Here are a couple of videos and a story.  Dr. Robert Jeffress is Senior Pastor of the 13,000-member First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas and a Fox News Contributor. He is an unabashed fan of President Donald Trump. So he and his team organized a celebration in Washington DC this year.

Is it wise for a pastor to so devotedly support a politician? I suspect Jeffress would point to the alternative and ask a question. Is it wiser to do nothing? I suspect he would also point to the fact that he has put his faith God, not President Donald Trump. He sees Trump’s victory as God’s blessing, not a blessing from Trump.

Anyway, I prefer to have people judge for themselves. If you want a copy of a video of the event, PATHWAY TO VICTORY. Jeffress’ team will happily give you a free DVD of the event.

If you want to listen online first, here is a video (below) from Golden State Times. Not sure what to make of the Golden State Times, but they are fans of Trump. However, the video is about twice as long as it needs to be. The event starts at about 1 hour 48 min into the video. The stuff in front looks interesting, but I have not viewed it.

Just want to listen to Trump’s speech? Don’t appreciate great music? Well, here is Trump’s speech with Jeffress’ introduction.


Finally, I would like to introduce you a story from a time when Americans did not take offense when someone asked them to pray.  Why this story? Trump mentioned it in his speech. Here is the story as told by the chaplain General George S. Patton asked to write a prayer so the soldiers in the Third Army could find the words to pray for divine intervention.

Here are some shorter, abbreviated versions of the story.


22 thoughts on “CELEBRATE FREEDOM RALLY 2017

  1. ‘Laws of nature, and Nature’s God.’

    Love that reference in your suggested sidebar, and goes hand in hand with Jeffress speech, and the 4th of July tribute.

    Good stuff CT. And the best of Fourths!

    (btw, the existence of God is hardly a matter of serious dispute)

  2. Hey tom. Hope your holiday and weekend are going well. You mentioned how some are taking offence to being prayed for. Even as a deconverted Christian I still appreciate it when others tell me they pray for me, depending on their tone or sincerity of course. And it might be interesting to know that I still tell others I will pray for them. If either those gives the other person genuine consolation or encouragement, who am I to withhold or subvert that? At that point it’s not about me or my story of deconversion, but about the other person. Just me two cents. Thx for allowing my comment, in advance. -kia

    1. In the long run, nothing is gained by taking offense when none is intended. So I appreciate the fact you don’t. However, I am curious. What is the value in telling people you will do something you don’t intend to do? If you appreciate sincerity in others, why not yourself?

      1. Who said I don’t pray? I’m not atheist, just not Christian anymore. I’d probably consider myself agnostic at least at this point. I still think there is value in the practice. It’s meditative and centering.

          1. My opinion now… prayer doesn’t necessarily require an object to ‘person’ to whom you are petitioning. Currently, my prayer is meditative and centering as I said before.
            But also, as I said before, I have no qualms in encouraging others by telling them I will pray for them. It’s up to their interpretation what they receive from that. Not my place to impose my meaning on them.

          2. I think you have transcendental meditation confused with prayer. You may wish to look up the definitions of the terms.

            There are occasions when people pray that they achieve the relaxed state we associate with transcendental meditation. When Catholics, for example, repeat a prayer multiple times saying the rosary, I expect some of them find themselves in a meditative, or relaxed state. However, that relaxed state is not the objective of true prayer.

            Prayer is an attempt to commune with God. Transcendental meditation, rather than focusing on God, is a particular type of mental discipline designed to relax the mind. I suppose transcendental meditation serves a purpose, but I have never had much interest in it.

          3. Sorry tom. I was not referring to TM or other eastern concepts. You’ll just have to let me have my own definition without trying to put words or definitions into my mouth for me. Have a great day.

          4. Your own definition? If everyone starts using their own definition, how is that going to work?

            Do you remember when Bill Clinton said this?

            It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the—if he—if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement

            Clinton started making up his own definition of “is” to obfuscate. He created his own definition to confuse, not communicate.

          5. My point was… that it’s never polite or respectful to fill another person’s glass for them with what they haven’t already approved of drinking. You assumed TM, not me. And I corrected you. That should be enough for most people. I hope it is for you. Cheers

          6. I asked a straightforward question. To whom or what do you pray? Whether it is TM or not, you came back with a description of prayer that is not prayer.

            Why tell your friends something you have to know is not true? That is not good. Telling people something you know is not true is not a sign of respect. Do you fear they would hold your beliefs against you?

          7. Apparently tom, it seems not to have been enough for you to allow me to define my own Prayer. But instead, you insist that your definition be the measure of mine. Rude, but… ok. Again I bid you cheers.

          8. If we are going to have a conversation, don’t we have to pick a language? If you are not praying to someone or something, that is not what the rest of the English speaking world defines as prayer.

            So you have your own definition of the word “prayer”? Well, nobody will stop you from using it, but only you know what you are talking about. Thus, when you use the word, in your mouth the word “prayer” becomes meaningless.

            God can be a fearful concept. The Bible illustrates that problem in Matthew 25:14-30, “The Parable of the Talents”. One of the servant was so afraid that instead of investing what his master had given him, he buried it. I suspect many atheists and agnostics have that reaction to God. They look at the demands of the Bible in horror; they miss the fact that Jesus truly did do all work of salvation, that we have been given a great gift, that our Shepherd does not allow His sheep to stray and become lost.

            It is an odd thing, but even for eternal joy and peace some consider giving up the things of this world (which will pass away anyway) too great a sacrifice.

    2. It is kind of funny that a secular nation celebrates a document that acknowledges our rights come from God.

      Happy 4th of July to you too.

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