The rainbow flag, commonly known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements. Here is what the colors supposedly mean. (from here)

I attended the meeting of the Prince William County School Board at the Kelly Leadership Center yesterday. I recommend that anyone with an interest in the schools in Prince William County view the video when it comes out (On-Demand, School Board meeting videos at the bottom of the page). Why? Well, like the rest of us, our School Board members have clay feet, viewing videos of the School Board meetings is one good way to realize that. These are not necessarily bad people, but there is nothing that uniquely qualifies them to control the education of our children. Parents would do better to find good schools for their children in a private, competitive marketplace. That is, some form of school choice would work better.

School choice, however, is not the subject here. Here the subject is people self-righteously abusing the rights and responsibilities of parents in order to propagate their own beliefs. What was on the agenda?

What was on the agenda? The Democrats on the board wanted to amend the policy shown below.

16.01 Revision of Policy 060, “Nondiscrimination and Commitment to Equity” (Sawyers) (from here)

Here are links to the policy document before and after showing what changed.  The crucial changes are shown below. The Democrats succeeded in adding “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to the list.

(from here)

Supposedly, Chair Ryan Sawyers had eliminated the transgender/restroom controversy with a motion providing some guidance (not a policy change) to the superintendent. School Board member William Deutsch did his best to add further clarity to the policy change. With a majority of Democrats on the board, the second bit of guidance was best he could do. See below.

(from here)

Now I suppose these revisions to Policy 060 seem innocuous enough, but it is naive to think so. Consider all the controversy that arises out of anti-discrimination policies based upon race, sex, and creed. Even though the Constitution only prohibits discrimination by the government, politicians have managed to stick their noses into private work places so that lawyers can sue and sue and sue. Moreover, not content with preventing discrimination, activists insist upon discriminating and calling that discrimination “affirmative action”, as if a word change is enough to make discrimination against some groups okay.

So what should we fear? As the Republicans on the board made quite clear, this policy change is unneeded. There was nothing broken. Nobody provided any evidence of active discrimination against employees or students based upon their gender identity or sexual orientation. Instead of fixing a problem, the changes are more likely to confuse matters. If we don’t unisex restroom facilities in the schools, for example, someone like the ACLU will most likely sue the school for not implementing its own policies.

Republicans pointed out is that just changing the policy is not enough (assuming a change is needed). Usually, before the School Board implements policy changes, other policies are reviewed to see how they will be affected. Then the school system drafts and approves new regulations to implement the policy and amends old regulations as needed. That spells out what has changed and gives the community time to understand the changes and debate the substance of the changes, not just speculation.

As it is, what do the changes accomplish? What does the LGBTQ crowd want? Think about why they call that flag the gay pride flag. These people deny is the sinfulness of their sexual perversions; they want calling what they do sinful labelled as illegal discrimination.

Consider that Christians consider fornication in all forms wrong, not just the weird collection behaviors of exhibited by the LGBTQ community. Christians advocate strong marriages. The Bible promotes strong marriages and uses marriage as a model for the relationship between Christ and His church. Therefore, Christians condemns fornication in all its forms. Christians condemn fornication because fornication — treating sexual relationships as a trifling form of recreation — weakens marriages.

Marriage represents the beginning of a family. Sex between a man and a woman represents the consummation of their marriage bond. Marriage is an understanding that sex make two people one in spirit. Good marriages lead to new life and healthy children with strong characters.

What is government’s interest in marriage? The family is the fundamental unit of a healthy society. Within families we form our strongest relationships. Through our families we form root within our communities and sound relationships with others in our communities. Without strong families to teach us how to love and respect the rights of others, we tend to become self-centered.

If you listen to the school board meeting, please consider the nature of the arguments. On one side you will hear a bunch of people telling us about themselves and their feelings.  Their feelings are paramount. On the other side, you will hear a bunch of people rejecting the notion that they hate someone just because they don’t agree with them. One side insists upon acceptance of their behavior as righteous or else. The other side is asking the other what gives anyone the right to make such a demand.

News Articles

When you consider the pictures, please note that the LBGTQ community crowded to the front and displayed their signs and symbols (many standing at the front throughout the meeting). Their opponents behaved with more dignity, but the School Board Chair was far more anxious to throw opponents out the meeting.



  1. We could fix this very easily with one edit.

    “The Division shall not discriminate in employment nor in the provision of educational programs, services and activities.” Delete the rest of that paragraph.

    Why bothering listing it out, it only give the impression that those are the only protected groups.

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    1. Well, I think I know what you are trying to say, but discriminating is not necessarily a bad thing. Democrat Liberal activists and the news media have tried to turn the word “discriminate” into some kind of curse word, but that is silly. We all discriminate between good and bad.

      When the government discriminates, we want the government to discriminate for appropriate reasons. What the policy should state, for example, is that employment decisions should be based upon job performance. The issue with students is a bit more complicated. The problem here, I think, is that we expect schools to instill good character in students, but secular schools, divorced from any consideration of the divine, don’t know where to start.

      During her comment period, one of the School Board members emphasized that she does not make decisions based upon her faith. She sets that aside. It frightens me that we can be so dumb.

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  2. Prince William County’s school board brouhaha is just a small microcosm to the bigger picture of both our government and her people run amuck.
    I am just about “discriminated” out of my mind!!!!
    What I as a Christian believer find to be morally unsound according to my said Christian doctrine is what the left, the liberals, the democrats and the fringes are calling discrimination….it is wrong and no matter how they try and turn it around, it is still wrong…so now they will simply bully their way around what I believe and label me an

    It is beyond my soul how we as a society have decided to allow children, pre pubescent children, to call the shots on their sexuality…as if at 8 (some even younger) are now considered an authority on sexual orientation.

    There was a time when an 8 year old didn’t even know what sex was, let alone orientations…but now it is all important that we allow them to explore that sexuality and decide to change that sexuality on the fly.
    Yet we know that as children, their brains are not fully developed, that they still are growing and ever changing—however we think they are “mature” enough and are of sound mind to decided today I am not a girl, I shall be a boy….
    and by gosh, lets let everyone and anyone go to whatever bathroom they feel comfortable in as we wouldn’t wish to put limitations on anyone’s sexual identification…
    As if life is all about sex…..

    And how sound is this flag you have posted if part of its pie chart is divided into all things magic?! as in supernatural ..as in say witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, occultism…cause once again…it’s a no holds bar sort of flag representing a no holds bar kind of living—as in there are no moral codes, no moral compass cause everything goes….

    and the craziest thing is that we now have businesses placing rainbow stickers in their windows in order that the LGBT etc, community will “feel safe”
    Give me a break!!!!!

    Oh forgive me Tom—I merely meant to click like on the post…….

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  3. Note how the LGBTQ (or whatever…they seem to add letters weekly) crowd have achieved virtual complete appropriation of the word Pride.
    Remember when they claimed to only want “tolerance”?
    Then it became demanded acceptance and now demanded celebration.

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  4. I am under the impression that a child must be 18 years of age before he or she can make legal decisions without parental guidance.

    Are the children in the school over 18. If not, how can they legally decide they are gay or transsexual without their parents approval.

    The hormones in teenagers are bubbling like volcanoes. They need parental guidance in my opinion, not political guidance.

    Perhaps there is some type of madness and folly bubbling around in Prince William County School Boards?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


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