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Here of late President Donald Trump has been criticizing his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. At first the Democrat Liberal news media took Sessions side and defended him as one of nature’s noblemen. Then, when Conservatives laughed at that obvious hypocrisy, the Democrat Liberal news media modified the narrative a bit.

What is interesting, however, is the reaction from some in a dismally tiny branch of the news media, the Conservative news media.  Here is an editorial from The Washington Times.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the stand-up guy in the Trump administration. He lent legitimacy and seriousness to the Trump campaign when no other Republican in the Senate would get within 20 feet of the Donald. He has lent similar seriousness and magisterial grace to an administration that so far has had little of that.

He has begun reshaping the policies and priorities of his part of the government that Donald Trump has put in place with fits, starts and distracting tweets. He has rolled back Obama misadventures in the drug war, uncontrolled immigration and the imagined municipal sovereignty of sanctuary cities. Mr. Sessions is the cool, unflappable grown-up in an administration of bumbling amateurs struggling with on-the-job training.

The thanks he gets from a churlish boss is a hail of sticks and stones that would have driven a lesser man from office. The president is a man who knew how to get to the Oval Office, but seems to have scant understanding of what he can do with it. Campaigning is fun, and Mr. Trump is very good at that. Governing is work, and requires sharp focus, intense concentration, and the merciless elimination of extraneous distractions. The president likes the fun. The governing, not so much.

Mr. Sessions has concentrated on the job at hand at the Justice Department, and most of the substantive policy changes the administration has achieved so far bear the imprint of the Justice Department.

The president is miffed that the attorney general recused himself from the investigation of whatever the collusion there might have been between the Trump campaign, of which he was a part, and the Russian government — and there doesn’t appear to have been much if any of that — and in recusing himself Mr. Sessions is following the law and precedent. To have done anything else would have been a breach of the law, and Jeff Sessions, as his colleagues both Republican and Democrat in the U.S. Senate are quick to say, is ethical, incorruptible and by-the-book. Such a man does not cut corners for himself, or anyone else.

Mr. Trump expects everyone who works for him, and with him, to do whatever he must to protect the boss from rebuke or criticism. He expects the attorney general to make Donald Trump, and not the country, his first priority.

Every president deserves loyalty, and every president knows, or quickly learns if he is to have a successful presidency, that to win loyalty he must give it. Mr. Trump, who has done some good things and could do many more if he could just get over himself, does not understand that there are some things a loyal servant will not do, such as violate his personal code of honor.

The president’s constant tweet attack on Mr. Sessions makes him look petty, and worse, weak. A president can’t complain that an aide or a deputy has mistreated him. If he thinks that, he should do whatever is necessary to impose his will. He’s the president with the unique power and authority.

If he thinks Jeff Sessions has failed him, he should sack him forthwith. To do less makes him look feeble and irresolute. But he must be careful. If he does that he will regret it. He thinks long-suffering conservatives will forgive him anything. He can’t afford to be surprised.

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The notion that Trump has not accomplished anything and does not govern well is silly. Trump’s problem is getting legislation through Congress, and he cannot fire those people. We have to do that.

What has Trump done wrong? Trump says what he thinks. Given the editors of The Washington Times feel entitled to do the same…..

So what about Trump’s complaints about Jeff Sessions? Have you considered Trump’s point-of-view? These days we don’t see the leaders of great nations leading their armies in the field. Instead, we expect our leaders to make policy decisions, pick the generals, and make certain the armies they lead have enough money. Even though we see them in combat, we don’t appreciate the fierceness of the combat in which our leaders do engage. After six months into the Trump administration we should know better. When in our lifetimes has it been worse?

Like it or not Jeff Sessions is a spear carrier in President Donald Trump’s administration, and spear carriers fight best in formation. Like it or not, in addition to doing his job (which he has been doing well for the most part), Sessions has to get into formation and protect the rest of the members of the Trump administration, including his boss, from enemy assaults.

A reconstitution illustration of the Greek hoplites marching in a phalanx formation. (from here)

We know what to expect from Democrats. They will say and do anything to get back the power they have lost. Sessions knows (and knew) that the charges the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians were just devious inventions. In fact, he has more reason to believe the Democrats engaged in illegal activity. So he had no reason to recuse himself from the investigation of Russian collusion because there exists nothing from which he should recuse himself. Instead, he should have protected his boss.

Because Sessions did not hold up his shield, raise his spear, and keep his place in formation, he exposed a gap in the ranks. He gave the Democrats a gap through which to insert a special prosecutor. Thus, Trump (including his family) is now exposed to attacks from a place that he expected the Attorney General to fortify.

What can Sessions do to restore himself in his boss’ good graces? Trump has made no secret of it. He can go after the Democrats. We have good reason to believe:

  • The Obama administration abused its authority over our intelligence agencies.
  • H. Clinton sold her office as Secretary of State.
  • H. Clinton and her associates kept classified data on private computers.
  • The Obama Justice Department tried to cover up all this illegal activity.

