The donkey is the Democratic Party’s logo. Is this truly America’s symbol of tolerance?

I don’t much care for talking about the special prosecutor, that guy who is supposedly investigating Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russians to steal the election from poor Hillary Clinton. The charge is so absurd. Yet the news media and the Democrats keep going at it, and they have gotten their special prosecutor, and that fellow has impaneled a grand jury. So to express my disgust I have left a few comments on anti-Trump blogs, blogs hosted by folks who are at least willing to engage in polite discussion.

I hope you find the posts listed above interesting. Ditto for my comments.

What puzzles me most about the anti-Trump crowd? In America, our laws assume you are innocent until proven guilty. Also, we don’t investigate people until we have evidence of a crime, and sneaky suspicions based primarily on the fact we don’t like someone do not constitute evidence of a crime.  Nevertheless, this special prosecutor is going after Trump when there is no reason to believe — no credible evidence — anyone colluded the Russians except perhaps the Democrats. Here is a sampling of recent stories related to that dossier credited with getting the investigation into Trump started.

The howl is to get Trump. Because there is no howl from the news media to get any Democrats, there is no special prosecutor going after any of them. No. Instead, we have a legal team, many of whom contributed to H. Clinton’s presidential campaign, tasked with an unlimited budget to get Trump.

Therefore, Trump has a conundrum. Within the executive branch, the branch of government we elected Trump to lead, Trump has a team of investigators tasked to dig up dirt on him, to make him look guilty of something. He could fire them, but that creates a problem. If he fires the special prosecutor, his opponents will use the firing itself as “proof” of his guilt. Alternatively, Trump could prove his innocence, but that is logically impossible. That’s why we assume innocence until we have proof of guilt.

So what should we conclude? Thanks to this misuse of the special prosecutor law we have created a situation where we are punishing our leader BECAUSE he won the election. Would that be happening to H. Clinton if she had won? Does anyone believe H. Clinton’s Attorney General would have recused him or herself? The likes of Lorreta Lynch or Eric Holder? Seriously?

Because Donald Trump actually is an outsider, the political establishment is doing whatever takes to either get rid of him or to render him ineffective. That much is obvious.

And what is the most pathetic thing about this whole thing? When Trump tweets and rejects the abuse he is getting, his opponents and even some of his supposed allies blame him for doing so. That is just sick. Trump is not Jesus. He is not our sacrificial lamb. We did not elect him to die willingly for our sins. He just one of us. Instead of giving up, he is fighting back. Sometimes Trump says or tweets things we wish he had not, but for the most part his is an example the rest of us ought to emulate. If we want to save this country for our children’s sake, then we need to convince the folks in Washington D.C. to operate again within the constraints laid out by our Constitution. Some of those people won’t cooperate. So we are going to have to fire them, and they will not like it. Are we going to desist because just because they complain more elegantly Trump? Don’t they still need to go?

Consider the location of the wealthiest counties is this nation: List of highest-income counties in the United States and The 10 Richest Counties In America 2017. It is no accident that many wealthy people live close to Washington D.C. People are making their fortunes off of the people who pay taxes. To avoid living in D.C. proper these well-paid civil servants and government contractors may commute a long distance, but that does not stop them.

We have a $20 trillion deficit. We have more government than we can afford. It is time to help Trump get the monkey — Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor — off his back. It is time we supported Trump and helped him fire some people, and we should encourage him to start with Mueller.

16 thoughts on “JUST HOW FAR GONE ARE WE?

  1. Imagine your father were running for the presidency, you were working in his election team and you were to receive an e-mail saying “I have dirt on your opponent, courtesy of a hostile government in its bid to get your father elected”. What would you do?
    a) write back, “I love it” and arrange a high-profile meeting and be disappointed if it turns out to be a dud
    b) inform the FBI and work with it to check out the source.
    c) something else
    I am opting for b), as this is the way the law sets out; furthermore, if there is dirt on the opponent the FBI will be suitably interested and you have not opened yourself up to blackmail. So, what would you do?

