As I see it Trump is something of an invention of the Democratic Party. So I don’t entirely agree with this post, but for the most part I do.

Deo Vindice

Trump became Trumpenstein and he's alive - and President-elect. Trump became Trumpenstein and he’s alive – and President-elect.

The Establishment Republicans in Congress created this ‘yuge’ political creature – Trumpenstein. They opposed him during the election and are sucking up to him now in public. But, they created him by betraying the voters who gave them the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. These career politicians didn’t do their duty and use their Constitutional powers. They were too cowardly to use the power of the purse, impeachment, approval of appointments and administrative oversight – with very few exceptions. The Establishment Republicans created such an anger and frustration that 13 million voted for a newly manufactured man, this Trumpenstein, in the Republican primaries. About 7 million voted for the Congressional standout exception – Ted Cruz.

I supported Cruz against Donald Trump – the candidate.

I was a hair’s breadth away from becoming a Never Trumper.  But then, I…

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17 thoughts on “Trumpenstein

  1. Citizen,

    THE Donald’s destruction of the left will probably be like Ronald Reagan’s destruction of the Soviet Union.

    Back in the day, Reagan turned his CIA director, William Casey, loose on the Soviets.

    A great deal of the destruction took place under the radar and then BOOM! the Wall suddenly came down.

    I think President Trump will dismantle the leviathan public apparatus that has been funding the Left for nearly a century.

    The universities, the student loan program and the public school system, are just three of the huge leftist operations that are set up to launder tax money which then finds its way into Democrat Party coffers.

    Have you ever wondered why ALL leftist causes are fully funded, and the rest of us are left sitting around the dinner table complaining impotently about America’s sad political situation?

    THE Donald is the left’s worse nightmare, not because he is conservative, but because the left tried and failed to destroy him.

    Now that he is has the power of the presidency, THE Donald will strike back.

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      1. I don’t think anyone will be able to get ride of federal health, education and welfare programs soon.

        I think the most anyone will be able to do in the short term is redirect the funds so that they actually do some good.

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        1. @silenceofmind

          I am afraid I have to agree. It will take decades to dismantle the welfare state, but that has to be the ultimate goal or it will never get done, and it will consume us.


  2. Citizen,

    I don’t think most people understand THE Donald.

    He is bad enough when his adversaries have him in their cross hairs.

    But they’ve (the lunatic fringe) now gone after his wife and his daughter and her family.

    THE Donald does Machiavelli better than the Democrat Party does Machiavelli.

    That is, the object of the game is to destroy your opponents.

    Republican politicians and most Republican voters don’t understand Machiavelli.

    That is why the GOP has been the party of LOSERS for most of the last century.

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    1. I have read “The Prince” by Machiavelli. I do hope The Donald only uses Machiavellian tactics on those adversaries who would do him, his family or his neighbors harm.


      1. Citizen,

        I think the important thing is for the GOP leadership to get a clue so they can understand what has been done to them.

        Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are nothing but well trained lap dogs.

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        1. @silenceofmind

          Well trained lap dogs? No. Those guys are salesmen. Trump is a salesman too, but he has been selling to people who won’t accept excuses when he doesn’t deliver.

          Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Graham know both how to sell themselves and how to divert the blame to someone else when they fail to deliver.

          What has happened is that Republicans are tired of hearing excuses from the Republican Establishment. What Trump did is supplant the GOP Establishment’s candidate with himself, and those guys are furious. They know perfectly well what happened. Don’t underestimate them. Trump won’t.


    1. I hope “Trumpenstein” is what you expect him to be, but he is only a man. So let’s hope and pray he mostly disappoints those who do find the specter of freedom, prosperity and security nightmarish.


      1. Citizen,

        One of the things I admire about THE Donald is his killer instinct.

        The man is a predator who carefully stalks his prey and stylishly finesses them into his clutches .

        And one thing I do expect is that President Trump will destroy the Democrat Party and its Press minions.


        1. Trump will destroy the Democrat Party and its Press minions? Anything is possible, I suppose, but the Democratic Party has been around a long time.

