Horace Vernet, Jeremiah on the ruins of Jerusalem (1844) (from here)

Given the character and frequency of his posts, I get the impression that  silenceofmind writes his posts when he just cannot help himself. There was a prophet like that.

Jeremiah 20:7-10 New King James Version (NKJV)

O Lord, You induced me, and I was persuaded;
You are stronger than I, and have prevailed.
I am in derision daily;
Everyone mocks me.
For when I spoke, I cried out;
I shouted, “Violence and plunder!”
Because the word of the Lord was made to me
A reproach and a derision daily.
Then I said, “I will not make mention of Him,
Nor speak anymore in His name.”
But His word was in my heart like a burning fire
Shut up in my bones;
I was weary of holding it back,
And I could not.
10 For I heard many mocking:
“Fear on every side!”
“Report,” they say, “and we will report it!”
All my acquaintances watched for my stumbling, saying,
“Perhaps he can be induced;
Then we will prevail against him,
And we will take our revenge on him.”

So what is ‘s most recent post? Well, I expect Jeremiah would understand. God Bless America’s Evangelical Christians! calmly rages against the moral degeneracy that is overtaking our nation. ‘s post begins with video. Since he left it for his readers to view the video and figure out for themselves what it is about, I will do the same. However, I do have an observation. The video doesn’t display in Firefox. Internet Explorer, however, works fine.

To provide his final example, links to this blog, Club Schadenfreude. Check the about page. The blog is about inflating a man’s ego. links specifically to this post, Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Trump and Sessions want a theocracy, and this is the latest way they’re trying to do it. That Club Schadenfreude post links to an article posted by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. There is literally no such thing as freedom from religion.

Religion is the search for ultimate meaning. — Viktor E. Frankl (from here)

All the members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation do is try to foist their own religious beliefs on everyone else.




  1. I replied to Silence of the Mind on his statement….

    A case in point and something that is just driving the leftist barbarian crazy is the repeal of the requirement that employer health plans pay for birth control.

    You may be interested in my post about paying for abortion.


    In ancient times, the word fool was meant to describe someone who did not believe in God.
    The following King Solomon proverb would advise you not to try to reason with an atheist.

    Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.(Proverb 26:4)

    Answer not a fool according to his folly,…. Sometimes a fool, or wicked man, is not to be answered at all; as the ministers of Hezekiah answered not a word to Rabshakeh; nor Jeremiah the prophet to Hananiah; nor Christ to the Scribes and Pharisees; and when an answer is returned, it should not be in his foolish way and manner, rendering evil for evil, and railing for railing, in the same virulent, lying, calumniating, and reproachful language;
    lest thou also be like unto him; lest thou also, who art a man of understanding and sense, and hast passed for one among men, come under the same imputation, and be reckoned a fool like him.( Gils Commentary from Biblehub)

    I believe, after reading all the comments on Silence of the Mind’s post , King Solomon was a very wise man both in ancient and modern time..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. Point taken, Scatterwisdom, and good writeup. 🙂

      (though sometimes in my experience, absurdity can be used as tool to highlight the absurd)

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      1. The good Lord has designed a purpose for both both foolish and wise choices we all make.

        From the current news I read and hear everyday, there seems to be an abundance of fools making foolish choices
        Sure hope there are more wise than fools to counterbalance the folly. choice far outweights the wise choices. in my opinion….


        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. So, I posted at Schaden’s again with a link.
    Schaden asserted that Trump is creating a Christian theocracy because, exhibit A….he “wants to bring back Christmas” so…I provided a link to White House cards from Christmases past.
    Many of them said (can anyone guess?) “Merry Christmas”.
    Response from Schaden (can anyone guess?): “You’re a liar!”

    I’d think anyone intelligent (I know Schaden is intelligent because her profile page says so…and the most intelligent people do that, for example Steven Hawking’s first description of himself on his profile page is “I’m intelligent”) would have more descriptive or interesting pejoratives than the one trick pony “you’re a liar!” spiel in every response. That’s worse than dumb. It’s boring.

