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Fear is a normal human emotion, but just as we hate pain we detest fear. So it is that we do whatever we can to rid ourselves of fear. Often instead of dealing with the issue that causes us to be afraid we just deal with our fears. We pretend to ourselves there is nothing to fear except fear itself (see “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address). In an odd way, if we fear to be afraid more than we fear to be afraid of what we ought to fear, that is true. This is what some call the Ostrich effect, an expression derived from the “Head in the sand” myth.

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So what is this post all about? Well, I read several interesting columns this morning that I would like to encourage others to read.

What is the common thread here? The first column describes how people deal calmly and rationally with their fears. Instead dealing with what properly causes us to be afraid, terrorists try to intimidate us into acquiescing to our fears. Instead of killing or locking up people we know to be rabid madmen, we try to placate them, which the simple application of logic tells us cannot work. Yet as Hanson observes when we put our minds and strength to it we have the power to beat terrorists. They are not very wise people, just bloodthirsty.

The second and third articles describe how the Democrats charges against President Donald Trump are backfiring on them. Why is this happening? What did the Democrats do wrong? Instead of fearing God, too Liberal Democrats believe in Saul D. Alinsky‘s Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals.

Instead of presenting us with rational solutions for our fears, too many politicians seek to elevate our fears. These strive to present themselves as the solution. Instead of asking us to vote for them because they promise to do their best to protect our rights, they offer themselves as idols, the solution for all our fears. Instead of just dealing with our problems and our fears, they want us believe we have nothing to fear because we have given our problems and our fears over to them.

Unfortunately, when power seeking politicians encounter barbaric madmen, ironically enough, they don’t know how to deal with their own fears. Too often they don’t know how to oppose bloodthirsty madmen and win. Thereby, Islamic terrorists, a Russian autocrat, and the like have exposed Democrats as frauds.

There is only one God. There is only one cause for fear. There is only one path to wisdom.

There is the humility we learn by fearing God, the only being we must rightfully fear.

Proverbs 15:33 New King James Version (NKJV)

33 The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom,
And before honor is humility.

There is the understanding we gain because we obey the commands of the God we reverence in fear.

Psalm 111:10 New King James Version (NKJV)

10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;
A good understanding have all those who do His commandments.
His praise endures forever.

The wise learn to love God.

1 John 4:18 New King James Version (NKJV)

18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.


  1. This is perhaps a non sequitur (or perhaps not) but…
    have you been watching what’s happening with Catalonia?
    Kind of part and parcel to the globalist versus nationalist paradigm I mentioned over at Doug’s.


  2. Great topic for a post Tom. Fear is an interesting word as it governs so much of human behavior. Politicians of course use it to manipulate us but do so motivated by their own internal fears they are probably not even aware of, (fear of being a nobody, fear of losing left and status, etc…).

    You are so correct that putting our trust in God is the right way to combat this.

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  3. “Could I kick back and share a beer with him away from life and do guy talk and spit and (metaphorically) grab our own privates like real men in the wild…”

    LOL! President Trump’s authenticity, his realness, is what appeals to so many of us. Doug said, “But.. not in the White House.” Why not? Must people in politics be two faced, hide who they are, pretend to be part of polite society? If that is the case,is it any wonder that the majority of people never feel represented by their so called “representatives?”

    Something that is really hard to explain to people within the culture, especially with S/A now a SJ issue, is that sexual abuse is not “anything sexual” and “exploitation” is not equivalent to “men as they are biologically designed.” We as a culture (and modern feminism) have so muddled those messages that it requires a great deal of untangling in order to get to the heart of the matter.

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  4. “For those females who supported him, have they made a deal to surrender or compromise their own morality in saying “no more” to an obvious sexual predator such as him for the expediency to sign on to his bravado? Would that not make those who voted for him, “enablers”?

    I can’t speak for anyone else (“females” aren’t a collaborative team of one), but I’ll speak for myself. I wouldn’t be a fan of the blog you follow (Drifting Through), from the look of the first few paragraphs on that topic.

    I’m with you. I saw the accusation against Bush and rolled my eyes (slight correction….he’s 93, not 89). I worked in a nursing home years ago and by the current definition of assault I was assaulted on a regular basis (by women, too), apparently. Good grief. I’m an assaulter, he’s an assaulter, she’s an assaulter we’re all assaulters….wouldn’t ya like to be an assaulter too?

