The Truth About Weinstein, Spacey, Moore, and High Profile Accusations of Sexual Abuse

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When I read this post, I had several thoughts.
1. The person who wrote the post is thoughtful and caring.
2. The post offers generally good advice.
3. The post is one-sided.

Objectivity is not something we come by easily. For mutual protection we form into mobs. Ever watched a school of fish? Even though they dart about, they still manage to swim in formation. Why do they do that? Apparently, it confuses their predators. Whereas a predator might be able to focus on, pursue, and wear out a lone fish, when it attacks a school it is the one that is worn down.

How do predators counter the defensive strategy of schooling? They form “schools” of their own. Dolphins, for example, hunt in pods ( Working together, they confuse their prey and dine well.

Imagine being accused of a crime. Imagine being pursue by a mob of reporters. Imagine the anxiety of being unable to prove your innocence. Without any supporters, how would you survive? If you are innocent, what is the chance you would receive justice? What is the chance your reputation would be destroyed?

When someone assaults another person for sexual purposes, that is just like any other assault. It is a crime. The thing that make a sexual assault different is the motive. Is the victim more personally violated, more emotionally damaged? Seems to be the case. When the charge is rape, for some reason that does seem to make most people a bit more angry at the perpetrator than if he or she had badly beaten someone. If the victim is a minor, we are further outraged.

Still, anyone accused of a crime deserves the due process of the law. Before passing judgment, we must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because people lie, we cannot just assume they are telling the truth.

When accusers come out of the woodwork 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 years after the fact, that is not heroic. When accusers pile onto someone, there is nothing heroic about that. How do we know if the accusers are telling the truth or just want attention? Until we carefully investigate their stories, we just know there is mob of people pursuing some guy. We don’t even know who is the prey and who is the predator.


WARNING:  If you are a victim of sexual abuse, this post could be very painful for you.  Take caution before you read it and seek help if it stirs up old wounds.

Can you imagine the damage?  A child.  A teenager.  A female in a workplace.  Confused.  Powerless.  Manipulated.  Perhaps there’s a fight.  Perhaps they are too afraid to fight.  They are touched and made to touch.  They are directed.  They are lured through affirmation.  They are shamed and threatened.

What are the emotional scars left by sexual violation?  Feelings of being tainted or stained.  Viewing sex as trauma.  Viewing sex as useful to get what you want.  Viewing sex as a means to gain affirmation.  Gender confusion.  The decimation of the ability to trust or receive love without strings.  Wondering where God is, if He cares, and if He, too, is an abusive authority figure.  Can Jesus still love…

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17 thoughts on “The Truth About Weinstein, Spacey, Moore, and High Profile Accusations of Sexual Abuse

  1. I like the idea very much that in America a person is supposed to be presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. These allegations come at such a convenient time …. just before an election ….. It makes me view such tactics as the new “Weapon of choice” for political opponents to level at one another …. The whole thing is based on hearsay and circumstance … there has been no hard evidence presented … only the word of one person against another …. a “He said;She said” kind of scenario … but the gullible seems to have taken guilt for granted in some of these cases …. and taking guilt for granted is just not right or proper in my opinion. Thanks for this revealing and sensitive post that I feel adequately addressed the issues.

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  2. Seems to me there is no such thing as “innocent until proven guilty” anymore. My intention is not to make light of sexual assault. I think we can all agree it’s vile and wrong. But just a thought: if we were all judged by what we did 40 years ago, none of us would be fit to hold public office, be teachers or professors, CEOs, or even be parents. Public opinion is out of control. Media outlets, especially social media, has made a mockery of “justice.” If there is evidence, then it should be decided in a court of law, not on Twitter or the daily news. Just my two cents.

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    1. I suspect the statute of limitations expired long ago on what Judge Roy Moore is supposed to have done. Really, people need to put up or shut up. No legal charges. Last minute in the campaign? And you want to be taken seriously? Weep all you want, but that is absurd.

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  3. Another example of an ancient problem still taking place in our modern world in my opinion.

    The Bible records penalties for men violating women. Penalties range from laws that a man must marry a girl if he violates her, fines, and even family revenge, beatings or to kill anyone who violates a wife, or daughter..
    Nothing new under the sun.

