The Death of Socrates (1787), by Jacques-Louis David (from here)

What about “I” empowers me to speak for “we”? What are the limits of the right of “we” to dictate the choices of “him” and “her” and the mortally offended sexually confused?

Consider the trial of Socrates.

The trial of Socrates (399 BC) was held to determine the philosopher’s guilt of two charges: asebeia (impiety) against the pantheon of Athens, and corruption of the youth of the city-state; the accusers cited two impious acts by Socrates: “failing to acknowledge the gods that the city acknowledges” and “introducing new deities”.

The death sentence of Socrates was the legal consequence of asking politico-philosophic questions of his students, from which resulted the two accusations of moral corruption and of impiety. At trial, the majority of the dikasts (male-citizen jurors chosen by lot) voted to convict him of the two charges; then, consistent with common legal practice, voted to determine his punishment, and agreed to a sentence of death to be executed by Socrates’s drinking a poisonous beverage of hemlock. (continued here)

In its inestimable wisdom, the majority ruled that Socrates questions were just too discomfiting to be tolerated. Think about that. How well do you tolerate piercing questions?

Because pride fills each of us, we become offended when someone challenges our opinion, even with a question. The mere fact that someone does something or says something different than “I” offends “me”. Want an example? A rather preposterous, absurd example? Consider the transgendered.

A guy who exhibits the physical characteristics of male decides
“he” is a “she”. “She” then insists that everyone refer to “her” using feminine pronouns. “She” insists even though many cannot see how “her” desires comport with reality. When some refuse, “she” gains sympathy by complaining those mean people hurt “her” feelings. Those mean people bullied “her”. “She” insists that the majority make the minority comply with “her” demands”.

  • Does our desired sexual preference actually override our physical sex characteristics. With respect to reality, what does transgendering with surgery and hormone treatment actually accomplish?
  • Do we have a right, even if the majority complies, to force others to participate in what they believe is a horrid fantasy?
  • At what point does the majority have the right to force the compliance of the minority?

Is this a new issue? If we think we know better than the philosophers of old, it is because we are ignorant of what they taught.

A marble statue of Aristotle. (from here)

But one factor of liberty is to govern and be governed in turn; for the popular principle of justice is to have equality according to number, not worth, … And one is for a man to live as he likes; for they say that this is the function of liberty, inasmuch as to live not as one likes is the life of a man that is a slave. – Aristotle, Politics 1317b (Book 6, Part II)

The framers of our Constitution would have considered a person who wants to change his or her sex deranged, possessed, vile, and/or most unfortunate. Their “crime” would have been to drive the him who wants to be “her” from their community if “she” insisted upon making a spectacle of “herself” by cross-dressing. Sad? I suppose so. Extreme behavior of any sort tends to become regrettable. In any event, it probably would not have occurred to our forebears that the government needed to make everyone refer to him either as “she” or as a “he”. In that sense, have we exceeded the extremism our forebears? When, for the sake of political correctness, we try to police the words of our neighbors, does that make us any wiser than those who judged Socrates worthy of death?

15 thoughts on “THE KING IS “I”?

  1. Tom, I think we can be on the “offensive” without being “offensive”. Everyone who disagrees does not necessarily have to be accused by the other side of being dishonest in their sincere beliefs. For example, I don’t think that you are dishonest in your beliefs. I just think you sincerely believe in fantastic myths about our government that don’t comport with reality.

    With don’t live in a “Declaration of Independence Government”. We actually live in a “constitutional government”. In our constitutional government, the Constitution, not God, really does grant rights and responsibilities, and it outlines how our government will defined, arbitrate and enforce the enumerated rights and others. This is just fact. This is just reality.

    “Don’t you know full well the people who wrote that document would have been horrified by the notion LGBTQ rights?”

    Yes and I also know full well that they would be horrified by blacks and women having constitutional rights as well.


    1. Tom, I think we can be on the “offensive” without being “offensive”. Everyone who disagrees does not necessarily have to be accused by the other side of being dishonest in their sincere beliefs.

      Go back and look at how you started this thread. If Christians don’t approve of LGBTQ behaviors, we are judging them? No. To avoid judging a bank robber, do we have to rob banks?

      All a jury does when they determine the guilt of a bank robber is confirm whether or not the guy robbed the bank. All Christians do when they refuse to condone LGBTQ behaviors is refuse to condone the behavior. In neither case is the person judged and condemned to Hell. That is God’s call.