    Per Weinstein, someone I respect very much told me about him three or four years ago (he knew his first wife very well), so none of this information surprised me. The only thing that surprised me was that it all came out. I have to wonder why now? Did he stop paying the illuminati? (joke, dat)

    Mostly, it’s just another example of celebrity hypocrisy…Meryl Streep called Weinstein “a god”, and there’s no doubt whatsoever she knew about him. Which of course puts her anti-Trump speech in a very different light.

    In general, I’m usually more suspect of high profile accusations against celebrities. If there are a string of complaints that adds credibility, but only so much in a high profile case…because the celebrity is obviously a large target. In Weinstein’s case I already knew his character. By contrast, Bill Cosby I’m willing to give more benefit of the doubt (one also should have some skepticism for claims made after so many years…assumption of innocence is a Constitutional right).

    ”For those females who supported him, have they made a deal to surrender or compromise their own morality in saying “no more” to an obvious sexual predator such as him for the expediency to sign on to his bravado? Would that not make those who voted for him, “enablers”?

    The claims (without proof) against Trump were made right before the election and after the release of the tape. One doesn’t need to be a cynic to note the timing seemed orchestrated and politically motivated.
    Also (similar to Weinstein) I know someone who was well acquainted with Trump (she was the nurse of a close relative, during a difficult time for the family many years ago). She was very impressed with him and said he was a very kind man.

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    1. Actually you have a valid point regarding the moment in time. In spite of the fact it’s been 9 months.. the current political mood of the country has so much changed, and now the heightened awareness of female abuse allegedly “everywhere” (and the fact it seems more like 9 years have passed)… perhaps one might say the personal conflict someone might have had in ignoring Trump’s “bus locker room comments” and the 16 ladies making their accusations was more the issue of balancing morality or flat out ignoring it all as election mud slinging. Given our current mood it makes some sense that looking back there was a different set of events at play.
      BUT… that still doesn’t necessarily insulate anyone, women especially, from still supporting (enabling?) Trump given the current state of victim awareness.

      Thanks for tackling my question.
      I have no doubt Trump can be a nice guy under certain conditions. I’ve tried to point out often on my site that the man my be perfectly fine in some situations, and I have absolutely no doubt his level of patriotism and love for the country matches mine.. or anyone else for that matter.
      Fro Day One I have had issues with his demeanor, his manner of conducting business, his huge problem with social interaction in general, very little command of language, impulsive and very shallow in his thought processes, and a very looming psychological trail of behavioral issues, all of which has no place running the country.

      Could I kick back and share a beer with him away from life and do guy talk and spit and (metaphorically) grab our own privates like real men in the wild, like Billy Bush did on that bus? Yep.
      But.. not in the White House.


      1. @Doug

        Frankly, I am so tired of hearing about the sexual abuse issue from Democrats I have little interest in what they have to say about it. It is just too thick with hypocrisy.

        When Trump got the nomination, I looked into some of the accusations against him and wrote posts about it. I did not want to support the guy at first, but every time I look into an accusation against him I just lost more respect for his accusers. Our news media reeks of bias and corruption.

        Now the charges of Russian collusion are blowing up in the Democrats’ and news media’s faces, and what are you doing? It appears you want to change the subject. Trump may need his mouth washed out, but it is beginning to look like some people really are guilty of treason. That began as the Democrat’s fear. Any serious Conservative H. Clinton was crooked. We just did not have solid enough proof and enough of the right people in power to make any charges stick. That is a situation that looks like it is about to change. And it about time.

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          1. Yeah.. political donations of any kind seem to be the tell-tale “truth” of someone’s political ideology these days. But I am reminded of my own minuscule experience in the last election where I “donated” my vote in the Republican primary. Yes.. I declared myself Republican for purposes of voter registration. Actually it was more a default place saver, knowing full well I could vote the way I wanted once inside the voting booth.
            But the rest of the story is that during the heat brewing leading up to the primaries it was readily apparent that Trump getting elected to president was some wild, far out anomaly if not an impossibility. So I rather thought that Hillary running against him rather than any of the other Republicans on the ticket would be the better move to assure her being elected. So I voted for Trump in the primary as a strategic move to assure he would run against Hillary.. and not the other “smart” and politically savvy guys. who just might give her a good battle.

            Obviously we all know the rest of that story. Life has it’s strange outcomes. I ended up voting for Hillary in the general pretty much because I had no love for Trump’s qualifications. Not all that different from all the folks who voted for Trump to avoid Hillary. My point in sharing all this voting trauma is the idea that voters do in fact.. “donate” their vote to their preferred candidate. Therefore, have we marked ourselves as bound-at-the-hip loyalists to that cause? Should we? Donating money is the same thing, although there’s a traditional thought that somehow putting-money-where-your-mouth-is dedicates you more to whatever the cause. But are we then marked individuals and anything we do after will be ideologically suspect by the “enemy”?

