Remember when Obama wanted to give the Russians our Missile Defense Codes??

I decided to reblog this for two reasons.
1. This is a reminder. We have a bunch of people criticizing President Trump. Why? What motivates them? They want another Obama? What Obama did often made very little sense. When we look at what the Obama administration accomplished, what can we point to that actually worked as advertised? Frankly, when Obama got elected the second time I was dumbfounded. I still don’t understand it. What was there to be gained that did not cost us more than it was worth? Trump may not be great, but he seems to be improving things instead of tearing them down.

2. Here is an example. It relates to the controversy over Russia’s meddling in our elections Obama’s reset with Russia was a complete an utter and complete disaster. Secretary of State H. Clinton could not even get photo shoot with the Russians right. She just had to get one word translated correctly, and she could not do that. Is it any wonder Russia had no fear of us.

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Recall a few short years ago, Obama cancels efforts for a missile Defense for Europe. Because, we had this restart thing that was working swell for Russia, not so much for the United States. How about our codes? No, I am not kidding you. I give you this from an old post of mine from 2014 – and Trump is inexperienced?
Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Why does The Obama Administration Want to Give Moscow our Missile Defense Codes?
The key is Obama has to make it look good that the  negotiations with Putin have paid off and that he has not been played for a fool.”
Reuters report on a Congressional hearing about the Obama Administration considering giving Putin’s Russia access to our Missile Defense Codes.

The Reuters report, “Obama mulls giving Moscow data on missile defense”  had these disturbing revelations from   testimony by   Deputy Assistant Defense…

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7 thoughts on “Remember when Obama wanted to give the Russians our Missile Defense Codes??


  2. every day, I’m simply left scratching my head—as in I don’t get any of this lunacy—because that’s what we’ve all boiled down to—complete and utter madness—

    There was a time when our vision was clear.
    We knew who the enemy was, as in… nations usually do know who is on their side and who is not on their side—so they know who to tread lightly with and who to keep an eye on…who they can do business with and who they can’t…then one day, something happened…something changed all that…we became confused as we turned our cautiousness within while forgetting what was happening with out….
    It’s like Rip Van Winkle…we fell asleep, and when we finally awoke…the world, our world, was no longer what it once was….
    as I am left nauseated….

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