    If you keep calling me a liar Schaden I’ll tell everyone where we met!
    (oh, okay….Brony-con. Schaden won, I came in second. Prize was a Brony cosplay made of pink spandex with rainbow sparkles and blinking LED pony ears. It expressed Schaden’s true devotion to the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Gonna call me a liar now, Schaden? Huh? HUH????)

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  3. Citizen Tom, I have some experience with trolls.
    1) they always claim to be very happy and successful.
    2) they are always immediately rude and condescending.
    3) if you respond to their nonsense with anything more than a better grade of nonsense, it only encourages them further.

    But if you’re interested in starting a poll:
    Today’s Schadener Contribution:
    a) herp
    b) derp
    c) wargarble
    d) all of the above

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      1. LOL Thanks Citizen Tom.
        I like discussion with people who might disagree…
        I’ve mentioned I have been both a registered Democrat and a Republican an keep up with both sides of politics.
        but let’s face it, this individual isn’t interested in a conversation, just an abusive diatribe.


        1. True. Still, I just addressed the issues that concerned me, and I hope multiple people will read the comments.

          Lots of people don’t understand that Atheism is a religion. clubschadenfreude insists that Atheism is not a religion, but his best argument is vitriol.

          In practice, many Atheists hold beliefs not that different from the pagans of ancient times. Instead of worshiping idols, they worship stuff, sex, state, and self. Of course, they resent having that pointed out. That is because the gods the pagans worshiped were gods related to the worship of stuff, sex, state, and self. So the difference between atheists and pagans is minuscule. When people stop to think of the cruelty of the Roman Empire and connect that with the Atheism of Communists and the Nazis, Atheism doesn’t look so appetizing. Few Americans want to live in a tyrannical state. Unfortunate, most have also been taught that religion and government are entirely separate matters, but they are not.

          Are there some very civilized non-theists or atheists? Yes, but most people don’t seem to have much love in them until they learn to love God. Those that do have been loved and learned to return that love. The next step is loving people who do not love us. Everyone learns to love because someone else loved them first.

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        2. Anon,

          I think one of the advantages we have is that most of us are stable and assertive in our struggles to get through each day.

          Strangely, people of the left are so angry and hate-driven as to be freakish.

          Ironically, I think this also to our advantage because such a psychosis has to be exhausting.

          It’s like the Corker phenomenon; under persistent, well directed pressure from President Trump, the swamp denizen just vacated the field and retired.

          Even the criminal Bolsheviks out there who are truly violent are still subject to the law and so, can be hauled off the field and retired to a jail cell.

          I also think that the calm wisdom that people like you and Citizen Tom display so naturally and casually every day is a critical element that makes a hyper-civilization like Western Civilization, possible.

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        3. I mean, well said in it’s entirety.
          (I read it earlier and forgot the “calm wisdom” portion….
          I appreciate the compliment, and agree Citizen Tom and you exhibit calm wisdom. 🙂
          I’d like to think I do…but, not always. LOL)

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  4. quite interesting that your IP address shows you are from California, not Gainesville VA. Alas, Tom, there is freedom from religion, by not participating in it and countering it. It is a common false statement from many people that tries to claim atheism is a religion. Unfortunately for you and them, a simply definition shows that you are lying and that you seem to feel you must do so.

    It’s quite hilarious to see so many here inventing strawmen. Really, I own western civilization? Now, how does that work since there are at least 20 churches, mosques and synagogues I walk past to work, hundreds of theistic tv stations and radio stations, at least 10 pages of houses of worship in my local phone book, etc.

    The delusion of persecution that conservative Christians have is amazing. It’s a shame you insist that you are being persecuted and thus devalue the actual persecution of people. You just whine since you don’t get your way every time, like the spoiled children you are.

