it is highly likely that these charges would have surfaced long ago if Moore had so little control over his behavior. The man is just too hated by Liberal Democrat activists.

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        2. Well, as much as I dislike this phrase, we are going to have to just agree to disagree on this Citizen Tom. I find the accusers credible and you find them not to be, both of which are just opinions. I know you’ve come to those conclusions with much thought and prayer That’s all I’m asking others to do.

          I also believe we are on a dangerous slope in this country where people automatically think a disagreeable story from a mainstream outlet is not true without reading it or contemplating the outlined issues. Alas, that will have to wait for a future blog post. 😉

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        3. I don’t want the power to force others to change their minds. I am certain I would abuse it. I imagine it would also make life boring, and that I would have no one from which to learn.

          I am skeptical of the news media in general. I have seen too many examples of obviously partisan articles from news organs that pose as objective. Since I live in the Washington D.C. area, The Washington Post is readily available. In fact, when I was working, I could usually get a copy to read at lunch for nothing. Nothing is what that paper is worth. I read it for opposition research, wondering what their latest scheme to misrepresent the truth might be.

          Here is an example. When George Allen ran for the Senate, he made the mistake of applying the term macaca to a Democrat who was trailing his campaign and monitoring his campaign events. Since this guy was not white, the Post assumed the term was racist. That newspaper made that one term and Allen’s presumed racism the central issue of the campaign. They must have published over 100 articles on the subject, many on the front page. As a result, even went to The Daily Beast for an example of usage related to George Allen (

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  3. I think the bottom line here is what you said Tom—politics is a blood sport—plain and simple…nothing nice about a blood sport—there will always be victims as the “victor” will not care who bleeds or who dies….

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  4. Thanks for the mention,Tom. As you already know, I have lots of feelings on the matter. One thing that concerns me, it is hypocrisy that pushed me away from Dems and feminism, and Hillary too. One of Hillary’s first cases was defending a rapist and she didn’t do it by proving his innocence, she did it by slandering the victim. It only got worse from there on out, they really care nothing about women or morality, they care only about power. Bill Clinton is a good example of that. It’s not what he’s done, it’s who he is that mattered. I can give you dozens of examples of blatant hypocrisy and double talk over the years,but I think you already recognize that.

    The problem I have with Moore is that he represents Christians and Christian values.That’s his platform, his identity. It’s one thing to walk away from the Dem party because of hypocrisy,immorality. But when people encounter that same thing in evangelicals,in Moore and his supporters, they won’t be walking away from the Republican party, they’ll be walking away from faith itself. Anytime someone claims Christ’s name, like a pastor for example,and he betrays people, it drives people away from faith and away from the church itself. So when we claim to be representing Christ, it’s a whole new ball game. The rules are different, it’s not about you anymore. You aren’t representing the Republican party, you are now representing Christians. People probably did not leave the church,abandon faith because of what Bill Clinton did, but they sure will if a prominent evangelical acts like a hypocrite. We are people of faith need to be really, really careful about becoming idolatrous with our politics, about making them more important then our values. Our salvation, our power, does not come from putting all the “right” people in office.

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    1. @insanitybytes22

      This the sort of thing that drives me nuts.

      If Moore is elected, will he represent Christianity? No. Moore will just be another senator that people voted for instead of the other guy.

      Keep in mind that rags like The Washington Post don’t want Conservatives to vote. While they are perfectly okay with their own hypocrisy, they want us to sit on our hands. Yet because the alternative is worst, the greater wrong for the citizens in Alabama would be to sit on their hands.

      Perfect is the enemy of good. We cannot wait for perfection. We would starve. So we have to make the best of what we have, and that is what Jesus insists we do. When Jesus Christ went back to heaven, what did He do? Did He not leave imperfect people like us to spread the Gospel?

      Consider again His first apostles. Peter was full of bluster and bravado, not bravery. Paul was a murderer, one of those who approved of Stephen’s execution. Matthew was a tax collector…. We can find a flaw in anyone, some more serious than others.

      Imagine you have an employee. You run a business, and you have hired this guy, and his behavior is obnoxious, but he is skilled, and he does good work. His customer relations stink, but your customers crave what he produces. What do you do? If you cannot find someone perfect, a great craftsman with good customer relation skills, what do you do?

      Roy Moore is on the ballot. The alternative is worst. If the voters in Alabama sit on their hands, they will send someone worse than Roy Moore to the Senate. The whole country will suffer for it. What is the better choice?

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      1. Tom,

        “This the sort of thing that drives me nuts.”

        That’s just one of IB’s pet beliefs that have little basis in reality. She has also said that Trump is acceptable because he isn’t a religious hypocrite.

        As to the claim that Moore will be considered as representative of Christianity, I would suppose that is true. After all, he has been spoken clearly about his faith and its influence on his life and work.

        In comparison, the Democrat candidate for the Senate seat is Doug Jones. I presume he would say he is Christian as he attends a Methodist Church. He has also clearly stated his support for abortion to remain legal. Why is this position not considered hypocritical? The biggest difference to the Moore situation is that Doug Jones is not clearly open about his “Christianity”; It took quite a lengthy search to find his faith connections.

