A Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the more common of the two breeds of Welsh Corgi (from here)

What is the most fearsome beast of the jungle? Do you think it is an animal with razor sharp claws? Perhaps a predator with big teeth? You would be wrong. Read on.

An Englishman went on safari in Zambia, taking his faithful corgi along for company. One day the corgi decided to go do some exploring on her own.

As she was wandering around, she saw a leopard approaching with the obvious intention of having her for lunch. Just in time, she noticed some bones on the ground nearby, and settled down to chew on the bones with her back to the approaching leopard. (continued here)



    1. 😆
      What you describe sounds like the same problem we can have with an intelligent child.

      If I had my way, every child would have the opportunity to raise a puppy. That is not the same as raising a child, but it is good practice.

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      1. let’s just say that the puppy wore down my husband patience when he gnawed a hole in the wall—he went to live with another family…I find my husband is more patient with the cats—
        I’m still working on my husband and his training 🙂

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  1. So, what is the moral of the story?


    It you have short legs like a corgi and like to “chew” on bones in a jungle, better to turn your back on a predator and think quick, or your bones will be “chawed.”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    Have a better one?

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    1. My best dog was a mutt, cross between and Irish Setter and Labrador. Handsome animal. Glossy black coat with burnt red fringe hairs. So I called him Sauron.

      Fortunately, Sauron was a smart, obedient dog. So we had fun jogging, and I could even trust him not to pull me off my bike when I had leash on him (That gave him a bit of workout.).

      It was a delight to watch Sauron chase squirrels in the city park. He was fast and elegant in motion.

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  2. Ha! Great story.

    Something I always find a bit funny, the most dangerous animal for us as we grow older are actually small pets. Dogs and cats just like to tangle us up and trip us. I’m pretty sure cats do it deliberately just to watch us fall. Then we have deer! Deer injure more people in North America than any other animal, mostly because of car crashes.

    I find it totally humiliating. I mean if something is going to take me down, I’d prefer it be a leopard or a bear. It’s just not very dignified to be in traction because of a common house cat or seriously injured by an herbivore.

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    1. It’s just not very dignified to be in traction because of a common house cat or seriously injured by an herbivore.

      House cats probably are not a good idea. I am almost certain that when cats don’t have little mice and birds to torture they start working on us in desperation.

      Just look into the eyes of a cat. I dare you. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Pure villainy.

      Deer? Well, they just think they always have the right-of-way. Nobody ever teaches them traffic laws.

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      1. “Nobody ever teaches them traffic laws.”

        LOL! You reminded me, actually our government in it’s wisdom has installed some deer crossings. No one has thought to fund teaching the deer how to use them, but I’m sure that’s coming soon. Maybe we’ll fund a study or something.

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        1. It scary to imagine what they might dream up. Remember when they were trying to figure out how to administer birth control meds to deer. Sometimes it is a good thing we have short attention spans.

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