Moreover, there is no telling what else the Democrats are trying to cover up. Therefore, if the Democrats won’t accept the fact they lost the election, Sessions needs to do his part to join in the counterattack.

It may look like it sometimes, but our best leaders do not lead from the rear. Although we do not often find them in the battlefield firing booming cannons, steering racing tanks, or peeking out of foxholes, they too must brave enemy fire.  Cutting words, duplicitous legal opinions, slander, and libel can destroy a man just as surely as a bullet, and our current leader, Donald Trump is under a hail of enemy fire. Is it not time we all did our best, including Jeff Sessions, to give Trump a little support? Then hold up your shield, raise your spear, and get in formation. It is time we all noticed that to keep our freedom we must battle for it, that to save our country we each must keep our place in formation.

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  1. The AG is the top law enforcement officer in the country. Per DOJ rules, he had no choice but to recuse himself.
    However, per a lawless administration, he should not have recused himself, and he would have been given protection for subverting and undermining the very constitution he swore to uphold and protect; not to mention the independence and integrity of the DOJ.


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    1. Interesting way of putting it.

      The Attorney General is not above the law, but the special prosecutor undermines the Executive. If Congress wants to investigate the Executive branch, the Constitution provides Congress, not a special prosecutor, the authority. Congress, not a special prosecutor, has impeachment authority. Congress, not a special prosecutor, is answerable to the voters.


      1. I don’t understand what you mean by the S.P. undermines the Executive – in what way?

        What’s a S.P. – “A special prosecutor is an individual appointed by the Justice Department to investigate a certain legal case. They are usually only used when the regular justice system seems to have been compromised by the case at issue.”

        Which was why it was necessary for AG to recuse himself.


        1. A special prosecutor is part of the executive branch. The president runs the executive branch. It is one thing for the president to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate people in his branch. It is entirely different matter for a presidential appointee to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the president. Really, it is sort of stupid. Who is in charge at that point?


          1. “The decision to appoint a special prosecutor is made by the executive branch, historically by the president or attorney general (or acting attorney general).”

            The former 2 are compromised leaving it to the latter (deputy AG) to appoint a SP because the person (Mr. Comey) initially tasked with leading the investigation was abruptly fired.

            Don’t forget – The investigation was into a breach of the country’s nat’l security (specifically – the conclusion of all its intelligence depts. that Russia interfered in the democratic process of supposedly the most democratic nation on earth).

            I would imagine any patriot would support such an investigation. A threat to democracy is not something to be taken lightly – just look at Venezuela & Turkey.

            The 3 branches of the gov’t are separate but equal.


          2. Well, I guess by your estimation I am not a patriot.

            I have no problem with Congress and the Executive branch looking into Russia’s attempts to interfere with our elections. However, no special prosecutor is needed to do that. We have no indication whatsoever that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians, and that is the pretext for Mueller’s appointment. Yet many high ranking officials in Obama’s administration flat out said there was no evidence. That makes the entire operation a ridiculous witch hunt.

            In fact, it is fairly obvious the Obama administration sicced our intelligence agencies on Trump’s people and leaked what they thought damaging to the news media. If there was any proof, we would already know.

            What should be investigated? There is a long list of things the Obama administration did, including H. Clinton’s email server, that were blatantly illegal and/or highly unethical. There is a reason that Trump’s threat to throw H. Clinton in jail was received with applause. The is a reason that many jeered when Obama called his administration scandal free.

            What are the Russians supposedly guilty of doing. The Russians supposedly used some relatively low tech tricks to get passwords so they could steal some emails from gullible Democrats. Then they put what they found on the Internet.

            You do realize the Chinese hacked into the Office of Personnel management and downloaded the records of millions of people, including folks with TS clearances working for intelligence agencies. Yet the biased news media has us chasing the Russians down rabbit holes.


          3. All are patriots – some in words, some in deeds, some in words & deeds.
            If a snake got in my home, I wouldn’t ignore it nor would I just live with it there.
            Another homeowner may like snakes and decide to keep it.

            We have no indication whatsoever that the Trump campaign colluded…

            I agree. And isn’t that what part of the investigation is about.
            They cannot make a conclusion without first investigating the evidence.
            As I said above, there maybe nothing/something, but the only way to know is to investigate.

            DT is solely responsible for the appointment of the SP. He brought it on himself.
            His nature blinded him to the inevitability of this appointment, once he decided to fire Comey, “because of the Russia investigation.”

            It’s quite simple. If there’s nothing there, then Comey should have been allowed to continue and finish the investigation. And most importantly, why all the LIES.

            Even you must agree Trump is a pathological liar. He lies about things great and small ex: the boys scout leaders calling him to say ‘he gave them the greatest speech ever…’). He forgot the honesty, and integrity part of pledge.

