American National Identity?

Here is a discussion that is LONG OVERDUE!

Lots of people — modern Liberals — have spread the notion that the people of the United States do not have a common culture or a national identity. Where does this absurd idea come from? Well, insanitybytes22 — perhaps with greater wisdom than I have — does not deal with that aspect of the this issue. What she focuses upon is showing that we do have a common culture, a national identity, and that is vitally important.

If you have ever been to another country, you will know right away it is not the same. I remember when I was a child in Japan, on the other side of the globe. I was a military brat, and seeing Japan was fun. Still, I knew Japan was not home. I knew home was America. Because of those days now long ago, I still get a thrill seeing the American flag waving to me from the top of a pole. To me it says home.

What would cause people to deny the American People share a common culture, lack a national identity? I think it is the new national religion, Secularism. Multiculturalism is a major tenet of this belief, and multiculturalism is integral to separating us from our Christian heritage.

Because it most empowers the already powerful, many well-connect people in this country see it as in their best interest to foist Secularism upon us, and the belief in multiculturalism is perhaps the most effective tool of the Secularist movement. That’s because it teaches that all beliefs are equally valid.

Think about it. If beliefs are equally valid, then whatever it is you want to believe — find most convenient to believe — is just fine. Is that not a tempting thought? What if it was okay to do whatever you could get away with? Would not that lovely belief discourage you from making any concerted effort to understand and appreciate your Christian heritage? Isn’t Christianity way to strict?

Yet consider the consequences.

Matthew 22:15-22 New King James Version (NKJV)
The Pharisees: Is It Lawful to Pay Taxes to Caesar?

15 Then the Pharisees went and plotted how they might entangle Him in His talk. 16 And they sent to Him their disciples with the Herodians, saying, “Teacher, we know that You are true, and teach the way of God in truth; nor do You care about anyone, for You do not regard the person of men. 17 Tell us, therefore, what do You think? Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?”

18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, “Why do you test Me, you hypocrites? 19 Show Me the tax money.”

So they brought Him a denarius.

20 And He said to them, “Whose image and inscription is this?”

21 They said to Him, “Caesar’s.”

And He said to them, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” 22 When they had heard these words, they marveled, and left Him and went their way.

When Ravi Zacharias ( explains the meaning of this passage, he observes that if the man who asked Jesus that question had been seriously interested in the answer (and not entrapping Jesus), he would have had a follow-up question. “What belongs to God?” Zacharias thinks Jesus would have asked him: “whose image is on you?”

Whose image is on you? Many of the people who first settle this great land came here for religious freedom. When the king would have had them believe his image was upon them, they came here to make certain their children understood they were made in the image of God, not any king or even Caesar. That is a part of the American national identity we must preserve.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Nationalism tends to conjure up negative ideas, as in patriotism gone all wrong, and eventually kinder, kuche, and kirche, and people saluting the fatherland. In truth however, nationalism simply means “loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of national consciousness.”

Something I stubbornly insist on, America has a national identity, a national consciousness. We are a tribe. It’s a tough concept to explain to others because we are like fish in water and cannot see what is all around us. We are so used to it, that attempting to define it is challenging. America is also diverse, the blending of many cultures all wrapped up in idealism and shared values, but ideals that do not always manifest themselves in the real world. From the old comic books, we believe in “truth, justice, and the American way,” but often after the fact, after truth and justice have been…

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  1. This liberal vs. conservative debate is what is destroying this country. Polarization of opinions… Questions of national identify isn’t a left or right argument. Clearly, it takes a Brazilian born naturalized citizen to remind us of that, it seems. 🙂

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    1. Dr. Almeida,

      Agreed, culture is a sociological and anthropological phenomenon of intellectual curiosity and study. That culture actually exists and needs to be defined is not of political consequence until it is used as a patriotic rallying cry or political weapon by one side or another. For example, leading up to WWII how much did the Axis fascist countries use each there own perceived cultural superiority and their claimed necessity for cultural purity as political motivation for their imperialist aggressions and internal purges? By the same token, did not America use its own ideological claims of superior cultural pluralism to both rally patriotic support and to condemn the fascists? Haven’t we been doing it ever since?

