When I got this email from Delegate Bob Marshall today, I cannot say I was dumbfounded or especially depressed, just a bit sad.

3 Weeks to Go!  Joe Biden Endorses Opponent!

Help Me Compete with
Six Figure Ad Buy!

Dear Friends,

We’re under attack.  Joe Biden just endorsed my opponent!  The Left is certainly energized to defeat me.

The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and other out of state leftist organizations have been funding my opponent to the tune of over a hundred thousand dollars. They’ve decided that my race is where they try to advance their radical agenda. Help me fight back!

My opponent has committed to a SIX FIGURE TV ad buy!

Help me compete with these out of state donations. Help me fight for a future where Virginians reject these out-of-state activists. Help me fight for a future where it’s Virginians like you that make an impact.

They’re pulling out all the stops to rally their billionaire supporters and Planned Parenthood’s tax-funded political machine. I have to raise more money than I ever have and ask more of our great volunteers than I ever have. Our volunteers are stepping up to the challenge, can you step up to the challenge with a donation right now?

There’s no time to waste. Can you step up right now with a donation to help raise enough money to counter out-of-state radicals?

I’m always grateful for the support you show me everyday.

God bless you and thank you again for your generosity!


Delegate Bob Marshall

P.S.  One last request please share this with your family, friends and neighbors on social media and ask them for their help!

The Democratic Party is not what it use to be. There was a time Democrats respected America’s founding principles. Now? Not so much.

You want to help Delegate Bob Marshall? Then please visit and click on the donate button. Click on the “Take Action” link and volunteer. But first think about why you should do it.

Who is Joe Biden? Think about where he stands in the Democratic Party. Consider the values he represents. Understand that Biden is endorsing Democrats in Virginia because they represent his values.

What values does Biden represent? Well, we had Joe Biden as our Vice President for eight years, and Biden faithfully executed President Barack Obama‘s instructions. Do you actually like how Obama was “transforming” America, slowly making our nation second-rate, our people poor and dependent upon government?

Was Obama about abortion rights, redistributing the wealth, and pitting us against each other  through identity politics? No. Not exactly. What Obama sought to do is give us our “rights” instead of protecting our rights.

What is the difference between a government that protects our rights and a government that gives us our rights? Well, I am going to borrow some words I saw in a couple of comments on another blog: here and here.

Here are some excerpts from the first comment.

At the founding of the nation, Americans understood their rights to be what is expressed in the Declaration of Independence. That is, the Declaration of Independence speaks of what some philosophers call negative rights. Here the term “negative” refers to rights that the government or some other power could take away from an individual. The Declaration of Independence summarizes these rights as the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


So what is the limit of negative rights? Well, if the exercise of my religious beliefs involves human sacrifice, it is a cinch I am imposing my religious beliefs upon someone else. Therefore, government has the duty to stop me. That is, the government must arbitrate our disputes. My right to own property, for example, does not give me the right to take ownership of what belongs to someone else, for example.

What confuses the matter today, however, is the notion that the government can give us our rights. These are called “positive” rights. Examples include: the right to a job, the right to an education, the right to health care, the right to a retirement income, and so forth. There are two big problems with positive rights: (1) the government has to abridge the negative rights of some people in order to give other people their “positive” rights, and (2) “positive” rights create a huge conflict of interest for politicians.

Once you realize there are no such things as a free job, free education, free health care, free retirement, and so forth, I suspect you can begin figure out the nature of the first problem on your own. The second problem is only slightly more complex. When we allow politicians unfettered administrative authority over our “rights”, we have to trust the same people to both protect our rights and to give us our rights. Many happily succumb to the temptation to sell our rights for votes. (from here)

So what should we do? How do we protect our rights? Here is an excerpt from the second comment.

The primary way we protect our rights to live our lives as we wish is to not put anyone else in charge of them. When we insist upon positive rights, the government giving us “rights”, we begin loosing control of our lives. Eventually, if we insist upon being given enough “rights”, we become dependents of the entity that gives us our ‘rights”. That entity then has the power to control us. (from here)

Is this an exaggeration? Are the values that Obama and Biden represent dangerous to our freedom? After eight years of Democrats in charge, isn’t our country more divided than ever? Wasn’t the Obama administration all about giving some people their rights at the expense of other people?

