When the World Goes Mad, the Mad Take a Leave

Today was the first day of my retirement, and I was thinking I could not have written a better post to get the point across.

We retire because of old age = health is going, going, going,….
That means:
more hospital visits = heartless bureaucracy
Social Security = heartless bureaucracy
Medicare = heartless bureaucracy
military retirement = heartless bureaucracy
pension plan = heartless bureaucracy

Still, until I um mm, burnout, it beats what use to be my day job.

Thumbs up!

See, there's this thing called biology...

A big hazard of my job is burnout. One must always be on guard for too many things starting to rot your soul. Soul rot is a terrible thing, it’s worse than toenail fungus.

I spent the first half of the month wondering if all the crazy people had been infected by some yet unknown brain parasite, and the second half of the month actually wishing a good amoeba would take them all out. That’s burnout.

Health care, so I’ve spent my life actually working my way down the corporate ladder finally landing on the bottom, always trying to figure out how to make it work because I love what I do and I like people. Maybe if I reduce my hours, maybe if do home care, maybe if I just spend the rest of the week building myself back up ….

I just can’t do it anymore, it’s rotting…

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25 thoughts on “When the World Goes Mad, the Mad Take a Leave

  1. @Tony

    The only discussion I want to have?
    1. It was your “joke”, not mine.
    2. When we vote for a government that strives to run our lives, that government drives the discussion.

    Why isn’t the issue individualism versus collectivism? That’s because the philosophies that support individual rights are not any more selfish than those that support the right of a collective. Really, what individualism is about is the right to choose our own beliefs, our own company, and how we dispose of the fruits of our own labor. Collectivism, on the other hand, is purely about what a king or some select committee thinks we each owe the great, grand, utopian society they envision in a future that will never arrive.

    What the framers of our government left us with is the idea that we each belong to God, that He gives us our rights. Past governments, on the other hand, promoted the idea of a monarch, a great human king we must each serve. Socialism just modifies the concept of monarchy ever so slightly. Instead of a king, we belong to each other. In practice, that means we belong to the tyrant who represents the majority.

    Unless we deny His existence, it is easy to make the argument we belong to God. It is impossible to make the argument that we each belong to a king or the great collective, unless we deny ethics don’t matter anyway. So what collectivists do is they point to a need and use their supposedly noble ends to justify the means. What they do is say: “See. This is how it works, and we have the power.” Thus, because the end supposedly justifies the means, collectivists call the Constitution a living document, thereby striving to render the Constitution useless for its intended purpose, protecting us from people who insist upon having the power to force us into a collective that owns us and “gives” us our rights.


  2. I disagree with your whole characterization of the services in question. I also, as I said before, disagree that this argument about complete collectivism verses complete individualism provides any any actual solution to our current problems, now or in the past. I think that it is not even possible to agree to disagree with you on this because we don’t even speak from common points of reference, although strangely, this is the only discussion that you ever want to have.

    Our real problems individually and as a community of humans stem from a dearth of spiritual goods. In so far as our abundant material goods are distributed with injustice, it is the result of this spiritual poverty, including in government. I would love to entertain your solutions to that problem which do not involve arbitrary broad judgements about everyone else’s bad motivations, and casting anyone who does not agree with you as thieves, liars and panderers.

    And yes, I am very glad you are not dead.


    1. @Tony

      Thank you.

      Since the meaning behind the reference to the public teet is transparent, I will reply accordingly. However, I will aim my reply more broadly than to just yourself.

      Does sucking off the “public teet” bother me? Yes, because that is exactly what it is. We think that because we contribute to the system we have earned that money. No, and we know it doesn’t work that way. There is no “trust” fund. Our leaders can only be trusted to spend whatever money they can get their hands on. Our “contributions”, taxes we cannot refuse to pay, went into the treasury, and politicians immediately spent it, issuing meaningless IOUs to cover their tracks.

      Yet as we age we still want that money. So most of us rationalize and accept the argument we are just getting our money back. We bury the notion that all we are doing is participating in the robbery of the generations who follow us.

      So we use euphemisms, sucking off the public teet, and we don’t give much thought as to why the news media (happily, it seems) calls Social Security the Third Rail of Politics. We don’t even try to imagine why someone as bold and daring as Donald Trump will not touch the subject.

      Still, when the time comes give it some thought, and then suck without searing your conscience first. See how good it feels. If it still feels good, I expect you….. Well, the condition of each man and woman’s conscience is between that person and God.

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      1. The “sucking off the public teet” reference was meant as a joke. However, I suppose I should have been more empathetic to what you might perceive as moral conflict in this regard. You need not fear for my soul. I don’t feel the same moral conflicts.