    That said, Trump drawing fire takes the spotlight from his secretaries delaying and rolling back rules and regulations in their resorts. The New York Times has examples back from March:

    and a more recent update from July

    I do not think the above will do the USA any good in the long run (for example, who needs clean, potable water anyway), but Trump’s cabinet is delivering on its promises at least in part.


    1. @marmoewp

      What Trump’s son did was unwise, and he admitted as much, but it was not illegal. Also, if the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians, there would not have had the silly meeting.

      Is the use of lead ammo and fishing tackle wise. That’s an entirely separate matter. Some university scientists should be able to make a good case one way or another. Given the sheer number of regulations the Obama administration issued and the Trump administration is revoking, it would not much surprise me if Trump will have to reissue a few. Is this one of them? Perhaps. I grew up using lead weighted fishing tackle. Never occurred to me that it would be a pollution problem, but I concede that in some forms lead is highly toxic. The issue is what happens to the lead. Do lead bullets and lead weights just sink into the soil and remain dormant or do they slowing dissolve and get into the water supply. Is the amount enough to make a difference? What eventually happens to this lead if it does dissolve? Don’t claim to know, but the Obama issue issued too many costly regs without much thought. Don’t agree? Still has nothing to do with a special prosecutor.


    1. You are going to get us in trouble with those PETA and SPCA people. I suppose we could euthanize the monkey, but some how that doesn’t seem ethical either. Who names their monkey Robert Mueller?

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  2. The American Republic has been gone for decades.

    I made that discovery when I was a public school teacher in Los Angeles over 20 years ago.

    I was teaching a class full of illegal aliens (in their native language, Spanish) and complained to them about their laziness in face of so much American generosity and opportunity.

    These kids were really slouching in class and I was beside myself.

    I told them that it cost the American taxpayer 35% more to educate them then it cost to educate an American citizen.

    And therefore, I wanted 35% more work and effort out of them.

    Guess who got a visit from the vice-principal?

    I was ordered to STFU and treat my students as if they were equals to their American citizen brethren.

    I replied, “If educating these kids costs 35% more than American citizens, how is that equal?”

    The vice-principal, who was really a nice lady, answered, “Mr. Silence, I understand where you are coming from, but I am up for retirement in 2 years and I am just not going to fight this battle.”

    It dawned on me then, that powerful people at the very highest levels were pulling the strings.

    It was either go along to get along or get crushed.

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    1. When the big people invade their forest, the pigmies only have one choice, surround them on all sides and make pincushions out of them. Otherwise, they will lose both their forest and their freedom.

      Our republic is in tatters, but we still have the freedom to restore it; we can replant the trees of liberty.

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    1. Good idea, and my guess is that the Trump haters would respond, without noting the irony, with Joe Biden’s quote.

      The whole special prosecutor thing has become an abuse of power. To protect their precious special prosecutor, the “MORE GOVERNMENT” braying donkeys and the RINOs are even trying to pass a law to prevent Trump from firing Mueller. That would violate the separation of powers, and they know it, but we are supposed to be too dumb.


      1. Joe Biden appears to have addressed the core issue in Washington. I did not use hs quote because iti will fuel certain liberal factions to accuse me of being a “Jesus freak ” while at the same time they will kneel in adoration to another liberal when they speak out like Joe.

        KInda like what most hypocrites will do.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  3. Tom, It is all about the Dems loss of power.

    “Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect all who seek it.”

    Check out this list of quotes about power if interested. Just about anyone applies to the Russia issue and the Dems reasons for the investigation.

    I wonder if Trump should just fire Mueller and use Obama’s quote for the reason why.

    In my opinion, the USA is just a big playground for the rich and powerful.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  4. I agree with every word. Part of the reason Trump won is because he isn’t part of the ugly establishment we’ve allowed government officials to create.

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    1. the ugly establishment we’ve allowed government officials to create.

      That is the key most people won’t admit to. We have had a role in creating the ugly establishment. It is not just somebody else’s fault.

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