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I heard about this on the radio this morning. I just about cheered. It is about time someone challenged this stupid, racist posturing. Click on the picture and listen to the debate. You will see why.

Does racism still exist in the USA? Yes. Should we do our best to stomp it out? Yes. Will we ever completely succeed? No. Should we let our inability to be perfect forever divide us into self-righteous, prideful cliques? No. Wouldn’t that be racist too?

There is a point where constantly emphasizing one’s consciousness of one’s own race is self-defeating. Consider Martin Luther King’s words.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of “interposition” and “nullification” — one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream today! (from here)

Brothers and sisters don’t care about each other’s color. They join hands because they care about each other.


  1. Thought this was funny (as well as accurate).

    Recently read a piece referencing Tim Tebow.
    Remember how the press treated him for taking a knee and praying before the game?
    Now it’s a great large show of media support for people kneeling as an act of disrespect intended to offend millions of people, to include their actual paying audience.

    I’ll link to that piece. Here is an excerpt:
    ” But now the media is praising football players who kneel…I really don’t like the different response here. Tebow knelt in prayer and homage to God, and was destroyed for it, while our football players are kneeling for…what, exactly? Protesting the flag? I think it’s a protest for Black Lives Matter, or against America, or something. My best guess is they’re protesting police mistreatment of certain citizens. Hey, I think our police are grotesquely overreaching their powers, and concede protests should be made. But those football players are paid $50,000 an hour to play football, not protest. They should do it on their own time.

    Tebow and the other players’ kneelings are protected as free speech even if some disagree with it, and while I make no assertion of approval for one or the other, it’s very striking that media hates Tebow and loves the other kneelers. Free speech is a great ideal, and I’m all for it but…reality is an issue, too.

    Bottom line, your average football fan, you know, the guys who ultimately pay the multimillion dollar contracts of the players, are getting ticked off at making politics a part of what should merely be an ultraviolent game. The fans cheered Tebow, but the media screeched him off the field. The fans are booing the kneelers, but media doesn’t cover that.

    The media ignores the people, and is puzzled that the people are tuning them out.

    Trump is something of a successful businessman, and so he gave the owners a bit of business advice: get rid of employees who insult the customers. The media has twisted his message a bit, but ultimately Trump has a point because infuriating your customer base is bad for business. The media naturally poured hatred on Trump for the unsolicited advice but, I dunno, that seems like a pretty basic idea. Even if Trump was a failed businessman, I’d have to consider this as a decent suggestion.”


    Kind of gratifying to hear what happened at Missouri University, for similar.


    1. Thanks for the cartoon and the excerpt. Good stuff!

      That cartoon illustrates the hypocrisy of the silly people who protest the flag and the national anthem. If someone wants to step on the flag, plenty of Americans will defend their right to do it. We won’t associate ourselves with them or their protest, we will defend their first amendment rights. Yet it is almost predicable that the same people stepping on the flag cannot be counted upon to defend anyone else’s rights. Sadly, most are so ignorant they don’t even know the difference between a right and a privilege.

      Kind of gratifying to hear what happened at Missouri University, for similar.

      Government-run schools don’t do what they are suppose to do. They behave in accordance with the desires of the people who control the money. Government-run schools just indoctrinate children in what politicians want them to believe. Whether enough people understand that yet I don’t know, but it seems some have it figured out. If parents withhold their children, and donors their money, that does hurt their bottom line. Still, the bulk of the money going education comes from the government, that is, politicians. The voters have to insist upon a real change that puts parents in control of where the money used for their child’s education.


  2. People are pattern recognizers.
    Even babies do this, not much escape from it…and it’s a survival mechanism so doing away with it entirely isn’t necessarily ipso facto good.
    Personally, I generally like being underestimated.
    I got a lot of calls from credit agencies after taking my husband’s last name but that’s…because people with that last name often have credit trouble.
    If I dressed in a burka and carried a bag around in a public area with a lot of wires coming out of it, I’m sure I’d get more attention than if I dressed like a comic-con character.
    That’s, again, patten recognition. Stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason.
    If you don’t like being stereotyped, break the stereotype.