    What is the answer, wisdom needs to be taught and emphasized in youth that everything you do has consequences in time. Especially if you have deep pockets, or become famous in later times in life.

    I taught my girls to ‘kick em where it matters.’

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  4. Well, Tom.. I don’t share your affinity for conspiracies but I was discussing with someone in the real world about the inevitable revelation that someone making the accusation will in fact be proven wrong and contrived, either by political payoff, a personal vendetta, or some other contrived reason. I speculated that the first high profile case of a false accusation becoming public will completely zero out the effect of all the true revelations and the female attention as victims of sexual abuse done thus far.

    Regarding your overall concern of public figures being judged without their day in court, I am guessing you are referring to the accusations made toward Trump and Roy Moore. As far as I am aware, the other high profile figures are accepting and apologizing.. or in the case of Weinstien there’s enough evidence that he’s actually being charged with something. Trump and Moore are the only ones flat out denying.
    Given that… I suppose in some Hollywood movie scenario one might conjure up multitudes of women and pay them all off in some grand conspiracy to besmirch Trump and Moore. In real life it’s a bit difficult to ignore accusers who provide their identities, have reasonably compelling stories all similar in some form, and representing various points in time. It would be very easy to determine by the press if an identitiy were false, if the person making the accusation were of dubious background, or if the accuser had mentioned their story to others over the years. That has not been the case with Trump’s or Moore’s accusers. Both have stated they were going to sue their accusers be neither has done a thing toward that end.
    As I just replied to Tricia’s blog, Billy Bush gets fired because he laughed at Trump’s description of his using his power and influence to get away with abusing women… and Billy didn’t defend women. Trump, the guy who actually said he did all the abuse, ends up President of the United States… even when umpteen women make accusations against him. That’s messed up, my friend.


    1. @Doug (FPS/

      A school of fish swimming together is now a conspiracy? That’s about as silly as suggesting football fans conspire to cheer on their team.

      Look at yourself. You took this post and made it about President Trump. Did you conspire? Did anyone accuse you of conspiring with anyone else?

      When this post is about is an old bit of wisdom. We regard someone as innocent until proven guilty.

      When a high profile person becomes the subject of accusations, it does not make any difference which political party they belong to or what their occupation might be. We still owe them the same consideration we would give to anyone else, the benefit of the doubt. That, you don’t seem willing to give to President Trump. Since you are obviously plagued with bias, instead of being so ready to condemn, you should compensate by being even more careful to examine the evidence.

      Are you part of an organized conspiracy?

      I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat. — Will Rogers

      Based upon the wisdom of such a renowned authority, I guess not.

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      1. Sometimes in the world of public opinion… “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

        All these accusations regarding Trump seem to me are nothing illegal or criminal requiring some day in court to determine guilt or innocence. At best, if the accusers had kept aware of any statue of limitations, they could have done a civil suit for some level of assault. Now the most anyone can get is some case of libel or slander and that’s a tough nut to crack. So the issue becomes one of morality and personal behavior. Obviously if 13 women from all walks of life accuse you of some level of sexual (or other) abuse, you have to ask the question, “If they are all lying, then why?” and so far there’s apparently no glaring connection between all these women other than being Trump victims.

        Franken is a totally different story. I have absolutely no knowledge if there are women lurking in his past who can turn him into a lecherous behavioral problem. But so far it looks as if Franken did indeed, especially with that photo (where it looks as if he is not actually touching her), made a bad decision and was simply screwing around too much. In other words, given no one else has come forward to suggest Franken has a behavioral problem toward women in general, and given he’s had some of his female associates and staff come forth to essentially suggest “He’s not really a guy like that.”.. and the fact that Franken has made his life in comedy… I can easily go along with the idea that he made a dumb decision to embarrass her with that photo in a moment of clowning around.. and the kissing assault was interpreted by her as such.. and that’s all that matters and I think Franken’s apology to her was spot on.. as was her gracious acceptance. Does this mean he needs to leave office? Of course not… unless it could be determined this is an overall behavioral problem with women, which thus far it isn’t. Something an ethics investigation will likely reveal if it exists. Hence his own calling for such an investigation on himself.