            It seems to make way more sense to critically evaluate the Mueller staff by their work credentials and competencies rather than their political donations. Now, your idea echos the shallow perception that these staffers will be a little more zealous or creative with the law in their efforts to try an “nail” one of those nasty Conservatives, if not Trump himself. Well, the fallback there is that they have to prove it in court with a jury of their peers. Now.. if you are suggesting that everything in the justice system will be stacked against any Conservative… well, either run for office and change it.. or.. find another country with a legal system that favors your causes.

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          2. I am surprised you would admit you voted for Trump (This is one reason why I oppose primaries, by the way.). Anyway, I am not going to rub it in.

            Should we hold their donations against Mueller’s staff? Relatively few people donate large sums to political campaigns. So the donations are indicative of a strong bias.

            The more serious problem is that the special prosecutor began his investigation looking for something to charge Trump with. There never was sufficient cause to begin the investigation. It was a witch hunt from the get go.


          3. The special prosecutor was appointed by Justice… in this case the assistant Atty. General, who himself was appointed by Trump. If there any presumption of an investigative agenda against Trump it originated with him or his appointments.


      2. “BUT… that still doesn’t necessarily insulate anyone, women especially, from still supporting (enabling?) Trump given the current state of victim awareness.”

        “Victim awareness” isn’t the way I’d describe the current situation. Manufactured outrage and embellished/fabricated claims hurt real victims more. See the Rolling Stone piece on fraternities. Or piece on military years before fabricated by the same author. See campus kangaroo courts where there is no assumption of innocence. The military courts martial process has been dealing with it a while. Just last week I spoke with a Canadian General and apparently Canada has the same problem (he cited a claim made by an ex wife toward and aviator…without evidence the aviator was discharged and convicted as a sexual offender….something that would stay on his personal record for the rest of his life and make him unemployable. One year later the woman admitted she fabricated the whole thing. BTW, I know scores of these situations in the US military, but this is the first Canadian case I’d heard of).

        Being female offers no protection if one swims against the tide in this climate, appealing to evidence and reason. If anything, it’s worse for women (the female version of “Uncle Tom”).

        From Day One I have had issues with his demeanor, his manner of conducting business, his huge problem with social interaction in general, very little command of language, impulsive and very shallow in his thought processes, and a very looming psychological trail of behavioral issues, all of which has no place running the country.

        Well, I can’t say he never makes me cringe just a little. Overall I’m pretty pleased with what he is doing though. I like Mattis as Secretary of Defense. I like the fact that he doesn’t seem to bow to mob demands nor pepper his speech in empty politically correct platitudes. I like that when a petty dictator waves a nuke around and promises to attack us, he says, “well, then, we’ll have to destroy you if you do that” rather than begging the UN to write an angry letter. I like it that he’ll never give a press announcement to say, “Cool clock” and offer a visit to the White House to a delinquent for being intentionally disruptive at school. And so forth.

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        1. Just to add, riddle me this…we’re told by the left constantly that Trump is a “hater”, but if one googles “I hate America!” or images of US flag burning, what political ideology gives us the most hits?
          The rational (to me) comes across kind of like this:

          Libs: “I hate America! America sucks!!”

          Trump: “We’ll make America great again!”

          Libs: “Hey! Language of hate! He thinks America isn’t already great!”

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          1. Interesting. From my vantage point I see….

            Trump: I will make America great again. (no “we”)

            Libs: We love America the way it is! (no, “I”)

            Trump: I think America needs fear to make it great again. (no, “we”.. as usual)
            “Droves” of illegal immigrants are coming taking our jobs.
            “Droves” of Muslims are entering the country, threatening our Christianity.
            “Droves” of terrorists are coming, to murder us in shopping malls.

            Libs: Where’s the proof?

            Trump: Any vestiges of Obama and the Clintons MUST be removed to make America great again.
            .and if anyone keeps me from making America great again (no, “us”) “we” can blame them.

            Alt-Right, Neo-whatevers: Yay! We finally got our guy in office!

            Libs: All this because of those red states.


          2. @Doug

            Have you paid any attention to what is going on in the Middle East? Have you considered the problem of the backwardness of Muslim nations? Have you looked at the historical record.

            What people believe makes a difference. Consider the video at this post.

            The people who established the republic we live in today did so because they believe we have God-given rights. They believed government existed to protect those rights. Otherwise, we would not have such a government. What do Muslims believe?


