Justice requires that we be impartial, that we don’t favor some people over others, that we are fair to all. Unfortunately, we rarely see such justice. We often don’t seem capable of being just to each other.

Is Judge Roy Moore guilty of sexually harassing girls or just the victim of a rabidly partisan press? Well, for all I know Moore has done something he should not have done, but it is horribly difficult to prove or disprove forty-year old charges, something the accusers well know. Therefore, proving guilt is not the purpose. The point must be simply to raise suspicions, to undermine confidence in the man.

Are we not easily made suspicious of politicians — made to  believe one is dirty — especially when an unrelentingly partisan press keeps throwing mud at a man?

Consider how the news media has reacted to the CHARGES against Senator Bob Menendez, a Democrat. Our government has put Menendez on trial. The jury is deadlocked (Jury says it’s deadlocked in Sen. Bob Menendez corruption trial). Nevertheless, in spite of the juiciness of the story, the news media has barely covered it. Google returns less than 90,000 news hits (Senator Bob Menendez). On the other hand, Google returns over 800,000 hits for judge roy moore.  So even though Menendez is accused of having sex with underaged prostitutes, at least one of his colleagues is perfectly happy to defend him (Lindsey Graham Calls for Roy Moore to Step Aside but Defends Bob Menendez).

Hilariously, with respect to Judge Roy Moore, we even have stories like this one, Hannity Calls for End of Keurig ‘Smashing’: They Were ‘Preyed Upon’ By Left-Wing ‘Media Matters’. People know about Moore, but mum is the word on Senator Bob Menendez.

Brietbart has a report on the bias, Study: Networks Loud on Roy Moore Allegations, Quiet on Bob Menendez Trial. Make certain you click on the link to Newsbusters.

What do I suggest to my fellow Americans in Alabama? Give Roy Moore a fair hearing. The Establishment does not want the man to serve. If you cannot find any good, solid, reason to believe Moore harmed his accusers, then give him the benefit of the doubt. Judge him instead based upon something more substantial, his very public record of service to your state.

ADDED NOTE: Google surprises me sometimes. When I searched for Senator Bob Menendez on Google without narrowing the search to new, I got plenty of hits. However, when I then clicked on news, I only got four hits. That link is what I pasted into this post. However, clicking on the link in the post returned almost 90,000 hits. I found a similarly odd anomaly when I searched on judge roy moore. Instead of the over 850,000 hits I had gotten when I narrowed the search to news, I got only 830,000. What is going on? Don’t know, but I suspect it is always a good idea to double check what we get from Google with another search engine.

What does produce on a news search?

What about



17 thoughts on “THIS IS IMPARTIAL REPORTING? With a note added

  1. How would you vote if you lived in Alabama based on the allegations?
    Bad enough if a potential Senator has a shady past on sexual encounters. Everyone has a closet they prefer to forget. Many Christians choose to be born again and live again with Christ in later life.

    However, a child predator is viewed with the highest contempt in most cultures.

    If he is being falsely accused, he should sue in my opinion..

    If he is truly born again, and guilty he should confess rather than be a hypocrite.

    Sadly, an old saying may, or may not, apply to potential voters..

    “Where there is smoke there is fire.”

    If he is a hypocrite, his worse fears have now been realized. If interested,

    As for the comparison to Bob Menendez, “nothing new under the sun” and just another example of the daily everyday frequent occurances of politician’s hypocrisy, so we have become sensitized on that issue..

    The question now is, who would you vote for on Dec. 12, if you were an Alabama voter?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. If you have a reason suspect bias, always try more than one search engine.

      In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. Winston Churchill

      Our nation is in a spiritual war. The other side doesn’t want us to know the truth. They want us to believe their propaganda.

      Who is the other side? Anyone with power and a self interested agenda.

  2. Well, this is a tough one in deed. I have heard (via talk radio and Fox) more than I care too on this. I tend to believe character AND good policy matter and that they are mutually exclusive but I could be wrong on that.

    I follow your insight on “If you cannot find any good, solid, reason to believe Moore harmed his accusers, then give him the benefit of the doubt.”

    What is you suggestion for those who believe there is credible evidence to believe the accusers?

    Be blessed.

    1. If I were an Alabama voter, I would consider the fact that politics is blood sport. We don’t want people on our side we don’t trust, but the other side has already given us ample cause to distrust them.

      The Washington Post is a partisan Democrat newspaper. Gloria Allred has a tendency to turn up whenever the supposed perpetrator is a Republican. As I understand it, only two of the female accusers have charged Moore with actually doing anything. So four of the six appear to be there just to inflate the numbers.

      The fact the Republican Establishment is not backing Moore is not relevant. He is not one of them. It almost predicable that a RINO will stab a Conservative in the back.

      If I were an Alabama voter, I would be looking for reports from sources I have more reason to trust.