      Someone smart once said that history doesn’t necessarily repeat itself but it does rhyme. The post WWII western world alliance is very much based upon pushing to the level of impracticality the determistic inevitability that western concepts of democracy, capitalism and pluralism would eventually create one world. For example, see Francis Fukuyama’s influential book, “The End of History and the Last Man”. This contrasts with the view of Fukuyama’s mentor, Samuel P. Huntington, who believed that cultural clashes between the world’s dominant “civilizations” were the key to understanding (and perhaps abating) the conflicts in world history. (See Huntington’s book, “Clash of Civilizations”).

      What you may be seeing here, and all over the world for that matter, is some good old fashion pushback on this utopian liberal world order, and a romantic desire to return to some supposed earlier time of cultural homogeneity that has actually never existed. Tom and you are right – culture is a thing that does exist. To say otherwise is to deny the profound insights of Huntington on why we keep killing each other year after year. On the other hand Stephen is right too – culture is also fluid and often quite arbitrary so to put too much stock in some perfected wholistic culturally defined thing is to fall into the same trap that the fascists fell into.

      Given that we have so much diversity in this country and that the world is getting increasing smaller, it would seem to be suicidal to pretend that some strange notion of our own cultural purity really will keep us safe. However, given the election of Donald Trump and the rise of populist nationalist movements around the world, this may the most important history of our time, a history the rhymes in new ways, rather that repeats, the history of the past. I appreciate and share your contempt for it being so, but that’s why the sides are so polarized.


    2. @Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida

      Polarization is not a great thing. Debate, however, is healthy. Debate provides the only possible way of peacefully working out our differences. What is not healthy is unrestrained factional politics. Since you are originally from Brazil, I don’t know whether you familiar with The Federalist Papers or not, but that document was part of the debate over the Constitution. In this post,, I have an extract from The Federalist Papers. It comes from Paper # 10 written by James Madison. In it he describes the problem posed by factional politics.

      Our problem today is that the Federal Government has become much bigger than the framers of the Constitution every intended. Why? The mechanisms the Constitution provides to keep factional politics at bay have been breached. We the People have not insisted that our leaders remain within the boundaries establishment by the Constitution. The temptation is the one the framers would have expected.

      But the most common and durable source of factions has been the various and unequal distribution of property. Those who hold and those who are without property have ever formed distinct interests in society. Those who are creditors, and those who are debtors, fall under a like discrimination. A landed interest, a manufacturing interest, a mercantile interest, a moneyed interest, with many lesser interests, grow up of necessity in civilized nations, and divide them into different classes, actuated by different sentiments and views. The regulation of these various and interfering interests forms the principal task of modern legislation, and involves the spirit of party and faction in the necessary and ordinary operations of the government.

      Clearly, the framers never intended to use redistributing the wealth to regulate the interests of factions, but that is what the Federal Government is doing and without any constitutional authorization.

      How does that relate to immigration? In the past when immigrants came to this country they had to get a job to stay. There was no welfare for them. There were no health or education programs. There was only the opportunity to work. That required learning English and becoming familiar with the culture. After discovering the streets were not made of gold, many new arrivals got frustrated and went back where they came from. Others discover a better reason to stay. Freedom. Self-supporting, those people helped to make America Great!

      Now? Now some of our leaders have discovered they can buy the votes of poor immigrants with health, education and welfare programs. The trick is to weaken the checks in the voter registration system and to eliminate voter ID at the polls. If you investigate the matter, you will find active and ongoing efforts to do both of these things.

      Dubious? Then ask yourself this question. Doesn’t this country, if it wishes to do so, easily have the means to control who can immigrate and stay? Yet we have been flooded with a bunch of unskilled laborers from all around the world? How does that benefit us? Why would we want to inflict the cost of supporting government programs for so many poor people on our family, friends, and neighbors?