Consider the nature of identity politics, which is actually a form of discrimination BY THE GOVERNMENT. For the Democratic Party, Danica Roem personifies identity politics. I say “personify” because most of Roem’s funding is from out of Virginia, and now his biggest endorsement is a nationally recognized politician from another state.

What is Roem’s objective? What is the Democratic Party’s objective? With issues like transgendered children, same sex “marriage”, affirmative action and hate crimes, the Democratic Party strives to establish government’s power to decide for each of us the difference between right and what is wrong.

Consider these examples.

  • Freedom of religion involves more than simply the right to go to church and worship. When we leave our places of worship, we also have the right to exercise our religious beliefs. Yet many in the Democratic Party insist upon freedom from religion. They insist religion has no place in the public square. Do you have a conscience? Did you form your conscience based upon your religious beliefs? Many in the Democratic Party think you should ignore it.
  • When people engage in personal fantasies such as sex changes and same-sex marriage, do these people have the right to make others participate? Why? Why should the government force the unwilling, using the force of law, to participate in fantasies they think are immoral? There is no good reason. Yet the Democratic Party has abused appointments to the Supreme Court to force same-sex marriage upon our country, and now Democrats want to use government power to force transgender politics into the public school system.
  • When a less qualified “minority” person insists upon being hired or given “equal pay”, and when a private company is the employer, why does government need to be involved? Where does the Constitution justify Federal involvement? It doesn’t. Nevertheless, the Federal Government, using a weird interpretation of the interstate commerce clause, sics lawyers on private companies who are supposedly making the wrong hiring and wage decisions. This is absurd. When private companies make stupid decisions, it hurts their profit margin. We need laws against wrongful discrimination based upon race, sex, and creed because of government abuse, not abuse by private companies.
  • What is a hate crime? What makes a murder a hate crime? Consider that we still don’t know why Stephen Paddock, the gunman who machine gunned hundreds of people in Las Vegas, committed those murders. Was his crime a hate crime? What if Paddock was indifferent to those he killed and maimed? He just wanted to kill. Would his indifference make his crime more or less evil?

    The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference. Because of indifference, one dies before one actually dies. To be in the window and watch people being sent to concentration camps or being attacked in the street and do nothing, that’s being dead. — Elie Wiesel (US News & World Report (27 October 1986)) (from here)

One last thought. When you vote for someone like Marshall, you are voting for someone who respects the Law. Year after year Marshall has sought to abide by the limits of the Law, and that is an expression of humility. Marshall has not pretended that he knows how to run the lives of his individual constituents. Instead, he has protected our rights. He has sought to let us run our own lives. On the other hand, when we vote for a politician who promises to give us our rights — including the right to force others to respect our “identity” — whatever we might think that is, we are voting for someone who is perfectly happy to make up the law. That is especially true if our “identity” is a wish, a fantasy. Then without a doubt we are voting for someone who has the arrogance to tell their neighbors what they should believe and how they should live.

If we don’t want our own conscience abused, then we should strive to let our neighbors live by the dictates of their own consciences.

What goes around comes around. (explanation here)


  1. The part from “What is the difference between a government that protects our rights and a government that gives us our rights?” was on point thank you for sharing. I am thing of posting it as an excerpt on my FB page.

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  2. Sorry, Citizen Tom…I don’t mean to use your site as a dumping ground but I don’t have much other means of documenting this exchange with Schaden.
    Her response to the suggestion she violated the terms of agreement:
    “Your information was already public and if you cared, you would see that on my blog, I state that if you go out of your way to be a jerk, you will be held accountable and your name and contact information will be published. This is what happens to liars like you, froggy, now you get to be accountable for what you have said.
    “I do take great amusement in allowing people to post their hateful screeds here. I also post their email addresses, so they can be proud and take responsibility for them.”

