The donkey is the Democratic Party’s logo. Is this truly America’s symbol of tolerance?

What a sad state of affairs in Virginia these days! Our governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general are Democrat Liberals, and the two guys we have sent to the Senate are Democrat Liberals. Here is how irresponsibly vile one of those senators can be.

(CNN) Hillary Clinton’s former running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, said Donald Trump Jr. may have committed treason when he agreed to meet with a Russian lawyer under the pretense of getting dirt on Clinton.

“We are now beyond obstruction of justice,” the Virginia Democrat told CNN Tuesday. “This is moving into perjury, false statements and even potentially treason.” (continued here)

And how does CNN react? This is something to be taken with the utmost seriousness.

This article details all they supposedly have on Trump Jr.: THE EMAILS: Trump Jr. posts exchange that promised dirt on Clinton as ‘part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump’ ( To speak of this as treason is just more nothing-burger demagoguery from the news media/Democrat Liberal power clique. These people are so upset about losing an election we should never allow them to win another. Serving as a government official is supposed to be a duty and an honor, but except for crooked people it is not something anyone would want to do to the point they would destroy a man in order to obtain power.

The meeting between Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer smells of a setup. This Russian lawyer seems to have links to the same clown who put together a phony dossier on Trump senior.



    1. The Democrat Liberals are more interested in proving their opponents hypocrites than anything else. All Donald Trump Jr. did is meet with someone who supposedly had the goods on H. Clinton. That someone is somebody a Democrat Attorney General had to give special permission to get into our country. That Russian lawyer did not qualify for a visa, and she did not leave our country when she was suppose to do so. Moreover, it seems she has had more contacts with Trump’s enemies than with Trump’s allies.

      We don’t know what Trump Jr. would have done with “the evidence” had it been offered. On the other hand, the Democrats have been leaking our secrets to get at President Trump, and nothing they have put up is really more than innuendo. That includes a dossier that probably was produced by the Russians.

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      1. Not sure where you are getting your news, Tom (although I have a good guess). The story is far more complex than just dismissing it all as Conservatives-blaming-others-as-usual.

        Check out this Washington Post report…

        Here is part…
        “Prevezon was accused by U.S. officials of buying real estate with laundered funds from some of the proceeds of the $230 million tax refund. Prevezon, owned by a Russian named Denis Katsyv, fought the charges in federal court in New York. The company, in addition to hiring American lawyers, brought on Veselnitskaya to help make its case.

        June meeting
        Veselnitskaya’s visa for U.S. entry was denied, but she received special permission — in what is known as a “parole letter” — to come to New York specifically to defend Prevezon and Katsyv. She said in a court statement, however, that when she tried to reenter the United States, she was detained at London’s Heathrow Airport and “unjustifiably subjected to a strip search, for no apparent reason.” She eventually received permission to come to the United States to continue her work for Prevezon.

        That set the stage for Veselnitskaya to be in New York City in June 2016, where a hearing related to Prevezon case was being held in federal court.”

        Nothing AT ALL to do with Obama administration screwing up and letting just anyone in the country.
        Besides… illegal or not… Junior, and the other two, hopped onto the chance to meet with a Russian with some influence under the pretext of receiving dirt on Hillary.

        Sorry… can’t get away from this one.

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        1. Not sure why your comment went into the spam bin. Spam checker probably doesn’t like Russian.

          Anyway, I use to read the Washington Post regularly. Government provides it for free. When the Democrats are in charge, it is easy to understand why. This paper routinely demonizes Republicans, especially those who take up Conservative causes.

          Look at what is going on. Instead discussing issues, we spend our entire time discussing charges against Trump and anyone associated with him. The crime? Well, offering to talk to someone is not a crime. It is not even clear Trump Junior would have done anything unethical. Even that is speculation. Listening to some people may be unwise, but Trump Junior is not the only person who think H. Clinton belongs in jail.

          You really want to know how inane this is? House Democrats are trying to insinuate the Department of Justice settled the money-laundering involving Prevezon, the folks Natalia Veselnitskaya represented.

          If you look into the matter, however, the government won the case. The problem is the government did not have enough evidence for a more damning verdict.

          If the Russians wanted something from the Trump administration, settling on that case was not it, but the Democrats will blow it out of proportion anyway.

          This article suggests Veselnitskaya overstayed her visa.

