A red pill and a blue pill (from here)

Any thoughtful person, anyone willing to carefully examine their motives and assumptions, will eventually realize the power of make-believe is startling. We can get so involved in our fantasies we really do start living them. Consider.

  • A child with an imaginary friend.
  • The sports fans who talk as if they think they are on the team.
  • The elderly ladies who talk about their soap operas as if the people in them were real.
  • The conspiracy theorist who believes in wild conspiracies.
  • That nice person who would never hurt anyone’s feelings by telling them the truth.
  • The people who voted for Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler and turned their eyes away when the Nazis exterminated millions.

Are we very much different? Consider all the oxy-morons we use these days.

  • Same-sex marriage: If the sex of the two people in a marriage is not important, then why do we need to describe a “marriage” as “same-sex”?
  • Transgender woman: If the birth sex of a person is not important, then why do would we describe a woman as transgender? How many males would seriously consider marrying a transgender woman?
  • Gay: Just how many homosexual men are truly happy about the fact they find themselves attracted to other men.
  • Casual Sex or Recreational Sex: When we have sex with another person, we risk the conception of a baby, forming a deep-seated emotional bond, and sharing nasty germs and viruses. Yet some people are silly enough to think a sexual relationship can be casual or just for fun.
  • Amicable Divorce: See the last oxy-moron, casual sex.
  • Safe Sex: This is an expression used by people who are ignorant enough to think that there are reliable technical fixes for the problems that inevitably arise from fornication.
  • Consensual Rape: Some people use this expression to describe what they apparently think is a form of lovemaking.
  • Free Love:  If we have not given something vitally important to us — at least a profound emotional commitment — to the person we say we are in love with, then why would we think we are in love?
  • Open Marriage: Some people think this is a serious idea, but doesn’t an “open” marriage defeat the whole point of marrying?
  • Wicked Good or Wickedly Good: This is the belief that sin can be pleasurable. Apparently, this belief arises in us when we refuse to consider the consequences. Would it be accurate to say this expression is frequently associated with the prospect of “wickedly good” sex?
  • Unwanted Baby: An oxy-moronic expression? Think about it. Why would “unwanted baby” be an oxy-moron?

How did we get to the point we are using such absurd oxy-moronic expressions? Well, here is an article that seems on point.

What our sex-saturated culture has wrought by Rita Dunaway

There’s no question that sexual assault is an epidemic in the U.S. There’s no question that we are right to be outraged by the brutish behavior of Hollywood bigshots like Harvey Weinstein and that such behavior should result in serious consequences of both the social and legal variety. The real question is: When will we open our collective eyes and recognize that widespread sexual misbehavior is an inevitable byproduct of a sex-saturated culture?

Our opposition to indecent behavior seems to be a mile wide and an inch deep. While we are remarkably unified in our disdain for sexual harassment and assault, that galvanized opposition doesn’t extend to the epidemic’s underlying causes. We’re complacent toward the cultural trends that constantly push sex and sexuality upon our conscious and subconscious thoughts, the efforts to deaden our sensibilities and erase the boundaries that once defined a concept of decency. (continued here)

Is the choice between taking a red or a blue pill? Is the choice simply a matter of discipline, a refusal to accept anything less than the truth? Or do we have to turn to God, put our faith in Him and strive to become wise as our Creator is wise?

Whatever we think the choice might be, we need to start thinking of our children. Are we making the choice we make for the sake of our children or out of pure selfishness?


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