            So while you may be 100% correct that there is nothing there to the Russia investigation – Trump’s incessant LIES has ensured that the investigation must go on, because his words are simply not to be believed.


          4. 🙄
            You do realize the Mueller and company will waste huge amounts of money and time. That includes the time Trump administration will have to spend fighting back, and it includes the time people like you and me spend learning about and discussing nothing burger news.

            If conjecture, the mere possibility that something might be true is all we need for a special prosecutor, then the only excuse the Democrats need to request one is whatever a fiction writer can dream up. Is that really what you want, because it is what you are advocating. After all, we don’t want any snakes in our homes. Well, Trump is not a snake, but for good reason Mueller probably looks like one to Trump.

            Here is the problem in a nutshell. You don’t like Trump. Why? Well, he does at time come across as crude and arrogant. I will readily admit he was not my first choice. Just the same, when Trump speaks of fake news he is right on target.

            The Federal Government is spending huge sums of money, big corporations who want access as crony capitalists own most of the news media. So when we read or listen to the news media we need to make a habit of double checking our sources. The fact is news people make stuff up. They often want us to take nonsense seriously.

            Consider things like same-sex marriage, the military paying for gender changes, just setting out a welcome mat for anyone who wants to come into our country, and so forth. This is vilely stupid stuff they do out in the open. Why? Well, there people making bundles of money off all this stuff some how, some way. The news we see for free is for someone’s profit, and that someone is not you and me. People who promote garbage values and policies that are obviously bad for our country as a whole are not to be trusted.


          5. How do you know they’ll waste a huge amount of money and time – no one is privy to the conclusions of ‘an ongoing investigation’.

            Conjecture didn’t lead to the appointment of the SP. I thought you didn’t watch fake news.

            Liking or not liking Trump has nothing to do with my arguments. Notice, I’ve ignored all your points of throwing in Obama, HRC etc. in order to obscure the conversation. {I don’t belong to a political party}.


          6. Liking or not liking Trump has nothing to do with my arguments.

            That is not true. There should be a good reason for appointing a special prosecutor, but no proper pretext exists for the investigation. You cannot point to one. Instead, you are virtually demanding proof Trump is not guilty.


          7. CT, stating the facts whether in praise or criticism is irrelevant to whether one likes or dislikes said individual. This is why we teach children not to lie, steal, slander etc. – it’s not because we hate them, it’s because we want them to be moral upstanding citizens.
            There is excellent reason for appointing the SP. Your inability to accept facts changes absolutely nothing. The SP was appointed because Trump fired the FBI Director who was tasked with investigating Russian invasion/interference. Unfortunately for Trump, he thought the investigation went away with his firing of Comey – that’s his mistake.
            The fact that you do not even know why the SP was appointed, and keep conflating it with “investigating Trump and demanding proof he’s not guilty” is quite telling. It’s time to stop listening to conservative talk radio and screaming FAKE NEWS at information you cannot bear.
            A previous commenter made a great point you should not dismiss but absolutely heed. Your impossible dilemma is establishing and maintaining Christian principles while simultaneously defending Trump. An impossible task.
            We become what we behold. When we begin to condone, normalize, and perpetuate lies, it’s time to back away and shift focus.


          8. The best excuse you can come up with for special prosecutor is that Trump fired Comey? Think about that. Trump heads the Executive Branch. He is supposed to fire people he doesn’t think are doing their job. Here is an editorial that lists plenty of reasons for getting rid of him.
            => http://nypost.com/2017/05/09/why-james-comey-had-to-go/

            Frankly, lots of people wondered what took Trump so long. Then it comes out Comey was leaking stuff. That’s a firing offense all by itself.

            Nobody thought the investigation would go away just because Comey was gone. If they suspect mischief, Congress is supposed to investigate the president, not someone in the executive branch. Congress is accountable to the voters. It is doubtful that a special prosecutor investigating the president is accountable to anybody. That is the problem with the silly idea. It turns our political differences into a legal dispute that has not got anything to do with running the country.


          9. It’s not my excuse for why a SP was appointed.

            Like Trump, you seem to have a problem with the laws of the land.

            Yes, he can fire Comey (in this case – for DOING his job) but just like free speech, we can say what we want, but there are consequences to some of the things we say.

            Well, if no one thought the investigation would go away, why are you so fearful and full of complaints – Mr. Mueller is continuing the investigation.

            As I understand it, Congress is doing their investigation as well.

            But you seem to keep conflating investigation into Russian invasion with collusion.


          10. Now you are just being disingenuous. If you support the reason for the appointment of the SP, then it is your excuse for supporting.

            The rest of your comment is the same sort of dodging of the simple fact you cannot give a straight answer.

            This is pathetic.

            Well, if no one thought the investigation would go away, why are you so fearful and full of complaints – Mr. Mueller is continuing the investigation.

            This is plainly an abuse of power. You don’t think a prosecutor with a huge legal staff and an unlimited budget can use a grand jury to railroad someone? Of course you do, but you have decided Trump deserves it. This is the sort of bad behavior that make politics a blood sport.


