Here is the last of my posts on the special election we had yesterday for the Prince William County’s Clerk of the Court. Our choice was between these two people.

Who won? Well, our “objective” local newspapers reported it this way.

Prince William County has long been friendly territory for Republicans when it comes to off-year special elections. Not this time.

Democrat Jacqueline Smith beat long odds and big money today when she emerged victorious in the special contest for Prince William County Circuit Court Clerk, a low-profile, eight-year post that rarely gets much attention amid other races in Virginia’s off-off-year local elections.

Smith’s opponent, Republican Del. Jackson Miller, was widely favored to win today’s election both because he had the name recognition of elected office and a lot more cash. (continued here)

After eight years of rule by the likes of President Barack Obama, we should know what we are going to get from anyone calls themselves a Democrat. Yet we are still electing Democrats.  What is sad of about this election is how few people cared. With 13,905 votes, Smith got almost 54 percent of the vote.

Jacqueline C. Smith 13,905 53.93%
Jackson Hunter Miller 11,871 46.04%
Write In 9 0.03%

(from here)

What is sad is only 25,785 people showed up to vote. There are 270,703 people registered to vote in Prince William County (from here). Even if we just consider the 256,468 listed as active, that means only 10.05 percent of us showed up to vote.

Much is being made of the special election in Georgia (see Ossoff falls just short in Georgia special election as GOP gets wakeup call), but what that election shows is the importance of runoff elections. What the election of Democrat Liberal Jacqueline Smith illustrates is the importance of paying attention and showing up.

What were the stakes in special election we had yesterday for the Prince William County’s Clerk of the Court? What do Democrat Liberals have a reputation for? Don’t we know that what the law says does not much matter to Democrat Liberals? Doesn’t that mean that every time we elect a Democrat Liberal we risk electing an official who will abuse his political office? Don’t we know Democrat Liberals will twist the law to mean whatever he or she wants it to mean?

Are you a Republican, maybe even a Conservative Republican? Then please start looking ahead.

6/13/2017: June Primaries – Governor, Lt. Governor, House of Delegates, and Local offices

11/7/2017: General Election

(from here)

Can we count upon a biased news media to inform us? No, but we can check occasionally to see what is on our ballot (see => http://www.elections.virginia.gov/voter-outreach/whats-ballot.html). We can also occasionally visit the Prince William County Republican Committee‘s web site (here) and see what’s happening.

We can look into the records of the candidates and our elected officials. Here in Virginia our governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general are all Democrat Liberals. Have the actions of these men honored the rule of law or have these men blatantly twisted the law to get what the want?

What should motivate us?

  • Those parts of government which touch us most often and most deeply are state and local government. State and local government are also those parts of government which we can most easily control. We can actually talk to state and local politicians. We can also most easily organize with neighbors either to help them get elected or to defeat them. If we want public officials who will protect our rights instead of trying to enslave us to their wishes, we must participate in state and local elections.
  • Our constitutional republic depends upon an informed, active, and honorable citizenry. When we throw up our hands and quit — give up — we allow people who just care about benefits them to seize control. We allow the selfish and self-righteous to enslave our family, friends, and neighbors.

We never forget why constitutional republics are so rare. Such a government requires a people who honor the rule of law.  Such a government requires a moral people who respects each others God-given rights.

We have no government armed in power capable of contending in human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other. — John Adams, 1798, Address to the militia of Massachusetts (from here)

So think again. Did you forget to vote yesterday? Odds are good you will regret it.  Somehow, some way the Office of the Clerk of the Court touches all our lives, and we could have elected someone who would just done the job properly. As it is we elected yet another Democrat Liberal. Therefore, repent. Participate in the next election. For the sake of your family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen, please become an informed and active citizen.


7 thoughts on “WHERE WAS EVERYBODY?

  1. Stephen

    Probably working. And it is just the Clerk of Court. They don’t have any power to really affect your life unless you have a lawsuit and need to file stuff. They are basically just the lead administrator at the court. It is about as political as the Recorder of Deeds in Delaware. Why the race is partisan to begin with is beyond me.


    1. Don’t be naive!

      Should the Clerk of the Court be appointed or elected? Well, it is an elected position. So that’s makes it political. When an official is elected, that makes that official answerable to the voters for how he or she does his job. Hence, the latitude that official has in the performance of his job depends upon the voters, and voters have been known to get quite political.

      Look at the functions of the Clerk of the Court. Because the Clerk of the Court is responsible for all kinds of legal records, how well the clerk does his job can effect the economy and the crime rate. An efficient Clerk of the Court can expedite business. An efficient Clerk of the Court can also keep criminals off the street. Without timely and accurate records, criminals can get off on technicalities. And that’s just the tip of an iceberg.

      When things are done properly, they are done quietly. When things are done improper, we begin to hear lots of noise. Grinding gears and that sort of thing.


      1. Stephen

        “Should the Clerk of the Court be appointed or elected?” Honestly, it doesn’t make a different.

        And really there is no real difference between the two candidates as far as credentials go. Miller was a politician who had run county wide before. There really is no question as to whether Smith or Miller would improve things; any improvement in PW’s court would be a step up.

        So far, I don’t really see how Smith will bring anything to a crashing halt anymore than McQuigg did. As nice as the customer service was at time, the court is woefully understaffed and overworked. Smith being a local attorney actually would give her a bit more insight as to how to improve the court as she actually appeared there. Miller was a house of delegates majority whip and a party man. That’s not to say he didn’t have some nice ideas. Rather, it is to say that this race is so amazingly irrelevant, that either could become clerk and enact their agendas perfectly and the average PWC citizen wouldn’t know the difference.


        1. @Stephen

          If it is so amazingly irrelevant, then what does that make your comment?

          Your comments have always been somewhat inscrutable, but they are rapidly becoming completely pointless. Please take a breath and reconsider what it is you are trying to accomplish.


        2. Stephen

          “If it is so amazingly irrelevant, then what does that make your comment?” A statement of fact?

          Simply this: pearl clutching at a race that doesn’t matter because someone from the party you disagree with won as some sign of the republic being lost only serves to build the animosity between two parties that are virtually identical save for their colors. The result is misinformation and mistrust, breeding the exact disunity and disparity of views you decry in an ironic ouroboros.


        3. 🙄

          Pearl clutching? Never heard that one before, but I guess I don’t pay much attention to feminists (=> http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2012/01/pearl_clutching_how_the_phrase_became_a_feminist_blog_clich_.html). Are you sure you are not a Democrat Liberal?

          Anyway, you are out there supporting the American Solidarity Party of Virginia and bemoaning the fact almost no one has the least bit interest. Then you get after me for complaining that only 10 percent of the electorate showed up? That’s kind of funny, which is okay. I suppose I needed a laugh. Thank you.


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