As expected, the news media is using the riots in Charlottesville, VA to tar President Trump as a white supremacist. Trump’s statement on the matter (see BIGOTS FIGHTING BIGOTS) was not politically correct. He did not hate on the white supremacists enough. When is it going to occur to these people that adding more hatred to an already inflamed situation is not necessarily the best solution?

Sometimes, when we dealing with a tyrant like the guy running North Korea, for example, our leaders do have to graphically explain the consequences. Of course, plain language disturbs the news media. They are cowards, apparently. Someone who has nukes scares the little babies.

On the other hand, because the number of white supremacists is small, it is okay to say the nastiest things we can about those people. We can also deduce that the news media identifies with the supposedly “anti-fascist” counter protesters. So it is not politically correct to point out the trouble they caused.

Consider the hypocrisy. We having Muslim terrorists killing people and screaming “allahu akbar” as they do it. Nevertheless, when we discuss those terrorists, the Democrat Liberal news media insists we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Why? What are they scared of that they are not scared of when it comes to white supremacists?

Here are a couple of other sources.


  1. I find it funny to think that the media and the American people and even the free world at large honestly thinks that they / we know just as much as to what is going on as those in the administration.
    That somehow because we have a few video clips and a few sound bites we assume we’re sitting right there in those cabinet meetings given the full access to all the intel and reports available to our top command units.

    Has it ever occurred to us that we don’t know everything going on behind the scenes?
    That there is intelligence out there that we are not privy to???
    And that perhaps the tough bravado of rhetoric coming from the president just might be something that the crazy North Koreans respond best to rather than the placating they received from previous admins who chose not to act on the intel as strongly as they could have…..

    And you were so right Tom when you said bigots fighting bigots—-as in the idiots are now running the asylum…
    When will the media comprehend that they are not the president or God for that matter and that they cannot easily manipulate or control all things at all times??????

    1. When will the media comprehend that they are not the president or God for that matter and that they cannot easily manipulate or control all things at all times??????

      And I thought I was running the whole world just by sitting at my keyboard.

    1. You will vote for the man who has become Trump’s strongest supporter, but not Trump?

      Your dislike of Trump seems more visceral than rational. Given that, I think it likely you would turn on Pence as soon as Trump was removed from the scene. That suggests that if Pence wants to be president he will be far better off supporting Trump and waiting his turn.

  2. Tom, President Trump is just a toy doll to the liberal press.

    They consider President Trump to be their doll.

    Voodoo Doll.

    And they resent that he will not allow them to be their puppet doll because he will not allow them to control his strings.

    In other words, they act like a spoiled child does when someone takes their favorite toy doll away from them.

    Moan Moan Moan.

    The best thing to do is just ignore them same as just have to do with a spoiled child when he has a tantrum, or some parents describe as just another pissey fit..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. Well, ignoring them has been tried. That is what President George W. Bush did. Trump has confronted them.

      I think the best thing to do is to point out that the news media is not telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

      Do I claim to that here? But I do remind people that we all need to check as many different sources as we can. Most likely Diogenes is still looking for an honest reporter.

      1. Interesting the timing I read your reply. I was reading the Chicago Tribune while watching how the different natural enemies of squirrels, birds, rabbits all were side by side eating in my backyard a variety of seeds I feed them and not fighting with each other.

        It seems, the old saying of “feed them and they will come,” is true.

        Problem with truth in news is what is being fed by news sources is truth mixed with a variety of opinions. Some opinions like this one in today’s tribune feed bigotry along with news.

        As if there are no other angry people of color that fuel bigotry, only white non college educated bigots.
        Agur warned of how people press bigotry with a proverb. When you press people, this is the results.

        …32If you have been foolish in exalting yourself Or if you have plotted evil, put your hand on your mouth. 33For the churning of milk produces butter, And pressing the nosebrings forth blood; So the churning of angerproduces strife.

        In my opinion, the news should just report facts and get rid of columnists that press bigoted columns that press violence instead of presenting both sides of all issues.

        In other words, news sources should just feed the truth as you commented instead of bigoted opinions.

        If you feed bigoted columns, the fool bigots will come. When you feed truth, the wise will come.

        That’s what the Charlotte tragedy is all about., in my opinion.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. Good comment! I wish the news media would just try to report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I wish.

          Never forget the object of the mass media. They exists to provide an audience for advertisers. Ideally, because advertisers want their products associated with something respectable, the mass media should be respectable. Unfortunately, we sometimes respect the wrong people. Even Satan can appear to be an angel of light, and we know he has the capacity to lend abominable beliefs an aura of respectability.

          The respectability of the news media depends upon us. We don’t watch, read, or listen? Then what we don’t watch, read, or listen to soon ceases to exist. We do watch, read, or listen? Then what we watch, read, or listen to grows in profitably and expands. Hence, we get the news we want.

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