Consider’s post. Then consider these questions.

Are you part of the ant-Trump Resistance? That is, you are against President Donald Trump? Or are you doggedly pro-Trump? Are you bitterly on one side or the other side of the issues that divide America? Well, there is no law that says you cannot be against or for someone, but what is your cause? What do you stand for? What is it — who is it — you love?

Soldiers win wars when they keep their mind on the objective, when they understand the mission statement. Instead of standing against even a devil like Satan and those he has made his minions, to win soldiers must stand for something. Christians stand for Jesus. We concentrate on spreading His Gospel, living as He taught, and we go to war making use of the weapons He has provided us. Hence when Christians started a new nation, the United States, those Christians created a government designed to protect the rights of the People. Instead of subjugating each other, Americans created a government that protected the rights of the People to be uniquely free.

So what would divide us now? Have some of us become more interested in making our neighbors do something or give us something? Have we become more interested in getting something than we are in protecting each others rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Have we thoughtfully considered what we have to lose?

The definition of RESISTANCE – an underground organization of a conquered or nearly conquered country engaging in sabotage and secret operations against occupation forces and collaborators.

There has been a lot of talk about a forming resistance movement in the United States.  This sounds like an archaic expression to be used in modern times.  It usually had to do with foreign oppression, wars, enemies.  Are we at war with ourselves in this country?

I wonder where this is leading us. Resistance is usually represented as one force pulling against another. Since the last election there has been a growing division within.  The most vocal and stubborn are those who can’t seem to let it go and relish in any piece of news that will suit their purpose.  We could easily become a house divided.

Please read the following quotes and decide for yourself.

“For every minute you remain angry, you…

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13 thoughts on “RESISTANCE?

  1. “Have we thoughtfully considered what we have to lose?” All the time. That’s why many of us resist.


  2. @Doug (

    Think about your comment. What did you do? You targeted the “imperfection” of my post and John Liming’s comment. You even attacked the Trump’s deplorables.

    Trump wrote a book. He made lots of speeches. He created a website. He said what he wants to do. He set an agenda, and he is trying to implement it. There is not a large sector of our society that is in resistance to the Trump agenda? Your blog is not anti-Trump?

    What are you for? What is your alternative? What makes it better? Classy insults?


    1. Jeepers, Tom.. all I can say is, get a grip, man. I was “targeting” no one (other than Trump being president). “Deplorables” is Hillary’s term during the heat of the campaign, and likely strategically unwise but certainly satisfying at the time for her given Trump’s own wild verbal antics. I took it as a bit of satire… especially when someone posted that variant poster graphic taken from Stallone’s movie, “The Expendables”. Regarding your post.. the reason for making my reply was in part due to the subject of resistance you brought up and Tony’s remarks. Not sure I was pointing out any “imperfection”, in either your post or John’s.

      But I will say here that this is one reason the opposing political poles are so defined and divisive; you know I am anti-Trump-as-president so you assume everything I type reflects that end. I’m also getting the feeling that it bothers you that I don’t simply come out and say “I hate conservatives because they all think one way or the other, for these reasons… and by god, I think Hillary is wonderful!”
      How did I insult anyone in my replies here?


      1. @Doug (

        I never used the word insult. I simply said you the imperfections in what I and John wrote. We spoke of resistance, but we failed to describe how well organized that resistance might be.

        I recall what H. Clinton said about the “deplorables”, and I see what you think of your political opponents. Funny? Satire? I supposed it ended up being that way.

        Meanwhile, you resisted answering my questions. What are you for? What is your alternative? What makes it better?

        You oppose Trump? Of what consequence is that if you don’t have anyone better to vote for?


        1. I guess we’d have to define “better” because my “better” is way different than your “better”… and likely anyone else’s “better”. But it doesn’t make either of us “wrong”.. it just makes us different in the person we perceive will do a job we’d like to see done. I am sure you are referring more to the campaign.. and the choices on the table not being overly great. To me that’s where personal compromise comes in… you select the better of the two.. or three.. or whatever, in spite of the fact that when we leave the voting both we will be mumbling under our breath “They all suck.”

          When you ask, “You oppose Trump? Of what consequence is that if you don’t have anyone better to vote for?”. I think.. or thought at the time… that Trump was representing more loudly who I DIDN’T want to vote for, than a pick of who I preferred to vote for. I voted for Hillary primarily because Trump’s character alone (forget the issues he was trying to represent) was so totally abhorrent to me in being my president. This has proven true.. but trust me, Tom…. I am in no happy “I told you so” mood about his performance. This is America we are talking about.. and fellow Americans who went out on a limb to vote for this guy. And the funny thing is… I don’t blame Trump in becoming president.. or even deny his winning. I don’t even one bit think he’s done anything intentionally illegal. He is just the wrong character completely and his bravado caught up with his inability and inexperience, and extraordinarily poor image of a traditional U.S president.

          For me the negatives regarding Trump’s character and lack of any experience far outweighed anything Hillary is “alleged” to have done, from the real estate fiasco in the governorship days, to Benghazi, to those “damn emails”.

          Do I think Pence would be any better should Trump depart from his role? I firmly believe Pence would be more presidential, and will carry with him a far better balanced and experienced approach toward the presidency. Pence would have never had these same narcissistic performance issues had he become president… and the administration appointees in the White House would have been far more mainstream, respected, and experienced. Personally I highly suspect Pence would be a political pussy.. given his seemingly wimpish following around of Trump. But I’d vote for him over Trump any day.
          The other option, Tom.. when everyone sucks the same.. don’t vote.


