It Amazes Me Sometimes How A Song Brings Up Memories, Thoughts, And Ideas

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t blog so I can tell anyone all the answers. Therefore, if I offered up the claim I have all the answers and asked people to vote for me because I will fight for them and give them all the things they need, I would be lying. Yet politicians ask us all to vote for them because they will fight for us. Are they lying or telling us us the truth? Do any any them have all the answers? Will any of them actually fight for us?

If you want to elect an honest man or woman, elect someone who asks you to fight along side them, someone whose only answer is a promise to try to make government do the work it is suppose to do. Someone willing to let us run our own lives and turn to our Savior, Jesus Christ, for the answers we need.

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Life's Fight

The day before I put up the post “Something To Think On” was the first time I listened to Mandisa’s song “We Bleed The Same”. The song took me back to a memory of a march in Orlando I was in with my ex-husband. It was a praise of God march. There wasn’t just Assembly Of God church that my ex and I went to at the march. There was Catholics, Baptist, Methodist, and others there. No one was quarreling but having a blessed time of walking, fellowshipping, and praising God. I remembered some people were giving out tracks too. It was a great event.

After that memory I thought of the three year old who shot in his stroller in Chicago. I rhought of others in Chicago and other places who were being killed for no other reason but pure hatred. It is the way I saw…

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6 thoughts on “It Amazes Me Sometimes How A Song Brings Up Memories, Thoughts, And Ideas

  1. Well said! Thanks for linking to it.

    As to whether the word should be “fight” or “engage” I often say,” just please engage the clutch.” Apply some critical thinking. Makes no difference to me what you do, but the rest of us should not have to watch you jerk down the road in the wrong gear. 🙂

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  2. I like the song works, However, I wonder if the motto message would better server this message if it was changed

    From – Life is Life, Fight for it
    To – Life is Life, Engage for it

    Perhaps I am sensitive to the word use in religion messages of using fight because I am writing about the Islam religion which is being manipulated by terrorists.

    If you check out the definitions of the words fight and engage, the message of the song in my opinion is all blood serves the same purpose, to maintain life rather than to spill blood in endless battles.

    1. For example, engage : to come together and interlock the gears engaged
    See eng

    Is not Engage with each other is the real message of Jesus Christ rather than fight with each other?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. Well, I understand where you are coming from, but we are engaged ( 😉 ) in spiritual warfare. So I think we engage with our friends to resist our foes. Sometimes the resistance, because it is mostly done with the sword of the Word, is going to look an awful lot like fighting. The idea, with our Lord’s help, is to force the devil to flee.

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