    Now, Tom, please do show how people who don’t agree with your version of your religion are at a disadvantage? I have a lovely life, a great job and a soulmate. I have a great family, including Christians who don’t feel the need to lie and hate. My job is protecting people who live in nursing homes.

    and dear anon, great to see you insist how you won’t say anything but then go right ahead bearing false witness and making false claims. Please do go on. IF there is a hell, it will be full up with false Christians and no room for a honest atheist.


    1. quite interesting that your IP address shows you are from California, not Gainesville VA.

      There is a simple explanation for that. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      Is atheism a religion? Everyone seeks meaning in life. You are doing it right now. What is confusing about this is that all of us do not seek meaning in life the same way.

      Atheism is ideological belief that concerns the meaning of life. That alone makes it a religious belief.

      There are according to a preacher I like to listen to four big questions in life.

      1. Why am I here?
      2. What is right and wrong?
      3. What brings me meaning
      4. What happens to a human being when I die?

      — Ravi Zacharias (http://rzim.org/) (an expert in Christian apologetics) says there are Four Questions To Answer In Life (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfb5-7mtC-8).

      You want to say atheism is not an attempt to answer those questions? Well, I am not arguing that all atheists approach the matter both honestly and sanely, but it is quite obvious that atheists are just like everyone else, that they too strive to answer those four questions. It is also quite obvious what you think of the Christian answers to those four questions.

      How we answer those questions affects how we choose to live. Consider that you feel the need to justify and defend yourself. You think it is all about you. I know it is all about God. For your own good, I just want you to understand what I believe. Without God, your answers for those four questions are meaningless.

      Did I claim you own western civilization? No. However, I don’t doubt that it offends you when you have to walk past churches, mosques and synagogues.

      Are you among those atheists who insist upon imposing their own religious beliefs on everyone else? I think so. Consider your rabid denial that Atheism is a religious belief, in spite of the fact that Atheism obviously is a religious belief. What is the significance of this falsehood? Why protect it? Well, if it is wrong for Christians to impose their religious beliefs on non-Christians, then if Atheism is a religion, it follows — because we have freedom of religion in this country — that it is wrong to impose the religious beliefs of atheists on non-atheists.

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      1. IP address are easy to track. It also helps to have a system engineer sitting in the room with me.

        Lots of people who have no religion have a meaningful life. Atheism means having no believe in god/gods. It’s not a philosophy of life. It’s a shame that so many Christians try to make claims about things that they have no clue about. You might want to find a dictionary.

        Ah, Ravi. He’s a great example of a Christian who speaks about things he hasn’t a clue about. He’s hilarious when he screws up basic physics. And yep, i’d agree that all humans ask those questions. Funny how no religion that claims to answer them can be shown any more true than the next. You all insist that only your version is right, and have nothing to show that at all.

        Humans also justify and defend themselves. Why, you’re doing it right here! And no, I don’t think it’s all about me. But nice attempt at a lie, Tom. You claim it is all about god, but that’s what every theist says, and again, no evidence that any of you are right. My life isn’t meaningless, but I’m very sure that you really really hope it is so you feel better about yourself. it is indeed all about you.

        And no, you didn’t say I owned the western civilization, just the two very ignorant conservative Christians on your comments section. You may want to ask SOM why he has refused to support his claims about me. It would take a cut and paste if they were true, but he can’t even do that.

        I rather like the churches and synagogues and mosques so again a TrueChristian is wrong about something they have assumed. They are very pretty buildings and I like the bells and calls to prayer. I’m also fond of a good gospel group. Sorry, dear, not fitting in to your stereotype.

        Hmmm, what atheists are forcing people not to believe in god, which is the only thing atheists agree on? please do give examples. And dear, atheism isn’t capitalized and doing it just makes you look silly. No matter how many times you lie, atheism won’t become a religion. What atheists, and Christians and jews, and other theists do continue to do is to prevent one sect of Christianity from insisting that it be the only one and that its version becomes law. For example, no one said that the clerk in Kentucky had to believe anything different than she did. She however could not force her religion on others thanks to laws of the US. These laws were not taken from the bible for a reason, because they did not want a state religion.

