ChristianknightAfter President Barrack Hussein Obama’s second election as our president, I wrote a series that starts here: FINDING PEACE IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE 2012 ELECTION — PART 1. That was a frankly Christian and Conservative perspective on what I considered a devastating defeat, that is, devastating from a human perspective. I was not alone. With others I went through the stages of grief. Then we started planning for the future.

Victory, such as it is, presents similar issues. It seems our Lord has a sense of humor. Four years ago nobody anticipated the election of President Donald J. Trump. We would have found the idea laughable, and most people still don’t know what to make of it.

Just as we are not altogether in our defeats, we are not unified in victory. We are always too busy scratching our heads, wondering. How did the *&%$#@! did that happen? Whether we have victory or defeat, it seems events drive us accept the fact that God is in charge.

So can we do? We can serve as our Lord’s hands and feet. In His Name, we can each can make a personal commitment to change the world for the better. Make of it what you will, but here is mine.

What Is A Commitment?

When we make a commitment, we need to define three things.

  • A Goal. To make a meaningful commitment, we have to commit ourselves to a defined purpose, an achievable goal.
  • A Strategy. To pursue a goal effectively, we must have a strategy. To achieve a goal, we have to enumerate the factors that must come together that make goal fulfillment a possibility.
  • Tactics. Every great undertaking is accomplished through the dedicated efforts of so-called little people. In a war, we call the little people soldiers. In war groups of soldiers work in unison by implementing squad, battalion, divisional,… tactics. In politics, we call the little people citizens. What citizens do to implement the overall strategy and achieve the goal we call political activism.

The Goal

Defining my goal begins with how I identify myself.

  • Why am I a Christian? I believe Jesus is who He said He is. I believe He died for our sins and that He rose from the dead.  I believe Jesus is God. I believe God is three in One: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that through Jesus God gave us an example. Therefore, I strive to be a worthy disciple of Christ.
  • Why am I a Conservative? I believe God is God. I don’t believe any of us is God. I don’t believe any of us are wise enough or good enough to rule the rest of humanity as an all-powerful monarch.  Jesus will do so, but not one of us. Therefore, instead of trying to run other people’s lives, I work to protect the God-given rights of my family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen.

To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to fulfill The Great Commission Jesus gave us, we need a stable and efficient government.  To protect our God-given rights, including our right to hear and live by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we need a government designed to protect those rights. Therefore, as my goal I seek to protect the constitutional republic given to us by the founders of this nation.

To Be Continued

In Part 2 we will enumerate the factors that must come together that make goal fulfillment a possibility, and we will examine why each of those factors is necessary for the fulfillment of the goal.



  1. Well said,Tom.

    I’ve felt a few moments of despair over lost elections before, perhaps a bit of fear, but those are brief and fleeting emotions because honestly, my King is already on the throne, seated in victory at the right hand of the Father.

    I really do embrace the idea of recognizing our leader’s authority as God given, and so we need to pray from them accordingly. LOL, those we dislike we need to pray for even harder. All in good humor here, but there are times when God is either judging a nation or giving us a talking donkey until we seethe error of our ways, but underneath it all I can recognize that God is still in control.

    I’m reminded that those are Christian values, that they are rooted in biblical teachings ,and that they work so well in a democracy like ours because when you lose, you simply repent, figure out what went wrong,and work harder at winning hearts and minds. I’m reminded too that it just can’t work without that Christian foundation,without enough of us still committed to those values, because people tend to descend into total chaos, protests, disrespect. May calmer heads soon prevail.

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    1. @insanitybytes22

      All excellent points. I have tried to pray for Obama. I don’t know whether it has done him any good, but I suppose it helped me. As you say, it is a reminder my King is already on the throne, seated in victory at the right hand of the Father.

      It is strange so many people don’t believe that only Christian values will make this country work. Yet we in large part still retain those values. We just don’t recognize their origin. Nonetheless, because I was once one of those people, I know the truth of your words.

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  2. The Night Wind

    One of the noteworthy things about the 2016 Elections is that Christianity and Conservatism are being attacked from both the Far Left and the Far Right. The pseudo-Christian Manosphere Red Pills whom IB writes about a lot are becoming more and more overtly linked with outright Neo-Naziism. True, the Corporate Media is probably giving them undue attention to discredit Trump, but that attention is having an impact.

    We expected attacks from the Left, but we have to vigilant against them from the Right now as well. These guys make no secret of their goals of overthrowing traditionalism. They refer to Conservatives as ‘cucks’ and mainstream Christians as ‘churchians’ on a regular basis.

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    1. I don’t know much about the pseudo-Christian Manosphere Red Pills. I guess that is another manifestation of the so-called Alt Right.

      How large is the Alt Right or whatever it is? I have no idea, but I don’t see much evidence that it had much of anything to do with the election of Donald Trump.

      I think the matter has largely been blown out of proportion. Consider how the news media works. The news media is part of the entertainment industry. Its job is to gain an audience for advertisers. The entertainment industry succeeds by gaining our attention. Sometimes that involves putting up good show that we both need and want to see and hear. Often, perhaps more often these days, what the entertainers put up is just something that appeals to our fears, prejudices, and prurient interests.

      Since we love to hate, some news and opinion outfits put up a show that gives us an excuse to hate. Since we love to hate, the mainstream news media puts a label on these haters and then tries to associate everyone it doesn’t like with those haters.

      Other than not participating, I don’t have a solution for any of that.


  3. Tony

    Although we may disagree on goals, this is a good positive post as much for Christian Democrats who are wallowing in defeat as well as for Christian Republicans who may be a little too smug in their win. Thanks Tom.

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