          11. You should try accusing me of things that actually make sense.
            You accuse me of opposing Trump… now of supporting SP.
            In what way do I do both.

            It’s you and others like you who have reduced politics to the “blood sport” that you seek.

            Like Trump said in his private message to SP – ‘he appreciates the job he’s doing’…
            You should do the same – unless of course you think Trump was lying, and the above was “FAKE NEWS” [though it was confirmed by Trump’s own lawyer].


          12. Like Trump said in his private message to SP – ‘he appreciates the job he’s doing’…
            You should do the same – unless of course you think Trump was lying, and the above was “FAKE NEWS” [though it was confirmed by Trump’s own lawyer].

            Would you mind providing a link? Sounds like something The Onion dreamed up.


          13. That article is highly ambiguous and pretty much hogwash. Not exactly clear what Trump is thanking Mueller for, but it is probably not for hiring a bunch of lawyers who contributed to H. Clinton’s campaign.

            The article says Trump fired Comey for the wrong reason.

            Here is what Trump sent Comey.
            => https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/05/09/full-text-trump-letter-comey-firing/101491982/

            Here is some background.
            => http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39866767

            The point is that a news article can twist events into a pretzel. So we have to step back and ask ourselves what is actually known. Would firing Comey stop the investigations? No.

            Could Trump count on Comey to do things like pursuing the leaks? Obviously not.


          14. Again, in honor of those who lost their lives to hate today:
            “When there is a lack of honor in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned” – Herbert Hoover POTUS


          15. For clarity – my snake reference was another country injecting itself into the democratic process of another.
            I was not referencing an actual person.


          16. Shrug! I am far more concerned about China. If Russia actually tried to help Trump, they did an awful job of it. It also make no sense. The Obama administration had not stood up to them.

            The Clinton Foundation looks like a money laundering operation. For all practical purposes, the fees the Clinton’s received for the their speeches look like bribes. So it seems that all Russia had to do get H. Clinton’s cooperation was to give enough dough to her favorite charities.


      2. You’re jumping ahead to impeachment – why.

        This is only an investigation. There may be something. There may be nothing. But the investigation has to be conducted with full independence, free and clear of political influence.

        I agree, and it’s my understanding that is what would happen – SP cannot impeach – that would be a decision for congress as impeachment is really a political decision and not necessarily a judicial one.

        But that has nothing to do with the role of the SP. He’s simply tasked with investigating a case.


        1. A special prosecutor is supposed to be appointed when there is evidence of a crime. How would you like someone with a team of high-paid lawyers and tens of millions of dollar investigating you, your family, and associates just because some jerk doesn’t like you? With respect to this Russia investigation, that is all that is going on.


          1. With respect to the Russia investigation, no one knows yet what’s going on.
            As said before, the investigation was into Russia’s interference into another country’s democratic process.
            Why didn’t/couldn’t Trump allow that to take its course under Comey.


          2. Comey would not investigate the leaks. In fact he was a leaker. What kind of president with half a brain would want Comey in his administration? At his best Comey was a loose cannon. At his worst he was treacherous.


          3. What are you talking about?

            Trump was fine with Comey in his administration, until he realized Comey’s allegiance was to the Constitution and not to him.

            Why do you find it necessary to strip-mine a fellow Republican of their decency, honesty & integrity in favor of a person who possesses none of these qualities.

            Trump leaked Israeli classified information to the Russian ambassador.


          4. When Comey had the press conference on H. Clinton, the Democrats jumped all over him. Now that he has become a useful tool for Democrats Comey is Mr. Wonderful? That’s laughable!

            Frankly, I think Trump should have fired Comey right away, but I expect he will be in office eight years. Relative to that, he got around to it soon enough.

            Fake news?


            Note that Washington Post cites unnamed sources, leakers.

            The real issue, from an intel standpoint is that our president cannot even have a conversation with another head of state with someone leaking it.

            You don’t like Trump? Well, he won the election fair and square, but you still have the right to oppose his policies. What is objectionable is the fact that you have one set of rules for Trump and another set for Democrats. That’s a matter that should bother your conscience.


          5. As mentioned above, citing the reactions of Democrats to Comey is irrelevant to me.
            If you were being objective, you would also admit Republicans had a similar reaction. Clearly Mr. Comey must be doing the right thing (both sides hate him when they disfavor what he does, and lauds him when they favor what he does). Human nature.

            I agree the leak of the phone call was wrong.
            It didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know – Trump is a pathological LIAR; a very weak, whiny and inept negotiator.

            What is objectionable is the fact that you have one set of rules for Trump and another set for Democrats.

            Is this a joke, because I’m LOL.
            Please give me 1 instance where I’ve displayed one set of rules for Trump and another for Democrats.

            I’ve deliberately stayed away from referencing the Democrats or even making comparisons between the SP now and the Independent Counsel then.

