Here’s Proof DOJ Bureaucrats Are Refusing to Implement Trump’s Executive Orders

This is actually kind of depressing. Not surprising, but it shows the depth of the divisions in this country.

The post includes a link to an article by Daniel Greenfield, The New Civil War. I hope some Democrat Liberals read it and think about what they are doing. Government with no rules everyone respects is no government at all.

When you read the material associated with this post, consider the news media’s role. The news media tends to exaggerate strife and division, but the Democrat Liberal news media covers up the role of the Democrats in fomenting that strife.

Why? That’s something to think about, here we have attorneys, people sworn to uphold the law, who seem to be more intent upon making up their own rules. That can’t work.

Unfortunately, the current status of Greka Oil & Gas Inc. request for a dismissal is not obvious. Nothing new in the news.

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This is enough to make your head explode.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

If you want proof the Democrats and their compatriots in government agencies and in the court system are at war with those on the right, you only need to follow judges’ rulings and state governments’ decisions against the travel ban, sanctuary cities, and most recently, the water rule. The California U.S. attorney is ignoring the new executive order repealing the EPA water rule. He’s rejecting the authority of the new leadership in the EPA under Scott Pruitt.

The Democrats are completely lawless and have abandoned the constitution – the rule of law – so they can have full control. Daniel Greenfield’s article, Wednesday, The New Civil War, capsulizes our situation perfectly:

“A civil war has begun.

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10 thoughts on “Here’s Proof DOJ Bureaucrats Are Refusing to Implement Trump’s Executive Orders

  1. the whole thing is more then sad Tom…I told my husband tonight, after listening to Newt Gingrich comment on Susan Rice and Obama knowledge of “surveillance” on Trump’s transition team, with Newt likening it all to a modern day technology type of Watergate…nothing will ever come of it….because that is the time in which we find ourselves living.

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    1. @Julie (aka Cookie)

      The problem seems to be the result of a societal-wide decline in ethics.

      Imagine. What would happen if we put someone on trial for murder, and lot of people saw nothing wrong with the murder? Could you get a conviction? No.

      Can you imagine circumstances where such a murder trial might take place? O. J. Simpson ring a bell? How about the lynching of a black in the Old South? What would have happened to those murderers?

      Now we have a broiling controversy between Democrat Liberals and Conservatives. The Democrats will not accept any rules — not even the Constitution — that don’t allow them to rule as they please, and they can’t really see anything wrong with that. Apparently, Conservatives have become too intolerant to tolerate, and Democrat Liberals don’t perceive the irony in that.

      Are Conservatives also at fault? Perhaps I am biased, but I don’t think so. We constantly get the complaint that Conservatives are trying to impose their morals on others, but how? We won’t accept same-sex “marriage”? How does forcing everyone to accept such nonsense benefit anyone? How does refusing to accept such nonsense violate anyone’s rights?

      This post considers an environmental, but it fundamentally the same sort of issue. Democrat Liberals want to alter a law to mean something it originally did not mean, and they don’t feel obligated to change the law according to established procedures. Instead, they think it sufficient if they can get the judges to “amend” the law. Essentially, they think lying is okay so long as it does what they they is right.

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  2. It would be great if President Trump pulled an Abraham Lincoln and just rounded them all up and threw them in jail.

    The Democrat Party is not a loyal opposition.

    Everything they do is treason and they need to be put away.

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  3. This is not unprecedented. Eisenhower and Nixon both found themselves stuck with a lot of appointees from previous (Democrat) administrations who fully intended to keep on doing what they had been doing, no matter what orders they were given. J.

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  4. Stephen

    Seeing as the courts have placed injunctions on these orders, it would immensely illegal to carry them out.

    Furthermore, the more philosophical question is this: do our rights come from the Constitution or Nature?


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