Forum: Who Should Replace James Comey At The FBI?

Here is an interesting discussion on who President Trump to head the FBI.

Myself? I am not going to suggest a candidate for Trump, but I do hope he focuses on a good leader who is willing to support and defend the Constitution.

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Every week on Monday, the WoW! writers, community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question : Who Should Replace James Comey At The FBI?

Don Surber: My candidate to replace James Comey at the FBI would be someone within the agency who is not Andy McCabe. The Hillary pardon — and that is what the non-indictment was — evidently tore the agency  apart.

Some agents resent giving her a pass. Some agents resent the October Surprise in which Comey, either by choice or stupidity, wrote a letter to Congress that re-opened the case.
Some agents also liked Comey. He was a good boss who made a helluva mistake last July.

Another possibility is someone from his list of 21 Supreme Court nominees. I would be fine with any of…

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9 thoughts on “Forum: Who Should Replace James Comey At The FBI?

  1. I really have no idea about who would be best as new head of the FBI.

    But Trump surely has the good judgement to choose someone of more stable mind and character than Comey.

    I think we saw in Comey the same affect of being burned down by the media spotlight in Chief Justice John Roberts who, instead of judging impartially on a rogue piece of legislation, decided to do the “dumb little black guy” a favor and usurp the legislative power from Congress re-write ObamaCare in such a way that it hallucinated a whole new alternate reality.

    Members of the Ruling Class take their positions of authority quite seriously.

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    1. When we make what we are doing about our self and instead of getting the job done, we can do come very odd things. Because Comey made the possibility of prosecuting H. Clinton about himself, we saw the travesty of a Comey laying out the case for prosecution and then refusing to prosecute.


  2. Doug (

    So, let me get this straight… the requirement for Comey’s replacement, whomever that may be, is..
    1. Hate Hillary and dream about prosecuting her.
    2. Go back to #1.

    Why are the right wingers so damned concerned about Hillary?

    …and Trump has good judgement regarding selecting someone of stable mind? Given everything that’s happened (and not) in his first 100 days.. no, wait.. just the last week alone, you can use “stable” and “Trump” in the same sentence?

    Perhaps someone can educate me me on who actually comprises “the Ruling Class”?

    The person who accepts the Trump’s offer for the FBI top job will always be suspect in having accepted Trump’s nonsense loyalty pledge (the Constitution be damned, apparently)… and always being wary Trump will be right there to bounce them out of office when their time comes too, should they take this Russian/Trump investigation “too” seriously.


    1. Doug

      Since the content of you comment seems to address silenceofmind’s comment, for the most part I will let him answer.

      I will just observe two things:
      1. This post did not make the prospect of prosecuting H. Clinton its main focus. The focus it getting an FBI Director who will enforce the law and not consider anyone above the law.
      2. We do have a Ruling Class. See => I generally refer to the ruling class as The Establishment.


  3. Doug,

    Hillary is a proven criminal. Her criminality has been going on for decades.

    To observe and comment on such things is not hatred, it is good citizenship.

    In front of the nation, Comey listed out all of Hillary’s crimes with regard to her trafficking in secret information. And then he absolved her.

    He took it upon himself, like Chief Justice Roberts, and hallucinated new law into existence.

    And this new law was only for Hillary, because anyone who had done what she had done would have been thrown in jail.

    Comey said he could find no criminal intent in what Hillary had done.

    What a fiasco!

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