      We are just fortunate that the voting process is still controlled at the state and local level. Otherwise, Hillary Clinton would probably be president. So we have the opportunity to get immigration back under control. I expect it will decades to put the responsibility for charity, charity that is based upon love, back in the hands of Christian.


      1. Indeed, polarization is a cancer. I have read about the federalist papers for naturalization, briefly. Understand the argument. Things do evolve a bit, I think. Government isn’t the problem to me necessarily. Uncontrolled government might be. “redistributing the wealth to regulate the interests of factions.” That’s correct. James Madison really didn’t mean “We the people” for everyone in the country. He framed the constitution to protect the interests of the wealth class as too much democracy would then be a treat to the powerful elites of America back then. “They can buy the votes of poor immigrants with health, education and welfare programs.” Probably true. Isn’t it true though that there are more poor white Americans on welfare than immigrants and African Americans combined? Curiosity. Doesn’t this country, if it wishes to do so, easily have the means to control who can immigrate and stay? Yet we have been flooded with a bunch of unskilled laborers from all around the world? How does that benefit us? This is clearly a problem. Some form of welfare is necessary for a country to function well, man. Too much is a problem, of course. In a republic with liberties, the way to control the masses is to sometimes allow folks to win. Even Reagan understood this with his reagonomics policies. We have gone too much to the right. Extremism, unfortunately in my opinion.

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  2. You still haven’t defined it. I mean, all that has been discussed is some Duende-like sentiment. Like Socrates debating the nature of justice, I have to point out that you have described instances or effects of American identity, but not American identity proper.

    You talk about Religious Liberty and I agree that is part of the American Identity, but it is only a part, not the whole.


      1. Seeing as I thought the argument of the court on that point was equally ridiculous, you will have to provide something better than vague subjective sentiments.


          1. @Stephen

            You are making this way too complicated. If you go to almost any city in the world, how long do you think it will take to tell whether or not you are in America?


          2. I can go to Italy and know it is Italy because I know Italian culture. I can define Italian culture. To be Italian is to live by the maxim “La vita è Bella.” The idea that life is beautify, that it is to be enjoyed in the same way you enjoy a fine wine is the defining characteristic of Italian culture. It is why they practice sprezzatura or meticulous carelessness in their dress. It is why they take naps and vacations and strike. It is why their legal system focuses so much on the life of a person than what rights they may or may not have. Did you know that processions will be had throughout the streets for some saint’s feast and as it moves through the city, people will join in or leave as they will whether they were Catholic or not. It was just part of being Italian.

            If you slapped me in Rome or New York City, and the buildings were the same, I could recognize Rome but not New York City except by its diversity, its calculated rudeness, its speed and ferocity, its largess, and its forgetfulness.

            When I left Rome and flew into Boston after spending a semester in Italy, I would not have know I had flown into Boston or New York or Washington DC if it were not told to me. When I flew from Boston to Rome, however, the minute I came off the plane, I didn’t need the signs in Italian to tell me or anything else to tell me I was in Italy.


          3. @Stephen

            Well, it is amazing how much you had to write in order to certify that you would be ignorant of your location.

            My guess is that the folks in every nation in the world would find it difficult to agree exactly what makes their country their country. We each are partial to some aspects of our culture, and we each find others aspect abhorrent. We each also see lots of things that are “cultural” that we now share with the rest of the world.

            The United States sits at the center of the world. Our country can say as Rome once did that all roads lead to it. People from everywhere have come here. Some have left to return to their homelands, but many have stayed, and each new arrival has added something to what it means to be an American. Still, just as Rome remained Roman in character America has remained American. What did it mean to be Roman? What does it mean to be an American? Depends upon who we ask. Still, it means something, and we know when we are in our homeland.


          4. “My guess is that the folks in every nation in the world would find it difficult to agree exactly what makes their country their country.” Except not. European nations are very sure about what their national identity is. Germany has a law that prohibits foreign last names. Why? Because your last name in German traditionally meant something and played a major role in German culture. There are distinct traditions and ways of life that we can quantify and put down in words. The French are incredibly proud of their language and, while they forgive regional dialects, foreigners who can’t speak good French or even Frenchmen who can’t speak good French are considered less French.