        Since atheism is not a religion, and only ignorant conservative Christians try to claim it so, and since atheists do not try to make anyone *not* believe in whatever god they have, your argument fails nicely. It is built on a false premise and false claims. And rabid denial? Nah, just my Merriam Webster dictionary.


        1. IP address are easy to track. It also helps to have a system engineer sitting in the room with me.

          So you are at work and spending your time productively by blogging?

          Atheism fits the definition of a religion. Look at dictionary.com.

          Since the vast majority of people tend to believe in God or some kind of god, most of the religious beliefs we refer to as religions involve God/gods. Nevertheless, some Buddhists are for all practical purposes atheists, and that would not stop us from calling what they believe their religion.

          Ostensibly, words exists so that we can communicate ideas. Atheism communicates the idea that no god/gods exist. That idea provides the basis for a philosophy shared by all atheists.

          Do all atheists believe exactly the same thing about the answers to those four questions (https://citizentom.com/2017/10/12/hiding-behind-twisted-words-and-other-lies/#comment-76406)? No. It would be difficult to find any two people who believe exactly the same thing. Hence, it would not be too far from the truth to say we each have our own religion. That, however, is not the way the word “religion” is ordinarily used. Usually, we use the word “religion” to refer to a formal belief system.

          Since there is not a formal religious organization that includes all atheists, it is probably more appropriate to refer to Atheism as a religious belief, not a religion. Still, it is excusable. In practice, no organization includes all Christians. Yet we speak of the Christian religion. That is in fact true of all the world’s major religions, and it seems to be true of Atheism too.

          Hmmm, what atheists are forcing people not to believe in god, which is the only thing atheists agree on?

          You do like overstatements, don’t you? You can correct yourself. Just read what I actually wrote.

          Observation: Politics involves the formation of coalitions, at least so long as voting makes a difference. The object of the coalition members is to combine forces so that coalition members can achieve certain individual objectives.

          We no longer have a limited government. Our government is now in the business of delivering many “services” that were formerly regarded as religious matters. It would be easy enough to refer to your blog to gather a list of atheist causes, but you have asked a question whose answer you already know. You even provided an example in your comment. So what would be the point? In fact, why do you have to ask? Why don’t you just go back to silenceofmind’s post for some examples?


          1. Shucks, no dear, my soulmate is a systems engineer and we’re in our den. And I’m not a bad hand at websites and blogs. But thanks for jumping to ignorant conclusions again.
            The vast majority of people don’t believe in your version of your god, Tom. I guess you are too lazy to actually known about other religions and how many of what believers are in the world. Even Chritians are quite sure that those “other Christians” aren’t TrueChristianstm. I’m old enough to know how hateful protestants are to Catholics, and how my extended family took a fit over a cousin marrying a Catholic. Again it seems you are too ignorant or too scared to actually look up the definition of religion and not depend on your made up one. Yep, words do exist so we can communicate ideas and you do your best to lie about a definition of a word, atheism. Such a good Christian. Some Buddhists may indeed be atheists, but the vast majority are not and what you consider an atheist and what is not is rather silly since you have already shown you have no idea what an atheist is and must rely on your own lies about atheists. Again your ignorance works against you.
            Why yes, atheists say that no god/gods exist. I can also communicate that fairies don’t exist. Am I an afairiest? And no dear, there is no philosophy that is shared by all atheists. But you are too lazy and too ignorant to find that out for yourself. You content yourself with false witnessing. I do love to watch you make a claim that all atheists share a philosophy and then turn around and then say atheists don’t believe the same thing. Nice contradiction there. It’s hilarious to watch you declare that since your claims are lies, now you change your tune that somehow we *all* (Christians included) have our own religion. Hmm, so how does that square with your lies that hundreds of millions of people worship your god? With your new invention to cover up your lies, there are not hundreds of millions worshiping your god, but hundreds of millions worshipping a hundred million gods. You almost have the correct definition of reigion but like so many deceitful Christians, you intentionally leave off part of the religion. It is a formal belief system “the service and worship of God or the supernatural
            (2) :commitment or devotion to religious (religious: relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity) faith or observance
            2 :a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices
            So again, you do a great job of showing how you depend on deceit, and I have shown again that atheism is a conclusion that there is no god/gods. It is not a belief at all, at least not in the way a theist would define belief. You fail again.
            It always amuses me when a Christain is so desperate to call atheism a religion. Why is that, Tom? Is calling something a religion the worst thing you can think to call it? Or is it that you want to claim that both sides are equivalent so that an atheist pointing out how ridiculous your faith can be ignored by a pouty “but you’re the same thing we are.”? Alas for you, atheism and Christianity aren’t the same at all. I know that no organization contains all Christians; you are all sure that those other ones aren’t Christians at all. Each has to have their special building rather than share; each has their own parts that they approve of and ignore, etc. You are doing a very good job at showing that religions, including Christianity aren’t anythign special at all. They are just one more human group. Thanks for doing that. I couldn’t’ do it better myself.

