On November 7th, we will have a general election here in Virginia.  Here in Prince William County we will elect individuals to fill three statewide offices: governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. We will also elect our member to the House of Delegates. Other localities may also elect individuals to fill additional local offices.

With respect this election, what is the most important legislative race? Well, everyone who is running probably thinks his or her race is the most important. However, Delegate Bob Marshall makes a good case for his race.

Most Important Race in America!

Dear Friends,

My opponent’s first TV ad is all about being a great reporter.  Meanwhile, in a story in the UK’s Daily Mail, Danica Roem tells a very different story.

Danica claims I am to blame for traffic on the most congested road in the 13th district.  My opponent fails to understand that ONLY county Supervisors can alter the road, state delegates have no legal authority.  Not only that, the article states that 2/3 of PWC County drivers use Rt 28 each day.  While I agree Rt. 28 needs improvement, even a cursory examination of VDOT’s traffic counts website shows this to be completely false.

Clearly my opponent does not seem to care about telling the truth, yet claims to be a reporter dispensing facts.  Sound familiar?

My progressive opponent also wants Kindergarten children to learn about transgender issues if “age appropriate!”

Bottom line: Danica supports and I oppose, boys and girls sharing locker rooms and showers in our public schools.

And yes, Danica is all for tax increases, abortion on demand and the rest of the liberal menu which I oppose.

Please help me by contributing today to offset the five to one money advantage Danica has because of the LGBTQ national donor base!

As I mentioned before, my opponent received $115,000 from one donor, more than I spent to win my election in 2015!  The Conservative HQ has called my race the most important legislative race in America so I really need  your help.

You can donate at the link or by using the button below.  Of you can mail a check to Friends of Bob Marshall, P.O. Box 421, Manassas, VA 20108.  (For all donations over $100 the law requires we provide employer’s name, so please include that if you mail a check.)

As always, I deeply appreciate your generosity!  Without your financial help, volunteer work and prayers, I would not have been able to win 14 elections and represent you in Richmond these past 26 years.

Thank you for your continued support!


Delegate Bob Marshall

P.S.  Please consider also helping make phone calls using our call system from your home or helping with door knocking.

If you want to support Delegate Bob Marshall, please visit his website. Lots of money and widespread support from the Liberal news media is a difficult combination to beat. Therefore, Marshall can use our help.


  1. Will be interesting to see the outcome of this election as an example of what organs they use to determine what issues are more concerning to them.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


  2. Praying for God’s representative to get the job!!! And we know what God stands for! My daughter will be supporting the conservative candidates. As a Florida resident who spends a lot of time in Virginia being with my grandsons, I will be praying, and praying and praying!

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