      Christians don’t think LGBTQ behaviors healthy and proper; the Bible emphatically states such behaviors are wrong. So we don’t want any part of the behavior. It is the behavior, not the people, we condemn. If someone who IDs as LGBTQ thinks their sexual identity is who they are, that is part of the problem. Ordinarily our sex does not define the content of our character any more than does our race. Our sins, however, do.

      This is the problem with being a bank robber. You know you have done something wrong. If you are caught, so does everyone else.

      We don’t live in a “Declaration of Independence Government”.

      We celebrate Independence Day, not Constitution Day. Why? The Constitution gave life to the Declaration of Independence. You don’t believe that? I do. The difference is that I don’t believe I have the right to force my values on you. If you don’t want to believe what I believe, that is the way it is.

      “Don’t you know full well the people who wrote that document would have been horrified by the notion LGBTQ rights?”

      Yes and I also know full well that they would be horrified by blacks and women having constitutional rights as well.

      You just undid your own argument. The post Civil War amendments to the Constitution recognized the rights of blacks. What those amendments did is confer citizenship on blacks. Then the amendment denied the power of the government to deprive citizens of their rights, specifically mentioning race and color. The states later recognized the full citizenship rights of women.

      Please note there are no LGBTQ amendments to the Constitution. You want to believe they are somehow implied? Well, you yourself just denied it.

      When I was a boy in school I observed something important about the checks and balances in the Constitution. Until a branch of government is checked by the other two, it can get away with exceeding its powers. Thus, the checks and balance only work when men and women honor their oaths to support and defend the Constitution. Similarly, if the States and the Federal Government are not jealous of their prerogatives, and the Federal Courts do not carefully hue to the Constitution, the boundaries between Federal and State powers can become blurred.

      Therefore, the rights of the People depend upon their voting conscientiously to defend each other’s rights and taking the initiative to assert and defend those rights for the sake of their families, friends, and neighbors. If We the People don’t elect honorable people to lead us, the structure of the government does not much matter. Our elected officials will slowly twist and bend it to suit themselves. If We the People do not honor our heritage, our sacred rights will whither from lack understanding and use.

      This makes the key to our republic the understanding and the strong moral character of the People. If we don’t understand our laws, strive to abide by them, and hold each other accountable, our laws cannot work. If we make the government all about what “I” want, then our government just becomes another means for getting what “I” want.

      Look at the Constitution. Look at The Federalist Papers. There is nothing there about a huge welfare state. There is nothing there about stealing from some people and giving those stolen goods to others. The framers emphatically denied the power of the Federal Government to do any such thing. They abhorred democrats and their propensity for majoritarian tyranny. Yet that is clearly the direction of the Democratic Party. Instead of protecting the rights of my family, friends and neighbors to go about their business in peace, the Democratic Party promises to give me what “I” want.

      Do I think you sincere? Do I think your intentions good? Yes and yes. Do I think you are dead wrong, disastrously dead wrong? Yes. Don’t we both know how the road to Hell is paved? But do you understand what turns good intentions into bad results? It is overreaching pride. It is the absence of honor that forces each of us to acknowledge that we too must abide by the same code of conduct we expect of others.

      After eight years of Obama, I am amazed you have not figured out that the type of government you want will quickly become tyrannical. Why would you want to leave such a legacy for your children?


  2. My simple response of essentially “judge not harshly unless you would be judged harshly” seems to upset you greatly Tom. Anything to do with sex is, of course, of the highest interests to us humans. However, on the vast scale of human faults and foibles, probably is not something that keeps God up much at night. Nice rant though. Very emotional. 😉


    1. You are judging me. I don’t agree with you. So you judge me. In fact, you vote for legal sanctions to be applied for those who disagree. Then you pretend you are above it all. You cover up by cloaking yourself with an air sophistication.

      Do I have all the answers? No. Do I believe the Bible? Yes. As a general rule, is there something wrong with allowing people to practice their religious beliefs? No. We just have to reconcile the conflicts that occur when one person tries to exercise their rights at the expense of another. Unfortunately, you think government gives people their rights. So you vote for people who instigate conflicts instead of resolving them. Then you piously pretend to be doing otherwise.

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      1. “You are judging me. I don’t agree with you. So you judge me.”

