vote for americaWhat is the problem of proving voter fraud? We have to have people running our voting systems who are willing to look for it.

Consider the irony. What’s the big news? Democrats, without any evidence, claim Russia fixed the presidential election.  Yet Democrats are unwilling to: ensure that only citizens can register to vote, clean up the voter registration rolls, or require proof of identity when people vote. No one except the Russians are trying to cheat in our elections?

What are Democrats doing to our voter registration and vote tallying systems? They are working to eliminate any effort to verify people vote honestly. Instead the are diligently working to make it as easy and as convenient as possible to register and to vote.  How do we know someone is who they say they are when they register to vote? Who cares? Isn’t everyone honest? Are you who you say you are when you vote? Who cares? Isn’t everyone honest?

If we don’t even look for cheating, we will not find it. It is cinch the cheaters will not inform on themselves.

Is there evidence of fraud? Yes, but you won’t find much of it in the Modern Liberal news media. So you have to dig deeply for the evidence, but your can find examples.

Really, most of the evidence is in our local news. That’s why Delegate Rob Bell sent out this email in November 2016.

Dear Citizen,

Still don’t believe in voter fraud?

In Alexandria, a campaign worker for a Democratic-aligned group was arrested and charged for registering fictitious voters.

In Newport News, a man received a voter registration at his address, but with a different name.  He brought it to prosecutors, who identified 32 others cases where this may have happened.

In Harrisonburg, a canvasser working for a group organized by a local Democrat was caught after attempting to register 19 dead Virginians.

Honest elections should be a priority for everyone.  But Mark Herring is still refusing to defend Virginia’s photo ID law in court. And Terry McAuliffe vetoed photo ID requirements for absentee ballots and a second bill to help keep non-citizens off Virginia’s voter rolls.  Democratic leaders are fighting our commonsense efforts to stop voter fraud in the first place.

After the last few weeks, not even Democrats can credibly argue that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

If you have evidence of voter fraud, be sure to report it to authorities. And as we try to move forward, we need your help. If you haven’t already, join the fight — sign the online petition by clicking here.


Delegate Rob Bell
Republican Candidate for Attorney General

What will you find easily find online when you google voter fraud evidence. To prevent a proper investigation, the largely Liberal News media is ridiculing reports of voter fraud.  This behavior looks much like the Wizard in the “Wizard of Oz” telling Dorothy not to look behind the curtain. The only proper description for it is suspiciously weird. Why wouldn’t the news media love to see such an investigation? If nothing is found, then the president they hate looks bad. If something is found, it makes for fascinating news. They cannot lose — unless they care more about getting Democrats elected than what is good for the country.



  1. Hi Tom, long time no see. You may remember me, I’m that friend of Keith.

    I’d like to address one of the sources claimed by your references as proof of massive voter fraud. Stephen Ansolabehere has responded [1] to the article by Jesse Richman [2], pointing out gross misinterpretation of the data by Richman. Ansolabehere is the Harvard scienist who “developed the concept and plan for the Cooperative Congressional Election Study” [3], the dataset Richman based his assertions on. I strongly recommend reading [1]. Ansolabehere posits that the most likely explanation for seeming non-citizen voting in his dataset is, that eligible voting citizens erroneously ticked “non-citizen” in the survey; an error rate of 0.1% is enough to explain the results found by Richman. In short, most of the alleged voting non-citizens identified as citizens in one and non-citizen in the other survey. Of those consistently identifying as non-citizien none voted.

    [1] http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0261379415001420
    [2] http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0261379414000973
    [3] http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/cces/people/stephen-ansolabehere


  2. Hi Tom, long time no see. You may remember me, I’m that friend of Keith.

    I take it you are aware, that Stephen Ansolabehere has responded [1] to the article by Jesse Richman [2]? Ansolabehere is the Harvard scienist who “developed the concept and plan for the Cooperative Congressional Election Study” [3], the dataset Richman based his assertions on. If not, I strongly recommend reading [1]. The most likely explanation by far is, that voting citizens erroneously ticked “non-citizen” in the survey, an error rate of 0.1% is enough to explain the results found by Richman. In short, most of the alleged voting non-citizens identified as citizens in one and non-citizen in the other survey. Of those consistently identifying as non-citizien none voted.