          1. @Doug

            The election is over. There is no one to vote for. What are you for? What is your alternative? What makes it better? What is the point of opposing Trump?

            As far as I can see, the man is trying to do a decent job. Is he a flawed human being? Who is not? Does the news media hate his guts? We should expect otherwise?

            If you are going to join the news media chorus and write for free then you must have a reason. What is your cause? What do you stand for? Being against Trump? I hope not.


  3. I think Tony explained the.. frustration, I think is an adequate word… to describe this political yin-yang fairly well. Tom brings up what I have also heard/read/whatever.. regarding some formal/organized resistance struggle against Trump. As far as I can tell there is no such thing. Now, that doesn’t mean a group of people meeting in someone’s basement in Poughkeepsie haven’t managed to create some sort of PAC or political non-profit and want to thump their chests as being a formal resistance. Common sense suggests that if there were a formal resistance of any magnitude we would know about it because any such group would need that publicity simply to muster populist support. To even imagine how some “resistance” group would function.. and in what context such a resistance would take form… kinda doesn’t fit into current society. John Liming illustrated the idea of a political resistance that was the more dramatic, historical, and violent movements, much akin to a civil war. So I am unsure the depth of such a movement would go here in America. If it’s non-violent… then what would anyone do to resist that isn’t already being done by Congressional members of both parties. I mean, do you identify any Trumpster and let the air out of his/her tires? Or do we refuse to pay taxes (ha.. good luck there)? Or is this resistance all about having “million people” marches on Washington for some cause? Because if any formal resistance preaches or promotes open revolt, that becomes an ad hoc civil war against the Constitution.

    In my extraordinarily humble opinion the country’s divisiveness, in whatever measurement you want to give that, was fomented by Trump in this last election. No.. he had no grand plan; I do not give Trump any sort of mental discipline for strategy, political or otherwise, beyond the next day’s “breaking news”. He’s a bit of an enigma. He spoke… and a lot of folks across a diverse segment of the conservative landscape bought into what he had to say regardless of his character and lack of experience. If you explore a demographic breakdown of his voting supporters there is a wild mix of far right extremists, disenchanted rust belt democratic expatriates, religious family-value and anti-abortion moralists, Hillary haters (and there were many), and the traditional republicans who favor free market expansion and less government controls. You can’t really go into that demographic detail on liberals favoring Hillary; liberals are just lumped together as a singular group for debate purposes. People have been searching for something to bring us together again. Well… it’s the nature of a democracy to be politically separate. But, yes, there is a much pronounced divisiveness because of Trump the man. I predict he will end up bringing the country together… to get him removed from office. Each day the chaos expands… and his supporters wane more and more. We don’t need a resistance… he’s solving the problem for us.

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  4. This is something that I have been thinking a good deal about lately. For the past eight years, the Republicans have mostly just been “against” Democrats, and specifically “against” anything from President Obama. If Obama had been “for” a ham sandwich, Republicans would have reflexively been “against” it.

    Now that Republicans control all three branches of government, they have an opportunity to actually be “for” something, but they obviously don’t know how to do that anymore. Even now, the reason why Faux News and the talk radio blowhards love Trump seems to be only because Trump daily incites dramas and scandals that infuriate the Democrats, not because he has actually done anything constructive. Apparently, the raison d’etre of the Republican Party right now is just to troll Democrats, not to actually stand for anything except making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    Even on this blog, most of everyone’s time is spent talking about what we are against. Even saying that one is “for” smaller government is really just saying that one is “against” so-call “big government”. Everyone knows what they want to “repeal”, but nobody really agrees on how to “replace”. Everybody knows what they want to demolish, but nobody knows how to build something to replace the gaping hole they just made.

    To paraphrase Yeats from “The Second Coming” when the center cannot hold, things fall apart, the best lack conviction while the worst are only full of passionate intensity (doesn’t that just perfectly describe out government these days). The mere anarchy of institutional destruction passes itself off as creating something. Perhaps some beast out there is slouching toward Bethlehem to be born, perhaps he is already born. 😔

    For the Democrats, “resistance” of the Republicans and specifically of the Trump presidency actually means being “for” the preservation of institutions that the Republicans, and especially Trump, don’t really know how to create or to meaningfully reform, but only how to savage and destroy.


    1. Tony

      Look at your own comment. Think about it.

      I am not going to defend myself or my blog. I am not going to defend the Faux News or the talk radio blowhards. Your own language….. Well?


  5. There are always dark forces lurking in the background of any Democracy waiting for an opportunity to spring forth and disrupt, destroy, conquer and control. I am certain that some of those forces taking such names as “The Resistance” have a nature and character reminiscent of “The Resistance” that brought down the Czars of Russia in 1917 or the rule of The Batistas in Cuba …. a “Resistance” that has at its core some nefarious scheme to undue a Free nation and replace it with something else … all in the name of (A) What is best for the country or (B) For the sake of the children … which is a favorite distraction of anarchists and communists and other such tyrannies. The only “Resistance” that should be going on in Free America is the united and unified resistance by the People against anything that would threaten or endanger our beloved American Traditions, The Constitution or the country itself. Any other kind of “Resistance” is either self-serving to some as yet unknown agenda or serves something not in the best interests of America or The American People.

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