        Which is better? An openly Christian candidate with a few poorly-supported accusations of sexual misconduct more than 35 years ago, or a closet  Christian who supports the killing of thousands of innocent babies today? I choose the former.


        1. @OKRickety

          IB’s blog is excellent. I disagree with her about Roy Moore. If you want me to join you in criticizing her, you are wasting your time.

          Every Christian is an imperfect ambassador for Jesus Christ. James tells us that those of us who choose to teach will be judged more stringently. 1 John tells us how to test the spirits, However, as you suggest, the voters in Alabama don’t have that simple a choice. They cannot just accept or reject Moore as a representative of Christ. Their problem is choosing between two flawed human beings. Which of these people do they want to have that seat in the Senate? Moore may not be perfect, but he is the better choice.


        2. Tom,

          If I understand correctly, “the sort of thing that drives me nuts” is referring to the idea, as presented here by IB, that Moore, if elected, will be representing Christians, not the Republican party, and the hypocrisy will drive people away from Christian faith. I believe you strongly disagree. So, logically, whether you like it or not, you are criticizing IB. I will say no more here on this post.


        3. OKRickety

          I am criticizing a particular notion idea that IB has as incorrect. I am not faulting capacities in any general sense.

          We all make mistakes. A general fault would be to refuse to consider criticism. IB does not do that. Another general fault would be unkind criticism. IB does not do that either.


    2. There is an author, Meredith Maran, who wrote a book on her own experiences with false memory syndrome. In her case, she claimed (and believed absolutely) that her father had sexually molested her in the past. Later, she determined those memories were false.

      “In 2007, I was out for a walk with someone I wasn’t even that close to. She asked me if I’d ever done anything I was ashamed of and had never forgiven myself for. And without hesitation I said, yeah, when I was in my 30s I accused my father of molesting me, and then I realized it wasn’t true. She stopped walking and stood still, just staring at me and she said, “The same exact thing happened to me.” When I came home from that hike I started calling people I had known back then and speaking to some of the therapists I had seen during that period. With the exception of my ex-lover, every other person I talked to who had accused her father in the ’80s and early ’90s now believed she had been wrong. Being a journalist, you realize there’s a story there.”

      Of course, Maran’s testimony rests on her own word. I’ve read of attempts to discredit her and her observations.
      So she might be a very unreliable witness….which kind of makes the point.
      This is why presumption of innocence is important.
      We’re talking about an event that (ostensibly) transpired several decades ago.
      The ostensible victim (I’ve only read one account that I would interpret as sexual molestation, the one by Leigh Corfman, a woman with a very troubled history). I agree her account is pretty troubling, and sounds convincing. But it might sound convincing because she herself believes it to be true. Yet there is no evidence, and we know that over the course of years (particularly this many years) what she believes to be true might be entirely false.

      Web MD on false memory syndrome:

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      1. I’m going to address one of IB’s responses (on the linked thread to her blog) here:

        “Well first of all, it’s really aggravating that there are people trying to turn this into a man/woman thing. Women are not the enemy, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to destroy society.”

        There is no way for this topic not to fall largely along gender lines.
        You’ve noted similar on your site in the “gender divide within evangelism” thread.
        It’s simply this:
        1) Women will more likely identify with the victims. They imagine what it would be like to be put in this position, and a big fear is not being believed.

        2) Men will more identify with the accused. They image what it would be like to be in a position where a person can claim they have committed a crime they didn’t commit. Their reputation would be forever damaged, which would have a huge impact on the rest of their life and their families.

        Would you rather be the victim of a crime, or falsely accused of one?
        That’s a hard one.
        Either is a very, very bad spot to be in.

        “Second of all, innocent until proven guilty is really not the bedrock of the Christian faith. It’s a Constitutional ideal designed to protect us in a court of law.”

        In the Bible it is a grave sin and injustice to bear false witness.
        The burden of proof is high and false witness a crime. So much so the penalty for giving false testimony is to “do to the false witness as that witness intended to do to the other party. You must purge the evil from among you. The rest of the people will hear of this and be afraid, and never again will such an evil thing be done among you.”

        “And lastly, the statue of limitations have long since passed, Judge Moore is not on trial,we are not attempting to deprive him of his freedom.”

        You say this as though you believe these claims are not causing harm to him.
        That is absurd.
        He is being harmed, right now, by testimony that is many decades old and has not and cannot be proven, and under the circumstances seem highly politically motivated.
        There is more to losing freedom than just being put in a cage.
        Why do think there are statute of limitations laws to being with?
        [rhetorical question1]
        Furthermore, why do you think there are laws against libel and slander?

        “We do not have the protected right to become a US Senator. Sometimes I think we forget that. Due process,your right to a trial, innocent until proven, are ideals designed to protect people’s loss of liberty, not their loss of reputation,not their right to be elected to public office.”

