illustration for John Milton’s Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré (1866). (from here)

Why are Liberal Democrats obsessed with power? Democrats have the same problem all of us have. Pride. We all want to be God. We all want to believe we are wonderful and worshiped. To the point of worship, we all crave to be affirmed in who we are. Even the best of us.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ON PRIDE AND HUMILITY is one of the best posts I have prepared. Here we consider quotes from Benjamin Franklin and the Bible. Franklin laughs at himself, on his struggle with pride. Isaiah ponders the failure of Lucifer and his fall from grace. Perhaps no one except God escapes the temptations of pride.

How does pride affect our political system? We each have the temptation to make government about me. What do I want? Since politicians are sales people, they know that. So they make promises that tempt us, and at first their promises sound reasonable. Soon, however, as we succumb to the temptations of sin, politicians and their promises become more and more outrageous. Consider the Democrat’s obsession with sex. Consider the growing absurdity.

  • Marriage use to be the way we each committed ourselves to the happiness of another person of the opposite sex. Ideally, that person either was or became someone we loved.
  • Then marriage started to change. Marriage started to become about choosing the “right person”, someone who could make “me” happy.
  • Without commitment, long marriages began to become “unrealistic”. So politicians started winning elections by promising to make divorce easy. Thus, marriage became serial monogamy.
  • Sexual restraint, because sex is about making “me” happy, become passe’ for many of us. So politicians started winning elections by promising to make abortion easy.
  • For the sake of “me”, some continued still further in their abandonment of sexual restraint. Happy to please, politicians started promising same-sex marriage, government financed sex change operations, and government-funded contraceptives and abortions.
  • So now, supposedly to make our children behave still more smartly about sex, politicians provide our children a free sex education (see How federally funded sex education sexualizes schoolchildren (

Anything new here? Afraid not. News is full of it. The news even tells us it is about pride. Google the phrase “gay pride”. The more aberrant, ridiculous, and sinful our behavior the more obsessed we can become trying to justify it and become proud of it. So it can be quite delightful when fast-talking, persuasive, shameless politicians tell us that there is nothing wrong with our behavior, that we too can be shameless. In fact, don’t we have the “right” to expect our fellow citizens to shower us with praise and reassurance, even as we lie on our deathbed dying from some sexually transmitted disease?

How is the Liberal Democrat’s obsession with sex and power affecting our election this year? If you live in House District 13, that should be obvious. Between Delegate Bob Marshall and Danica Roem, we have choice between two starkly contrasting candidates. Of course, since the news media is so partisan, they would like us to ignore the obvious. So their reports have become more and more false. Consider this absurd line from The Washington Post.

Until now, the statehouse race between Democrat Danica Roem and Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William) has focused mostly on traffic congestion and other local issues, even as the historic nature of Roem’s candidacy has brought her waves of publicity and donations from across the country. (from here)

The “historic nature of Roem’s candidacy” has been front and center from the get go. The  “historic nature of Roem’s candidacy” has been the basis for his fundraising. Roem’s solutions for traffic congestion are just plain ignorant. Even if he is elected, he cannot deliver on his promises to fix traffic congestion on Route 28 (which Delegate Bob Marshall has explained in detail). Almost nobody has given Roem money because of traffic congestion and other local issues, and except to the most uniformed and highly biased, it is silly to suggest otherwise. Unfortunately, obvious absurdity does not stop The Washington Post from spreading nonsense.

How can we turn back Liberal Democrats in their quest for sex and power? How can we can prevent politicians who lack restraint from corrupting children? Consider the obvious. Nobody with any sense trust politicians. Yet, because we have listened to and given into their temptations, a “free” education in this case, we have put such people in charge of the education of our children.

Think about it. Nobody trusts politicians. So we put them in charge of educating children? How stupid is that?

Remember President Bill Clinton? Even Wikipedia cannot hide his womanizing. Was President Barack Obama any better? Did his court appointees interpret the Constitution honestly?