        Let me see if I understand this correctly. You feel you are a victim of my lack of empathy for your pressing need to condemn others? I guess that means that you and the LGBTQ person are both claiming to be victims of sorts here. Perhaps you can therefore at least find some common understanding in that shared victimhood then.

        “Unfortunately, you think government gives people their rights.”

        One of the many functions Americans have granted their government from the beginning is the power to define, arbitrate and enforce bundles of rights and responsibilities in the form of laws. The Constitution explicitly grants our government these powers in the legislative branch (defines), the judicial branch (arbitrates) and the executive branch (enforces). The Constitution also explicitly grants individuals certain government defined, arbitrated and enforceable rights and responsibilities in the Bill of Rights and other Amendments such as the 14th Amendment. Do you deny this?

        Government does not always do a perfect job with these powers. There are conflicts between rights of individuals, between the various branches of government, and between the states and the federal government. In fact, our constitutional system, as it has evolved from its English origins until now, depends upon the checks and balances afforded by such continuing conflicts, along with their systemic resolution.

        You constantly lament that this human governmental systemic does not work perfectly to define, arbitrate and enforce rights protections as “you” presume God wants it to work from the way that “you” have divined from the Bible. Others disagree, in a broad religious and non religious spectrum of interpretation, as to what rights and responsibilities are actually divinely inspired. Many churches, including well established Christian churches have theological disagreements over sexual orientation and religious marriage. The science on the broad variation of human sexuality is also not as black and white as you presume.

        Disagreement in and of itself creates conflicts of rights and responsibilities that need to be resolved, often imperfectly, by government. However, despite their disagreement, parties on both sides can agree that government is imperfect. Government is not God; God is God.

        Despite its inability to always perfectly carry out definition, arbitration and enforcement functions of rights conflicts to the degree of perfection that each of us differently deems to be the Will of a perfect God, our confidence in and loyalty to the these constitutional institutions will hopefully not rise or fall on whether we believe our God given right to condemn other adults for their consensual sexual behaviors has been too heavily infringed upon. Perhaps we could look to our common humanity as sinners and temper our desperate desire to judge with empathetic love and understanding, especially when it appears that our supposedly “God given” right to condemn others appears to be our only grievance.


        1. @Tony

          What you are trying to do is throw me on the defense, but defense does not win. So forget it. It is not going to happen.

          You don’t want to go on defense? I could not care less. I am on offense.

          Do I care about your empathy? I appreciate it when I have it, but I have no control over your attitude. Your attitude is your problem.

          The Constitution also explicitly grants individuals certain government defined, arbitrated and enforceable rights and responsibilities in the Bill of Rights and other Amendments such as the 14th Amendment. Do you deny this?

          Read the Declaration of Independence. We need a government to protect rights given to us by God. The Bill of Rights was an afterthought. The framers thought people would understand that the Constitution is a charter. If the Constitution does not empower the Federal Government to do something, it is not supposed to do it. That is a concept you utterly ignore.

          Because some people distrusted the new Federal Government, they wanted their rights written down. Hence, we have a Bill of Rights, including that 10th Amendment which explicitly states what the framers assumed would be understood.

          The post Civil War amendments illustrate the depravity of man and the need for a government to protect our God-given rights FROM EACH OTHER. We will try to get away with whatever we can. Even after those amendments, some people still found ways to infringe upon the rights of the Negro.

          You say those rights were not God-given? If you would depend upon the generosity of men to give you your rights, good luck.

          You are part of a vile political party that demands rights that don’t exist. Instead of accepting the right of others to make their own choices about good and evil behavior, you would impose your own values. To make the LGBTQ happy with their sexual delusions, you would have everyone playact in their fantasies. This is suppose to be harmless, of course. Since you see it as harmless, you insist that others must agree. And the amazing hypocrisy is that you would do that in the name of human rights, in the name of human rights that don’t exist.

          Please reconsider the company you keep. Look at how you are interpreting the Constitution When what Democratic Party produces leads to anarchy, how can you argue credibly that opposing your wonderful ideas has to be an argument for anarchy? When the decisions of the Supreme Court are slowly reducing the Constitution to meaningless scraps of paper, are we not already on the path to lawlessness? If instead of meaning what the framers wrote, the Constitution means whatever the Supreme Court finds it convenient to mean at the moment what good is it?

          Don’t you know full well the people who wrote that document would have been horrified by the notion LGBTQ rights? Of course you do. So you are defending an outright lie. The fact you are trying to make such a defense sound reasonable just makes it all the more reprehensible.