            “We each are partial to some aspects of our culture, and we each find others aspect abhorrent.” How can we know that if we don’t even know what our culture is?

            “What did it mean to be Roman?” Funny you should ask because that is precisely quantifiable: Romanitas, the summation of a person’s gravitas, and peitas. Though the term itself was coined in the 3rd century, we see a distinct culture based not on language like the Greeks, but virtues and how one conducted oneself in the political and religious order.


          5. One could use your examples to describe Americanism. The United States doesn’t do many of the things you list as European culture. The United States has a culture of assimilation, or better yet, famously the melting pot. We have many different races and last names. English is our dominant language but it’s integrated elements of other languages due to the pot like German,French, and Spanish.

            Also, another way to examine our culture is to look at the Arts. Our Rock n’Roll is distinct because of the melting pot because it borrows primary from the Blues and other African music. No other nation as a film industry like the United States of America, which reminds me of Walt Disney and Horacio Alger that we have a tradition in this nation that hard work can bring you to riches. It’s distinct from Europe due to the generations of class status and aristocracy.

            Other things off of the top of my head, we have Mark Twain’s bitting humor. Our political system of a Republican Constitution is unique and a product of the 17th and 18th century Enlightenment.

            I’m sure you can think of some other American distinctions in culture.

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          6. I’m sure you can think of some other American distinctions in culture.

            But that’s the last thing he wants to do. He has an agenda that refuses any contradiction.

            None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see. — Matthew Henry


          7. “But that’s the last thing he wants to do. He has an agenda that refuses any contradiction.” On the contrary, I have such distinctions and arguments for them. What is amazing about this whole exchange is that your whole argument against me is based on a complete lie i.e. that I said/think there is no American culture. It appears the person with the contradictory agenda is you: you say you support the truth but here you are outright lying.

            Demanding that you come up with a definition of the thing that you say is being eroded by immigrants and claim these same immigrants don’t integrate into is not unreasonable.

            What IS unreasonable is retaining the above position about immigrants and then say that American culture–the thing you are bemoaning the loss and non-integration into–is indefinable.

            The basic and simple logic I have been pointing out is that you CANNOT expect someone to integrate into something that is impossible to define. That is like saying someone with no knowledge of Christianity can be a Christian. Without the definition, you CANNOT LOGICALLY make the judgment that ANYONE is or is not part of American culture.


          8. Claiming you are using the Socratic method you misrepresented yourself, and you are complaining about a lie?

            I have written multiple posts explaining my position on immigration. I see little point in repeating myself here. What it comes down to is that we have a right to defend our borders from troublemakers, people looking for handouts, and people who want to impose their way of life on us. We don’t want to live under Sharia law, for example. So what is the point of bring mobs of people here who do? It is just stupid.


          9. The Socratic Method is a system of asking and answering questions. You will note in your copy of the Republic that Socrates doesn’t flat out give his definition of Justice, even though that is the topic. What is the point in me knowing my own position if you do not know it?

            And in each of those posts, you retain the same problem I have pointed out i.e. you want people to integrate into something you cannot define.

            Oh, and you resort to straw men and hasty generalizations.


          10. I am not saying America does not have an identity. I am objecting to examples of it being used as the definition. Perhaps I am being too Thomist.


  3. I think America definitely has a national identity, at least we used to, tied in to patriotism and American exceptionalism. I believe this to be different than nationalism though, or being a nationalist. Don’t ask me to explain why though, because I just have noting left in me right now, splitting migraine. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow. 😉

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  4. @Philip Augustine

    I was raised as a Catholic. Since I was a military brat, mostly raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and JFK became president before I was a teenager, I can’t say I ran into any substantial anti-Catholic persecution. What I experience was an increasingly secularized education system. Judges in black robes decided school prayer was improper, and politicians decided a secular education system was indispensable to the sanctity of the state.

    By the time I had graduated, that school system had done its work on me. I did not finally get around to reading the Bible until I was in my 50’s. Only then did i realize how foolish I had been.