After winning re-election by defeating Republican opponent Mitt Romney, Obama was sworn in for a second term in 2013. During his second term, Obama promoted inclusiveness for LGBT Americans, with his administration filing briefs that urged the Supreme Court to strike down same-sex marriage bans as unconstitutional (United States v. Windsor and Obergefell v. Hodges). (from here)

In many respects President Donald Trump has already proven he has much more respect for the Constitution than Obama. Nevertheless, during Trump’s campaign for the presidency, the news media, engineering an October surprise, provided a recording of Trump saying things about women he never should have said. Therefore, even the men who are supposed to be our best politicians have not proven to be the sort of men most of us would eagerly choose to trust with our children. Nevertheless, politicians choose the people who run our schools, and politicians set the policies that decide what our children will learn and when they will learn it.

Is Danica Roem the sort we want setting policies for Virginia’s schools? Roem is getting the usual softball treatment from the news media. However, to give him credit, Roem did allow Larry O”Connor to interview him (see Danica Roem on The Larry O’Connor Show). Since then Roem’s answers to O’Connor’s questions have provided ammunition for his opponents. Roem’s answers made it obvious that he would be happy to introduce our children to the issues of transgenderism. That includes making transgenderism part of the curriculum starting as early as kindergarten (17 minutes and 15 seconds into the interview).

Other Views

Check out Roem’s Endorsements. Marshall gets endorsements, but he gets them primarily from his constituents. His constituents keep voting for him because he is effective.  Look at his record.


  1. King Solomon wrote a proverb about compliments should only be heard from the lips of others.. .

    He also wrote a proverb about considering the source, (whose lips are giving the compliments)

    Your post tests the discernment of your readers, in my opinion.

    Sad, only a small group will either read, or discern your post.

    Sex sells more than wisdom nowadays. ( My King Solomon vs. Hugh Hefner post)

    Regards and goodwill blogging..

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    1. Your King Solomon vs. Hugh Hefner post is a good one, but wisdom is a hard sell. That is especially true when some people decide they can make others pay the price of their excesses and indiscretions.

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  2. Heh, sex in the title is sure to draw interest.
    I see what you did there (or maybe I’m just projecting) 🙂

    Think I mentioned before Ash Carter was Secretary of Defense for six months before he spoke with the Chiefs of Staff. His sole agenda was social reconstruction in the military. I think if Hillary had won the only way for a white male to get promoted would be to submit pictures of either engaging in homosexual acts, or in drag (dated of course, to the years before her presidency…no cheating fellas!).

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    1. @Anon

      It is kind of dangerous to assume I always realize the undercurrents my words might stir up. However, I will admit I knew the word sex would attract interest. I was not thinking about the Weinstein controversy, but I it is definitely related.

      What the Democrats have done to the military is a reflection of their own sickness and perversity. When we cannot trust politicians with the military (and we actually don’t have a better alternative than government), shouldn’t that be enough reason to keep them as far away from children as we can? If politicians cannot be trusted not to abuse the power they have over fighting men, soldiers with powerful weapons, why on earth would we want to put them in charge of children?


        1. I have a brother who lives in Washington state. He might know something about it. insanitybytes22 lives near Seattle. I am not terribly surprised. Liberal Democrats run the state, and the general attitude of Liberal Democrats towards sex is that it is a recreational activity, nothing sacred.


        2. Remember that article I linked to a while back?
          Escape from Judgment:

          Remember the rush to defend the pregnant girl from….any judgement at all. Which included eliminating consequences, even the smallest (in this case, not being able to go up on stage to receive her diploma).
          Now, from my perspective as a parent, I cannot understand the parents’ position in this matter. This girl’s image was everywhere online, smiling, with a story condemning the school for having the audacity to actually follow through with rules this family had agreed to. It’s one thing to privately dispute this, but to take the matter up with the public requires….a certain level of pride. Look at my beautiful pregnant daughter! See how mean this private school is not to let her take front stage at graduation….

          To me this is just weird stuff. I have no daughters, but I can say with a great degree of confidence if I had a daughter who became pregnant and the school was willing to let her attend class and graduate and the only lumps she had to take was not being able to take the stage at graduation while largely pregnant…I’d be very grateful. I sure wouldn’t make it an issue for the public. But see how even Christians defended this behavior, one even suggested she deserved a standing ovation.
          And THAT is the real problem.
          Judgement itself has become the equivalent of “unloving”. When judgment is actually a very loving thing. What has the girl learned from this experience and what will be the subsequent impact on her life?

