Rush Has an Unnerving Theory of Why Donna Brazile Wrote ‘Hacks’

Can you imagine President Michelle Obama?

Our ancestors lived in a world they did not understand. So they invented gods and goddesses to explain it. We too live a world we do not understand. Even our own technologies surpass the capacities of most of us to grasp. Not one of us — not one — could make a simple pencil on his own. An automobile or a computer takes the capacities of a nation. And the supposed glories of those same technologies — instead of serving us — drive us to ask for and demand more and more stuff.

So it is we constantly seek escape from the pressures of our own greed and status conscious pride (I have more fancy stuff than you!). Often, I think we fantasize, confusing fantasies fed to us by the mass media with the truth. If only that person led us, all would be well.

Instead, of turning to God, we turn to the state, to conniving charlatans who make grand, impossible promises, to people who are almost certainly no better or capable, to people who are probably less wise than a still innocent child. But the charlatans we choose do know how to put on a good show, and that is what matters in a fantasy world.

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Am I the only one wondering why Donna Brazile who has stood by the Clintons for three decades has turned so viciously on Hillary Clinton while taking one heck of a beatdown from the Communist media complex?

Of course, the only place for Brazile to go will be further, further, FURTHER to the left; and who do you suppose would be waiting there to pick up the pieces after Crooked is destroyed and President Donald J. Trump thoroughly discredited in the eyes of useful idiots from Clinton’s purchase of a second Russian dossier although fake?

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Hard to imagine?  Not really.  Barack Obama is big on iterative reiteration, i.e., “if you say it enough, they will begin to believe it.” We’re seeing that now in Blue states where useful idiots will vote based on identity politics rather than a candidate’s platform.


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7 thoughts on “Rush Has an Unnerving Theory of Why Donna Brazile Wrote ‘Hacks’

  1. I still say that we never would have heard of the Obama’s had Oprah Winfrey not pushed for him and paraded them around on her show in front of the millions of women that buy what she says hook, line, and sinker. Someone needs to see where her money is still going too.

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    1. I doubt that Oprah is corrupt that way with her money. Oprah was probably seriously enamored of Obama. He says what many people wanted to hear. That is the problem. People believe in the things Obama preached.

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  2. Oh dear Lord—just when I thought it was all so bad enough–thoughts of Michelle Obama running for president has just ruined my peaceful morning!!!!! Please say that this is a dream, nightmare, and I will wake up soon!!!!!

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    1. Well, a nightmare is a type of fantasy, but this is a nightmare we don’t wake up from.

      We can pray the Democrats find someone better to run. Who that might be I have no idea. It would probably be a good idea to pray that our Lord to inspire the best candidates to run and help us to choose to help those candidates.

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  3. I agree there’s some sort of subterfuge going on.
    I too am curious about this turn of events.
    But I don’t think it has anything to do with “president Michelle” though.
    I think this theory of Rush’s, candidly, is more than a little absurd.
    Passes neither the reasonability test nor the qui bono test.

    I’m kind of watching with morbid fascination as all of Trump’s enemies eat themselves…
    from Hollywood to the DNC (even the NFL).

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    1. Shrug! I don’t know if Rush is right about the role of Donna Brazile, but I think odds that Michelle Obama will run are fairly good.

      Would she have to do what H. Clinton did, get a Senate seat first? I think that is Michelle Obama’s problem. When she runs, some will not vote for her unless she can point to a record of accomplishment. Yet that did not stop her husband, and he too was a fantasy candidate.


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