Caption: The committee chosen to draft a declaration of independence for the 13 North American British colonies is shown at work in this 19th century engraving. The five members are, from left, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Philip Livingston and Roger Sherman. On July 1, 1776, the committee submitted their draft to the Continental Congress, which voted on July 2 for final separation, and approved and formally adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4. (© AP Images) (from here)

Since I am a member of the Republican Party, I get lots of email from politicians. Since tomorrow, November 7, 2017, is the day we vote in Virginia’s General Election, I am getting lots of email telling me the importance of the election and to vote Republican, of course.

Generally, I am not big on encouraging people to vote. If someone needs to be encouraged, they probably don’t know enough to vote intelligently. So I would just as soon they stay apathetic in their home, not at the polls. Unfortunately, most politicians are not satisfied with that, and the worst of them will encourage the apathetic by buying their votes. That results in a huge waste of money, and it also results in a loss of our rights.

Think of all the things politicians promise:

  • Free education.
  • Jobs for everyone.
  • Retirement.
  • Free health care.
  • Teaching people to like us. That includes the LGBTQ communities, minorities based upon race, sex, creed, the disabled, the aged, the young and so forth.
  • Affirmative action to make up for the innumerable sins of the past.
  • And so on.

Most of these things we use to sort out on our own, understanding that stupid decisions come back to haunt us or our children and grandchildren. The government is just suppose to protect our rights. Even in the name of charity, we cannot trust politicians to give us property and decisions that rightfully belong to someone else. That is because what those politicians are promising to do stealing, not charity. Yet if we don’t have the wisdom to know better, it is easy to be swayed by the glittering visions that some politicians offer us.

Therefore, if you don’t know what the candidates stand for, or if you understand the difference between a government that gives you your rights and a government that protects your rights, please stay home and start studying up for the next election. Yes, voting is important, but it is also important to know what you are doing.

Think of it this way. Would you give a someone the keys to your car if he or she did not know how to drive? Well, we have lots of voters who don’t know the first thing about their civic responsibilities. We are foolish enough to put politicians in charge of our schools, and that has not worked out well, not at all.

Still, some of us must vote. Do you understand the difference between understand the difference between a government that gives you your rights and a government that protects your rights? Have you taken time to compare and contrast the candidates? Then by all means please vote. That is the only way we can undo the damage done by the foolish people who have sold their votes (and part of their souls) to crooked politicians. That is the only way we can elect the men and women who will do the least damage and perhaps even some good.


  1. Well, this cheered me up this morning.
    Thought you might appreciate it too, Tom:

    Attributed to Dr. Mike Simpson, Ranger & Green Beret
    (Facebook post)

    I am going to speak for all veterans for just a moment.

    1) We didn’t enlist because we were poor, stupid, or lacked opportunities. You like to think that because it makes you feel superior, but that’s not the case. We enlisted because we have a love of country and a willingness to sacrifice.

    2) We are overwhelmingly Republican, so stop trying to turn us into talking points or props for your agenda, which we do not agree with.

    3) To expound on number 2 above, the closer you get to the tip of the spear, the more right-leaning we become. So, that former supply sergeant who you turn to as a “Liberal veteran” is not a good representative of our ranks. Basically, everyone who is continually putting themselves in harm’s way is the polar opposite of you when it comes to core beliefs. Show me a card carrying liberal democrat in special operations, and I’ll show you what is either a case of stolen valor, or the guy everyone else hates, and we’ve probably thrown his shit out into the hallway.

    4) We all knew what we were getting into. (Remember when I said that we weren’t stupid?). So don’t put our pictures on the news and pretend we were counting the days until we could take our college money and leave, and that we had no idea that the military exists to fight wars. We aren’t victims, not even of politicians. Oh, and on the subject of that, your democrat politicians tend to kill way more of us for dumber reasons than do Republicans.

    5) We did what we did so that you can be free to naively judge us, complain about the manner in which we kept you safe, be a wussy playing a kid’s game for $500,000 a year and give us the finger, glorify traitors like Manning who gave away footage of how we operate to our enemies so they can better kills us, and just all around live your worthless sponge lives where you continually ask for the government, and for us, to do more for you, while at the same time, making it palatable so you don’t feel guilty for being a self-obsessed turd living off of the labors of others. In other words: You’re welcome.”

    De Oppresso Liber,
    Mike Simpson

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    1. Can’t say I am happy about the results, but it is in God’s Hands. When we consider Romans 8:28, we have to admit we have no idea how to fathom the mind of God. What is He doing? Only He knows for certain. As Christians we only know a small part of His plans. How do the results of this little election fit in? We shall see.

      All we can do is have faith in Him and do our best to be obedient to His Will.

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    2. I saw the election numbers and can see why you say, a sad day in Va.

      If it makes you feel any better, the Dems in Illinois ‘lead’ in State Debt over Va.

      Which state will claim bankruptcy sooner is the only question now, in my opinion.

      If interested, you can check on the ‘race results’ in these two links.

      Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. Boy, by the list of Democrat promises, you guys in Va. should change your State name to Utopia.

    If they win. I may move from the greatest Democratic State of Illinos to Utopia.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

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