Muslims in prostration in Syria. (from here)

Here is something that is happening with surprisingly little publicity.  At its June 27th meeting (at 7:30 PM), the Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) will most likely approve the construction of a big, huge mosque. Here is the agenda.

Where is the site for this big, huge mosque? The 14.89 acre site is located at 12655 Vint Hill Rd., approx. 550 ft. east of the intersection of Vint Hill Rd. & Kettle Run Rd. and west of Schaeffer Ln.

Where does the BOCS meet? The BOCS meets at the Prince William County McCoart Administration Building, Board Chambers, 1 County Complex Court, Woodbridge.

A local organization, FORCE – Friends of Rural Crescent Energized, is opposing the construction of a mosque in our area. Why? Well, the mosque is big, and it is being built in an area that is supposed to be zoned off from development.

Here is how a newspaper described the proposed mosque.

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), which has 11 chapters around Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia, wants to build a 22,400-square-foot mosque on the site in Nokesville, in Prince William County. About 150 to 200 Muslims from the area who conduct Friday prayers in a rented hotel space in Manassas say they want their own place for services, Sunday school, interfaith gatherings and other events.

Opponents say the proposed 500-person facility is not appropriate in the neighborhood of single-family homes, which lies within an 80,000-acre swath created in 1998 to preserve Prince William’s remaining rural areas from suburbanization.

Known as the Rural Crescent, it serves as a buffer between the county’s more developed eastern side and rural Fauquier County to the west. Most residents are required to use septic tanks, lots for new single-family homes must be on tracts of at least 10 acres, and the construction of larger facilities, such as religious institutions, requires a special-use permit from the county. (from here)

Of course, there is the usual charge of Islamophobia from the usual suspect, New PW County Mosque Opponents’ “fears and concerns are not rooted in reality or facts” but in Islamophobia. However, I suspect that if someone built a Walmart at that location there would be a much, much bigger fuss.  When someone builds a facility in a residential area with 300 parking spots, the neighbors generally take notice. Oddly, however, here were the only news articles/posts I could find using Google that have been published in the last month.

Kind of odd, to say the least. Why the silence? Anyway, here are some other, old articles, on the subject.

Should the facility be built? I don’t know. I suppose Muslims have the right to build worship facilities just like anyone else. Nevertheless, back in November, Supervisor Jeanine Lawson expressed her disappointment.

I have concerns about the ADAMS proposal as did my predecessor, Supervisor Covington. The Vint Hill Road site is particularly challenging for a religious institution of this size. The transportation impacts to the local community, and the request for public sewer in the Rural Crescent makes support of the application even more challenging. In my initial meeting with the ADAMS representatives last year, I encouraged them to look for land in the development area where they would not face as many obstacles. As a strong defender of the rural area, the fact that they have chosen to proceed to pursue the Schaeffer location is disappointing. (from here)

I don’t consider myself a defender of Islam.  I do, however, adamantly support religious freedom, but one doesn’t have to dislike Islam to wonder what that mosque would be doing in the rural crescent. Am I a huge supporter of the rural crescent? Not really, but I do get a bit disgusted when politicians create policies and then immediately proceed to violate them. Because politicians have had so much trouble following any plan, development around this area has been a messy process, to say the least.


  1. Can you legally prove your statement.

    “I think that is part of the plan. ”

    If so, what personal harm will you incur if Islam does indeed do what you “think?”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. @scatterwisdom

      Legally? No. Some Muslims have observed the demographics. Obviously, Muslims believe Allah is on their side. So it would be be Allah’s plan.

      What personal harm will I incur? I expect I will be dead before I suffer, but I doubt if my children and grandchildren will want to live in a nation dominated by Muslims. Look around the world. Muslim nations are backward.

      Fortunately, demographic trends can change. What we see today does not necessarily predict the future, and the future is up to God, not Allah.

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      1. I intend to prove the folly of our Nation’s Supreme Court and politicians ignoring the clear and present danger of subsidizing a religion that poses a clear and present danger to our nation..

        The folly of our First Amendment interpretations of the Supreme Court is
        being that a person has to suffer harm after it is done rather than legally attempting to prevent harm from occurring after the harm has occur reed..

        The key will be to provide a legal definition of the word “religion” and what religion entails or does not entail

        If you or any any of your blog followers can comment you conceptions of what is a legal definition of religion, it would help my “quest.”.

        Remember though that any definition must be absent of the word “God” because no one can legally prove their is a God.

        We can theorize or profess our personal beliefs of a Creator, but must require proof positive to convince in a legal courtroom what religion is and if any person who believes or follows their religion can cause personal harm or damages to our nation.

        I have a legal definition in mind which I will disclose in future posts.

        Regards and good will blogging.

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    1. I think that is part of the plan. In Europe, because of immigration and the birthrate, the Muslims are slowly taking over.

      Most of the politicians seem to be more concerned about having power in their time. The average voter wants “it” now, whatever “it” may be. Secular Humanism doesn’t have an answer for tomorrow.

