The fact we need to battle to save the Confederate Monuments both amazes me and doesn’t. I am not a great historian, but I know tyrants rise to power by leading hate-filled mobs.

How does that seem to work in the modern era? The so-called right distinguishes itself by creating mobs that hate Jews and other supposedly inferior races. The so-called left creates mobs that hate the bourgeoisie (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/bourgeoisie). Really, the extreme left and the extreme right are much the same.

Of course, that does not stop hate-filled mobs from hating each other. It is almost inevitable that competitors of that sort will hate each other. So it is that the so-called left hates the so-called right. Ironically, what neither the extreme left and the extreme right seem to realize the degree to which the modern Democratic Party, the party of identity politics, represents a fusion of the beliefs of the extreme left with the extreme right. But that’s another post.

Here the subject is horror. In her post Julie does something I don’t do well. She expresses her horror. What I know how to express in writing is disgust. As close as I get to horror is reading a story about our modern iconoclasts and shaking my head, wondering just how stupid we can be. In words filled with commonsense — well, good sense use to be common in America — Julie expresses her horror and the need for prayer.


“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
George Orwell

(drummer at Fort Mackinac / Mackinac Island, MI / Julie Cook / 2017)

The past several days in this country have been witness to a page out of some
sort of Orwellian novel.

The sad thing is….that this is not the stuff of fiction, legend nor lore but rather
sadly the stuff of our new sick and very sad reality.

I have not had time to properly process the latest madness taking place across
this land….
this land which is my land as well as your land….

There is much to say…
yet not until I’ve had the time to properly consider my words.

However for the time being…

Watching young people tear down, deface, kick and stomp innate statues that
represent moments or individuals from our nation’s history and…

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  1. The world will always be filled with hatred. The fact that it is an emotion that requires no brain power, it will devour all every ounce of negativity it can and spew more and more of it out, infecting more and more in its wake. We need to return to Jesus commandment to love one another. It’s hard to do, because there seems to be very few who are loveable anymore. I do believe that what we’re seeing reported in the media has exploded into a much larger than truth situation. There are still many of us who hope that this insanity dies and we return to the Lord, but until we can set aside our differences, we will never see that happen. I also believe in the power of prayer. We need to call on the name of God and return to His teachings and He will intercede.

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  2. I wonder how they can justify the destruction of artistic and historical relics, yet condemn such acts that were done by ISIS? Mob mentality is insane ideology.

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    1. Hatred suppresses rational thought. When we objectively consider what is going on, ask questions like your own, what a hate-filled mob wants to do does not make any sense.

      This plays into politics, unfortunately. Democrat Liberals form these protected groups, identity groups, based upon race, sex, and whatever based upon fear and hatred. To get over our fears, don’t we all want to be in control? Is not control is the object of government?

      In the name of love for people like us — me, myself, and I — we each are tempted to destroy everything we don’t like and everyone who disagrees with us. Individually, we might realize just how stupid that is, but mobs don’t think. Democrat Liberal mobs won’t think. That’s why they keep ratcheting up their demands. In their own minds they have never defined any limits upon who or what they will destroy. What are the limits upon fear and hatred? When do we stop being afraid? When do we stop hating those we fear and those who don’t affirm us?

      Until we learn to love our neighbor, we will fear and hate our neighbor. Instead of protecting each other, we will destroy each other until we are stopped or there is no one left.

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