            You claimed that atheists are forcing people not to believe in god. I read what you actually wrong and let me quote you “Are you among those atheists who insist upon imposing their own religious beliefs on everyone else? I think so. “ And of course now you can’t support that. It seems that conservative Christians do have a problem with realizing that a blog is a recording media and they can’t lie and try to say that they didn’t say something. Thanks again for showing that you have no problem in trying to lie to others.
            You’re right, our gov’t provides many services that I and *you* repeatedly use. It’s only you that is a hypocrite when you whine about them. What does our gov’t do that was once regarded as “religious matters”? Taking care of people? Some religious people did that and many didn’t. There is the matter that my local mission can’t get enough money to run but there are ten pages of houses of worship in my local yellow pages. Now, why can’t the mission get enough money from religions?
            I don’t ask questions if I know the answers. That false claim is by a Christian who has no answer to my questions and is afraid to admit it. I am wondering where I provided this example in my comment and it is no surprise that you can’t quote me. Nice running away, my dear coward. It’s great to see that both you and SOM refuse to answer questions. At any time you could quote me to prove your lies about me, but you refuse. At any time you could show that you answered a question of mine by cutting and pasting but you refuse.
            It is no secret why. You hope people will believe you without questioning you. In that your pastors and priests to the same, it is no wonder you use such a pathetic tactic. And this is why evangelical Christianity is fading. Lies don’t work so well anymore.


          2. @clubschadenfreude

            I am sort of at a loss. I would perfectly happy to respond to reasoned argument, but that actually does not have much to do with your comments.

            1. I have little interest in resolving your confusion about my IP address.
            2. The number of people who believe in Jesus would be an interesting statistic, but it is not something to debate.
            3. My laziness and ignorance are what they are. My faults are numerous. Fortunately, salvation is a gift. I could never earn it.
            4. Christians and Protestants don’t always get along. I guess that proves your lack of charm is hardly unusual. The vast majority of the human race has such problems. You may or may not find this posting interesting => https://citizentom.com/2007/07/01/reviling-christian-fundamentalism/.
            5. I have explained why I believe it is correct to call Atheism a religion. Since the subject interests both my readers and myself, I expect I will do a post.
            6. You do offer some arguments, but you are mostly repeating yourself.
            7. Is religion the worst thing I can think of to call Atheism? Well, there was a time I would not have thought so, but given your reaction……. I think the heat of your reaction proves your opposition to
            freedom of religion.

            The Jews in Israel don’t wait for “proof” someone hates them anymore. They just stand ready to defend themselves. Given human nature, such a stance is all too necessary.

            We have a Constitution in this country. It is under assault. It is not just for your protection; it is for everyone. And it was designed by people who believe in God, not by people who don’t.


    2. “dear anon, great to see you insist how you won’t say anything but then go right ahead bearing false witness and making false claims. Please do go on.”

