This is a little late, I suppose, but there is a lot out there to digest, and sometimes it takes time to discover what is worth digesting. President Donald Trump’s speech to the people of Poland, given in Warsaw on July 6, 2017, is worth taking the time to digest.

When we elected Donald Trump to be our president, did we elect the right man? I think so. Why? I think he understands his job. You don’t think so? Have you ever taken the time to listen to the man? Even if you have, this speech is something special.


  1. The American People have shown me over the past few years that they are self-concerned and could care less about what is good for the nation as a whole. Besides, we are now much too large and too diverse to be properly administered by traditional governmental forms — and as to preserving the nation in the face of threats let me say that Multiculturalism and Political Correctness are fools paradises and we have been embracing both of these destructive elements lately. What it takes to “Unite” America is a common threat big enough to gain the attention and threaten the security of great masses of the people …. something like Pearl Harbor or the attacks of 9/11. But even the attention span is short. I think the whole of America is generally too self-involved and apathetic under normal operating conditions to be concerned about such trivial things as national preservation because I do not believe the Average American believes that any such threat could ever overwhelm us. It is kind of an extension of the old “It can never happen in America” syndrome that was so prevalent prior to the first terrorist attacks here on our own soil. It will take a national calamity of some magnitude to stir the People to united action.

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  2. Even Charles Krauthammer, a strong longtime critic of President Trump commented this was his best speech to date.

    I concur.

    Now if only his detractors would grow up and recognize the potential of his policies could benifit if they would listen and discern,

    OH well, it takes a lot to abridge snd mend huge egos and loss of power because of failed policies.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

    Regards and goodwill blogging

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  3. the speech was indeed very good—hopeful despite the naysaying press—
    Poland is such a polestar of perseverance—a country that has held aggressors at bay throughout the annals of history—the lone bulwark for the survival Europe from all sorts of invaders as she has appeared and even disappreard only to reappear…
    She has also been a sacrificial lamb to the ever hungry jaws and grotesquely evil minds of Hitler and later Stalin…..
    It is a nation being tested once again as she is still considered one of the last nations in Europe to be predominately Christian, with the predominance being Catholic—not even once Catholic now secular France can compare.
    And Trump seemed to “get” that….
    Perhaps nations like Poland remain the hope of Western Civilization…while men like Trump continue to understand that importance!!!

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    1. Who ever thought Trump would make a speech like that? I sure didn’t.

      Is Trump being genuine? I don’t really know, but I sure hope he is. I like what he is saying, I like his policies, and I appreciate his willingness to stand for something. For what it is worth, he has my full support.

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  4. The speech was remarkable because it consisted of words unheard for many years. President Trump showed his love for our country and respect for her. The minute this guy does something worthy of his office, the press is eager to find something to distract from it. Wake up America. He is our president!

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  5. No we don’t, well at least not America as a whole. The United States is a terminally ill cancer patient infested with communism, self hatred, and parasitism. If it limps through this century it will not resemble anything it was intended to be.


    1. Well, every nation is made up of individual citizens. There is a “we” only to the extent “we” share a common purpose. To serve the common good, we must understand, gain wisdom.

      If the state of our national soul concerns you, then please make it your purpose to repair your own and set a good example of wisdom.

      I see from your blog you are interested in books and profession of soldiers. Are you a Christian? I am. I am a soldier of Jesus Christ, and we war to save souls. The Bible explains how to win and what winning means.

      The Bible is the book that shaped the soul of the West. If you not studied it carefully, then you have missed a lot of history. Christians don’t give up.

      If you have not done so, listen to our president’s speech. I have not heard anything like that from one of our presidents in decades.


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