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  5. American culture is two prong with two different philosophies. The nation was the product of the both persecuted Protestants seeking to practice their faith and the more intellectual elite who embodied the “Enlightenment” deism.

    However, as a Catholic, I’ve always felt like an outsider. In fact, my Methodist Grandmother often chastised my Mother and us Papist grandkids. It’s true that Catholic prejudice has went away from the United States; however, in many ways, it’s not necessarily a good thing. For one reason it’s probably related to the fact that more people have bought into relativism and secularism. Is it “Sola Gratia” or “Prima Gratia?” Shouldn’t we be concerned these aren’t concerns anymore for most people?

    Now, sadly, I say welcome to my fellow Protestant as an outsider. In any case, my original feeling did indicate an facet of Americanism, but I certainly believe that there may be an American culture now that is just progressivism. However, Christians have the truth, let us not hide the light with a basket and let us not lose our salty taste.

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  6. HAHAHA! Anybody who says that there is no American culture clearly is living in self denial. Do Americans shake hands of kiss cheeks with meeting someone? Are Americans comfortable when another person is closer than a feet from them? What would an American do if someone isn’t making eye contact? Of course there is an American culture. 🙂

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          1. They want what they want, and they don’t want the truth.

            Here is a theory for you. The Bible specifically tells us to discipline our children. We make choices. Then we deal with the consequences, but some people grow up thinking they are exempt from suffering the consequences of their bad choices. One reason for that, I think, is they were never properly disciplined. Those people try to foist the consequences of their bad choices on others.

            Children who receive proper discipline know that it is not right to make others suffer the consequences of their bad choices. That’s the basic difference between a responsible citizen and one who isn’t. The responsible citizen accepts personal responsibility. It is also seems to the difference between the Modern Liberal and a Conservative. Hence that is probably why Modern Liberals and Conservatives divide so predictably on the issue of punishing children.


          1. @Stephen

            I think you are running up against the limits of what is possible for language.

            Early someone pointed out the difficulty of legally defining pornography. Definitely similar problem, but only a silly person would deny the really of pornography.


          2. “I think you are running up against the limits of what is possible for language.” The only things beyond human speech would be divine. Even Duende, something considered inscrutable, has a definition and a meaning. Are you saying that American culture and identity is unique among the nations by having a divine character? Even the Kingdom of Israel could not boast such an identity.

            But we CAN define pornography; media that portrays or describes explicitly sexual activity.

            We CAN do the same with American identity. The only conceivable reason for not doing so is to allow it to be morphed and formed according to the whim of the individual which, incidentally, we can all agree is American.


          3. I am not saying there isn’t. I am saying you have not defined it.

            With your perspective, you would have to agree that the cultures of Pennsylvania and Mississippi are radically different.


          4. If the argument is going to be made that certain people are not integrating into the culture or adopting the identity of America, then yes, it does.


          5. Ok Mr. M’Choakumchild, the accumulation of facts is what makes us American? As for language, not even the Romans considered Latin a prerequisite to being Roman. Gravitas, pietas, dignitas and virtus were the things that made you Roman.


          6. The general mindset of the people is what makes us Americans. Some have decided to be out of America by denying its own culture and questioning the basic tenets that makes us who we are. We all know what makes us Americans. I have kindly shared a few in this posting already. By the way” No wonder why the Roman Empire got conquered. Dividi et impera, right? Not sure about the Latin comment, either. I can tell you that no Brazilian considers him or herself to be a Brazilian if he/she doesn’t speak Portuguese.


          7. “The general mindset of the people is what makes us Americans.” So the American Identity is entirely subjective? What’s more, it appears your description is an identity of majority rule. In both cases, this means that the American Identity not only changes but that previous identities become invalidated. Therefore, from your own definition, one could argue that those “basic tenants” you say people are questioning and denying are merely the beginning of a new American Identity.

            “We all know what makes us Americans.” Being fat makes one unhealthy, not American or anything else for that matter. Even those things you posted that unique pertain to America, you don’t need a doctorate to know that you have to base a definition on essential character that involves a genus and a species, not non-essential attributes as you have done, like obesity.