      I was in the mod queue and said I was in the mod queue. What false witness are you claiming? Are you actually claiming I wasn’t in the mod queue? Why would I assert that? It’s up now. It wasn’t then.

      ” I have a lovely life, a great job and a soulmate. I have a great family, including Christians who don’t feel the need to lie and hate.”

      If your communication style in real life is any reflection of your communication style online, it is very unlikely you have Christian friends. People do avoid condescending individuals who insult them repeatedly.

      You can make whatever claims you wish.
      Those of us who do have those real life accomplishments (a lovely life, great job and soulmate) know these things aren’t acquired by the type of personality you display here.

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      1. shucks, I don’t give a hoot if you mentioned the mod queue. You have repeatedly lied about me when it was great to see you make up nonsense to fit your own delusions by making baseless accusations against me. Please do keep it up.

        Sorry, dear but again you are wrong. I have Christian friends, Muslim friends, pagan friends, and heck my folks are Christians (I was myself one once, and yes dear, I know you’ll claim I wasn’t and will be lying then too). It is by the actions of Christians that I know that not all Christians lie about others.

        A liar gets called a liar and treated like a brat. Your god demands that liars be killed. No surprise that you refused to admit what you would do to a liar. It wouldn’t be convenient, would it?

        It’s also great to see you try to discount my words with no evidence. Sorry, froggy, you are wrong again and bearing false witness just like your bible says not to do. All you are trying to say is that no one that doesn’t agree with you has a great life, a loving partner, a happy and healthy family and a good job. Such sad little wishful thinking, but happily billions of people show that you are, yet again, wrong.


        1. Yes, yes indeed. Your hostility would of course bring you lots and lots of friends from all belief systems. I’m sure you are very very successful in all your endeavors. And happy happy happy! And “treated like a bratty liar”? Well, my oh, my….that sounds like a “neg”! You’re one of those red pill people.
          You card.

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        2. The worst thing I think the lady accused you of is showing “virulent hatred”. What is the point in calling her a liar just for pointing to what is apparent anyway. No wonder she is confused by your accusation.

          That is part of the problem with sin. When someone points to our bad behavior, we resent them for it. Quietly accepting criticism is something few people do well.


          1. ah, yes, that “virulent hatred”. And still no one, not you, not SOM, not the lady, has been able to point to where this is. I can surely be condescending and contemptuous, but that is what liars deserve, right? Indeed, Tom, what do you do with people who intentionally lie to you and lie about you?

            Surely, if this is so “apparent”, you can cut and paste a quote from me that shows “virulent hatred” (and please do make sure to make use of that dictionary). I’m waiting.

            as for sin, hmmm. That is invented by theists who don’t like people who are different than them. I do agree that people don’t accept criticism well. You’ve done a great job of displaying that yourself.


          2. Anon pointed you to the problem already. You can also read what you wrote. You have already pointed out that you are the expert on Mr. Dictionary. If you don’t agree with Anon observation, then you don’t agree. That makes everyone who disagrees with you a liar? Well some of us don’t think so.

            Of course, calling everyone who disagrees with you a liar is not hateful. How could that be? You are the fount of wisdom and truth. Not!


          3. For someone who makes this accusation against others “You do like overstatements, don’t you?”, you do this yourself quite well. I have not said that everyone who disagrees with me is a liar. A liar is a liar if they make false claims.

            Since your false claim doesn’t work, then your attempt at being clever by accusing me of being hateful is rather silly. You depend on false assumptions, Tom, and then your further comments, based on those assumptions, also fail. You’ve done this several times. Have you ever taking a logic class? That might help your arguments.


  5. Ah, Club Schadenfreude. Never heard of it, but the title is interesting. I think schadenfreude is the lowest form of humor, so it’s an interesting choice.
    If I felt like wallowing into the fray (I don’t) I’d mention:

    What we’re talking about is, by definition, the third party subsidy of individual recreational bedroom activity, mandated by the Federal government.
    Brought to us by the same folks who demand that government “get out of the bedroom.”
    Now with the repeal of this horrible decision we’re a theocracy!
    Orwell is once again vindicated.