    Another response (after she deleted the last part of my address)

    Yep, I did, but then went back and removed the source. Now, Froggy, do you know why I call you froggy, and have again showed that you are a liar when you try to accuse me of having “something against the French”? And since you yourself indicated that “frog” was a insult to the French, it would be rather silly to believe that you used it as a “tongue in cheek” tip of the hat to your heritage. Alas, your insult and your new excuse don’t quite make sense together. But nice attempt.

    This is really despicable.

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    1. CS:“Ah, and more insults. Please do keep going, froggy. No wonder you don’t want anyone knowing how you act when you can pretend you are anonymous.”

      I responded:
      October 22, 2017 at 5:31 pm
      WordPress, please feel free to sift through my oh so very hateful screeds here and determine the veracity of Schaden’s claims.
      Per anonymity, Schauden…is that your real name?
      Mind sharing your personal (not blog) e mail address too while we’re having this friendly conversation?

      Citizen Tom, this is my last copy ad paste on the subject.
      My apologies again, but I’m trying to have some documentation that isn’t going to be tampered with after the fact.

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        1. I posted over at Silenceofmind’s too.
          I’m an RN and the unethical release of private information is a big, big deal to me.
          Furthermore, the intention here was obviously malicious…which makes it far worse than an “oops”.

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        2. Interesting that fraud doesn’t appear to matter if it’s someone they disagree with politically.
          You’re right about them.
          Truly a moral compass-less paradigm.
          Trying to explain right and wrong to someone like that is on par with trying to reinvent the wheel.
          Um, let’s see..
          Let’s start with why trust is important in human societies….

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        3. I saw the Tom Salmon post.
          When I was a moderator a while back, I received “reported posts” from both sides of issues. I came to the conclusion that a bad advocate is the worst thing for a cause. People would report their own advocates. Seriously, they did…in fact they were more likely to report their own offenders than the opposition. Because it made them look bad.
          Most people do have an inherent sense of justice. It’s tied in to hope, faith, love (the things that endure). People are designed to need trust within their tribe and a person who violates trust on a whim, for no real reason other than unkindness, is understood to be untrustworthy (even within that tribe).

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          1. True. Many of the people pushing the Progressive or Liberal Democrat agenda don’t understand why it cannot work. Perhaps we don’t do a good enough job of teaching what the Bible says.

            To the average person, Christian morality looks highly inefficient. When we can just redistribute the wealth and eliminate poverty by fiat, why shouldn’t we do so? If they understood the Bible they would have the wisdom to understand. As it is, most people don’t think of themselves as slaves to sin. Our pride rejects the idea. Yet we are slaves to sin, and we can only be freed by putting our faith and our love in Jesus Christ.


  3. Just to add, I posted this bit:
    “You’re allowed to post my e mail address?
    That’s interesting. I don’t care enough to comment, but I hope some other posters will take note on how much you value their personal information.
    My e mail address might just be a tongue in cheek hat tip to my heritage.

    I have nothing more to say to you.”

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    1. I’ve reported this behavior to wordpress and I hope others will.
      She has violated the terms of agreement.


    1. Unethical? Yes, but consider how some people define ethics. When we don’t believe in God, we don’t actually love anyone except our self, what then is ethical?


  4. Alas for Tom, Democrats are always for the founding principles and have been like this even when you were growing up with us. We aren’t for having wannabee theocrats forcing their religious beliefs on others like the founding fathers knew was a problem.

    But Tom doesn’t let facts bother him. What should one make of a man who claims to be a Christian but followed those who lie and who spreads those lie himself? Exodus 23 “You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.” Tom is certainly a wonderful TrueChristian, with no evidence for his claims, and cherry picking his religion as much as he likes.

    this is pretty hypocritical “If we don’t want our own conscience abused, then we should strive to let our neighbors live by the dictates of their own consciences.”

    Nice idea but Tom has no intention of this happening at all. This is why the Catholic Church spent millions to take the ability of living by the dictates of one’s own conscience from them by opposing marriage rights. The Mormon Church did the same thing. Roy Moore did his best to force his religion in the courthouses. And protestant pastors like Huckabee, Graham, etc have repeatedly spent money and tried to influence politics to make sure that only their religion was followed. Indeed Trump himself promised “power” to evangelical Christians and promised that he would force people to obey their religion.