            So what is objectionable is the fact that you’d make up stuff to accuse me of.

            My conscience is free. I have zero reason to make up things to accuse others of. I don’t project my insecurities onto others. I don’t malign, slander and impugn the character and integrity of honorable people for cheap political theatre & ‘nothing burgers.’


          6. You are just accusing Trump this, that, and everything else. And based upon what? Fake news? I think it is a good guess that the reason you dislike Trump so much has to do with the simple fact you need to double check your sources.

            Go back and look at what Trump promised to do. Then compare his promises with they effort the man has made to keep those promises. I don’t think Trump is especially noble, but I do give him credit for doing something extremely difficult. Against fierce opposition, including misguided people like you, Trump is trying to keep his promises.


          7. CT, your comments are all over the place – very unfocused.
            Me citing why the SP was appointed and highlighting Trumps character traits is based on facts.

            What is FAKE NEWS – news that’s unflattering to Trump. Well, I’m pleased to learn and inform you that we now have “REAL NEWS” brought to you by Trump state tv on his Facebook page. no fake news there

            I wouldn’t believe Baghdad Trump if his tongue came notarized!

            Happy viewing ‘Trump tv umm “Real News”‘.
            Yes, he’s exercised great effort in sitting down with a pen in hand waiting for legislation to sign – (bills he neither understands nor care to; evidenced by him undermining and arguing multiple sides of the issue.)

            Opposing and misguided: LOL 🙂
            Focus CT, focus.


          8. You are focused? On what? Trump’s character traits? His character traits in and of themselves are illegal and impeachable? Then we are all in trouble.

            The SP as you put it is supposed to investigate something, whatever it is. Could you focus on that?


          9. No we don’t.
            The job of a prosecutor is to investigate potential crimes and file charges if necessary.


          10. Up to the day before the election, there was no possible way the Russians could affect the outcome of the election. Immediately after the election, when Trump surprised the losers by winning, suddenly we start hearing about Russian collusion.

            New facts on the table? No. Just sore losers who have suddenly discovered that character matters. I just wish the people who voted for H. Clinton would actually start voting as if they believed that is true, that character matters.


          11. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
            You’re bringing up arguments that are not germane to the conversation.

            All intelligent agencies concluded there was Russian meddling in the democratic process.


          12. You don’t know what I am talking about? That’s funny! Did not stop you from responding.

            And Russian meddling in the democratic process consisted of what? Whatever it was, the heads of multiple Intel agencies also said there was no evidence the Trump campaign had concluded with the Russians. So we just have sore losers with a lame excuse trying to beat up on the guy that won.


          13. I ignored all the irrelevant claptrap and responded to what was pertinent.

            Anyway, in light of what’s going on (in VA- 3 fatalities by neo-Nazis), I’ll end with this:

            “Hate speech from leaders give hatred permission to be public.
            Public hatred leads inevitably to violence. And death. Evil begets evil.” – James Martin


  2. You said, “The notion that Trump has not accomplished anything and does not govern well is silly. Trump’s problem is getting legislation through Congress, and he cannot fire those people. We have to do that.”

    But, Tom, he really hasn’t done much when compared to all the promises he made. The Gorsuch appointment has been his most notable achievement. The other things have been mostly reversing minor decrees. I’m sure you might pull out a couple more things with some indirect credit to him. But… he’s supposed to be the big art of the deal guy.. and he’s been a complete failure trying to deal within his own party in Congress.

    You said, “What has Trump done wrong? Trump says what he thinks.”

    And that in itself is not “wrong”, or in the least suggests a measure of unabashed lack of tact and decorum? It’s certainly NOT a negotiating trait.

    You said, “So what about Trump’s complaints about Jeff Sessions? Have you considered Trump’s point-of-view?”

    C’mon, Tom… you’ve boiled down all this discontent against Trump as some grand battle and Sessions is supposed to fall in line and protect the leader and because he recused himself after he got appointed he’s some sort of traitor to the cause?? This is the President of the United States, Tom.. not some embattled ceasar. The President is NOT supposed to be fighting a battle against fellow Americans… metaphoric battle or not.

    The President has 35% approval rating. From what you are suggesting is that the President is fighting 65% of Americans, even metaphorically? Then why is he still President if he doesn’t have support of most of the country? Oh, wait.. is this his “good” side in not surrendering or giving up? This isn’t supposed to be a battle.

    Comey was considered across the parties as having impeccable credentials. But he was an Obama/Clinton vestige, and according to Trump… that’s the enemy. So Comey gets dumped. The next is Sessions. Again.. his credentials are impeccable and his loyalty to Trump is unquestioned. But he recused himself rather than be a block in the Russian investigation (which you have apparently determined is not necessary) and now he’s a Trump traitor. Mueller gets appointed as special prosecutor because his credentials were so impeccable as a prosecutor that he is considered a quasi-god in the profession.