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        1. “The entire Western Civilization is now owned and operated by Club Schad.

          Sadly it is so.
          There is truth in advertisement Schadeners gonna schade!
          I’d push back, but it’s not worth the aggravation.

          Really….I feel like I’m getting dumber just reading their arguments.
          Maybe when I was younger I had some grey matter to spare, but I’m less cavalier now and what I have left needs to last me.

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          1. Anon,

            Saving our civilization should not be beneath our contempt.

            We are where we are precisely because the pre-collapse intelligencia thought and acted exactly like you.

            Presenting our arguments is a pleasure.

            There is no need to argue.

            We just need to get good sense and 2500 years of our Western Heritage out on the airwaves.

            Otherwise, we continue to preach to a choir that went out of business 50 years ago.

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          2. I think what anon is suggesting is that some people have put themselves beyond the reach of logical argument. It is a bit easier to debate with people who still have ears that listen and eyes that see.

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        2. “Otherwise, we continue to preach to a choir that went out of business 50 years ago.”

          LOL! Point taken. Well said, Silence of mind. 🙂
          I don’t have time now but I’ll consider weighing in.
          I posted something over there but it’s in the mod queue.

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          1. When folks put the comments of new commenters in moderation, that is a bad sign. Given the contents on the About page, I don’t think the “Boss” is interested in any debate that does not make him look good.


    1. Schadenfreude does explain too much about that website.

      Imagine the character of someone who takes satisfaction in or feels pleasure at someone else’s misfortune. Consider that any joke always has someone at the butt of it. Consider that we have a choice. We can make fun of someone else, engage in ridicule, or we can share laugh at ourselves. We can turn humor into sneering or make it worthy of the release of a good chuckle.

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      1. “Schadenfreude does explain too much about that website.
        Imagine the character of someone who takes satisfaction in or feels pleasure at someone else’s misfortune.”

        Exactly. And, just a perusal of that site would indicate it fits.
        Doesn’t it?
        There’s simply no point in addressing this person further.
        He or she does have my pity though.
        We really need to pray for this individual.

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"Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.”


Life through the eyes of "cookie"

Rudy u Martinka

What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom. We are the masters of our own disasters.


Supplying the Light of Love

The Recovering Legalist

Living a Life of Grace

Write Side of the Road

writing my way through motherhood

Freedom Through Empowerment

Taking ownership of your life brings power to make needed changes. True freedom begins with reliance on God to guide this process and provide what you need.

John Branyan

the funny thing about the truth

Victory Girls Blog

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Gainesville, Virginia. That's OUTSIDE the Beltway.

D. Patrick Collins

liberating christian thought

Conservative Government

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Gainesville, Virginia. That's OUTSIDE the Beltway.

The Night Wind

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Gainesville, Virginia. That's OUTSIDE the Beltway.

In Saner Thought

"It is the duty of every man, as far as his ability extends, to detect and expose delusion and error"..Thomas Paine


“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few" Luke 10:2

All Along the Watchtower

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you ... John 13:34

Always On Watch: Semper Vigilans

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Gainesville, Virginia. That's OUTSIDE the Beltway.


"Let Us Live Lives Extraordinarily"


Heal the past. Free the present. Bless the future.


The place where you can find out what Lillie thinks

He Hath Said

is the source of all wisdom, and the fountain of all comfort; let it dwell in you richly, as a well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life

quotes and notes and opinions

from a Biblical perspective




The view from the Anglosphere

bluebird of bitterness

The opinions expressed are those of the author. You go get your own opinions.

Pacific Paratrooper

This WordPress.com site is Pacific War era information


Daily Thoughts and Meditations as we journey together with our Lord.


My Walk, His Way - daily inspiration

Kingdom Pastor

Living Freely In God's Kingdom

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