heartbleedHere some questions for commenters. What’s the issue? We have a bunch of Americans prominently displaying their hearts decrying the xenophobia of their fellow Americans. They tell us all about what the Good Samaritan and Jesus would do. What is their interpretation of scripture?  Apparently, they want open borders.

Those with their hearts prominently displayed excuse their position by pointing to the needs of the immigrants. They say nothing about the needs of America. After all, are we not a rich country? Are we not a nation of immigrants? How could open borders be a problem?

  • What makes immigration today different from the past BEFORE we had a BIG GOVERNMENT with humongous health, education, and welfare programs?
  • Are there reasonable alternatives? Can we help the world’s poor without bringing everyone and his uncle to the United States?
  • What are those with their hearts prominently displayed for all to see getting out of all those dirt poor immigrants coming to the United States. That is, are their motives as pure as they pretend?
  • What are the people opposed to unfettered immigration more scared of? Is it  immigrants or out-of-control government?
  • With respect to immigration, do Americans have any legitimate right to control immigration? That is, do non-citizens and citizen have equal rights under our Constitution?
  • How did we get into this silly mess?

Are you under the delusion that the men in black robes are always just? Do you think the lawyers who lead our nation are always thinking of our best interests? Read this =>Protecting consumers from swindlers

No. It not related to the subject at hand. It is just a great example of how professional politicians have rigged the system to line the pockets of their buddies.


  1. Insanitybites – thank you for that thoughtful reply. I will have to think on it a while. Like my brother Tom (who I love to argue far too bitterly with sometimes, perhaps because we are so much alike), I often lack much introspection – often too full of myself I suppose. You’ve given me some tough meat to chew on for sure.

    I wonder who is worse off though – the derelict adict who is destroying himself out of weakness or the strong and ambitious hedonist who worships himself and all his amazing material things? I must admit, I sometimes see myself in both those famished hearts. And that is what confounds me in the end.

    I claim myself as an everyday pragmatist, but even I can see that many of these arguments on both sides are far too materially transactional. (Was Jesus’ sacrifice just a transaction with God on our behalf? Perhaps in some way, but it must be far more, indeed incomprehensibly more holy and mysterious than just that). I can rationalize with the best of them, especially with myself. But I just can’t rationalize away the faith enspired and eyes-wide-open daily grind of a Reverend Rick. It somehow inspires and defeats me at the same time, leaving me baffled.

    I think perhaps, Insanitybites that you know yourself a little better than I know myself though, or at least perhaps you struggle with your demons more than I do mine. You would not know it from here, I suppose but my ignorance humbles me often lately. Thanks again, please believe me, I will ponder your words here for a while.

    However, I think that that is all that I will have to say on this immigration topic unless something new comes up. I think that I understand the point of view here even though, based upon my own Christian principles and the previously stated principles of my church, I disagree with it. Despite Tom’s wanting me to be his ideological opposite number, pointing out the dogmatic fallacies on one side simply doesn’t make me a blind partisan for the other. I’m just not and I particularly get your many practical concerns.

    Thanks Tom for again allowing me your space here to disagree. I know that it must sometimes be painful. 😉

    Love and God bless.

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  2. “Look at the blacks in this country. First they were brought here as slaves and repeated generations were “instructed” in how to be submissive. Then they were “freed” to be second class citizens. Now many still remain second-class trapped on welfare generation after generation. Why is that?”

    Bravo Tom! You have just reduced the African American struggle with hundreds of years of captivity and another century of suffering under Jim Crow down to the right wing cliche of the welfare queen, and just in time for Black History Month. Why on earth would they think that they need a WHOLE month to review that simple history anyway? 😒

    I don’t claim to understand it either and I appreciate the attempt, glib as it is, but do you think perhaps the struggle of the human soul with itself, with others and with the Almighty might just be a little more mysterious and complex than that?


    1. @Tony

      Bravo Tony! You just accused me of bigotry for the nth time – and skated by the obvious reason for the question. Meanwhile, you would have a surefire solution for the refugee problem (with lots of other people’s money) if bigots had not had their way.

      It seems your accusations of bigotry have become the sole purpose of our discussions. Got to find someone and some excuse to spout your disdain for the “right wing”. Meanwhile, we have Black History month, a racist occasion so guilty whites can make blacks feel good about themselves. And that patronizing crap is not racist?

      If people like you were not so race conscious we would not bother with such occasions. Blacks, would just celebrate their cultural origins the same way Germans, the Irish, Scots, Mexicans, Chinese, and so forth celebrate theirs. It is not as if the help the government provides is needed to have a party or to write and read history books.

      Anyway, I am hitting the sack. Hope you and the family are well. Love you, brother

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