    But now Trump suspects him and everyone working for him have all donated money to the Clinton campaign… so there’s no other conclusion than to suspect the investigation will be tainted (lets forget about the idea that if Mueller did drum up charges they would still have to be proven in a court of law). Is there anyone left in D.C. with impeccable credentials that Trump is not afraid of?

    So.. now.. for Sessions to get back into Trump’s good graces he is supposed to go after Obama and the Clintons… in spite of the fact that apparently Sessions, or the Republican-filled Congress, has no intention to do so for the same reasons as Comey… there’s no glaring evidence other than in the minds of the far right Trump supporters.

    The far right wanted a maverick, someone to upset the world because he’s his own man.. talks raw and crude… says what’s on his mind. Talks tough. Says he is going to toss out those damned Washington elites, drain swamps, build walls, and just plain do it his way. Well, look… did you honestly believe, with 46% of the vote, that the remaining 54% were just going to look the other way while he trashed traditional D.C.?

    Jeez, Tom. Sessions is a spear carrier in Trump’s organization? Holding up shields? Military formations? Counterattacks?? Trump brought every bit of this down on himself because of himself. This is America.. not some imaginary battleground for Trump to fight the world with what’s left of his loyal minions.

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    1. @Doug

      How do we take the measure of what Trump has done? Do we measure Trump against his campaign promises or what needs to be done? Neither. We measure the man against what is humanly possible. That obviously eliminates the possibility of perfection.

      Does Trump sometimes talks tough and crude? I have listened to what Democrats have to say about Conservatives. When Democrats insult their opponents, I agree they are much more sophisticated. However, even when it is expressed crudely, I prefer the truth.

      For generations we have put a bunch of people in D.C. who have behaved more and more like grasshoppers instead of ants (see => http://www.umass.edu/aesop/content.php?n=0&i=1). No matter how brilliant Trump may be, unless God Himself shapes the course of events, there is little Trump can do to make those grasshoppers behave like ants. Instead of sending people to raid the Federal Treasury on our behalf, we have to send Constitutional Conservatives to D.C. Unless we start sending people to D.C. who take their oath to support and defend the Constitution seriously, we will lose our republic.

      The Republicans in Congress sent Obama a bill to repeal Obamacare. They won’t send a repeal bill to Trump? You can’t figure out why? You cannot figure out that Obamacare is unconstitutional? When congressional staffers complained about living under Obamacare, Obama used our money to bail them out of the system. Those people wrote the damned law, but the news media wants us to believe it is something the rest of us need?

      About 30 years ago I threw the TV out. I don’t much care what the news media thinks, and I don’t believe their polls. I did not want the people in the mass media to impart their hedonistic values to my children. I had grown sick at heart from their constant temptations to worship stuff, the state, sex, and my self.

      The news media’s biases are so blatant I am amazed anyone takes them seriously. Still, I have grown old spinning my wheels trying to convince people that before we believe those liars we all need to check multiple sources.

      Am I somehow special? No. When I found the strength to throw out that small black and white TV I did so more by accident than design. I did so out of rash anger, not careful, contemplative thought. It was not until much later I understood that the news media sells us the things they advertise by promoting the worship of stuff, the state, sex, and my self.

      What has Trump accomplished? Trump controls the executive branch. So he has issued a bunch of executive orders (see => https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/executive-orders). Thus far Trump primary accomplishments involve foreign policy and freeing up the economy.

      Does Comey have impeccable credentials? Well, I suppose he did, but he refused to do his job, and Trump could not trust him not to stab him in the back. Comey is an admitted leaker, Comey also would not investigate the abuses of our intelligence agencies for political purposes, and he would not investigate the leaks of classified data.

      When no such prosecutor is needed, Mueller accepted a job as special prosecutor. Then he started appointing a bunch of people who contributed to H. Clinton’s campaign, and he apparently broadened the scope of the investigation. None of that is helpful. And Sessions opened the door for this guy to step in. No excuse for that.

      Politics is a blood sport. In a republic, we agree to follow certain rules. The object is to resolve our differences so we can avoid leaving dead bodies all over the place. A republic accomplishes two things: it provides a mechanism for resolving our differences so we can establish some kind of order, and it limits the importance and power of the government so we can tolerate the government even when the other side wins.

      When people refuse to play by the rules, sooner or later the dead bodies start to appear. That is what happened during the Civil War. The South insisted upon spreading slavery no matter what the rest of the country wanted.

      Our rule book starts with the Constitution. Democrats don’t take the Constitution seriously. They did not do so before the Civil War, and they still don’t. Unfortunately, Establishment Republicans don’t behave much better. So we have a big problem.

      When one side refuses to follow the rules, politics can become violent. We may not want it that way, but when some people insist upon using the power of government to relentlessly force their values and the cost of their wants upon their neighbors, what choice do we have? I don’t want to be a slave. Do you?


