Here of late I have been following Rudy u Martinka. The author, scatterwisdom, has been posting an interesting series. His latest is, King Solomon, Time to Outlaw an Islam Religion Practice? Post Ten.

Do I think we should outlaw Islam? Well, I am not a fan of Islam, but I do support the First Amendment. So I don’t support banning Islam, but I suspect thinks he has contrived a way around that problem. Maybe, but all I think we can do is be a bit more selective about the nations from which we allow immigration.

But what about the title of this post? Well, let’s get slowly get there.

Observe. Democrat Liberals don’t seem to be bothered by Sharia Law. Consider. What happened when President Donald Trump was campaigning, and he suggested we need to stop allowing Muslims who support Sharia Law to immigrate to this country? Didn’t we get news stories like this?

Most Muslims enjoy the religious freedom they need to practice their faith, which is guaranteed by the US constitution.

“It doesn’t consume my life that I want to make it the governing law of the country I live in. I am very content to live in the US under the constitution,” says retired Lt. Col. Shareda Hosein in an interview with CNN. “And for me the constitution affords me my freedom of religion, which is the most important thing for me and other Muslims.” (from here)

What is Sharia law? makes believe that if American Muslims had their way Sharia Law would be no big deal. Of course, CNN is so never-Trump it doesn’t know where it stands from one day to the next. Looking back it is obvious Sharia Law does bother them. Here are a couple of examples.

What is Sharia Law? There are various views. Here are a few links.

  • A Short Overview of Sharia (politicalislam.com): Political Islam makes no secret of its hostility to Islam. Given that Islam has a long history of angry hostility towards those whose religious beliefs differ, this view is justifiable.  Keep in mind that at one time the Middle East was predominantly Christian. Now, except in Israel, it is not safe to be a Christian in the Middle East. Even the different Muslim sects are often at the brink of warfare with each other. Freedom of religion is not something the Koran supports.
  • Islamic Law – The Shariah (www.mei.edu): Here is a definition from a nonprofit public policy advocacy group. Their definition is wishy-washy.
  • What is Sharia and how is it applied? (bbc.com) and What is sharia law? (telegraph.co.uk): Suffice to say that with all the Muslims the Brits now have in the United Kingdom, Sharia Law is an issue.
  • To This Secular Muslim, Ben Carson Had a Point (thedailybeast.com) and As Shariah Experiment Becomes a Model, Indonesia’s Secular Face Slips (nytimes.com): These articles illustrate ways Democrat Liberals can talk about the issues posed by Islam frankly. In the first they find a Secular Muslim (kind of an oxymoron) to discuss the matter. The second article describes what is happening in a foreign nation.

So why don’t Democrat Liberals oppose the immigration of Muslims to the United States. Well, carefully consider the creeping secularization of the United States. Any serious Christian has to be appalled by the decline of Christianity in this nation, but it has happened so slowly that few can pinpoint a cause.  Here is what I think are the major problems.

  • Any belief system requires careful instruction of the young to sustain it. Secular schools fail in three ways. Secular schools cannot provide instruction in the Bible from people who believe it. Secular schools promote contrary beliefs as equally valid. No attempt is made in secular schools to live the values taught in the Bible. Instead, secular schools promote  the gods of state and self. Government knows best.  Teachers promote self-esteem so children can feel good about themselves.
  • The mass media denigrates our Christian heritage. Why? Well, consider the financial goals of  advertisers. These people want to sell you stuff whether you need it or not. Christianity gets in the way of sales. Whether it is good for you or not, advertisers want you to buy. So they preach the values of the gods of sex, stuff, and self. Because Christianity not about spending lots of money on sex, stuff, or our self; the mass media promotes Secularism.

With control of the education system and the mass media, Democrat Liberals don’t worry about Sharia Law. They think they can use their control of the public schools and the mass media to indoctrinate new immigrants in Democrat Liberalism. We usually vaguely refer to the legal system favored by Democrat Liberals as Political Correctness, and this Democrat Liberal version of Sharia Law is far more deeply embedded in our culture than most of us would care to admit.

Because Democrat Liberals have their own version of Sharia Law, they actually have something in common with Muslims. Both Democrat Liberals and Muslims believe in imposing their values upon others by force. In fact, Christianity is the only faith that denies we have such a right.

Will the Democrat Liberals succeed? That is doubtful. It is slowly dawning on the Democrat Liberals in this nation that the Liberals in Europe have failed to indoctrinate Muslim immigrants and make well-behaved, docile victims out of them. Why the failure? Liberals have contradictory goals. Identity politics requires that Muslims self-identify as Muslims (and that Hispanic immigrants self-identify as Hispanic, and that Asia immigrants ….). That means that Liberals cannot allow Muslims to assimilate. Yet if Muslims become the majority, Liberals lose control.

And Christians? When will we recognize the danger posed by the socialist ideology of Democrat Liberals? Are we prepared to reassert our heritage and vote these people out of office? Time will tell.


  1. The left has pretty much thrown down the gauntlet against America and Western Civilization.

    I think the left’s love affair with the Jihad is a case of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

    It is also the intent of the Jihad to destroy Western Civilization.

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    1. Sad, but definitely true of some of those people. I think most of the people who vote for Democrat Liberals are just terribly misinformed. Unfortunately, no one likes to believe they don’t know what they are talking about. The compromise position is you run your life, and I run mine. Unfortunately, that is what the victim ideology exists to stop. We can’t have a smaller government because everyone would die.


        1. I suppose she believes that cutting back government spending would cause people to die right and left. I have relatives like that too. Sigh!

          Took us decades to get into to this mess. There is no fast way out. First step is to get the government out of the indoctrination business, that is, the education business.


  2. I heard an interesting commentary last evening—regarding the demise of a nation beginning when the nation begins to doubt itself….
    as we saw with the USSR under Gorbachev in the 80’s as he realized that the USSR’s current form of communism was rotting from within –suffering from and internal rot….
    My fear is that our left and radical liberals have the mindset that our own very liberty and foundation of western civilization is rotting as they are steeped in self doubt and are trying to take all of us on a careening, out of control, one way road to our demise and destruction…stemming from their own arrogance, indifference and totally lack of understanding….
    Sharia law is not okay and it is not okay being allowed to practice within the confines of a western civilization whose entire existence is based solely on the concept of Liberty….

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  3. Great informative post Tom. I intend to link it to my conclusion post tomorrow.

    Too many well meaning USA supporters of Islam teachings really do not have a grasp on what Islam ancient writings and laws entail, in my opinion.

    The rules I will present will apply to all religions.The rules won’t end Terrorism. Hopefully they may help control to prevent in future if implemented. If it prevents one only occurance. in my opinion it is worthwhile and meaningful.

    Regards and good will blogging.

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  4. Another good post Tom and I will have to hop on overdo Scattered Wisdom’s site to catch the referenced post as well. I think many every day Democrats (i.e., non-political) are just completely unaware of how polar opposite Sharia is to a free, individual rights based, society and how the two cannot live in happy conjunction with one another. This goes completely against their multicultural beliefs (no one religion is better than the other) and so opening their eyes to the horrors of Sharia would be too painful. Many also believe the lies the far left feeds them about Right wing Islamaphobia which they think equates to Sharia Criticism.


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