Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Death, Famine, War, and Conquest, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. The Lamb is visible at the top. (from here)

Delegate Bob Marshall is engaged in a political campaign against an opponent that 40 short years ago no one would have thought credible. Now? Who knows? Here is the email Marshall put out today.

HRC Endorses Opponent!

Dear Friends,

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest pro-LGBT organization in the country, has made endorsements in three races in Virginia.  HRC endorsed the Democrats running for Governor and Attorney General and my opponent!  Not only that, they sent a large group of supporters to door knock for my opponent recently.

I need your help!  September 30th is the end of the current reporting cycle and I hate to ask you again for your financial help but if you are able, please donate today at  or mail a check made out to “Friends of Bob Marshall,” PO Box 421, Manassas, VA 20108.

I also really need folks who can volunteer their time and talents.  If you could join me to go knock on doors, make phone calls or talk to your neighbors and friends please contact me at!  I could really use your help!

Please also “like” me on Facebook and “follow” me on Twitter!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!


Delegate Bob Marshall

P.S.  One last request please share this with your family, friends and neighbors on social media and ask them for their help!

Look up the Human Rights Campaign. Consider what they call rights. Consider the difference between tolerance (really forbearance) and acceptance and affirmation. Do we have a right to demand that another person affirm our behavior even if they consider what we are doing wrong?

When we force others to accept the consequences of our sins, we create havoc. If, because I don’t want to labor in the fields I enslave other men, I make life miserable for my slaves, and I sow the seeds of discontent. That is an obvious one, right? But what if someone wants to engage in LGBTQ behaviors that are supposed to be harmless? We are not supposed to care if two people of the same sex get “married”, right? If someone insists upon being surgically transgendered, what difference should it make to anyone else, right? Well, the problem is that too many LGBTQ activists insist that no one has the right to say what they are doing is unhealthy and wrong because it is self-destructive. These people, supposedly in the name of love, would destroy the First Amendment. In fact, too many “free love” activists go even further. They want the government to pay for their abortions, their STD cures, their sex changes, their contraceptives….. Eventually, we can only suppose these people will want us to set up temples where they can worship their sex gods and goddesses by engaging in sex with prostitutes of indeterminate age and species. After all, doesn’t “love” conquer all?

Is there anything new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1). Didn’t our ancestors worship in temples with prostitutes? Do we really want to go back 2,000 years and adopt the morals of ancient Rome?

We live in interesting times, and that is not good. Death, Famine, War, and Conquest — the four horsemen of the Apocalypse — those are the sort of things that make life all too interesting. Our politics reflect the mere beginnings of such stresses, but those stresses are even now pulling us apart. Why? Instead of just letting others go about their business and run their own lives, busybodies want to run everything, and they insist that anyone who objects must be incredibly selfish or a bigot of some sort. And they do this in in the name of love.

The Issues?

These are the sort of the things that Danica Roem has made “issues”.

  • ‘Just who I am’: In new ad, Va. Democratic candidate discusses being transgender ( Don’t be fooled. Roem and his allies are making a bigger deal out of his sexual identity than Marshall. Roem’s transgender status is the main thing that distinguishes him as a candidate. His gender status is the primary reason he has any funds to run for office.
  • Transgender Candidate in Virginia Discusses Catholic Background and Route 28 (  New Ways Ministry 2.0 Blog  is a “ministry” website that is supposedly about building bridges between the LGBT community and the Catholic Church. Frankly, New Ways Ministry 2.0 Blog is an LGBTQ rights advocacy website. Since Marshall is a Catholic, ….. Consider the question and Roem’s response.

    5. You’re running against a Catholic, Delegate Bob Marshall, who has taken positions against the LGBT community, including introducing a “bathrooms bill” similar to North Carolina’s HB 2 law that would mandate people use restrooms according to their assigned sex at birth. What message do you have for Catholics like Marshall who do not endorse LGBT equality?

    If I filed a bill so Catholic priests have to use a facility different than anyone else, that probably wouldn’t go over too well though it would be easy to justify it by saying, “Well, too many Catholic priests abused boys and young men, so they can’t be in the same restroom as boys and young men.” In fact, reading that very sentence probably elicited some sort of reaction from you, likely either, “That’s so offensive!” or “Ha, you tell ’em!” It shouldn’t have made you comfortable or uncomfortable; it should have made you simply recognize the absurdity of filing such a bill. We don’t do that because it’s discriminatory,  it singles out and stigmatizes a specific group of people based on the actions of a criminal minority. And it’s impossible to enforce. (from here)

    This is their idea of building bridges? Consider this article, Has Media Ignored Sex Abuse In School? ( When it is almost certain they have to know better, ask yourself why any serious Catholic, especially Catholics that are so focused on sexual abuse issues, would be so eager to pick on Catholic priests.

  • Traffic, Jobs, Schools, & Equality ( This is Roem’s issues page. Here is Roem’s big issue, his fix for Route 28.

    My proposal calls for the NVTA reallocating the $300 million it’s set for improving the Interstate 66/Route 28 intersection so the money moves further south for other improvements– like widening 28 to six lanes just south of U.S. 29, removing stop lights where appropriate (and the residents find useful) and coming up with multi-modal traffic options so people aren’t stuck having to only choose vehicles — if the private conglomerate likely to install tolls on I-66 follows through on its pledge to put $300 million into the I-66/28 intersection. (from here).