          You want LGBTQ rights? You want Obamacare? You want Social Security and Medicare? Then why does the Democratic Party have to lie to get all their health, education, and welfare crap pass the public and through the courts? When Obama himself called what he wanted transformational, why didn’t he ask for any constitutional amendments? If Obamacare was transformational, didn’t that require an amendment to the Constitution. If LGBTQ rights are transformational, where is the amendment?. If these programs and new rights are so great, why do Democrats have to lie about them?


  3. Odd concern. To worry that others might judge our choice of pronouns while simultaneously taking it upon ourselves to judge another adult’s choice of sexual expression. (And it would seem that a bunch of fellows who owned other people and bred them like livestock should hardly be our choice of moral models in this regard). Perhaps the best way to stop worrying about being judged too harshly is to stop judging so harshly. It’s not an easy goal to accomplish I know, and I am as much a sinner in this regard as anyone.


    1. @Tony

      Yeah! We are so much better than the Greeks. You obviously would not refer to the sexual standards of your political party, but slave labor? Democrats? I suppose you like to think the Democrats have put slavery behind them. After all, all they expect blacks to do is vote for their welfare checks and special rights from the government. And, of course, illegal immigrant labor is not so bad. The illegals just do work Americans won’t do.

      So is it an odd concern? Consider that your question is coming from someone who voted twice for someone who thinks it is the military’s job to induct someone into the service and then pay for their sex change operation.

      Consider also the fact of the matter is that Democrat Liberals have made a big, huge stink out sexual issues that have little or nothing to do with government. If someone is confused about their sex, why is it everyone else’s problem? If somebody decides everyone else should confirm his or her new “sexual identify”, what gives him or her to force other people to participate in an unhealthy, irrational delusion? If another person believes that someone’s “sexual identity” choice is nuts, why would you want to force them to participate in that insanity?

      And yet you have the gall to accuse.

      To worry that others might judge our choice of pronouns while simultaneously taking it upon ourselves to judge another adult’s choice of sexual expression.

      So I am not being politically correct? Instead, of affirming the “right” of some poor person who thinks we get to choose our sex, I simply observed it does not work that way.

      Did you know we have children in school who now have the legal right to demand their teachers confirm their “sexual identify” choice?At what age does this start? That probably depends upon just how abusive some parents want to be.

      It is bad enough that people’s minds are so confused that cannot look between their legs and figure out their sex. It is bad enough that some parents insist upon filling their children heads with sick confusion. Making it a law that society has to confirm the delusions of ill adults and abused children is just evil.

      Isaiah 5:20 New King James Version (NKJV)

      20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
      Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
      Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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  4. I no longer judge any one’s actions on choice of sex preferrnces. As for gays and trans, as long as t hey are legal age, casa ra.

    Is that wise or foolish on my part or theirs really makes no differece, same as what difference does it make to me, I do not have to live with the person.

    A friend of mine commented, they have to be different from us to want to do the things they do. Whether gay is mental or physical or nature or nuture, who am I to know or judge

    What my concern Is the fact some are heterosexual and may transmit the HIV virus to another who becomes of victim.

    We cannot stress enough to our loved ones the risks of sex outside of msrriage.

    As for wisdom, the ancient belief is still true that the wise may live longer than the fool. The fool bring someone who does not persue both practical and Spiritual wisdom in their short lifetime on earth.

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    1. We cannot stress enough to our loved ones the risks of sex outside of marriage.

      Agreed. I would stress that the risk does not involve just disease or the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. Sex is not a toy. When we have sex with someone we have no intention of marrying, we are using another human being as a toy. Because our bodies respond to the sex act in ways we do not entirely understand or appreciate, that is terribly wrong both to the other person and to our self.

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      1. Wise choice but tough sell message today in a world of loose morals and porn so easily available to the masses.

        The result in the USA is the present epidemic of STD, sexual transmitted disease. some such as HIV, of which there is no cure,

        Once a person gets HIV, they will spend an average of a half million dollars for drugs in the lifetime which could be shortened by up to 20 years.
        Drug companies are thriving in the USA. The costs for the most part for treatment being paid by taxpayers. under Obamacare.

        You would think this fact would be reported as daily headline news by the mass media, but it is one of the best kept secrets. Makes me wonder why? Is there a conspiracy or intrigue behind or just plain pure unadulterated folly.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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