Ah, my little Russian fiends…

The Democratic Party just now discovered Putin is not a nice man? Wonder how they ever got a clue?

For my readers: Check out insanitybytes22’s “theory” and share a good laugh with her. Then let your elected officials know what you think about the electoral college.

If we don’t want the rest of our country to look like an inter-city neighborhood, then we need to stop crooked politicians from making an even bigger mess out of our Constitution. See => https://citizentom.com/2009/05/18/what-happened-to-our-constitution-part-1/

See, there's this thing called biology...

I’m actually getting a bit frightened here, my own fault entirely, because I sat down and actually consumed some news. I should have watched something PG like “Frozen,” but those characters tend to annoy me in an entirely different way.

For those who have not been watching the news, the narrative is simple, the Russians did it. What did they do? Pretty much everything. If anything has gone wrong in your life, it’s probably because you have a little Russian troll following you around. I would suggest rubbing his fuzzy little head and asking him to go bring you a bucket of gold from the end of the rainbow, but that is just me.

Actually, I am not frightened by the little fuzzy heads, it is actually our own alphabet people who are scaring me, the lettered ones, CIA, FBI, NSA, the Men in Black. Like,  where is my safe…

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5 thoughts on “Ah, my little Russian fiends…

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  2. Tony

    This may be hard to do, but just imagine the fit that Trump and his supporters would have raised he had lost the electoral college but had won the popular vote by almost three million citizens. Before the election happened, Trump was already claiming the election system was rigged. Imagine what he would have screamed and tweeted, indeed what you would have blasted here, had former KGB agent Putin interfered in our election to sway voters against Trump instead of against Clinton. Compared to the stink that Trump and his supporters would have raised, Democrats have been rather docile, don’t you think? Why? Perhaps it is because Democrats want to preserve and enhance the credibility of our most cherished institutions whereas Trump’s whole con has always been about tearing them down. The fact that a foriegn adversary messed with our election should not be a partisan issue, but it is because the partisanship of Republican Trumpism is really just a new thinly veiled American Putinism.


    1. @Tony

      Democrats want to preserve and enhance the credibility of our most cherished institutions? Like the Constitution saying what it says instead of what some people want it to say? You say so.

      Well, since the electoral college worked as intended, you must be pleased.

      Did a foreign adversary mess with our election? You are certain of that? And H. Clinton lost anyway. After all, Obama kept that adversary from doing any harm. He must have drawn another one of his famous lines in the sand? One Putin dare not cross.


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