        I not only believe that these programs are not immoral, I believe that it would be immoral not to have something like SSI, military retirement, military medical insurance and Medicare. I certainly don’t object to paying for you and others to have these things until I quit working.

        To say that I think that you and I “earned” these things by our participation in them for so many years is true, but it is not the whole truth. Perhaps some people tend to feel more grateful than self righteously proud about all the blessings that have come to them in life. Just being alive is a blessing that I never earned. Just being born in this country at this time to our parents were other unearned blessings.

        I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to serve my country and for having the resources to pay into these systems. Because I have never felt any resentment for my contributions in the service of the nation’s welfare, which like you, have been considerably more than many people, I don’t share the need to feel guilty when some of those blessings are returned. I don’t think you should either, but I guess that won’t stop you from doing so.

        Thank you for your contributions to the country, both materially and in your own amazing personal service. And if it makes you feel any better now that you are receiving those just rewards, and (at least as long as I am working to pay for some of them), I will say that “you’re welcome” as well.

        Moral differences aside, I hope you know that I am sincerely happy for your chance to retire and have the time and resources to contribute in many other ways, perhaps especially if that means you get to keep everyone straight by your efforts here. Think of the irony that progressives are actually paying you now to make them miserable. 😉 Again, sincere congrats brother.


        1. @Tony

          I don’t have any problem believing you are happy I am retired instead of dead. Otherwise, “thou doth protest too much, methinks”. Admittedly, congressmen try to buy votes with every dollar they spend, but relating military retirement benefits to Social Security is nonsense. As I said, we rationalize.

          You are smart enough and knowledgeable to know better. So I suppose it should amaze me you still support the crap that is socialism. Yet it doesn’t anymore. Instead, I have observed that even James Madison was too optimistic. He imagined that if men were angels we would need no government, but even the angels do. Like us, they need God to help them rule their passions. Otherwise, Satan would not be.


      2. Tom,

        There is nothing wrong with the retirement benefits of social security except for the Management of the Programs. For example, because of modern medicine, people live longer. The age requirement should be extended from 62 to 75 and if a person wants to retire earlier, the dollar benefits adjusted.

        It used to be common when someone retired at 65, there was a high probability of reading their obituary within two years.

        Also, when Congress added benefits not related to retirement, that sure did not help the fund balance.

        I retired at 62 because my doctor advised me that because of my medical conditions were being affected by the stress of my responsibilities. He gave me an example of a former patient of his who ran a successful profitable business even though he had a heart condition and died in his early 50’s. All his money was of no avail to him when that occurred.

        King Solomon gave the same advice 3000 years ago and even commented that grey hair is a crown of glory to indicate a persons wisdom.
        Sometime in the future the requirements have to change or end. May you and your hair turn gray and may you use your time and talents to crown your head while you enjoy your added time free of unhealthy stress.

        I look forward to reading your novel that you never had time to write.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


        1. @scatterwisdom

          This statement is unclear.

          King Solomon gave the same advice 3000 years ago and even commented that grey hair is a crown of glory to indicate a persons wisdom.

          What advice?

          The Bible makes families responsible for the care of their elders. The New Testament calls upon churches to step in when families are unable or unavailable to support the aging. Government? The Bible says virtually nothing about government-run charity. What does the Bible say about the virtues of government? Well, it has nothing to do with charity. It has to do with justice, and that doesn’t mean social justice (an oxymoron).

          When the Constitution was written, no one envisaged that the Federal Government would run health, education, and welfare (so-called charity) programs. They are all unconstitutional. Any such programs should be (to the extent they are legal) run at the state and local level. At least state and local governments can print money to keep such vote-buying schemes afloat.

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          1. You are of course correct that the original constitution did not include Social Security Benefits.
            However, the Constitution did provide for Congress and the President to make decisions and pass laws.

            I believe it would be best for everyone who objects to present Government follies, to heed this advice of King Solomon.

            Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions. (Ecclesiastes 7:10)

            Say not thou, what is the cause that the former days were better than these?…. This is a common opinion, that in all ages prevails among men, that former times were better than present ones; that trade flourished more, and men got more wealth and riches, and lived in greater ease and plenty; and complain that their lot is cast in such hard times, and are ready to lay the blame upon the providence of God, and murmur at it, which they should not do;
            for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this: this is owing to ignorance of former times; which, if rightly inquired into, or the true knowledge of them could be come at, it would appear that they were no better than the present; and that there were always bad men, and bad things done; frauds, oppressions, and violence, and everything that can be complained of now: or if things are worse than they were, this should be imputed to the badness of men; and the inquirer should look to himself, and his own ways, and see if there is not a cause there, and study to redeem the time, because the days are evil; and not arraign the providence of God, and murmur at that, and quarrel with it; as if the distributions of it were unequal, and justice not done in one age as in another. (Gils Commentary)

            What is my Point in Regards to Social Security?

