Burning of three witches in Baden, Switzerland (1585), by Johann Jakob Wick. (from here)

Today I have some questions.

Our new president has been under investigation since July 2016. Then the Obama administration found excuses to listen in on some of the phone conversations of his campaign staff. Obviously, that pursuit has not gone anywhere. Still, the saga of the unending investigation continues. Supposedly, The criminal investigation of Trump puts his presidency in peril. Perhaps, what could be closer to the truth is that the Democrat Liberal insistence on investigating President Donald Trump so that can find an excuse to impeach him and remove him from office could end up revealing that those folks have no respect for virtue, honor and integrity. Could it be that Democrat Liberals just want their own way, no matter what the cost to our republic?

Think about it. First Democrat Liberals, when they thought H. Clinton would win, had no concerns about our vote tallying systems. Then, after H. Clinton lost, Democrat Liberals promptly started trying to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. First they proclaimed, without any evidence, that Trump had colluded with the Russians to hack the election. Now, when that charge obviously cannot be proven, Democrat Liberals want us to believe that Trump obstructed the investigation. Can someone explain what Trump stopped the investigators from doing? What investigators? What evidence?

The torture used against accused witches, 1577. (from here)

What happens to witches? Well, these days self-professed witches seem to be safe. Democrat Liberals identify those kind of witches as politically correct. However, I have some more questions. Would Democrat Liberals, in hot pursuit of those they would like us to believe are fascists, happily burn President Donald Trump at the stake? In a fit of self-righteous ardor, what Democrat Liberals do? Treat Trump as the head of the loyal opposition? Why not?


    1. I’ll copy and paste an excerpt:
      “We have marched past the 100-day milestone and this leftist savagery shows no signs of abating. As the Russian collusion nonsense implodes, especially after the bizarre Comey’s bizarre testimony, the lefties are going for some sort of an obstruction of justice gambit in which Trump is accused of trying to block an investigation on him which was not happening, and somehow trying to block an investigation into others by saying that he hoped it would proceed. Whole thing doesn’t make sense except in the whacky world of Washington where process, crime, words, actions, leaks all become melded into some weird legalistic lawyer salad in which one can pick out any little piece of condiment one wants and say the whole salad is about that.

      Even Kafka would be amazed at how people can be accused of nonsense, then be accused of debunking that nonsense, and then accused of preventing an investigation of that nonsense that was not happening in the first place. . .

      What exactly is the Special Counsel investigating? He’s investigating an investigation that found nothing, and is determined, it seems, to bring charges of some kind against somebody for doing nothing wrong. A sad, horrible, destructive joke, and, of course, after AG Sessions masterful appearance before the Senate, this whole thing should go away . . . but, no, no it won’t . . ..

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  1. Reblogged this on John Liming.Blog and commented:
    If some of the Liberal fanatics can get up the will power and the nerve to start shooting at GOP congressmen at a practice baseball game and if hundreds of Liberals can start posting tweets supporting such violence without any seeming forethought … then I am fairly certain that if they had the chance they would probably most likely try to burn the president at the stake following their current witch hunt. — I believe the last thread of sanity has now left what is left of the American Radical Left and there is no going back now: This article by Citizen Tom is most thought provoking indeed in light of the obvious decay of old noble political standards that once made this nation great:

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    1. Thank you for the reblog and your astute observation.

      Hopefully, there is a going back. Doubt most of the people in this country are ready to burn the burn our president yet, but the number who are losing it should concern us.

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