            Divide et Impera was the tactic employed by the Romans to separate a people into groups thereby restricting their national unity in order to better control them. See Julius Caesar’s description of Gaul. Gaul was divided into three parts because the Romans made it that way. By the time the Gauls united to fight the Romans, they were too fractured to be effective. See also the Roman conquest of Macedon where Macedon was partitioned into tribal parts governed by pro-Roman factions and limited in their interaction with other Greek states.

            Finally, even at the hieght of the Empire under the reign of Augustus, Latin was only commonly used in the Italian Penisula. Learning Latin was not a prerequisite for Roman citizenship. The process of Romanization, for example, was largely non-interventionist, and allowed the natives to come to be Roman on their own. The Romans also accumulated gods to add to their pantheon from local religions.

            Consider the places where Romance languages are prevalent. Ital, France, Portugal, Spain, and Romania are the only nations that can be directly traced back to Roman roots. Yet, the Roman spheres of influence stretch far further than these countries. We can see some Roman influence, but only these countries retain linguistic heritage.


          8. @Stephen

            You come up with an hilarious definition — no facts at all — to define who is a Roman, and then you insult someone who provides a long list of characteristics most Americans share. All I can say is you sure ain’t Roman, and I have no particular desire for you to call yourself an American. If you want to say there is no such thing as an American, please don’t vote. How can you participate in the government of something you don’t think exists?


          9. I have come up with no definition; that is my whole point. If what Dr. Almeida says is true and American Identity is based in the general mindset and the general mindset changes, then the necessary and logical consequence is that the American Identity changes.

            The fact that you claim that my assertions about Rome are not based in facts only show you haven’t read your Polybius or Livy in a while. Even Tacitus would do to give you a sound education in what it means to be Roman without having to read any Cicero.

            As for the characteristics that allegedly most Americans share, they are also characteristics that most other people in other countries share. Fun fact: Romans–i.e. modern Romans–don’t like littering either and it actually carries jail time in some parts of the city.

            When arriving at a definition, you need an essential characteristic with a genus and a species. Whether or not I am fat or talk to someone while going to the toilet doesn’t make me anymore distinct from the Spanish or French who do the same. Consider Aristotle’s definition of man. “Man is a political animal.” Aristotle provides the genus i.e. animal and a specific difference or species of political.

            Now, before we continue the strawmen and outright lies, let’s make one thing clear: I never said American Culture/Identity doesn’t exist. All I did was ask that you define it. If getting fat, tipping 15%, shaking hands, and making small talk make you American, then most of the world is American. I mean honestly, this one? “Do your own work. Copying from a book, a friend, or the Internet is called plagiarism.” Its called plagiarism EVERYWHERE!

            Now, you say that you “have no particular desire for [me] to call yourself an American.” And why is that? Because I questioned your notion of American Identity and asked you to define it. According to #50, aren’t we supposed to be encouraged by our parents to ask “Why?” Or must the grinding stone of dogmatism without reason and sentiment without logic remain unquestioned? Am I merely supposed to shut up and believe that the American Identity consists in “Throw[ing] all toilet paper and seat covers in the toilet to be
            flushed away?” I mean, they have those in other countries too.

            “How can you participate in the government of something you don’t think exists?” Are you a farmer? It may explain how many strawmen you feel compelled to make. Furthermore, even if there was no distinct American identity, the American government certainly exists if only by the fact that it currently exercises governmental powers and this land I am currently in is called America.


          10. @Stephen

            Nobody told you to shut up. However, it would be well if you stopped trying to be clever and do something more difficult. State your opinions plainly and simply. Support your opinions as factually and logically as you can.

            What is the point of demanding a definition everyone has already told you cannot be supplied? So you can smugly observe we cannot do something nobody but God knows how to do?

            You just uselessly spilled a whole lot of words to concede there is an American Identity. You also observed something important. We can modify the American Identity. What you did not observe is that we can modify our national identity for better or worse, and that is the point of the discussion. We are having a national debate over how the way we control immigration will change our national identity.