  3. A little bit of apples and oranges here, Tom. Menendez is a sitting senator and his alleged crime is corruption. Moore is running for office… and his accusers are claiming sexual abuse. Makes rather obvious sense that the public is more interested in sex issues than boring corruption issues… hence the media covers it. I suppose you can blame the “liberal” media.. as somehow all being in cahoots to shun republicans everywhere.
    All through our history as a country the public just loves sexual controversy.. especially when it becomes legitimate news and thus there’s some public “permission” to get sexually graphic and hopefully make the Christian right get squeemish and hide the TV from their children for fear they would hear nasty sex talk. Just in our lifetimes alone.. the Clarence Thomas hearings.. where “she” brought up “Long Dong Silver” porn and pubic hairs on Coke cans in a senate committee session. Or Clinton and oral sex in the Oval Office. That’s how sexually repressive our society is.. we love it front and center when it happens. You don’t have to like it.. but it exists. And in spite of it (and all the negatives surrounding public education) we still have the greatest country in the world.

    1. “Just in our lifetimes alone.. the Clarence Thomas hearings.. where “she” brought up “Long Dong Silver” porn and pubic hairs on Coke cans in a senate committee session. Or Clinton and oral sex in the Oval Office. That’s how sexually repressive our society is..”

      The above is parody. Long Dong silver and pubic hair in a senate committee session, the president gets fellatio from an intern, and the response is:
      “See how sexually repressive our culture is!!!”
      I remember the Lewinsky scandal well. Because it always seemed to come up whenever there was another Clinton catastrophe.
      Question: “Hey, Congress just voted no to the war in Bosnia but you’re keeping troops there. That violates the Constitution, doesn’t it?!”
      Answer from Clinton: “Stop talking about sex, you Puritans! Stick to the issues…”

    2. You are right.

      Menendez is a sitting senator. Everyone already knows he is corrupt. If he has been in office any length of time he must be.

      Underage prostitutes? Outside the country? That’s okay, I guess. He isn’t violating our laws.

      Bribery charges on top of the alleged sexual bad conduct? But bribery is not sexy. So who cares?

      Democrat? Man bites dog is news, but a dog biting a man? A corrupt Democrat? Who cares?

  4. All it takes is one person to accuse another. With that information, the press can go one way or another. When it comes to politics it seems to me that the Dems are waging all out war on Republicans in order to take attention off of our president and his accomplishments. But then we have the Rhinos, who seem hell-bent on destroying their own party. I believe those who throw theses accusations around should look at their own lives and see the beam which therein lies. Every person in the house and senate has a secret they don’t want us to know. We are all sinners.

  5. Excellent insight Tom.
    To be tired in the court of all things internet is a cruel and often damning death….guilty or not.
    And what gets me about so much of all of this is the fact that so much of these new revelations and accusations are decades old. Doesn’t make them less “bad” but the fact that life went on, people served and did what they then do…then poof, one day out of the blue, it all comes back…
    sticky wickets to be sure!

    One thing I thought about last night while doing the dishes, as the news was on and the clamoring was being broadcast about Moore,—I thought about tenacious Alabamians and that just to spite this sudden onslaught that has come upon them, their state and their “leaders” —that they would probably reelect him despite the cries against by the “outside” world….a we’ll show them sort of thinking.
    A sort of “don’t mess with Texas” mentality…. only in Alabama—as in we may think this guy a crumb, etc, but when the outsiders start in on our state, by gosh, we’ll show them—it’s that I know my family is screwed up but if an outsider points it out or protests, the family draws ranks and sticks together….dysfunction and all.

    So Alabama might just vote him back just to prove a point—and then that got me thinking that the news folks had also already thought of that as they brought up the notion of the legislative body having him removed—never mind that the voters voted—-
    So perhaps we see that our votes really don’t matter after all because if the powers that be don’t like the outcome, they will do their damnedest to undo it.

    So yes, we vote in bad people who have done bad things because the good people who do good things know to stay the hell away from politics 🙂

    But in all of this—I am disappointed in both sides of the aisle—democrats are like sharks who simply smell blood in the water and come running, Republicans are like a flock of sheep…they can’t think for themselves very well and if something spooks one of the herd, they all go running not really understanding why they’re running….

    The system is broken, we’re stuck and the progressive world is rubbing its hands together….

    1. @Julie (aka Cookie)

      Coming after someone 40 years later is bit strange. Even if we assume Moore is guilty as accused, what was he supposed to do if he reformed? Frankly, I don’t know. Apologize? Maybe, but that is easier said than done. Yet to have charges like this just waiting to be revealed…. I guess there are many in Hollywood who have some idea what they should have done.

      Anyway, I hope Alabama gives the man a fair judgement, both for their own sakes and his.

  6. It’s truly infuriating, the double standard, and another case of “due to the seriousness of the accusation” Graham, McCain, McConnell are so afraid of a principled man in their midst

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