      1. I dare suggest, my friend, that you seem a bit conflicted with life being an endless struggle of good vs. bad… morality vs. immorality… Christ vs. the anti-Christ…
        I am compelled to offer that you threw out your TV set 30 years ago out of fear; fear of outside influences to challenge your spiritual equilibrium. I will not, and certainly I cannot, respond in kind to your spiritual inclinations. I can suggest to a fellow human being that life is NOT some eternal struggle between anyone’s definition of good and bad. We can’t insulate ourselves from the things around us because that makes us weak and unable to be engaged. I think of it as being “inoculated” to life. You see, hear, things in life that disturb you then each event serves to inoculate your moral compass against being affected by it in the future. Your spiritual and practical self is unable to build up social antibodies that protect our psyche from being thrown off course. Humans are cognitive beings. Trying to insulate yourself from humanity in order to avoid humanity… well, reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel’s “I Am A Rock”…

        Personally I don’t see the struggle between democrats and republicans as being one-side-against-the-other as much I see it all as a struggle in compromise to exist in America. In reality we have 300 million political parties in this country.. but most people compromise within themselves to follow some measure of one or the other or both for the sake of expediency.

        Ok.. a couple points. If Obamacare is unconstitutional and the GOP has not only the Congress but there’s also a conservative majority on the Supreme Court then why hasn’t it gone there?

        You say you prefer the truth.. and I certainly believe you do… but Trump is uncredible and an outright liar and the biggest contributor to fake news. Honestly, Tom.. for the Christians spiritualist you try to be Trump is the worst example of Christian principles you could support.

        You said….
        “Politics is a blood sport. In a republic, we agree to follow certain rules. The object is to resolve our differences so we can avoid leaving dead bodies all over the place. A republic accomplishes two things: it provides a mechanism for resolving our differences so we can establish some kind of order, and it limits the importance and power of the government so we can tolerate the government even when the other side wins.”

        Nice on the surface, but the hope is less about winning as much as it is to accept the nature of compromise as a win-win. Does politics really need to be a “blood sport” to-the-death-of-the-other-guy to be effective?

        You said…
        “Democrats don’t take the Constitution seriously.”

        What does that even mean, Tom? It’s generalized rhetoric and I can’t believe you think all democrats in this country just plain don’t take the Constitution seriously and are all subscribed to some grand scheme to make your life as a conservative hell on earth. C’mon.

        You said…
        “When one side refuses to follow the rules, politics can become violent.”

        It can be also said, when one side only wants to make only THEIR rules, politics can become one-sided and always embattled.


        1. @Doug

          Spam checker is a pain sometimes. Sorry.

          Is life a struggle between good and bad? Not exactly. We have a choice between doing what we do out of love or out of some other vastly inferior motivation.

          What does the mass media teach us? Here is their core teaching: “You deserve it.”

          Anyway, when I spoke of my personal experience with the mass media, I was not trying to make an issue out of the merits of my personal wisdom. I don’t regard my wisdom as something special, and I said as much. What I wish you would do is look more carefully at the motives of the mass media. What they put out is all too often the purest self-interested garbage.The mass media does not exist to educate us; the mass media exists to sell us stuff, and educating us would just make selling us stuff more difficult.

          Why did the Supreme Court rule Obamacare constitutional? We elected people who appointed and approved judges who ruled it constitutional. The real question is: Why did we elect people who would do that?

          Is Obamacare unconstitutional? You really don’t know? Think about that. Thanks to the wondrous instruction provided by our government-run education system most of the people in this country don’t give much thought to the Constitution. Many of them believe stuff about it that is not even true. Many, for example, believe the words “the separation of church and state” are in the Constitution. Nope! They are not.

          What good is the Constitution if we do not understand it? If we do not understand how the Constitution works and how it protects our rights, how can we use it protect each others rights?

          The critical issue is our rights as Americans. That is what government exists to protect. You and I may disagree about all kinds of things, but so long as we are willing to let each other live in peace, what difference does it make?

          You want the government to give us all kinds of goodies? That is not possible. If you believe such a thing, then you don’t understand the value of a constitutional republic.

          Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. — Gerald R. Ford

          If we want to have the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then we have to run our own lives. We have no other alternative.

          What is the value of the Constitution? When our elected officials exceed their authority and violate our rights, we are suppose to hold them accountable. We consider what they have done, compare their actions with what the constitution authorizes them to do, and if they have done something they have no business doing, we then do whatever we have to do to remove them from office. We don’t have another choice. Such leaders are a threat to everyone’s rights.

          You don’t know if Obamacare is unconstitutional? Then what is your excuse? The Constitution is a short document. The generation of Americans that debated approving the Constitution could understand it. They followed the debate over its ratification. They read “The Federalist Papers” and “The Anti-Federalist Papers”. If you have not read Constitution and the historical documents related to its approval, please do so. Otherwise, you are just engaging in pointless speculation.

          Why is politics a blood sport? Some people won’t take no for an answer. You speak of a win-win compromise. That’s not generalized rhetoric? It just the sort of thing someone spouts when they insist upon having their own way and won’t take no for an answer. Then they escalate to name calling and eventually violence.