            Rather than use the past as an argument about “bad things done,” whether it be laws, injustice, or any other matter, we need to either work to revoke or change (manage) Social Security.

            Actually, the matter of funding Social Security will be decided in the near future when the present funds are depleted.

            That is my opinion. In the meantime, don’t stress out about it or you will shorten your retirement time.

            Ps I wrote four Posts on Long Life and stress.


            Regards and goodwill blogging.

            PS My doctor when I asked him how much longer did he think I would be alive gave me this advice.

            Rudy, now that your seventy, lets just work on your becoming 80.

            I will be 77 in a few months.

            Tom, enjoy your retirement time is my advice.

            Regards and goodwill blogging.


        2. @scatterwisdom

          What I will try to do with the Social Security funds I get is make better use of the money than the fools taking that money from some people and giving it to other people.

          Meanwhile, I think you are misapplying Ecclesiastes 7:10. It is not applicable to this discussion. We live under a constitution now just as we did in the past, and as you say the original constitution did not include Social Security Benefits.

          Where you err is in this statement.

          The Constitution did provide for Congress and the President to make decisions and pass laws.

          That Constitution is a charter that gives the Federal Government certain specific powers. It was understood by the framers that the Federal Government was not supposed to do anything the Constitution does not empower it to do. The American people, however, did not think the framers understanding of how the Constitution should work sufficient. Hence, they wanted a Bill of Rights. That includes the 9th and 10th Amendments.

          Amendment IX

          The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
          Amendment X

          The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

          We still need a Constitution, and nowhere does the Constitution delegate to the United States the power to set up health, education, and welfare programs for the people of the United States.

          Article 1, Section 8 addresses the powers of Congress, and it does not include health, education, and welfare programs. Even though the Constitution could be more specific than it is, there is still no way to misconstrue the Constitution and arrive at the conclusion that Congress has the right power to set up a Social Security program. Social Security exists because of the Great Depression and this notion that Democrats have about not letting a crisis go to waste.

          Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Just tell me where in the Constitution that it empowers Congress to set up the program.

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          1. I wrote a series of post about what the framers of our Constitution overlooked in the manner of how it was written.
            The Constitution statements state specific rights, but not wrongs, which is the reason it has become misinterpreted over time in my opinion.

            In my opinion, King Solomon proverb about looking back would be a more pragmatic approach to challenge the present laws that came about because of interpretations over time.

            As for Social Security, once the funds are depleted, the program will either be righted or ended. If Government decides to borrow or print more dollars as what is being done now, that will also end after the USA is bought up piece by piece which is what is happening now.

            We, American voters, are the masters of our own disasters. America is only a few hundred years in existence. History has recorded over time how numerous countries and cultures that have failed, changed, or reverted over time.

            Twenty trillion dollars in debt is a signal that the USA is well on the way to bankruptcy, a sure indication of a failing government.


            Regards and goodwill blogging.

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          2. @scatterwisdom

            From a purely personal perspective, I should take the money and run. That’s a sort of pragmatism, and I don’t think it is the sort you mean.

            The fact our government is going broke, and Social Security is unconstitutional and a large part of our debt indicates we are not operating our government as it was designed to operate.

            When we operate a piece of machinery, if we don’t use it the way it was designed, we ask for trouble. For example, if we drive a car without oil for lubrication and water for the radiator, we don’t expect that car to last long. Similarly, if we want our government to work properly, we must pay attention to how the framers intended it to work.

            Our government is a type of organizational machinery. Referring to the intent of the framers does not glorify the past. It is not some sort of irrational hero worship. When we consider how the framers expected the Constitution to work, we are just reading the owners manual. We are trying to make certain we don’t damage our government so much we wreck our country.

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          3. Great analogy.

            I agree our government is broke and in need of both some good and wise mechanics to repair it.

            However, the repair manual needs interpreters that are skilled mechanics and we have been going to alley mechanics to try and fix our broken machine.

            Time will tell what kind of mechanic he is in time.

            Putting people back to work is same as adding gasoline into the engine.

            If you ever listen to an engine that is running out of gas, it makes a “putt putt” sound.

            That is my analogy of the sound I hear when I listen to the news about a lot of alley mechanics who we have had trying to fix our broken engine (motor) for the last two administrations trying to fix not only our broken engines but all the engines in the world.

            Problem is we are borrowing now to pay for the gas to run our engine and our assets to pay the interest.

            Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  3. Congratulations on retirement Tom! When I retired 4 years ago, I started blogging as this old teacher felt she still had a few things to share…well, since you already blog, I suppose it’s time to write a book—happy writing Tom!!!

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