          The party of slavery survived the Civil War. Now it has blacks convinced the Republican Party, the party formed to opposed slavery is less in favor of racial equality than Democrats. This is true even though the Democrats are obsessed with race and openly in favor of policies which put the government in the position of emphasizing our racial differences. Any group capable of such remarkable duplicity will be defeated and destroyed only with great difficulty.

          I have no idea what Trump will do about the Democrats or the news media. His pattern with individual political opponents is to defeat them and then to try get them to join him. However, I doubt that tactic will work with the entire Democratic Party and its news media minions.

          So my guess is that Trump will focus on implementing his agenda and putting the Democrats on the sidelines. That’s where we come in. The Conservatives who supported Trump have to keep Trump focused on Conservative agenda items and pester their Senators and representatives to back Trump when he implements his Conservative promises.

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  3. Tom,
    I would use a different metaphor analogy of Trump, a pendulum rather than a Frankenstein.

    A pendulum is an instrument of time. Trump knew how to use the timing mechanism of a pendulum to his advantage.

    Democrats swung too liberal,

    Republicans swung too conservative,

    Which way the Trump pendulum mechanism swings next, that is the question only time will tell?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    PS You decide if I am “Lion” on this one.

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    1. @scatterwisdom

      The pendulum idea has much merit, but relatively few elected Republicans are Conservative. Even those elected Republicans who make Conservative noises don’t actually do what the promise to do.

      I think Trump got the support he needed to win because many people believe he is part of the establishment and he actually cares about the country. Slogans like “America First!” and “Make America Great Again!” carried the day.

      People are tired of being lied to by the establishment candidates in both parties. Hence the anti-establishment candidates in the Republican Party steamrolled the establishment candidates in that party, and Bernie Sanders probably would have beat Hillary if the nomination process had not been rigged.

      Where does Conservatism fit into this? Genuine Conservatism is hated by the establishments in both parties. It threatens the establishment’s access to the trillions of dollars they milk from our government.

      Is Trump a threat to the establishment? The establishment doesn’t seem to think so, at least not to the extent they saw Ted Cruz as a threat.

      Hence we have Trumpenstein. We all know Trump will be different, but none of us really know what to expect. Given his appointments, I think we we see policies that put America first. Beyond that I am still guessing like everyone else.

      Does the public support Conservatism? Not particularly. The public school system is effectively run by the Democratic Party. So most people don’t know much about the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, the Bible, or the history of our country. Moreover, most of the mass media is in the hands of the Democrats. So when Conservatives try to get out their message, Conservatives have an almost impossible task.

      Consider the Republican Debates. Look what the Republican Party and the mass media moderators did to the debates. Did the debates do what they should have done and provide a real opportunity to get into the issues? I do not think so.

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  4. Merry Christmas, Tom!

    I say we give Trumpenstein a chance. I have a lot of hope for 2017. Also, I think our founders where quite wise in clearly spelling out who was fit to be president, over 35, natural born, and 14 years a resident. I’m a stickler for those kind of things,so all this back and forth about who is fit and who is unfit really had no merit.

    It’s kind of funny, more than a few times I wanted to be a never Trumper myself, but
    God has this thing with me about never taking never vows. “Never say never.” God actually knows me pretty well, because sure enough, I eventually went and voted for the guy.

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    1. @insanitybytes22

      I voted for him too. Never got into the never trump mode. One look at H. Clinton, and I knew I would vote for any of the people running for the Republican nomination.

      At first I thought the idea of voting for Trump absurd. Then I saw all the publicity the media gave him, and I did my best for Cruz.

      Trump is a natural leader. At times he seems loudmouthed and stupid, but this I think is an appearance that deceives. As curious as it sounds, the average guy identifies with Trump, likes and trusts him far more than most would expect. As funny as it sounds, I expect that as crude and bombastic as Trump can be, he will still give the office of the presidency more real dignity than Obama ever did.

      Will Trump accomplish very much? I expect he will give us is time to regroup. More than that? Well, what I hope he will do I will put into a couple of posts…..

      Merry Christmas!

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