          The Constitution is quite specific about the limits of Federal power. Because we have let so many of our leaders exceed their authority, we don’t have to doubt that MOST of them don’t take the Constitution as seriously as they should.

          It can be also said, when one side only wants to make only THEIR rules, politics can become one-sided and always embattled.

          That is the point of a constitutional republic. Because people can be prideful, stubborn and greedy, we cannot entirely avoid becoming embattled, but we can do our best to keep our government from becoming tyrannical.


  3. This is a tuffy.

    On the one hand, Session has done what I’ve been waiting for, for 25 years, namely close the boarder to illegal immigration and the start of actual law enforcement with regard to people entering the United States.

    On the other hand, Session’s almost immediate self-recusal from all things Russia was an uncalled for body blow to the Trump administration.

    And I agree with THE Donald that Sessions should have made his stance clear on that sort of thing from the start so that THE Donald could have chosen someone else as attorney general.

    Now, special prosecutor Mueller has free reign to destroy the Trump administration.


    1. Now, special prosecutor Mueller has free reign to destroy the Trump administration.

      Given Mueller chose a bunch of people to help him who gave money to H. Clinton’s campaign, it does seem that way. So either Trump counterattacks or he fires Mueller. My guess is that the Establishment would use Mueller’s firing as a pretext for impeaching Trump. Hence, i think Trump has to counterattack first and severely undermine the credibility of his accusers.


      1. I think impeachment is an empty threat.

        THE Donald owns the executive branch and it is perfectly legal to fire Mueller especially since there is no crime that he is investigating.


        1. I don’t know. I agree there is nothing illegal about firing Mueller, but Trump will have to convince the public that it is appropriate. I think he can, but he does have to make the case.


          1. Making the case is what politics is all about.

            But the Trump base has unshakable faith in him and like me, I think they would view an impeachment just more of the same Trump hatred.

            It took three election cycles to give the GOP the control of the government.

            It may take another three to rid the Republic and the GOP of all the RINO phonies.

            I sure would like to see voters give McConnell and Ryan the boot.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. Most other US Presidents have had similar problems. They appoint cabinet officials, only to discover that those officials now issue their own orders and march in their own directions without heeding their President’s leadership and programs. As with everything else about the current administration, this issue is being inflated by the media to seem new and catastrophic, where within the White House this is, for all purposes, business as usual. J.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. One thing to remember is that most people who choose a career in government are Democrats. Democrats believe government can fix all of our problems, while Republicans tend to put more confidence in private initiative, so that is where they would rather work. As a result, anyone chosen to lead the State Department or the Attorney General’s office is in charge of a bunch of Democrats who will ignore orders whenever possible and do what seems right to them. Every Republican President since Eisenhower has wrestled with this problem. They try to appoint people who will lead with strength and faithfulness, but all too often the chosen leaders are trapped, conceding point after point to employees who have been with the department for years and know how to work the system. Then the President tries to rearrange the chairs and find someone else who can lead and still be faithful.
        I remember during the Presidential debates of 2004 a “journalist” asked President George W. Bush about his biggest regret regarding choices he made in his first term. The President answered that his biggest regrets were certain appointments that had not worked out well. He refused to name names, though, out of respect for the people involved, and the “journalists” spent the rest of the evening trying to pin him to the mat on that matter. J.

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        1. Bush was a bit of a disappointment. Don’t necessarily think he was a bad man, but to get around the problem you are talking about requires a willingness to fight. I don’t think Bush believed enough in Conservatism to do that. He mouthed the word Conservative, but then in put “compassionate” in front of it. Yet we don’t make Conservatism compassionate, we are a Conservative because Conservatism is compassionate.

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  5. excellent analogy Tom!!!
    I like Sessions–he seems to be a most polite and gracious southern gentleman who is learning, the hard way so it seems, as to what it means to “serve” a leader who has been at battle since coming into his leadership. The he, Sessions, has to step up, and step up quickly, with sleeves rolled up as there is no grace period. This is what Sessions has hopefully now figured out…and whereas he may be kind and gracious, the hungry dogs nipping at his heels (the media, the Democrats, some Republicans, progressives, liberals, you name it…..) are hungry for a meal and he will be that meal if he doesn’t buck up!!

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    1. When I tell people politics is war without the bullets, most take offense. Most don’t see politics from the perspective of a military guy who has read a bit of history.

      Here are a couple of quotes.

      The first is from a German (Prussian) general who wrote the book On War.

      War is merely the continuation of politics by other means. — Carl von Clausewitz

      The second is from someone whose name I am sure you recognize.

      Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed. — On Protracted War, May 1938, from ‘Mao’s Selected Works, Vol. II’, Section 64 pg. 153

      When people attach sufficient importance to getting what they want, violence is not an obstacle. It is simply means a different word is required.

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