          3. If Muslims are going to take to the streets to threaten my way of life I’ll deal with it then. The simple deterrent to a Muslim takeover is promote Christianity with greater vigor. Until then I refuse to live in fear of someone’s “speculation”, even it’s promoted by a physics and math guy who says he’s an “expert” of making me afraid of something.

            Here’s the other end of the spectrum…. if we all end up Muslim… the entire world… then… so what? Humans will get tired of that and change or evolve that into something else. If the whole world becomes a Third World Islamic super-caliphate then the human condition dictates someone will get pissed enough to revolt for change.

            Everyone commenting in here will not be alive should a complete Muslim takeover ever happen because, as everyone is suggesting, such takeover will be gradual, likely spanning generations, who in turn will have time to adjust.

            Yeah.. we all have our Second Amendment and our guns to fight an enemy marching down the street but the ONLY way to win an ideological war is to is to have a “better” ideology to fight it off (one of the BIG reasons America sucks at nation building).

            Besides all that…. does anyone know or have proof that there’s some “deep state” government secret Muslim organization of rich and/or holy guys sitting around making long term Islamic plans for world conquest.. or are we assuming the teachings of the Koran itself will work by itself?


          4. @Doug

            It makes utterly no sense to allow people who are opposed to our form of government to immigrate here. That is only happening because the people we have put in charge of our country don’t believe in the principles upon which our nation was founded. Otherwise, they would ask an OBVIOUS question. What is there to gain from importing a fifth column?

            As for speculation, you just engaged in it and passed off your speculation as if you know the future with some sort of certainty.

            Besides all that…. does anyone know or have proof that there’s some “deep state” government secret Muslim organization of rich and/or holy guys sitting around making long term Islamic plans for world conquest.. or are we assuming the teachings of the Koran itself will work by itself?

            Will the Koran work all by itself? I have said over and over again that what people believe makes a difference. Muslims have used military force to spread Islam from its inception, but Islam is not monolithic. Therefore, we have various organizations competing to spread their own brand of Islam.

            Look at any predominantly Muslim nation. Look at what they do to those of other faiths. Look at how the power structure is usually based upon Islam. Look at the efforts of these people to spread their faith. Note the violence. Then consider the past. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.


          5. Actually, Christians have not done a fair share of violence to subjugate alternative thought, certainly not when compared to Islam or some atheistic ideologies.

            The Nazis and the Communists were clearly atheistic. Islam…, well you apparently did not view that video in that post I linked to.

            Have some Christians tried to spread Christianity with the sword? Yes, but the Bible clearly prohibits the practice. So it completely died out after the invention of the printing press and the average Christian could read the Bible. Even before that time European warfare had next to nothing to do with spreading Christianity. Kings fought for power because that is what kings do.


          6. You can stop wondering doug.

            Religion, in ALL forms, is not all bad. Need proof? Sure, glad you asked.

            According to the scriptures, ‘pure religion and defiled before God and the Father is this; to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.’ Yeah, some real bad stuff there, that empathy….

            I never tire of pointing this out to they who may be a bit narrow minded in this area..

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        2. Btw, Doug, we may disagree but I do appreciate your perspective, and your considered responses. It’s important to keep me grounded. I suspect we agree on many things…at one time I very much enjoyed debating people of different viewpoints.
          Unfortunately the climate of social media has become so contentious there are very few avenues for reasonable discussion between respecting people of different views anymore.

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        3. “Libs: We love America the way it is! (no, “I”)

          I tried to find the hypothetical liberals saying they love America. I could not find them.
          Michele Obama mentioned she was proud for the first time (ever) to be American when her husband was elected. Then ashamed right after…her pick didn’t win.
          I don’t see a lot of these hypothetical American loving liberals.
          Could be complete confirmation bias on my part, maybe I’m not looking in the right places.
          Could you point me to some?

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          1. Ohhh… pluueeze. That Michelle quote is the Conservative favorite. Let’s not get into buffoonery quotes.. gawd… Trump leads the pack with whacked tweets, nut quotes, and lies. Yep.. Michelle said that for sure.. and it was corrected later. Trump NEVER apologizes. Your point?


        4. Some of the military folks in some of the more liberal states have told me they can’t go out in their uniforms because the animosity is so bad outside the base.

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          1. Back in the 1870’s.. er, 1970’s when I was in uniform, I was stationed at a couple southern bases and there was a general consensus at the time that “townies” tended to get rough with GI’s walking alone off base in uniform. It seems to me that reasoning was more affiliated with the southern states not liking the federal government presence in general because of latent post-Civil War feelings being passed on. Also back then anyone in a uniform was a “baby killer”.. hence I tried to avoid wearing it when I was traveling commercial.
            But quite honestly… other than those two reasons going decades past I have never heard of some relationship between “liberal” states getting rough with GI’s moving around in uniform off base, given the mood these days is to worship our GI’s (the result of Vietnam Era guilt). So.. if you know of any stories please pass that on.


