Democrats Go Bonkers Over 142-Page ‘Better Healthcare Reconciliation Act’

This is the sort of news we need to be to be paying some attention to.

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Progressives are going insane but who cares.  They are the party of obstructionists.  They can’t handle the truth.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

On Thursday, the Senate published the revised healthcare bill titled, the Better Healthcare Reconciliation Act. It is not a complete replacement but it’s not simply a fix either. The bill is a refinement of the House bill.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer came out Thursday with their prepared remarks on the Senate healthcare bill as soon as it was released. These two must be speed readers since they already condemned it.

Democrats would not take part in the process of writing the healthcare bill but they do like to criticize it.

Senators have a week to read the 142-page bill and offer amendments. By way of contrast, Republicans had 24 hours to read the more than 2,000+-page…

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11 thoughts on “Democrats Go Bonkers Over 142-Page ‘Better Healthcare Reconciliation Act’

  1. In my opinion, if the Bill passes, in time it will serve to foster a single payer government health system.

    My main concern now is that the new version releases employers from having to provide insurance. It will open the door to more people in time not being able to afford adequate insurance for themselves or families.

    That will flood emergency rooms even more than present. I don’t know how a hospital will be able to afford to pay for patients that must be hospitalized rather than released.

    County Hospitals will require more funds in time from taxpayers.

    Sad state of affairs caused by the USA incurring such great national debt. of 20 trillion. If the USA did not have to pay one half trillion dollars a year in interest to Government Bondholders, the dollars would more than adequately fund healthcare for the entire nation.

    Might even cause the GOP to lose seats in future elections.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


    1. @scatterwisdom

      Good comment! Thanks.

      So long as we sell them, politicians will buy our votes. So single payer, stand in line healthcare is a possibility.

      The immediate problem is that Obamacare has to be replaced with something that can actually function. At the rate things are going, Obamacare may fall apart first. If the public can be convinced that the government never should have been so involved in the first place, that might be a good thing. As it is, Democrats and the news media will try to blame their mess on Trump and the Republicans. That is why they are obstructing.

      Employers should not be forced to provide healthcare. If I ran widget factory, what would I know about health care, and why would I want to provide that benefit? Do people need their employer’s help to purchase auto insurance?

      The cost of health care is out of sight because people don’t pay any attention to the bill. If we want the cost to go down, we have get the government out of the way and let the economics of health care function normally. I know that sounds harsh, but government cannot provide charity without busting its budget.

      We must insist upon private charity. When people are brought to the emergency room, they need to be stabilized. After that, if they cannot pay, private, charitable organizations have to take over. Otherwise, we will be stuck with expensive, inefficient, government-run emergency rooms, or none at all.

      Look at our education system. It is costly, and the system does an extremely poor job. Its role in character development, if anything, is detrimental. With respect to civics, government-run schools are a complete disaster. Government-run schools promote Socialism. If we want our children and grand-children to respect America’s Christian heritage and to understand the importance of a republic, we have to fight for school choice.

      Remember. Private enterprise created the world’s best medical care system, not government.

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      1. i do not disagree with anything you stated.

        In my opinion, nothing the government or free enterprise can do will bring down the cost of medical care and medicine as long as the bills are being paid by someone.

        Unfortunately, the poor are less able to pay, and as long as someone pays the rising prices, the costs will keep rising.

        When I stated in time there will be a single payer is because our national debt will someday be unsustainable and the only choice is everyone will have is what government will provide.

        In other words, the entire dollar system will collapse and everyone will be standing in lines for government assistance because of the total collapse of the USA economy caused by excessive debt.

        When the dollar is worthless, even the richest will be in the same boat as the poor.

        Think I’m crazy, currency has been devalued before along with super inflation in in recent history.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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        1. I know economics is called the dismal science, but let’s not overdo it.

          Neither of us know what will happen. My guess is we are seeing the beginning of a long fight, and I suspect we are in for some rough spots. Yet in spite of all the shenanigans (like polls that miss Republican voters), Republicans are winning elections. School choice is slowly catching on. Nevertheless, we need to pray.

          Can the costs be brought down? Yes. When the government gets involved, it tends to pump money into a system and limit competition. That drives up prices. When people are allowed to spend their own money, they drive prices back down. They shop for the lowest prices. If a product does not seem worth the cost, they don’t buy it. They buy something else, or they save their money.

          If we want to see the profession of medicine improve in this country, we need to get the Federal Government OUT OF IT as much as possible. The Feds job is to encourage interstate commerce, not to pay for and run our healthcare system.

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      1. Good article. IMO, hospital consolidation is one factor (this is a multi, multi, multi factorial problem). But I think one needs to look at the underlying reasons for consolidation in the first place. The cost of malpractice insurance for a facility (and individual doctor) is through the roof. There is safety in numbers.

        There’s another trend I recently learned about from an old friend who was a flight doc and is now a pathologist attempting to establish his own practice. He said it has been very very difficult because insurance companies have a virtual monopoly.

        Essentially the only way he was able to establish a practice was to go in with a group that had already paid 63 million dollars and spent two years in court for the right to compete and set up a practice. Needless to say, the average doctor does not have that luxury or that much money. Eliminating those state boundaries would be helpful for doctors.

        Then there’s the drug market, another factor altogether. But not as simple as it seems either. For example, a Colace (stool softener) pill will cost far less over the counter than in the hospital. It will even cost far less in the med surg floor than the ER floor (yes, they even give Colace in the ER…which always struck me as strange).
        A blogger offers a breakdown of the problem here (I highly recommend this blog, though the author is liberal, and an atheist, he is worth a read because he is pretty even handed and offers a really in depth analysis of many cost control problems…especially with healthcare. I also recommend the article “Cost Disease”):


        1. Interesting. I am willing to listen to a liberal atheist. Probably won’t agree abput much, but sometimes I do, and it is always useful to understand the other side.

          When we compare the US and Europe, we have to be careful. How exactly do the Europeans regulate their drug markets? Do they end up stifling innovation? When we introduce a new drug here, we give it patent protections. Do they respect those patents? I don’t know, but it is fairly obvious that we have a lot of people in this country and in Europe who consider profit evil. Kind of weird how people expect something just because they want it real bad.

          One the things that puzzles me is the notion we should be like Europe. It is kind of like the Hebrews wanting a king because the nations around them had kings. Perhaps we lack the capacity to perceive the problems at a distance. Nevertheless, our visitors from those distant lands, upper crust business people and tourists think their homelands just swell. So we end up envying the people of those distant land even when we are doing better.


      2. Thank you for the links.

        The Social Security Program and other such programs tend to be something of con job. Social Security is always going broke, supposedly. So the politicians raise taxes on the young to cover expenses and then some. Of course, the politicians then suddenly discover they can then spend more money. Sooner or latter, they young are going to wonder why they are letting themselves be squeezed dry of everything they own. Their elders are far better off financially.

        Private enterprise created the US healthcare system. Government regulation and infusions of government money have limited competition and provided the impetus to raise prices.

        Whatever our healthcare system needs, more government, it is not more government.


  2. President Trump is in the process of making the Obama legacy disappear from the face of the earth.

    The Democrats and their media master, will do anything (yes, ANYTHING) to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    So get ready for another blitz of fake news.

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