    If Tom was honest and really meant what he said, then he would not be shilling for a politician to get his way in forcing his religion on others. Christians would spend that money on helping the least of these and letting everyone live by the dictates of their own consciences.


    1. clubschadenfreude

      Is Tom a liar? Since what he wrote is public, his words can stand on their own. Yours? Well, your words are your problem.

      Is marriage a right? No. Why does the government issue marriage licenses? We can debate why the custom started, but the Bible documents what people thought a marriage was supposed to be several thousand years ago in Genesis 1 -2. Marriage is the union of a man and woman. The state recognizes the union with a license. That license helps to establish who fathers the children produced as the result of that union.

      Whose rights is the state trying to protect? Children need the most protection. Childbearing also makes women vulnerable. Therefore, marriage provides the most protection for children and women, but responsible men benefit too.

      What has same-sex coupling got to do with children and childbearing? Nothing. Since homosexual activity clearly involves unhealthy and frivolous behavior, the state has no legitimate interest in encouraging such activity.

      Does the state violate anyone’s rights by ignoring same-sex “unions”? That is debatable. Any kind of fornication involves disease, prostitution, and child abuse issues. However, there is a point where cost/benefit analysis suggests the government should stay out what goes on in the bedroom. It is hypocritical of Liberal Democrats that they now seem determined to disregard that bit of wisdom.

      What about your other references? I wrote a couple of posts on the subject.

      You are welcome to read those post and comment here.


      1. It’s rather amusing that you think that since someone wrote something in public, that automatically makes those things true aka “stand on their own”. It doesn’t work that way; things have to be actually true. You are more than welcome to show where my words aren’t true. IF you can’t, then you are only trying to lie about me.

        I do wonder, who are you to say marriage isn’t a right? One sad little man who wants to force his religion on others. Who cares what the bible says since it is a book written thousands of years ago by human beings who also thought that slavery was just peach keen. Words have meanings and those meanings can be added to. The state now recognizes that marriages aren’t limited to certain people, and I know you are so upset by this that your baseless religion isn’t followed by everyone anymore. A marriage license is to give legal rights to men and women in regards to each other and to their children. A marriage license isn’t required to make a man a father. An adoption can also do that. A marriage license has so many other applications than just who had sex with who. You are again so willfully ignorant that it again torpedoes your nonsense.

        Ah, here we go with the “think of the children” nonsense that some Chrsitians try to use to excuse their bigotry. A marriage license can protect children if parents are idiots. It also protects spouses of either sex. And just how does childbearing make women “vulnerable”, Tom? Do you mean it is physically dangerous to have children? Why yes it is, and this is why anti-choice people like you are idiots when you try to prevent women from having the choice to be pregnant or not. Now, if the rights of children are so important, then you should support marriage for everyone who wants it since gay couples have children too. But you don’t really care children, you only want to force your version of your religion on others.

        Homosexual sex doesn’t have anything to do with marriage, just like heterosexual sex has nothing to do with marriage. I was quite happily having sex without a marriage. So, your idiotic claim that state approved marriages for everyone are “encouraging” homosexual sex is ridiculous. There is nothing “unhealthy” about homosexual sex or heterosexual sex, but thanks for the usual TrueChristian™ lie. It’s hilarious to see you claim it is “frivolous” e.g. of little weight or importance, lacking in seriousness. I guess you may consider heterosexual sex is “frivolous” too, if it isn’t regulated by you.

        No, it is not “debatable” that by ignoring same sex marriages the state is not doing anyone harm. It is doing harm because it does not allow same sex couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples in being able to visit in the hospital as spouses, to transfer property as spouses, to adopt children, etc. You try to claim that homosexual sex is somehow “worse” than heterosexual sex as most lying TrueChristians™ try to do.