          One of the “big wigs” at DARPA a while back was a woman. My husband was talking to her on a corporate jet one day and she told him her story. She said she never tells anyone this, but I guess it helped to pass the time (and my spouse has a way about him that makes people want to open up). This is a person with a very high ranking civilian government job, who held several doctorates and spoke several languages. She had been a single mother at 16. No fan fair, just a lot of work (and she was fortunate enough to have a mother willing to watch her child when she went to school). She rose up and out of poverty.

          The problem isn’t that young girls don’t know where babies come from, nor how to prevent them, the problem is young girls are raised in environments where teen sex is du rigor (often teen pregnancy is also du rigor).
          They learn from the internet, media (but I repeat myself), and their friends.
          Everything that makes up their personal environment (to include the public schools), is telling them judgment is wrong, morality a nebulous concept determined, not by hard truths, by one’s immediate feelings.

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        3. Just to add, don’t even get me started on the
          “I’m being judged!”=Therefore I’m being abused phenomenon.
          New sensation brought to us by social media.

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        4. “What do you mean? Don’t the Liberal Democrats live this stuff. Consider clubschadenfreude, for example.”

          Yep. It’s a very very liberal paradigm.

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        5. “I just think the boys have equal responsibility, and the should hold both accountable.”

          There was no mention of the boy in the story…which would indicate to me he wasn’t a student at the school. We’ve been through this before, and I’m in agreement with you.
          But in the great large world, women are the gatekeepers of pregnancy.
          And with great power comes great responsibility. That’s not just Spiderman.

          Luke 12:48, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

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  3. I am curious, Tom… and maybe Julie can chime in on this… how did you learn about sex?

    For me, we actually had an off-school sex ed class (not mixed gender), performed by some third party vendor at a local church.. but it did NOT have religious content.. and… it only discussed the mechanics of it all.. not moral obligations once you got this “loaded gun”. That was still up to the parents… which, in fact, my very progressive folks sat me down for a briefing on what I learned and the morality behind it. Most my friend got absolutey no parental followup.


    1. @Doug

      Am I arguing my way is best? No. Am I saying what my religion teaches is best? Not really. I did suggest what should be obvious, but for some strange reason is not. Politicians are just about the worst people we could choose to put in charge of anyone or anything. Government should be the option we choose only when no other alternative could possibly work. When we put government in charge, we don’t give our neighbors a choice. So isn’t ironic that the so-called “pro-choice” people favor government solutions?

      Does sex education require a government solution? Is government is the only option? What kind of idiots would believe that? Americans, of course. Because we have a recent history of limited government, our government still functions relatively efficiently. Our government is still responsive to the electorate. Unfortunately, too many fail to grasp the danger.

      Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. — Gerald R. Ford

      Did I receive a sex education from anyone? No. Should my father have explained the matter? Perhaps, but he did not do so.

      Is the subject of sex painfully difficult for teenagers? Yes, but politicians don’t have the capacity to change that in a good way. It is absurd to think otherwise.

      With the help of people who care, teenagers some how get through those awkward years. I am no genius, but I still figured out storks don’t deliver babies. Being of a scholarly bent and somewhat shy, I looked up what you call the mechanics in a book. In retrospect The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris is not the sort of book I would have preferred. Fortunately, my parents had provided moral guidance. So I knew enough to reject the moral guidance provided by the book. Unfortunately, there was not much else available. Morris may have been among the first to see the need, but what he provided bordered on a locker room discussion. Morris, like the rest of us do sometimes, forgot that sex is part of the miracle that is life.

      We live in a culture that has its roots in agriculture. Not all that long ago children grew up seeing the mechanics of sex demonstrated by farm animals. On a farm children see the animals having sex and giving birth. Before they are old enough to learn how to make jokes about sex, they understand the connection between sex and life.

      Now most children grow up in urban areas, and wild animals generally do their thing in private. So someone has to explain the mechanics of sex, but that does not always happen. The subject embarrasses most parents enough so they are uncertain of how to explain the connection between sex and life. So we have stories about storks, and we have shameless big government busybodies who decide it must be their job to explain sex to children. Of course, shameless busybodies do more harm than good.

      Sometimes, we have to wait for our neighbors to figure out there is a problem let them find their own solution. Just because politicians are charming, persuasive, and willing to spend other people’s money, does that mean we have to listen to them? Well, at least I don’t think so.