    [1] http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0261379415001420
    [2] http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0261379414000973
    [3] http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/cces/people/stephen-ansolabehere


    1. @marmoewp

      Good hearing from you. Afraid Keith has been silent for awhile now.

      Note that your comment went into the spam bucket because of a two-link limit.

      That’s interesting information about Jesse Richman’s study. Surveys are what they are. That’s why I cited other reports as well. Still, this is just about the only way we can ask illegal aliens if they are participating in our elections and hope to get a straight answer. Kind of difficult to survey illegal aliens in a study all by themselves.

      Anyway, here is what Jesse Richman thinks of his study at this point. He still thinks there is something of a problem.

      => https://www.wired.com/2017/01/author-trumps-favorite-voter-fraud-study-says-everyones-wrong/

      Why are we debating this? We don’t know how many illegal aliens voted in our elections. There is not enough effort being made to keep them from voting. By definition, they should not be here. Yet they are at least over 11 million in our country.

      Frankly, given the reluctance of certain politicians to kick illegal aliens out of the country and to protect our voting systems from fraud, I think it quite reasonable to assume large numbers of illegal aliens vote in our elections. Otherwise, why would these politicians refuse even to admit the possibility of a problem?

      With forked tongue, Democrats certainly encourage illegals to vote.


      Here is a Heritage Foundation study. The problem has quite obviously only gotten worse.

      => http://www.heritage.org/report/the-threat-non-citizen-voting

      Admittedly, to fool the system, you still have to know how it works, but helpful people will tell you how.




      1. Keith had gone dark in July 2016 and myself and other friends of his were unable to contact him. The good news is, he is home again, recovering, his good spirits unbroken. It turned out that he had a close brush with death back in July and was hospitalized and incommunicando (for technical reasons) for several months. His life is still high maintanaince, so he is not much around online right now.

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      2. With forked tongue, Democrats certainly encourage illegals to vote.
        The article you link to does not support this assertion.

        Be that as it may, I do expect small scale voter fraud to happen, as has been observed above by others on this page. I would urge you to really inspect and question the sources that claim large scale voter fraud. Even Richman seems to have backe off his initial claim of massive numbers of non-citizens voting. I consider the Ansolabehere reply to be devestating to Richman’s claims. If you should have questions about the math and statistics involved, I’ll be happy to help.


        1. @marmoewp

          Immigration should have never been allowed to become such an issue. What is happening is absurd.

          Our federal-level health, education, and welfare programs are plainly unconstitutional. Democrats have been doing everything they can to encourage poor immigrants to come into this country and make use of those programs. They exist to buy votes, and now Democrats are using them to buy the votes of immigrants.

          You don’t agree with that interpretation? Well, you are smart enough and knowledgeable enough to easily figure it out for yourself. So I think you have already considered the idea, but nobody can make another believe something they don’t want to believe. Just the same, the immigration magnet provided by our health, education, and welfare programs cannot be good for our country.


      3. I’ve had a look at the McLaughlin 2013 Hispanic survey, which is the basis for claims of 2 million illegaly registered Hispanics in WND and Washington Times in your above links. The 800 people sample has 59% of Hispanics born outside the US, whereas in the actual population only about 35% of the Hispanic population were born outside the US. I do not put much trust into a survey as representative, if it fails even such a basic test. McLaughlin will furthermore happily claim in the same presentation, that 52% vs. 35% Hispanics in New York do not rule out voting for a Republican Congress candidate. The sample size for this very precise result? Less than 16 people.

        Ask yourself: Is this the kind of quality you are looking for to support your case?


        1. @marmoewp

          Every study can be torn apart somehow.

          The basic is issue is this. Do we provided sufficient protections so our voting system only allows citizens to vote and each citizen only votes once?