        I agree, it is not the gov’t business to involve themselves in what goes on in the bedroom. But that is not what we are talking about here, we are talking about marriage and the rights it bestows. I did see your other posts and they fail too, just being the usual claims of a TrueChristian™ who wants to have a theocracy where his version of one sect of one religion should be enforced on everyone. This claim from you ““If we don’t want our own conscience abused, then we should strive to let our neighbors live by the dictates of their own consciences.” Is again not what you advocate for at all. You make claims like this too “If a People believe in a God who created an orderly universe, a God that expects men to love Him and each other, we can see that they will govern themselves a manner that promotes mutual respect for each other’s rights to life, liberty, and property.” But then claim that it is “debatable” that states violate the rights aka the freedom of others when it treats one group better over another.

        It’s also nice to see you lie again in your attempts to claim that people who don’t believe in god or in the god you’ve invented would not have a “mutual respect for each other’s rights to life, liberty, and property”. Why did you choose to lie about others like that, Tom? How is saying one group can’t have the same rights as another group having a “mutual respect” for others? Christians who insist that no one can have a marriage that counts but them aren’t showing any respect for others at all. All your kind of Christian argues for is that might is right, that “might” being your version of this god.


        1. It’s rather amusing that you think that since someone wrote something in public, that automatically makes those things true aka “stand on their own”. It doesn’t work that way; things have to be actually true. You are more than welcome to show where my words aren’t true. IF you can’t, then you are only trying to lie about me.

          You made a bunch of unsupported assertions, and I have to prove that what you said is not true?

          When I write, I strive to use what is either common knowledge or reference a pertinent document. Accusing me of doing what you do is kind of funny, but predicable, I suppose.

          Marriage, in the legal sense, is not a right. The government does not have to license anything we want to call a marriage just because we want to be married. Try marrying your dog or cat.

          What is a marriage? We both know what a marriage is, and it is beyond the power of the government to redefine it. However, that does not stop people from trying or from trying to create a new legal definition. There is nothing new about people trying to live out their fantasies. There is nothing new about people abusing children as they try to live out their fantasies.

          Fornication is sex outside of marriage. Nothing new about that either.

          What you are trying to define as a theocracy is the refusal to accept your moral system. If the government allows others their right to exercise their beliefs, beliefs other than what you hold dear, that’s a theocracy? Obviously, that dangerously absurd, but there is nothing new about people being dangerously absurd. Some people will say and do anything if they can get their own way.


        2. ‘Try marrying your dog or cat.’ So said CT so aptly.

          Go to your local Registrar and file a motion that marriage as understood since time began is all wrong. Tell them you want to see the ‘pet’ marriage certif. Maybe they will laugh and send you to the animal farm.

          Sometimes the most absurd ideas are the most powerful to expose a lack of reason, common sense, and good ole law.

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  5. The race for governor in NoVa is aggravating too. If Democrats have their way, they will turn us into another California. I’ve lived in California, and there are many reasons I left. Praying this doesn’t happen. We can’t afford to move again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I too would detest seeing what has happened to California happen to the rest of our country. All we can do is point our neighbors to the principles the founders used to establish our people as a nation, and, as you say, pray. Still, I am not certain that will be enough.

      I was reading a book today, and the Christian author made an observation about Christians that I have to admit hit the mark. We pray, but we don’t do. He spoke in the context of revival. If want a revival, then we have to start doing some reviving. It is not enough just to pray. God wants us in the fight. Yet I must admit I have done more praying than reviving.

      Since we don’t many Christians making the effort to spark a revival, revival poses a puzzle. How is revival done. What are we supposed to do? Yet the Bible provides lessons, and so does that past. So I suppose that will eventually be the subject of another series of posts. But first I have to solve the puzzle.

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  6. There is an old idiom about us old guys including me.

    “There’s no fool like an old fool”

    Prov. Cliché Old people are supposed to be wise, so if an old person behaves foolishly, it is worse than a young person behaving foolishly. As old Mrs. Fleischman watched her husband try to dance the way their grandchildren danced, she muttered, “There’s no fool like an old fool.”

    Old Democrat Delaware Joe appears to be dancing in Virginia now a days?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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