        Laws against libel and slander are the ones designed to protect the loss of reputation. Unfortunately for Moore, just as a public figure is entitled to less privacy, the burden of proof in defamation actions is also far higher. Women are free to make decades old claims against him with impunity, as the statute of limitations has passed there will be no investigation either way.

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  5. If you lived in Illinois, you would be used to having to vote for one of two candidates and the only choice is, which of two evils…….will I choose will cause less dsmage….

    Regards and good will blogging

    Regards and goo

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  6. I no longer live in Alabama but my law license is from there so I have some familiarity with Moore. If I still voted in Alabama, I would be against Moore because he has demonstrated no respect for the Rule of Law. Remember that it was Republicans who removed Moore from the Supreme Court, twice, because he violated the Constitution.

    As for whether or not Moore is a sexual predator, I would like to second the thoughts of a couple of comments here. Christianity is not a tribe. It is a way of looking at our life and death that goes beyond race, nationality, political ideology and partisanship.

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    1. @tsalmon

      When Judge Roy Moore defended the posting of The Ten Commandments, as a judge, I did not expect him to succeed. The fact that Republicans removed him did not surprise me. Establishment Republicans don’t generally move the ball towards Big Government and Secularism, but the last time they attempted to move it back was after WW II.

      Did Judge Roy Moore demonstrate a lack of the respect for the Rule of Law, by supporting The Ten Commandments?

      The courts have arbitrarily decided against long tradition that displays of The Ten Commandment don’t belong on public property. Moore’s actions constituted a form of civil disobedience. He knew what he was doing, and he paid the price. He carried out his oath as he thought appropriate, and there are obviously lots of other judges who are just making it up as they go along and calling that the Rule of Law.

      Who besides you has argued that anyone thinks Christianity is a tribe. Yet I suppose its inevitable. Democrats are so into identity politics that they cannot help but discriminate based upon something.

      I understand you disagree with Moore. Hurts your feelings I suppose. So that must make him an evil hypocrite. So what happens? Democrats swoon with excitement when someone out the blue just before Moore is about win a Senate seat. They have “proof positive” that Moore is a sexual predator.

      When, coincidentally half of the Democrat males in Hollywood, the news media, and Congress are being accused of sexual harassment, the charges against Moore also make for a great distraction. #METOO


  7. Funny. Your argument against tribalism is to misidentify me with several tribes that you seem to hate and then bash those enemy tribes?

    Christianity has no far Left and it has no far Right. Christianity is not Democratic and it is not Republican. We are one communion in the Body of Christ. We all share human frailties and are deserving being afforded human dignity and love.

    Whether he is guilty or innocent of being a sexual predator, Moore is deserving of our love and sympathy, and so are his accusers. I don’t vote in Alabama so I don’t even have to make a judgement, but if I did, it would be based on that principle and not Party affiliation.

    As for the Constitutionality on the Ten Commandments issue, it is not even close call as s clear violation of the Establishments Clause if you have read the Constitution and the case law. I see nothing particularly Christian about having the government force any religion, even Christianity, upon its citizens, do you? As you well know, a Christianity is not Christianity unless it is voluntary. Are we arguing this because you see Moore as part of your tribe or because we really disagree?

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    1. @tsalmon

      When you start complaining about Christian tribalism (whatever that is), you don’t even bother to specify what that means. As far as I tell, Christian tribalism consists of pointing out some politicians don’t practice anything approaching Christian ethics.

      The Bible does in fact have a great deal to say about government and ethics.Therefore, how a Christian votes should have something to do with his or her Christian beliefs.

      Think of it this way. This world is divided into two tribes.

      Matthew 12:25-30 New King James Version (NKJV)

      25 But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand? 27 And if I cast out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your sons cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges. 28 But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you. 29 Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house. 30 He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.

      What Christianity teaches is that we belong to our Creator. He wants us to love each other, not to rule over each other. When we vote for people because they promise to make other people do what we want them to do just because we think they ought to do it, that is not Christian. Generally, Democrats are by far greater busybodies than Republicans, and that includes the opponent of the Republican candidate in this case, Roy Moore.

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  8. All Earthly governments are always going to be corrupted and filled with all manner of filth — But the day is coming when all this will be swept away and the Glorious Light of God shall descend from Heaven with a shout — and none of this present evil shall ever hold sway over us again …. This is transitory ….I have read the back of “The Book” and I can assure you that “Good” wins in the end.

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  9. The real danger here, is that all anyone will ever have to do to bring down any politician is simply make some accusations. No proof needed. No substance. Just pop out of the woodwork at the most opportune time and bam, election averted.

    This tactic is going to be used everywhere we look. In the long run, people will stop listening to women that need to be heard.

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  10. Republican Senators have said that if Judge Roy Moore is elected they must all get together to decide about an investigation into his past. I SAY THIS: Release the list of those politicians who have used our tax dollars to pay off sexual harassment lawsuits before they start eating their own! WE DEMAND ANSWERS no matter our political affiliation.

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