Fake News on the Internet? I’m Shocked!

Please read Tricia’s post. She provides an interesting take on the “fake news” problem we have in this country and lots of good references too!

I especially enjoyed the link to the “Gender Wage Gap myth”. I did not believe gender gap exists, but I had trouble stating a good case against it. So I was delighted to read Carrie Lukas’ article at Forbes Magazine.

Consider. I have two daughters, and I want them treated fairly. I also have two son-in-laws, and I want them treated fairly too. When the mainstream news media puts out utter nonsense designed to pit us against each other, that doesn’t help anybody except the demagogues they support. In fact, pitting men and women against each other hurts families, especially children. So it is a despicable thing to do.

Freedom Through Empowerment

Apparently, we have a “fake news” problem in this country, where stories loaded with false information spread ignorance like wildfire all over the Internet.  Some think this may even have cost Hillary Clinton the election and while I believe this fear to be inaccurate and overblown, I do say welcome to the party!

Some of us have been complaining, ahem, for years that biased, fear mongering is poisoning the electorate’s ability to make rational, educated decisions. The difference being this type of nonsense comes straight from the mainstream media and is masked as “hard news”, while the recent election oriented faux websites pushed outrageous headlines for clickbait a la National Enquire like sensationalism.

Discerning voters could smell a rat and I highly doubt many, if any votes where changed because of this. The left has only just now jumped on board the outrage train because well, oops, it turns out the…

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