    When my husband and I started dating, he looked a lot more “ethnic” than he does now (not black but very darkly tanned latino…very black thick hair that grew out like a ‘fro then).
    One time we were driving separate cars and on the way to see his parents (back in college…five hour trip there). We didn’t have cell phones (very early 90s). He stopped to get gas and I kept going, expecting him to catch up.
    He didn’t arrive for a couple of hours and I had no idea where he was.
    What happened:
    He paid for his gas in the store, but for some reason the lady at the counter didn’t remember it.
    She saw him leaving and called the police claiming he didn’t pay. They demanded a receipt…but he’d thrown it in the garbage can at the gas station. So he had to go back and fish the receipt out of the dirty trash can or they were going to arrest him. He found it, but it took a while.
    At the time I was pretty irate.
    But, looking back….well, he was dressed, and looked, kind of like a person who would be up to no good. Once he went into the military and cut his hair and dressed differently we never had an issue. People judge you by the way you look.

    The above incident is unlikely to happen to me.
    Then again, it’s unlikely to happen to anyone now….imagine the lawsuits!
    But I had different life challenges.
    For example, before we started dating vagrants and very seedy looking people would stand around my car and try to intimidate me into paying them to squee gee my windows. Or they would bother me on the bus, or when I went to the ATM they’d ask for money, or if I was going for a walk…
    At any rate, my man has a personality like Santa in an Easter bunny suit. He’s the nicest guy in the world, much nicer than I am….but he looks seriously scary.
    So no problems ever after, when I would stand next to him the hoodlums wouldn’t come within 100 feet.

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      1. Just to add, people stereotype even on the net. So I’m very careful to try to keep emotion and history out of my posting style. I find women typically fall into a pattern of attempting to generate sympathy from the audience. Sometimes it is subtle but it almost always happens over time. To me this is distracting as it makes challenging their ideas very difficult.

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        1. Good grief sorry for the quadruple post (on my first cup of coffee) but I should clarify….
          I’m careful to keep history out of my posting style in general. Sometimes life history comes up organically (or someone asks directly), or seems relevant to the topic, in which case I do mention it (example above).

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          1. I enjoy your comments, and I expect others do as well.

            I too generally tried to avoid talking about myself. Sometimes personal experience is relevant enough that I do, but we cannot prove anything just using our personal experience. So I usually don’t bother. Usually, I just cite personal experience to explain why a topic is important to me.


      2. Imagine asking your husband whether your dress makes you look fat. There is only one correct answer.

        No. You talk like a very sweet lady, just frankly conservative. I suspect many ladies don’t think conservatism is feminine. I scratch my head on that one. Given the character of what passes for feminism these days, what is feminine about it?

        Socialism may appeal to the heart, but regardless of ones sex a good heart allows itself to be guided by wisdom.


        1. “Imagine asking your husband whether your dress makes you look fat. There is only one correct answer.”

          “It’s not the dress, Honey.”
          Bwahaha! 🙂

          “You talk like a very sweet lady,”

          Oh squee! Thank you. I will endeavor not to disappoint. 🙂

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  3. As expected, the left is not satisfied with simply making their point, they bully anyone who does not go along. They abhor any form of what I call “reverse free speech”. In other words, not only do they want their say, they insist everyone else say it with them.

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    1. Thanks for that link.
      I’m glad Green Bay will be standing to the anthem with arms locked in solidarity.
      …though I’m of the opinion of one of the posters in the original article.
      I’d rather see them standing “in solidarity” with their hands over their hearts.

      I kind of like JJ Abram’s “fix” for this on South park. I’m partial to satire.

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      1. Anon
        I agree with your comment that it would be better if the players stood with their hand over their hearts. A “heartfelt” gesture” would be more meaningful sign of respect for our flag.

        Perhaps I will write my next post based on your comment.

        One bird at a time is one of my favorite books.