          Veselnitskaya actually had all kinds of contacts, including this one.

          Seriously, given a choice between a victory by H. Clinton or Donald Trump, it is blatantly obvious the Russians had nothing to gain from a Trump victory.

          Trump actually ran on some issues that are quite important. If the never-Trump wants to prove Trump is an idiot, what is wrong with discussing those issues. We have been discussing.

          Anyway, Trump Junior does not have a clearance. He is not government. Jared Kushner does. He disclosed this one.

          As you should know, and SF-86 is a pain in the neck. Can you imagine trying to list all his foreign contacts?

          The stupid meeting had nothing to do with anything. All this infernal leaking is the bigger problem.


  1. Wow. Three native Illinois born bloggers on the same post complaining about Democrat Liberals.

    Best word I could think the Illinois Democrats would use to describe our conversations would be to accuse us of is committing an abomination. .

    Regards and goodwill blogging.. .

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  2. Tom, In my opinion, no one with any smidgen of common sense pays any attention to CNN anymore..

    Also, your State Democrat Liberals are mere amateurs of folly compared the Democrat Liberals I have in my State in Illinois.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. Amateurs? I wish. Do you know who our governor is? One of our senators was H. Clinton’s running mate.

      Our advantage at this point is that the General Assembly is still controlled by Republicans, but that is about it.

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      1. The difference is Clinton’s crew lost the election. In Illinois, the Democrats have never lost an election in 50 years and the result is Illinois is over 100 billion dollars in debt and just raised State taxes again.

        Like I said your Clinton crew were losers. Even Obama, the prodigal son of Illinois won two Presidential elections.

        Wait a minute, Hillary was born in Illinois? Oh Well.
        Regard and goodwill blogging.

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        1. Hey.. I was born in Illinois too. In fact, Hillary and I were from the same area in a northwest burb of Chicago.. went to the same movie theater, same pizza place… but we never met, although one has to assume we brushed shoulders somewhere. She does have a few years on me though. If I were you guys I would just dismiss me knowing I came from Illinois, and that’s the reason I have my anti-Trump opinions and the state is going bankrupt. 🙂 Goodamn Illinois democrats! (Except back then I was die hard republican)

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          1. Very cool. Military brat. I think back then it was ATC.. like nearby Chanute. Wait.. maybe one of those was an old MAC base.
            Maybe we were at the same base… After Lackland I went to Keesler in MS for electronics school. Hated math, washed out.. they made me an OJT SP to McCoy in Orlando. From there to Iceland.. the finished at Grissom in IN.


          2. Well, I was at Wright-Patterson for about a year and a half attending school. However, that was after you got out.

            As a retired MSgt, my dad taught communications/electronics at Keesler. It is possible you ran into him.


          3. My father was stationed at Wright-Patt in the 80’s. 🙂 I spent 7 glorious summers in Merced (Castle) in the 70’s and 4 Winters in Minot as a child. ((Seems EWO don’t get moved around as much as others.))

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          4. Damn.. 4 winters in Minot. That was missile duty for us SP’s. When some airman got assigned to Minot.. we had a saying for that.. “Why not Minot.”

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          5. Freezin’s the reason. 😉

            So flat you can stand on a soup can and see the curvature of the earth.

            The only thing between ND and the North Pole is a barbed wire fence, and it is down 6 months out of the year.

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  3. Yeah.. the treason thing is a bit much, I would agree. But it was bound to come up.. just like the first uttering of “impeachment” in the halls of Congress, yet most assuredly people were thinking it for weeks prior. But saying it doesn’t mean there’s any substance nor is there any guilt (at this point).

    But while we might tend to agree on this item.. it’s likely for far different reasons. I firmly believe that Trump, his family, and elements of his appointed administration, are way too naive and ill-experienced politically that this is likely just careless blunder mixed with the family being used to just forging ahead in their own way to get things done. I don’t assign any level of “strategic genius” to what Trump even does. It’s just blundering along. So.. to me it’s very possible Trump Jr. was not thinking he was doing anything suspect, wrong, or illegal. And for as much as I assign them all to being incapable… I would not make any accusation that any of them have been treasonous… nor do I doubt they are not patriotic in their own way, as we all are.


