Evolution and Modern Racism

It is one of the stranger things about the Bible. People read the Bible, and they find things in it that are not there at all.

In his post altruistico writes about evolution and modern racism. It is worthwhile to read his post for another as well, however. Racists attempted to use the Bible to justify racism well before the 19th Century, and some still attempt to use what they say the says Bible to justify racism or to point to the Bible as racist.

Thus, altruistico’s post should serve as a warning. We must be careful to find in the Bible only what is there, no more and no less. We must strive to allow the Bible to speak for itself. We must not attempt to put our words in God’s mouth.


Some people today, especially those of anti-Christian opinions, have the mistaken notion that the Bible prescribes permanent racial divisions among men and is, therefore, the cause of modern racial hatreds. As a matter of fact, the Bible says nothing whatever about race. Neither the word nor the concept of different “races” is found in the Bible at all. As far as one can learn from a study of Scripture, the writers of the Bible did not even know there were distinct races of men, in the sense of black and yellow and white races, or Caucasian and Mongol and Negroid races, or any other such divisions.

The Biblical divisions among men are those of “tongues, families, nations, and lands” (Genesis 10:5,20,31) rather than races. The vision of the redeemed saints in heaven (Revelation 7:9) is one of “all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues”, but…

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2 thoughts on “Evolution and Modern Racism

  1. Somewhere in the Good Book it says something about treating “the alien” with justice and respect and about how there are no Jews or gentiles, Greeks, slaves or freemen, etc.

    Somehow I remember love of neighbor to be a major theme in the Good Book.

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