      What the Secularists expect and what is not happening is that Muslim immigrants will somehow become Secularists too. Perhaps they are willfully blind to the gospel they preach, identity politics. They ignore that their own schemes for power emphasize cultural differences.

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      1. Citizen,

        I think you have made an amazing incite.

        The Jihad has been the same for centuries, always taking the long view.

        Atheists (what you call secular humanists) prophets of the predominant worldview, are lost in an eternal present (almost always hallucinated).

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  2. If the zoning laws were in place before the mosque was proposed, then I see no reason to refuse to enforce them. Zoning laws are not an infringement upon freedom of religion except in cases where they are changed to try to shut down the plans of a religious group. J.


    1. The problem is that the BOCS has permitted a couple of churches to connect to the public sewer. So they have undercut any argument they might have had for refusing a mosque in the rural crescent.

      Frankly, I wish the zoning laws were more limited. The politicians make a mess of them anyway.

      The rural crescent was designed inhibit growth in the area. It has outpace the building of schools and roads.

      Do we need zoning laws? Yes. We need to protect the watershed and separate commercial, industrial, residential development. We also need to protect farmland, but that is about it, and that is complicated enough. If someone wants to rezone land, make them pay a big fee for the privilege. Money talks and people listen.

      Churches, synagogues, and mosques are residential buildings. If someone wants to locate a big, huge building someplace, then they need to make certain they pay for the cost of upgrading the roads around the building to handle the traffic, and they need to pay to connect to an appropriate sewer system. Other than that, I don’t care about the zoning issues.


  3. I appreciate you saying you think the right for Muslims to build mosques is important for religious freedom because too many on the right don’t understand this. You are also correct to be skeptical of political motives here and/or an overall incompetence of the local board. Too often Muslims get a pass on things like this where others don’t because the fear of being tainted as an Islamaphobe gets in the way of objective decision making.

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  4. you and I both know why such little in the way or raised eyebrows for such a huge building undertaking are not rising to the occasion….
    Mosques, churches, synagoges, temples…all have their place—but zoning and architectural “flow”..the aesthetic and visual appeal of the area must also come into consideration, as does the potential impact of traffic, parking, noise, congestion…..

    Now granted I understand religious freedoms but I have seen in other places and with other potential constructions that most often those wanting the mosques are of a our way or the highway sort of thinker….

    There was an older large Williamsburg style office building in Atlanta that had been sold and bought—by The Church of Scientology—now we have a very large Williamsburg style building for the Church of Scientology—-they have their tuxedo wearing sign guys out on the sidewalk. along the very busy thoroughfare, waving sings of welcome and come on in..

    I personally would have liked to see the space used in some other fashion—but this “church” bought the property and cleaned it up and there you go.

    This mosque however sounds that it will be more sore thumb, headache, and crowd nightmare more than anything else—and I wonder, will the loudspeakers be sounding calling the faithful to worship and will that be an additional issue in what sounds like a nice quiet community…..

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    1. That mosque will be near a relatively well off community. Doubt those people would put up with loudspeakers the call to prayer. I think that compromise was mentioned in one of the news articles.

      There are still relatively few Muslims in this area. There are enough to get the attention of the politicians, but running as Muslim candidate is not going to get anyone elected.

      The real headache is being labelled as a bigot or sued. Think about all the government workers in this area. We are indoctrinated by our employers about the necessity for being sensitive to the needs of minorities. Since Democrats insist upon making Muslims one of their specially protected classes, everyone is afraid of being called a bigot.

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  5. Why such a huge structure for only 200?

    Perhaps a first step for boarding facilities for Islam education?

    One brick at a time perhaps?
    Any restricktons for future plans to be presented?

    Regards and good will blogging.


    1. I occasionally attend a Methodist Church that usually has lots of empty seats. When they built it, I expect they expect to grow more than they did.

      Restrictions? Don’t know. If I have time, I will attend the BOCS meeting. That mosque will be on my end of the county, and some mosques attract radicals. So I am not particularly happy about having one in the area.

      The ADAMS people according to this article,, have connections to the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA. I sure hope that is not true. The Dar Al-Hijrah mosque appears to have some disreputable connections (

      Anyway, Islam is a growing religion. Why? I can only guess, but I don’t see much evidence that our schools and the news media provide a favorable image of Christianity, but both are almost fearful of criticizing Islam. And people want something to believe in.

      What I suggest to anyone who is interested in Islam or Christianity is that they do their homework. Instead of taking what a Muslim cleric (or a Christian one, for that matter) or a teacher says at face value, do some reading. Read about the life of the founder of the faith. Read the Koran. Consider multiple sources. Go to historical documents, not just what has been written by today’s politically correct professors and journalists.

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      1. Good advice, I have a Qur’an in my library and a Bible. On the surface, reading both appear positive, yet both can be used as a tool for devious purposes by connivers.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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