        Moore.. well, by my count he’s got 7 women accusers, one having his signature in a high school year book. that pattern of behavior, hitting on teens, and underage teens, and using his power and influence to coerce them, seems apparent to the point that some criminal case might have a day in court. I don’t fault the guy for having had a sexual interest in teenage girls back when he was young and could still get an erection. I fault him for 1. Hitting on and flat out sexually assaulting underaged teens, 2. using his power and influence into coercing them for sex, regardless of their ages. 3. sexually assaulting any woman. The problem Bible thumpers have is that people are constantly watching for them to slip up legally or morally. It’s the same for people who brag about having a high IQ. Establishing yourself as some social (or religious) elite just begs to be scrutinized. That’s on him.


        1. @Doug (FPS/

          If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

          Makes sense.

          Partisan news organization brings forward serious accusations that are years old after the primaries and just before the general election. If it smells like muck, looks like muck, and floats like muck, then it is probably something a muckraker scooped up to slander and libel an enemy. Give they allowed so little time to investigate the accusers, those digging through the muck must suspect the truthfulness of the accusers .

          Since Trump is now president……

          Franken confessed to the picture (like he had a choice). Now the ethics committee will look into the matter. So he will probably skate just like Menendez seems to be doing. It is good to be a Democrat.

          Moore. That’s more or less repeat of what happened to Trump. The Washington Post raked up the accusations. Since the paper pretends to be objective, we are supposed to take it seriously. Partisan politics is what it is. So we get this nonsense, but The Washington Post‘s character is more despicable than Judge Roy Moore’s.

          The folks in Alabama have a choice. They have know Moore for years. They know what he will do. They also know what Democrats do. Which is the lesser of the two evils? Personally, I don’t think it is even a close call.


    2. “I speculated that the first high profile case of a false accusation becoming public will completely zero out the effect of all the true revelations and the female attention as victims of sexual abuse done thus far.”

      This kind of implies such an event has never occurred, but it has.
      Remember Tawana Brawley? The Duke Lacrosse case? The fabricated Rolling Stone piece written by Sabrina Erdely?

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      1. What’s most interesting to me is the level of credibility given to claims of events that ostensibly happened decades after the fact. It’s a strange thing to me. Not only does it violate the spirit of presumption of innocence, but with all the information we now have on the nature of memories (and false memory syndrome) we give such claims an astounding amount of credibility. It isn’t just that people lie about crimes (and they do, it happens frequently), they also remember things differently. And their memories depend very much on their emotions and frame of mind.
        Just an obvious example: Ask anyone about their ex, and most will paint a very different picture than they did when they were in love.

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        1. Example (we’ll keep it gender free and non-sexual):

          Person in love: “My sweety ate all the peanut butter out of the ice cream. So cute!”
          Person in hate: “Fat (expletive) liked to eat all the peanut butter out of the ice cream.”

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      2. Well, you got me there, but those cases are not recent news and part of the current “era” in which all these accusations are occurring. Remember that public opinion is generally a reaction to the here and now of events and not about the past. I am speculating that if/when a case of an overt false accusation is revealed it will take some of the steam away from the current awareness and interest of abuse.. a kind of suggestion of “See? Women can be corrupt as well.”


          1. “Bill Clinton” was settled according to the time period in which it all became an issue. Doesn’t mean it was settled correctly or incorrectly, or even to the satisfaction of everyone. The issue went as far as it was destined to go at that time. Now.. if bringing it all up again is simply a matter of social comparison or to explore a history of the times, that’s one thing. But to presume to bring it up because someone didn’t like the “settlement” the first time around and current events might bring some “but your guy is guilty too” typical Trumpian sidestepping conservative “blame it on the Obamas or the Clintons” deflection, is just politics as usual.


          2. I suppose that makes “perfect sense”. It is okay for enemies of Donald Trump to bring up Bill Clinton and rationalize letting him skate, but friends of the Donald are not entitled to an opinion. After all, it is not the friends of The Donald who have to rationalize their behavior.


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