        2. Every study can be torn apart somehow.
          It is my impression, that you are unaware of the scale of that fail in this case. Have a look at this plot, explanations follow

          The red line denotes the McLaughlin study and shows just how far away it is from expected results.

          If you know the probability of individuals having or not having some characteristic, then the probability of how many individuals in a sample having that characteristic is given by the binomial distribution. As stated above, you have about 35% of Hispanics not born in the US according to census data. For a sample size of 800 people you would expect to have 236 to 324 people not born in the US in your sample, with a probability of 99.9%. Having 59% as McLaughlin has it corresponds to 472 people, which is simply waaaaaaaay out there, as seen in this plot.
          Let’s get creative and assume that the census does not cover illegals and we need to add another 11 million to the number of Hispanics not born in the US. This would push the probabilty from 35% to 45%, but would still leave McLaughlins 59% waaay outside the 99.9% bracket of likely sample results.

          This and the other points made above seriously call into question the reliability of any number pulled from that study.

          What I argue is, that the studies you quote as proof of large-scale voter fraud are utterly bogus. I have no problem whatsoever with you setting up more reliable voter registration lists, including photo ID or whatever provision you wish, provided that every eligible American can afford to get the necessary registration/ID at sufficiently low cost and time spent, such that you do not disenfranchise low-income citizens from voting (I am stressing this group as they would have the greatest trouble of jumping through hoops).


          1. @marmoewp

            While I don’t doubt your statistical expertise, I think you are illustrating a bit of myopia. Those studies are best we have because there has not been much effort made to look seriously into the problem, and that is mighty strange.

            You say those two studies are bogus. Since the author of the study does not seem to have much confidence in his work, let’s assume you are right. Note that I cited more than just two studies. I cited some actual instances of voter fraud. At the bottom of this comment I have cited more examples of problems.

            Given we have a system that is managed at the lower level, there is going to be variations in quality control, but some of these problems are just ridiculous.

            At the end of my comment I asked you a straightforward question which you have no apparent reason deflected. Instead you gave the canned, party-line response. In theory Democrats do not object to verifying only citizens register and only register once. In theory Democrats do not object to voter ID. They just object in practice to the implementation of any reasonable proposals. Why? Because only the Russians are trying to rig our elections? Seriously?

            All we get out of the mainstream media is that there is no evidence of voter fraud. Any other problem and they display a breathless fear. This one? We just get this crazy claim that Russia hacked the election. I have been through several hurricanes. I know the difference between what is happening on the ground and how the news media reports. On this issue what they are doing is just plain screwy with bias.

            I fear our efforts to protect our voting systems are defective, and I think our leadership knows it.

            Tell you what. I seriously doubt I can match your expertise on this sort of data analysis. I am no Keith. However, IF you can find a study that proves we don’t have a problem, I will happily take up the task of trying to discredit it. That is, can you prove we don’t have voter fraud? Of course, I will concede the difficulty of proving a negative. Nevertheless, that the issue. The claim is there is no evidence of fraud. Then those same people want same day registration and to eliminate voter ID?

            If there is voter fraud, how much confidence should we have have that the people in charge want us to know about it? We have millions of people in the country illegally. Instead of kicking them out, our leaders have encouraged more to come. Obviously the Democrats want those people to vote, and many Republican have donors who want cheap labor. So why should we expect states run by Democrats make a reasonable a reasonable effort to validate their registration lists and identify voters so they vote only once? When people sworn to enforce the law will not enforce it, why is it so difficult to believe our leaders just don’t want evidence of voter fraud found or publicized? Hence, they don’t provide the tools needed to detect voter fraud.

            This is not actually a math or statistics problem. It is simply an argument against the ridiculous assertion we don’t need to set up and enforce rules that keep people from cheating at the polls.

            We have to build and maintain confidence in our voting system the same way we do with any system. To verify any system works, we have to look for problems. With respect to voting, we have to verify only citizens are voting and they are voting only once.