    He can’t do that all by himself. He can make suggestions to the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors (BOCS), but it is the BOCS’ job to decide how they want to fix the road.

  • Route 28 ( Here is what Marshall has to say about improvements to Route 28. What Marshall provides is a detailed description of how the process works. What people tend to forget is that we have three levels of government. Marshall can go after state funding for roads (which does give him clout), but “Legal Authority to improve Rt. 28 in Yorkshire or build an alternate road rests with Prince William County Supervisors.” In other words, we have lots of control within Prince William County over what is done to Route 28, but first we have to get our BOCS to tell the NVTA and VDOT what we want. If this issue is important to you, please complain to the people who represent you on the BOCS.

6 thoughts on “IN THE NAME OF LOVE?

  1. I had a conversation with a person who defends same sex marriages. He kept repeating that if someone loves another, it was okay with him because love is good and if something is good, it cannot be bad.

    When I brought up the following argument about his use of the word love, he was obviously unaware of the risks of same sex “love” as told to me in frank terms by my physician.

    So is love really the right word used to describe the feelings of attachment of same sex couples.

    If someone really loves someone, why would they choose to risk engaging in a sexual act that could seriously harm each other.

    In addition to HIV/AIDs risk, there are numerous other STD that may result from same sex sexual engagement that you never hear about in movies or news articles.

    What other word should they use to describe their feelings? If you state sin, you will be accused of being a religious bigot.

    If you bring up the question of nature or nurture, you will be told in no uncertain terms that numerous studies have proven that homosexual is nature. Yet if you tell them that is not true, you are called a bigot.

    The definition of bigot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

    Who is the bigot on this subject?

    Perhaps if instead of stating only love be used to describe their relationships, we need to include a adjective of either wise of foolish, love.

    So, if a person risks transmitting a STD to their love partner, is he or she engaging in a wise or foolish love affair?

    If you are a religious bigot who believes in God’s love for his creations, ask yourself if you believe your God would intentionally or unintentionally would want to bring harmful effects to someone He loves.

    If a person uses a protective device to prevent a STD, is a protective device nature or nurture device?

    Or perhaps, we bring harmful effects upon ourselves when we engage in wise or foolish choices of all types of relationships.

    It is our life, our choice?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


    1. Thanks for a thoughtful comment.

      Do LGBT activists have the right to demand that everyone condone LGBTQ behaviors and relationships? Even in the name of “love”? No. Because most of human history is filled with people abusing other people, most of human history is filled with people abusing words. When people abuse other people, the abusers always have the most wonderful things to say about themselves. Don’t people lord over others so that they can puff up their pride? So it is that I think one of the tests of truth is allowing the victims of abuse a real choice.

      Consider. How many people will submit to slavery when they have a real choice? Doesn’t slavery require beatings, dogs, and chains? Nevertheless, many of the slave masters told us that they were doing the slaves a big favor by owning them? Right? Some even described the slaves as family, and they even proclaimed the Bible supports slavery.

      So is love really the right word used to describe the feelings of attachment of same sex couples.

      No. We can love someone without having sex with them. In fact, true and noble love is not about sex.

      The Greeks had several words that they used to describe different types of affections. See

      1. eros – the physical, intimate, sensual type of love, not used in the Bible
      2. storge – the natural affection of family members, not used in the Bible
      3. phileo – love of the brethren, it is affection to family, friends, acquaintances or even activities, used in the Bible
      4. agape – the deepest, greatest form of love, it is sacrificial and unconditional, used in the Bible

      When LGBT activists use the word “love”, they are often trying to excuse bad behavior. Sacrificial and unconditional love is not what they have in mind. The desire they seek to satisfy is more akin to just plain carnal lust.

      Can we understand the problems that LGBTQ activists are trying to overcome? For the most part? Yes. Ordinary men and women understand what it means to lust for another person. We have all at one time or another experienced ridicule for not conforming to social norms. There is hardly anyone alive who has not been bullied by someone else. Yet LGBTQ activists want us to believe that their problems are so special that they deserve special rights, even exemptions from biological norms. That’s just pure arrogance. It really is not much different than the excuse some people have made to justify slavery.

      If to win the argument, LGBT activists have to twist the language, demand special rights, lie about and shut down their opponents, deny what are plainly biological facts, and cast themselves helpless victims of bullying, their arguments don’t deserve to be taken seriously. LGBT activists can playact all they want, but in a free society no one has the right to special rights, and no one has the right to shut other people up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I admire the Greeks for their philosophy which requires a person to take time, energy, and deep transcendence thought, and intelligence to comprehend.

        Problem with today’s modern world view, not many people want to do that anymore.

        That is why I think it best we just judge every human action as either wise or foolish. No in-betweens, because even after you study philosophy for hours on end, it just makes making decisions more simple and direct.

        Same as a computer programmer writes code. It is either yes or no path.

        One path leads to wise, and one to foolish in life, in my humble opinion.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. I touched on the notion in my post this morning based on that book I’ve raved to you about, how the Nazi’s plan was not to merely dominate over people but rather the key goal being to control their thought process—telling them what to believe as they rid them of their various books and their “knowledge” —-Are we not seeing that candidates today are hoping to do the very much same thing—telling us what we can or cannot believe to be true….

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