        The players appear to be slowly progressing from the knee to the shoulders, and hopefully someday to the heart ………, and hopefully to what is most meaningful…….., their soul.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  4. When does self–righteous posturing begin to lose credibility?
    When it’s non-sensical and inconsistent.

    “I am so tired being the racial color that is the butt of all black suffering.”
    You’re the wrong gender too, Doug.

    Well, the football players are unhappy.
    I’ve recently learned this means they are victims so obviously this proves that they have been abused by their fan base and sponsors. [/sarcasm]

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    1. Anon… You are absolutely correct… on top of being the “wrong” color I am also the “wrong” gender. To which I might proclaim,, “Hey.. where is MY country?”. Which I know you folks will retort, “That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you!!” 🙂

      Hey.. just because I find the President totally unqualified to be such… doesn’t mean I am totally un-sympathetic to certain conservative feelings that may flush me from time to time.

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  5. Good post Tom and yes I wanted to cheer Tucker Carlson as well. The thing that gets me is that a fair amount of the major police brutality cases that have made the news over these past couple of years have turned out in favor of the police not being racists and only doing their jobs. It’s after the headlines die down and the grand juries issue their reports that the truth eventually comes out but that news is not reported much and the false rum lies persist as “truth”.

    I’m not saying we don’t have race issues in this country, we do but it’s not systemic and certainly runs in both directions.

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    1. One of the most surprising things is that most blacks vote for Democrats, and it is so difficult to persuade them that they are voting against their own best interests.

      Look at the history of the Democratic Party. It has been racist since well before the Civil Wall, and it is still stuck on race. In fact, that infernal organization constantly looks for things to divide people based upon race, sex, creed, age, disability, economic class and so forth.

      Consider how the Constitution, the Bill of Rights in particular, was written. The object was to prevent the government from discriminating based upon race, sex, and creed. So what have our most unscrupulous politicians done? When the Constitution gives them no authorization whatsoever to do so, they have justified discrimination by the government as necessary to prevent the People from discriminating against each other. STUPID!

      When businesses or individual people senselessly discriminate against other people, it costs them. Only when government makes it legal can people discriminate stupidly and force their victims to pay the cost. Therefore, the primary issue is insisting that the government ignore race, sex, and creed as a legitimate basis for discrimination. Justice is blind, but each of us right to shoot ourselves in the foot.

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  6. More and more I here Shakespeare’s words echoing in my brain as I try not to listen to all the rheotric, “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”
    I feel like we are all being distracted by a master sleight of hand artist and while we argue about knees and flags the color of our outer layer we are missing the point that it is each man’s wickedness alone that shall consign him to the fires of Hell and no amount of shouting or protesting or lobbying for outward change of the culture is going to change the heart of the matter which is each man’s heart.
    No culture shall ever successfully change until its individual parts spend more time in the presence of the Holy One than they do in blaming others for the world’s lack of holiness

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  7. I can relate to both sides of the coin here. I don’t see it as much about race as I do economics and behavior. My kids are mixed and yes, I’ve been stopped several times by the police and no, they are not nice at all at times. A rich guy calls the police and they see them as the good guys. A black person calls from a black neighborhood and everyone is suspect. No, they don’t take the drug sniffing dogs into the rich malls with the little old ladies that are doing drugs the same as some others. If big money like Walmart calls on a person the cops are all over the place. Call against walmart and see how far you go. However, I don’t believe kneeling at a football games does a damn thing. If they want to protest,go out and do something positive for the community. Playing a stupid game is not exactly major accomplishments for the benefit of society.

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    1. Sometimes when people don’t treat us well we have to suspect there is a good reason. Stereotypes, or profiling, can be unfair to those who only look the part, but too many young black men don’t behave well. Without a father around the house, that is to be expected. And the police see the evidence that more than anyone else. Truth be told the police probably have an equally good case for black brutality.

      That said, police brutality just adds to the problem. Nevertheless, the solution has little to do with blaming the police. What we need to do is close down government-run health, education, and welfare programs. Each day more evidence accumulates our government does not run such programs well the more damage our society suffers, and the longer it will take to undo that harm.

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