    1. Well, I am glad you think treason overdone.

      The Trump campaign was spied upon during the election. The Trump campaign has been investigated for months. The Obama administration left the government full of leakers. Obama issue an order that allowed classified information to be shared all other the place, making difficult to trace leaks. If the Trump campaign was guilty of the news media would have published it. The special prosecutor is a joke. H. Clinton and J. Comey deliberately mishandled classified information, and everyone knows it for a fact. If anybody belongs in jail, they do.

      Have you ever looked into the Clinton Foundation and how it got funded? Have you ever considered why people paid the Clinton’s fabulous fees for speeches, especially foreigners?

      We can put up with honestly naive leaders. Who steps into the White House knowing exactly what to do? Anybody? It is the people who sell us out we don’t want in political office. They are so busy robbing us and grasping for power that their idea of naive is actually doing the job we elected them to do.

      The Democratic Party, Establishment Republican, most of the news media, and lots of other people have no use for Trump. Since you are one of those people, you KNOW that much for certain.

      Trump really is an outsider. The Establishment is fighting him every step of the way, and he is still plowing ahead. Is Trump actually trying to do anything horribly wrong? Then point it out. Otherwise, why the extreme, unrelenting opposition? Follow the money, and you will figure it out.

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      1. I can only answer for myself, Tom… but it’s kinda obvious my opinions are not all that different from those others who dislike Trump. Those of you who support him always seem to bring up some huge sour grapes conspiracy over Hillary having lost. Also.. no one I know is trying to deny any election legitimacy to his win. But it IS a problem for Trump because he dwells on this constantly.

        Your first paragraph where you list all those alleged reasons Trump is having such a bad time of it…. I’ve heard (read) all that before and it’s all smoke. Obviously you don’t owe me any sort of an explanation for anything; it’s your opinion. But I would find it of value to know the sources of all those accusations and how they were proven accurate… that is NOT from some conservative right-wing slanted source. Of course, we can just pissing-match my preference for the mainstream press and your preference for ultra-conservative sources. If any of what you suggested in paragraph one was true why didn’t the Republican Congress investigate? In fact, no one did any investigation and I realize the bugs you.. but Trump has a ton more money than anyone on the democrat side, before or after the election. You are suggesting ‘follow the money’ but Trump has more than anyone.

        As I am writing this I am listening to that ‘liberal cesspool’ of news reporting, CNN, and they are reporting as back as 2014 Trump was working with the Russians on a Trump Tower in Moscow. Apparently there was an agreement letter of intent and Trump’s daughter went over there to scout locations. There’s even a photo of her there. But apparently after the Ukraine/Crimea thing by Russia, the sanctions imposed messed with the Russian economy and the tower plan was scrapped for now. So that brings to light “bigly or big league” Trump’s indifference to Russian hacking and wanting sanctions lifted. Yep.. follow the money.

        Tom… at no time in recent history has a president declined so quickly and a wide opinion in the country is that the guy can’t be trusted in telling the truth.

        Hey.. I’m all for Pence running the show. So far he’s been squeaky clean.


        1. @Doug

          I brought up the H. Clinton thing because that was the choice. Trump or Clinton.

          The Establishment is not giving Trump grief? Do remember a president who had every single one of his appointees, fought in Congress; it is not just cabinet officials.

          Personnel is policy. Don’t want the policy? Then don’t let the man whose policy you don’t like get his people in place.

          Can you name any sector of our society except perhaps the defense sector that was happy about Trump’s election? Energy? Maybe, but the money went to H. Clinton during the election. The cost of a presidential campaign is too much even for someone with Trump’s fortune. Therefore, H. Clinton spent far more.

          Consider. Trump is trying to get two bills through Congress. There is a Republican majority in both. Congress has already passed a bill repealing Obamacare, but they knew Obama would veto it. So now they won’t. Republicans run on cutting taxes. Now they won’t cut taxes? What is wrong with these people?

          The people we send to DC are not honest. There is just too much money running through that place and too much being siphoned off into dishonest people’s pockets, and they don’t want an outsider messing up their crimes.

          Money from a business deal that flopped? That is not following the money. It did not go there. Don’t think Trump will make much dough out of being president. On the other hand, Bill and Hillary are worth hundreds of millions, and they have worked for the government or nonprofits most of their lives. Where did that money come from?

          Trump is declining? Don’t think so.

          Check out Trump’s speech =>

          That’s not a speech from a president in decline.


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