        5. “Let’s not get into buffoonery quotes.. gawd”

          LOL Okay, fair point. 😉

          I’ll have to ask my spouse (when he gets back…won’t be today) about which bases. Heard about this a few months ago and there were two in particular (think it was Maryland and New Jersey).


  5. Very interesting, Tom. We’re living in a time of great fear-mongering, politicians actually getting themselves elected by hyping up the fear and offering themselves as the solution. Ironically this is actually abusive because it involves manipulating us through fear, power, and control. It’s weak, abusive, the behavior of bullies,not leaders. Fear is also very reactionary, it prevents rational thought, Ha! Which is another way to get yourself elected.

    “Perfect love casts out fear,” and faith is really the opposite of fear. Fear is putting our “faith” in all the wrong things. We’re actually called to “go boldly before the throne of grace,”and the bible speaks to us about the dangers of fear, some 365 times. So in theory fear should never rule the day. Fear of God is a different kind of fear,in the sense that it takes away all our other fears,and puts all our other problems in perspective.

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    1. This is why “we” need to slow down and evaluate what fears are trying to be tossed our way. Your first paragraph was spot-on in describing how Trump has fed these flames and bullied others into thinking that the reasons they aren’t making the money they want or are not employed, is because of lax immigration policies or Muslims invading our culture or threats to our religious equilibrium by persons who have little use for the King James Version. So as a nation we have to circle the wagons and become isolationist to the world. Seems we have a lot of lemmings in this country.


      1. “Your first paragraph was spot-on in describing how Trump has fed these flames and bullied others…”

        But see, now you’re just trying to feed me fear about President Trump and that is why Dems lost the election. At some point people get really tired of being manipulated by fear and not unlike abuse victims, there comes a tipping point where we say “no more.”

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        1. Since you have drawn the relationship… may I ask, our Dear Leader seems to lead the way in female sexual abuse. For those females who supported him, have they made a deal to surrender or compromise their own morality in saying “no more” to an obvious sexual predator such as him for the expediency to sign on to his bravado? Would that not make those who voted for him, “enablers”?


          1. I should address that issue in a blog post someday. Sadly, sexual abuse has become all about who you are and not what you’ve done. I think the number of sexual predators protected within the Dem party should be ample evidence of that. I’ve recently come off the emotional roller coaster that was the atrocity of the Seattle mayor. It’s like there’s so little integrity left, accusations of s/a are now meaningless.

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          2. Yet you didn’t really answer my question, although you did manage to make something partisan out of my question by suggesting democrats somehow have the pulse of harboring female abusers.
            Give these a read when you’re bored…



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          3. Where is Trump leading the way on sexual abuse? I know he’s been accused of this but did I miss the news story where those claims have been proven to be true?


          4. Well, Tom… none of the other high profile recently announced cases been “proven” in any court of court of law either but apparently some have felt guilty enough to admit or settle out of court. Trump did admit to it in the bus with Billy Bush, and even if that were just “locker room” bravado and nothing was true then that’s par for admitting that he is subject to pure bravado over substance (which we’ve all been witness to in the real world). But if it were “locker room” TALK.. then he’s admitted to his own sexual abuse misdeeds.
            He did say he was going to sue them all… but apparently that was only a shallow threat.


          5. I think that was me you are responding too. Trump made an off color comment. I didn’t appreciate it but it was also a far cry from an actual act of sexual assault a la Bill Clinton.

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      2. @Doug

        Look at what you wrote. Who is whipping up fears?

        Trump has not fed any flames. He has done something about real problems he is supposed to take care of. These are not hard fixes, and the notion Trump is isolationist is silly.

        Trump has not stoked imaginary fears like global warming. He has not left hanging out there an unsolvable problem as an excuse to seize authority he does not have. Instead of trying to create a single-payer health care system which would work horribly at best, he is trying to put our health care back in the private market. He is behaving like a public servant, not a god.

        Is Trump perfect? There is no doubt he is not. So you criticize him and some of it will stick, Nevertheless, Trump has at least tried to stay within the Constitutional limits of his authority. On the other hand, you seem to think only scholars can interpret the Constitution. If we are going to leave the defense of our God-given rights to so-called experts, we may as well not have any. If we believe government gives us our rights, we don’t have any.

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