          11. I could, but how Socratic would that be?

            In any case, it should be clear by now what my point has been. Recall how this discussion began. I asked you to define American Culture and Identity when you claimed that immigrants were not integrating into either.

            The logic is simple. If, as YOU say, American Identity and Culture cannot be defined, then you cannot make the subsequent judgment that people are not conforming to it. It is like saying someone is breaking a law without saying what the law they broke is.

            I, on the other hand, DO believe that there is not only an American Identity, that it can be defined, and that it is objective.

            So I do not believe Americans can modify what it means to be American. Even if it could be modified, how can something that is incapable of being defined and therefore formally known can be perceived to have changed and subsequently know that the change is good or bad.

            In mathematical terms, Identity=x and the only equation is x+y=z and the only quantifiable term in that equation is y which is equal to how many immigrants we have. Without a definite value of x, we cannot solve the equation when none of the other terms are known.


          12. @Stephen

            You are not Socrates.

            The law already contains objective criteria. That’s why we call some people illegal immigrants.

            Can Americans modify what it means to be American? Of course, we can. Obama set out to do just that, and a bunch of people did not like it.


          13. I never said I was.

            So the law is what determines what it means to be American? The law dictates the culture?

            No, we cannot. Slavery, though it was part of our history, is not a part of our culture. Our culture, our identity abhorred slavery. The South could not change that and so it was doomed to fail.


          14. @Stephen

            Culture encompasses a wide range of human pursuits and beliefs. For the same reason that what remains of our constitutional republic is part of our culture, slavery was part of our culture. Culture is both the good and the bad.

            Was the South doomed to fail? No. The South fought bravely and strongly. Their leaders just made the mistake of angering the North so much that northerners would not give up.

            Slavery has been around a long time, and it still remains. Generations previous to ours only succeeded in driving slavery and racial discrimination from our nation because most Christians could not make such racial discrimination comport with their Christian beliefs. Now, however, we are becoming a secularized society. Effectively, many in our nation have become pagans who worship the gods of stuff, sex, state, and self. If the trend towards this sort of paganism continues, some form of slavery will return.


          15. Slavery was doomed to fail because it is part of the American Identity to be free and diverse. The slogan E Pluribus Unum is apt to describe Americans. We are one nation, though we are many states, races, subcultures, and persons. Slavery is antithetical to the very soul of America that proposes whatever person has known since the beginning of time i.e. that men are all born free.


          16. Stephen

            Our identity is that we have no identity?

            One of the primary beliefs in Christianity is that we are saved through Jesus Christ. We each must be born again. It is that rebirth in so many of the people of our nation that overcame slavery.

            If we are not one in Christ, then our unity tend to perversity.


          17. “Our identity is that we have no identity?” Where did I say that?

            “If we are not one in Christ, then our unity tend to perversity.” If that is so, then why demand people integrate into a de facto perverse culture?


          18. “Divide et Impera was the tactic employed by the Romans to separate a people into groups thereby restricting their national unity in order to better control them.” Let’s reflect on this former passage and think critically about the actions of some. It is strategic. From what Ive seen, there is an American culture and identity. Language, without question, is part of what makes you an American as well as my wife. In regards t the being fat comment… Being fat (or skinny), yet speaking in English, being annoyed when someone pokes at you, invading your privacy, being individualistic… is very American regardless of color, faith, and origin. It isn’t that complicated. 🙂


          19. “From what Ive seen, there is an American culture and identity.” Then define it.

            Englishmen speak English too. Does that make them American or merely a deritive culture of Anglo-Saxon culture?

            I would say that, to define an American, is one who embodies E Pluribus Unum.


  7. The illegal immigration issue is proof positive that the United States does have a national identity.

    1. There is a reason America is building a border wall and Mexico isn’t.

    2. The Democrat Party has known for over century that the way to total power is to destroy the American cultural identity.

    Thus, open borders, a state run public education system and a welfare state that eat away at American culture like a cancer.

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