God is in Control (2)

One of the most common sayings is this one: “life is unfair.” That is tantamount to saying God is unjust. That is also wrong.

God does not give us the life we want. God gives us the life we need. We need to learn the wisdom of setting aside our own purposes. We need to learn the wisdom of fulfilling His purposes.

Consider this explanation of a passage from Ecclesiastes.

The Life Project

Ecclesiastes 3:9-15

Mankind lives in the sorry state of rebellion against God. Yes, I’m afraid that is the reality of life under the sun, but that doesn’t mean that God has lost His grip, for He has ordered things in a certain way under the sun; there are seasons that men cannot change, seasons for everything. Within all of this chaos, confusion, rebellion and order, God still has a purpose. Of course, His purpose is significantly clearer in the New Testament than in the Old, but there was Purpose in play even then. In the OT, every person who sprang forth from the seed of Abraham had a choice to make; they could either confine themselves to God’s will (purpose) for them, or they could live in rebellion under the sun. In our day, this choice extends to every single human being.

The Teacher makes this case here in Ecclesiastes…

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  1. I had an email about you liking a comment and it had your “Truth to Power” post tagged in it, from 2013. I first heard that term when I was working on a government project. I didn’t understand what she meant, so I am glad now I know! And how funny, I just heard that term again when we accidentally had on the news….we are trying to not listen to it! The comments were closed on it, but it’s good and you may want to reblog is since the left are using that tern of late regarding the election….

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I may update it a little bit and do just that.

      You may want to read some of the comments on that post. I have always felt Keith DeHavelle’s comments added immensely to its value.

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