            Video record of undercover investigation of voter fraud

            Double voting

            Technology issues

            Too many voters



            Too many voters debunked by snopes

            more votes than registered

            more voters than people


            Voters registered not eligible to vote


      4. I’ve also had a look at the start of the Heritage “study”

        Hans von Spakovsky starts out claiming:

        In 2005, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3 percent of the 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. citizens.[1]

        [1] is a US Government Accountability Office (GAO) report http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d05478.pdf , the pertinent pages are 41-42. They asked 14 Federal District Court administrations about claims of non-citizenship in response to jury duty calls. While falsely claiming non-citizenship on the form is perjury, only two of these courts actually follow-up these claims. If you know that your court does not prosecute false claims and you don’t mind the risk to perjur yourself, there’s a way out of jury duty. Out of the 14 district courts
        – 6 reported no data available
        – 4 reported no disqualifications based on non-citizenship
        – one estimated 1% to 3% (300 to 900 people) out of 30,000 over two years
        – one estimated less than 1% per month (less than 350) out of a pool of 35,000
        – one estimated 0.15% (150 people) out of 95,000 over two years
        – one estimated 0.01% (5 people) out of 50,000 per year
        Four of the District Courts draw their pools not only from voter registration lists but also e.g. from motor vehicle administration data. Only one of these 14 District Courts gives feed-back to the voter registration authorities.

        So, HvS picks out the most extreme numbers and represents them as normal. Not a good start to earn my trust.

        His source [3] “Crim. Div., Pub. Integrity Section, U.S. Dep’t of Just., Election Fraud Prosecutions & Convictions: October 2002- September 2005 (2006).” has an invalid link, is not to be found via google and not to be found on either the homepage of PIN, nor any of its incarnations on web.archive.org. Links for [4] and [6] hosted on heritage.org throw 404, resource not found.

        So, HvS misrepresents source [1], is unable to properly link several resources even on the hosting server, and refers to a source that is nowhere to be found. So why should I go any further on that report, much less trust it?


        1. Well, if we accept your interpretation, we have good evidence no effort is being made to find illegal aliens and send them home, not even when they self-report.

          Why would our politician so thoroughly ignore illegal immigration? Cheap labor? That not a good enough reason, and it is unethical.

          Choose whatever excuse you want. Even if the vote is still honest, and you don’t know it is because we don’t have sufficient safeguards, our leaders are behaving unethically.


          1. We have people in situations where their immigration status is known. We know they are here illegally. Even before Obama supposedly authorized dreamers to stay in the country, we have had sanctuary cities and what not. Some places give illegal aliens drivers licenses and other ID. That is stupid stuff, but true.



  3. Democrat voter fraud advocacy is about much more than electing Democrats.

    It’s about sucking every last drop of the life blood of liberty from the American body politic.

    Donald Trump’s presidency has drown back the vail on a century old, expertly organized, fully financed endeavor to wipe America from the face of the Earth.

    And as usual, the American Christian is at the forefront of the counter-insurgency to restore and preserve their beloved country…

    …God’s Country.

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    1. @silenceofmind

      I suppose some people think you exaggerate. These don’t understand slavery is the human norm. They cannot relate to the fact — will not admit we have capacity — to commit the most heinous acts.


  4. I seem to recall seeing a news article about some of that same voter fraud… with a picture of a woman dressed in a full black burqa at a voter polling station identifying herself as Huma Abedin…maybe this veiled woman and Clinton’s dubious assistant just so happen to share the same name….much like a Jane Doe…go figure…. 😉

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    1. Stephen,

      Don’t complain about the Trump staffer. He committed his voter fraud in Michigan, a Democrat stronghold.

      So it’s no wonder the voter fraud laws there are a joke.

      And the lady in Texas was not an American citizen.

      She got busted in Texas, a state with real laws against voter fraud.

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      1. The maximum sentence for such a crime in Michigan is about the same as it is in Texas. For one count, a mother of four gets the maximum penalty. For thirty counts, a GOP operative gets zero jail time. Is this what you call justice?


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