“How To Kill Your Neighbor”

insanitybytes22 has a post here that links to a great post on a blog I suspect I will be visiting from time to time.

What is the subject? Slander.

When the Bible was written, the printed word was scarce. Television, radio, and the Internet did not exist. So now we have many more ways to lie about our neighbors. We have many more ways to use deceitful words to kill our neighbors them.

Consider the irony. Think about the people who want gun control. The tongue, the pen, the typewriter, the microphone — such are far more dangerous than a mere pistol or rifle.

Kill with lies? Yes. Ever heard of propaganda? Disinformation? The military refers to such things as information warfare. Slander and libel does not require military expertise. A neighbor can do it, and many dishonest politicians are quite adept. So it is that slander and libel has infected our politics. We see it daily. Even what is the latest big story, the NFL’s disrespect to our national anthem and flag is based largely upon stupid nonsense repeated again and again.

Think about that phrase, for example: “hands up, don’t shoot.” Think about Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Because liars kept repeating and printing a lie about the policeman who shot Brown and other policemen, liars have caused policemen to lose their lives, other policemen to lose their reputations, and many citizens to lose their property.

So what should we do about it? Please consider visiting insanitybytes22’s post. Then read that post that so delighted her. The bible provides some excellent advice.

When there is no proof, just unproven allegations, there is no reason to believe or listen. In fact, taking people seriously who offer nothing except unproven allegations of wrong doing is sinful.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Happy Lord’s Day!

Just thought I should say that before I descend into my  dark  humor about my favorite subjects, gossip and soul murder.

So naturally I was rather delighted with this post “How To Kill Your Neighbor”

Extra credit points for comparing it all to a really  bad trip to the dentist. He says,  “Like the slow rot of tooth decay, these sins imperceptibly wear away at our moral enamel until the pain they cause is unbearable and requires drastic action.”

He’s absolutely right, too.

He goes on to say, “Finally, don’t just aim to put off slanderous speech; put on the God-honoring, edifying speaking of truth to one another. In Ephesians 4:25, Paul says, “Therefore, laying aside falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor, for we are members of one another.” 

A hearty amen to that! It’s not enough to just turn away, we need to be actively speaking…

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3 thoughts on ““How To Kill Your Neighbor”

  1. Truth.
    Churchill once said that a lie can get around the world and back before the truth gets its pants on.
    These days with the internet a lie can get to the Andromeda galaxy and back.


  2. In the Silence of Mind’s eye slander is seen to be one of many forms of sadomasochism, a virulent, contagious disease, really.

    The slanderer, a coward at heart, takes great pleasure in utterly destroying his victim from afar by destroying his reputation.

    While destroying his own soul with such evil, the disease of slander can fester and grow in the heart and mind of the victim and the slanderer’s accomplices.

    Thus, the importance of loving one’s enemy by forgiving him.

    I have had my career destroyed multiple times in my life by slanderers.

    Forgiving them was the glory of God made manifest in the land of the living.

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    1. I would expect a middle or high school teacher to have a very difficult time with gossips. I have had a bit of teaching experience at the college level, but teaching adults in the evening tends to be far less rancorous. I enjoyed it, but I don’t know how I would do with children. Children are more immature, and parents can be especially irrational when it comes to their children. Definitely a challenge.


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