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      1. You make a very good point with the idea of our agrarian past allowing for the more visual education of reproduction. Since industrialization and the post-WW2 demographics changing to urban and suburban living those natural visuals that provided a cognitive education about sex are long gone. I should also mention that even going back to the native American cultures of early America… where families.. parents.. engaged in sex in the same room, or.. teepee, if you will… albeit under the covers. But here is where you and I will defer… I “blame” the imposition of religious morality for the stifled evolution of sexual education at home… and the repressive morality of say, Victorian times. Discussion of sex is so taboo that there’s an avoidance to pass that education to the young for fear they will turn into sex deviates or something.

        Your father not educating you is totally not uncommon. But the real question is.. why he didn’t. Was it just simply the old parental embarrassment to somehow admit that act is what him and your mother did to create you? Was it some moral interpretation of religion that said once you learned it as a child you were going to go out into the world and have sex with anyone with reckless abandon? You know very well the seemingly “crazy” concepts our parents (the so-called Greatest Generation) thought that personal moral reputation and “what the neighbors thought” mattered most in the world.

        So why did government get involved in sex education in the first place? I am not fully knowledgeable of the first thought processes nor am I fully aware if, in fact, the government dictates how it’s taught (content) or if the government just mandates that it should be taught, and leaving content up to the more professional socially trained educators. But I do know the intent was to educate the mechanics and not morality. The latter being up to the home… which is seldom done or done effectively. But I would venture an educated guess that if government got involved it likely might have been a reaction to the increase in teen(unwed) pregnancy in general, and maybe an attempt to reduce the rise in the welfare rolls.

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        1. @Doug

          The shame we associate with sex and the naked body is more innate than religious in origin. If you read the first several chapters of Genesis, that comes across. In a fallen world, our motives are no longer pure. In a fallen world, we are not so pure. We mix love and lust. If we have a conscience, our lust shames us.

          The Bible condemns fornication, but it compares marriage with the love of Christ and the church. A man is supposed to love his his wife the way he loves his own self. The two become one as it says in Genesis. Naturally, we find ways to complicate matters. Even a good Christian does not do exactly what the Bible says.

          So why didn’t my father explain the facts of life. My father and mother were raised on a farm. It may have occurred to them that they need to lecture their children about the mechanics of sex, but I doubt they had ever had that experience. We tend to recognize problems best after they enter our personal experience.

          You know very well the seemingly “crazy” concepts our parents (the so-called Greatest Generation) thought that personal moral reputation and “what the neighbors thought” mattered most in the world.

          Actually, I don’t know anything of the sort. The older I have gotten the less I have found to condemn in others. The previous generation made their share of mistakes, but people don’t change much. If we think we are better, we are fooling ourselves.

          So why did government get involved in sex education in the first place? Power. Control. Why do some people want own slaves? We want the world to do everything our way.

          But I do know the intent was to educate the mechanics and not morality. The latter being up to the home… which is seldom done or done effectively.

          Talking about sex without getting into morality? In theory? Perhaps. In practice. Not possible. Look at what our leaders have done to the Constitution. Let the camel’s head into the tent, and soon you will have the whole beast.

          Some people want easy solutions. Let the schools raise their children.

          Of course, the rate of STDs is going up. Politicians don’t treat other people’s children quite the way we might hope. Lots of them use private schools.


        2. “Since industrialization and the post-WW2 demographics changing to urban and suburban living those natural visuals that provided a cognitive education about sex are long gone.”

          Encyclopedias have gone the way of the passenger pigeon. Do people have lower access to knowledge of all things A to Z now?
          The internet has changed the world in many many ways. The average teenager has access to more sexual imagery than ever before. I’d say nothing has changed society more than the vast ubiquity of readily and easily accessible pornography. True of teenaged girls, too (more so).
          Social acceptance influences and changes behaviors.
          There are innumerable examples that are pretty obvious to any casual observer.

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          1. Good point!

            The Internet is not a good tool for instruction in morality, especially with respect to sex. Pornography is a awful way to learn about sex; it doesn’t even put the sex act in context. The emphasis is wholly on pleasure. Pregnancy is almost ignored. STDs are not an issue. The emotions are of the moment, not what follows later.

            Do I have a solution? Well, I married a nurse, and she taught my two girls, but I don’t think that would work for everyone. I just don’t think we can go to the government to solve all our problems. The bill for a government solution is always way too high.


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